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Repeat business and successful placements are a direct result of our Search Transparency and Communications with the Client throughout our proprietary Performance Based Retained Search process. As such, we are an retained executive search firm you can count on as we meet with our clients early and often.

We begin with a Discovery Step by meeting the client at your facility to listen and ask questions to gain a clear understanding of your corporate culture, the organizational need, and determine the Performance Objectives of the role. We also survey internal and external customers (stakeholders) of the role in order to identify and recruit ideal candidates who complement your structure and enhance your team for optimal performance.

The Design Step – Performance Profiling and Search Strategy
We develop a Performance Profile (more efficient than a typical job description) which includes the Corporate Behavioral Summary from the surveys we conducted earlier. This means when we submit the custom Search Strategy for your approval, rest assured that we bring forth shortlisted candidates who can meet or exceed the role’s objectives and contribute to your bottom line. In other words, NextGen Global Executive Search firm leaves nothing to chance.

Search Transparency - What you Expect from an Executive Search Firm

The industries we serve in executive search are complimentary and cross-functional in placing Top Talent that achieves your talent acquisition needs in:

• Defense Systems: C5ISR, UAV, Weapons, Aerospace, Cyber Security, Airborne Power
• Digital Media: Connected Devices, Mobile Apps, Mobile Banking, Semantic Web
• Enterprise Systems: Data Center, EAM, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility
• Medical Devices: Surgical, Renal, Dialysis, Plasma, Neuro, Biomedical, Pharma
• Wireless Telecom: Infrastructure Systems, 4G & LTE Networks, DAS & RF Components
• Energy: Oil & Gas, Smart Meters, Smart Grids, Power Generation, Renewable Energy

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Trusted Advisors in Retained Executive Search

