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  1. 1. Occupational Hygiene training specification This specification sets out the operational requirements of the site to assist the developers and designers and establishes the scope of the project which will be signed off by OHTA stakeholders. Aspirations & remit 1. Enable the development of, and access to approved training materials in multiple languages 2. Market courses and qualifications to potential students and put the students in touch with the course providers. 3. Stimulate growth of a global hygiene community where people freely share training and educational materials. Stakeholders Unregistered visitors Visitors to the site will generally form 3 groups: Professional Occupational Hygienists Qualified hygienists who are already trained to some degree. Looking to advance their knowledge or share their own experiences and insights on the forum. Prospective students May wish to learn more about what occupational hygiene is and the various associations, in addition to looking for training and events on the site. Employers Looking to train their teams or find out about events. Registered visitors Training Providers Promote their own organisation and training events which they are holding. National Associations Upload information about themselves, promote membership in their region. Examining Board Promote value of qualifications and publish registers of award holders. Forum contributors Any visitor can also register on the forum which will allow them to rate approved training materials and events, publish comments and share their own unapproved training materials. Super Administrator Likely to be just a handful of people who are part of OHTA or bohs. Oversees the entire site with access and edit rights to all dynamic content. • Creates login accounts for approved training providers • Edits the content on the about section • Manages the directory of qualified hygienists • Maintains the national association profiles • Administers the forum
  2. 2. Brand The project is made possible by numerous national and international organisations which together have formed a limited company known as OHTA (occupational hygiene training association). This organisation is predominantly a shell company and it has been requested that it is kept low-key and not promoted as a new brand in itself. The purpose of the site is to promote training in the industry rather than any particular organisation. Consequently, the site is a hub for lots of oh partners and will be branded “occupational hygiene training” or “occupational hygiene training centre”. Ioha have endorsed the project and the site will bear its logo along with the caption “supported by”. Note that as there is no funding allocated for a branding exercise red magma will produce a simple logotype and visual identity as part of the website design but will not be able to commit lengthy planning and production time for this. CMS The CMS is a bespoke application which is tailored to allow you to edit what you need and ignore what you do not. The majority of the site will be designed and coded by our team to achieve the best usability, look and feel and technical optimisation of the site. As part of this process, we will establish a number of flexible page templates which a Super Administrator can then populate and edit without having to worry about presentation. The Super Administrator will be able to create additional pages from the templates and edit and manage the content without technical skill or training. There will be a variety of additional tools bolted onto the CMS to meet the needs of the project, such as the ability to upload training materials or edit a calendar of events. These will be specified in detail later in this