  2. 2. proprietary PerformanceBased Search process consistentlyrecruits “A Players” for yourcompany.With over three decades ofrecruiting expertise and nationalawards for recruitment excellence,the NextGen difference is evidentby our success with numerousClient Testimonials.AUTHOR PAGE:NextGen Global Retained Executive SearchDefense SystemsAerospaceCyber SecurityDigital MediaConnected DevicesMobile AppsOil & GasUtility & Smart GridsRenewable EnergyEnterprise Systems Medical Devices Wireless & Telecom
  3. 3. OF CONTENTS:Overview …………………………………………4Our Search Method Defined ………………8High Impact Onboarding……………………26Performance Based SearchMethodology ……………………………........29Free eBook and Contact Information….31
  4. 4.“75% of newly hired executives are havingtrouble with interpersonal skills (the ability tobuild relationships, collaborate, and influenceothers).A troubling finding of the study is that many ofthese executives had both strong technicalskills and years of previous managementexperience and yet they fell short in theinterpersonal area.”~(American Society for Training &Development 2011)CHAPTER 1:Overview
  5. 5. Top Failures in Hiring26%23%17%15%11%~Study from Leadership IQ 2009
  6. 6. you wasting your money and time usinginexperienced contingency recruiters and pooremployment screening procedures to recruit seniorexecutives and key leaders in sales, engineering, oroperations who often fail?Did your last search firm deliver you a first stringquarterback or a third round draft pick?With NextGen Global Executive Search you arepresented with fully vetted prospects that areselected specifically for your industry sector and therole. Our client-focused proprietary PerformanceBased Search Process separates the "A Players"from the rest of the field.Cost EffectiveSpeed in deliveryResults in recruiting candidateswho meet or exceed clientexpectations.These new hires positively impactyour bottom line.
  7. 7. with ClientsDefining Performance Objectives & EVPDefining the Skills RequiredIdentifying the intangible traits.Deterring the critical goals and success thecandidate will be accountable for producingDevelop the strategySourcing, Interviewing & ScreeningSeries of In-depth InterviewsMeasuring Quality of HireBehind the scene industry referencesShortlisting the candidatesClients reviews of short-listsFinalist(s) interviews and assessmentCHAPTER 2Our Search Method Defined
  8. 8. confer with the Client early andoften to gain a clear understanding ofBOTH your needs/requirements ANDthe corporate goal in filling this position.Your Market PositionCorporate VisionUnique Attributes of Executive TeamStrengths & Weakness of the organizationKey differentiators from your competitorsConferring with Clients
  9. 9. Performance Objectives and EVPWhat needs to get done rather thanwhat a candidate needs to have.What does the candidate taking thejob need to do to be successful, notwhat the person needs to have.What a candidate DOES with his orher skills, experiences, and abilitiesrather than the HAVING of these.Define the salary, benefits, careerdevelopment opportunities,rewards, culture, and managementstyle.WE FOCUS ONWE FOCUS ONWE FOCUS ONWE FOCUS ON
  10. 10. (EVP) Executive or EmployeeValue Proposition
  11. 11. the Tangible Skills and ExperiencesRequired in Your Ideal CandidateSkills/IntelligenceEducation/ExperienceAdaptabilityPersonal/ProfessionalBackgroundCorporate Culture &LifestyleAccomplishment
  12. 12. Key Intangible Traitsof the Ideal CandidateThought processing, reasoning , andpersistence traitsMotivational factors and problem solvingstyleConflict resolution skillsPlanning and organizational skillsExecution and project managementtechniquesLeadership qualities and relationshipbuilding skills
  13. 13. the critical goals and major businesssuccesses the candidate will be accountable forproducing.Why does the position exist, or ifreplacement, why?Why does the position exist, or ifreplacement, why?What aptitudes and leadershipqualities are mission critical?What aptitudes and leadershipqualities are mission critical?What accomplishments andexternal/internal motivations are non-negotiable?What accomplishments andexternal/internal motivations are non-negotiable?Conversely, which are not needed?Conversely, which are not needed?Benchmarks/ KeyBenchmarks/ KeyBenchmarks/ KeyBenchmarks/ Key PerformancePerformancePerformancePerformanceIndicatorsIndicatorsIndicatorsIndicators
  14. 14. The StrategyWe PerformResearch inverticalMarket todefineWe PerformResearch inverticalMarket todefineCompensationRangeCompensationRangeAssessretention ratesof your clientsAssessretention ratesof your clientsReviewexisting andfuture markettrendsReviewexisting andfuture markettrendsTHENWe develop a search strategythat will identify and recruit theexceptional talent you require.Our delivery from start to finish isfast, responsive, and will meet orexceed your expectations.
  15. 15., Interviewing and ScreeningTo Target Potential talent, We useTo Target Potential talent, We usePerform initial screening interviews toidentify a potential list of the selectivecandidate pool, which can vary between15 to 35 candidates, depending on theaspects of the search.VastDATABASE NetworkingCOLDCallingReferrals
  16. 16. of In-depth Interviews -Drill Down to Top 10 %Define usage andaccomplishments inthe required tangibleskills of thecandidates.Determine thedemonstratedintangible traits of thecandidates.Document thatcandidates have thesimilar corporateculture, product/servicelifecycle andpersonal/professionalbackground ideal forinternalcommunications andexternal effectiveness.Detail contacts andrelationships within theindustry vertical withinvestmentcommunity, customerdecision makers, andpeers.Assess whichcandidates have thepotential to meet orexceed theperformanceobjectives.
  17. 17. number ofcandidates beingconsideredTimelineUpdatesThis assures the client that theNextGen GES team is on the righttrack and on schedule.We confer with the Client weekly on thestatus of each search.
  18. 18. the Quality of HireThese customized tests validate thecandidate(s) motivations, decisionmaking traits, aptitudes, communicationsstyle, and whether he/her is a Natural Fitfor with BOTH the team AND the role.Example Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral AnalysisExample Behavioral Analysis
  19. 19.“Behind-the-scenes” industryreferences.We confidentially cold call former customers,colleagues, and vendors that the candidates haveworked with; these reveal the best unscriptedreferences possible.We conduct a civil background check and at theclient’s request perform a credit check for CFO or VPFinance.
  20. 20. the Short List of CandidateDossiersMost retained search firmsview Short List as FinalistCandidates.We view the Short List asPreferred Candidates whomeet the parameters of thesearch assignment.Candidate Dossiers are delivered over asecure web site.
  21. 21. Skills ExperiencesAccomplishments AssessmentsAudio summary ofdocumentedbehavioral analysisContacts andrelationshipsIndustry referencechecksScorecards againstthe performanceobjectives.These Dossiers include completeinformation on :
  22. 22. the Client has Reviewed the ShortList, the next step in our PerformanceBased Search method is to determinethe Finalist Candidate(s). We workwith the Client to develop a distinctivefinal screening in which we video recordthose face-to-face interviews with thecandidate(s).These real-time hypotheticalreasoning and situational scenariofinal interview techniques revealcandidate’s leadership,persistence, and adaptability to fitthe specific role, product/serviceneeds or issues, and how theywill move your strategy forward.No other retained search firm includes this STEPwhich is ESSENTIAL
  23. 23. Candidates PresentationA final assessment is performed to determinewhich Finalists to present as having validated thepotential to meet or exceed the PerformanceObjectives of the role.Client has access to thevideotaped interviews andassessments over a secureweb client.
  24. 24. Practice Leads have decades of experience innegotiating offers with different compensation levelsincludingPerformance MBOsProfit based MBOsTarget CommissionsCorp. BonusesStock OptionsEquity & Share OptionsRelocation PackageBenefits PackageClosing the Candidate as a New Hire
  25. 25. placements meetperformance objectives soonerand are retained longer.Have confidence in the transition process for a new leader or executive.Ensure a new leader will be effective in a short time.Improve the average retention time of your leaders and executives.Gain a competitive recruiting edge for top leadership talent.Maximize the chances that the new leader will be engaged quickly with thecompany’s culture, the department’s people, and the executive team.The unique best practicesdelivered by NextGen will help youaccomplish all of the above withthe new executive or leader.CHAPTER 3:High Impact OnboardingRenewal™ World Class+ Executive OnboardingProgram.
  26. 26. Step: Conduct interviews about existing/desiredstates of transition, and collect additional skills and profile dataon the new leader, direct reports, peers, internal and externalcustomers, and Hiring Manager/ stakeholders.2. Determination Step: Analyzes all discovery informationand drafts an initial onboarding plan based on the 7 phases ofRenewal™ containing basic and customized activities and toolsfor the new exec and his organization appropriate.3. Design Step: After review, revision, and approval of thedraft by the client, a final documented onboarding plan isdesigned and delivered to the client.4. Dialog Step: We act as facilitator between the new leaderand his/her direct reports, peer group, and/or senior managerfor a 1 day series of meetings about the roles, expectations,relationships, and optimum environments to achieve a high-performing new hire and team.5. Development Step: Execution of all the activities in thedesigned onboarding plan plus the accountability governanceto ensure the investment in a process like this provides apositive return and measureable results. The client will play anintegral part in who in the organization has a stake in thesuccess and productivity of the new hire.The first three steps take place even before the newleader’s first onsite day.How Does it Work ?
  27. 27. Objective TimingAffirmation Ensure the new leader orexecutive constantly believeshe/she made the right decision.Begins no later than the OfferLetter and continues throughDay 90.Welcome Communicate a highly-personalized message ofacceptance and attention.Begins with the AcceptanceLetter and continues throughDay 30.Foundation Transfer company, department,and role-specific knowledge,skills, and attitudes foraccelerated competency.Day of Acceptance Letterthrough Day 60.Assimilation Immerse new leaders in thecompany culture and help thembe proud of it.Most important phase:Acceptance through Day 120 (3months).Contribution Within a predeterminednumber of days or weeks, beginto see real productivity fromthe new hire and provide apositive experience that he/sheis a contributor.Day 15 through Day 90 andbeyond.Growth Begin to see an independenceand demonstrated insight in theknowledge, skills and attitudesof the new leader.Day 60 through Day 120 andbeyond.Sharing Gain an early ROI by utilizingthe “graduates” as Advisors andgarnering feedback from themand their managersBegins when the individualleader’s Renewal™ program iscompleted at Day 180. Execsmay be Ambassadors. Leaderscan be Advisors.Scheduling and Results
  28. 28. fees are performance baseddefined on meeting deliverymilestones resulting in a solid hire.NextGen GES provides thebest replacement warranty inretained executive search.ONE YEARREPLACEMENTGUARANTEECHAPTER 4:Performance Based Methodology
  29. 29. Performance Based Search methodologyimproves your Bottom Line!Identify,recruit, andplace “APlayers”whoproduce 8to 10 timesmore that“B Players”.Exhaustivescreening,interviewing,andassessmentprocess thatmatches thefinalistcandidates tothe companyculture,leadershipstyle, androleobjectives.The longestplacementguaranteeperiod inexecutivesearch,backed up byour WorldClassOnboardingprogram.OngoingPerformanceEvaluationToolscustomized tooptimize thenew executiveor leader’sperformance.
  30. 30. Us Today(630)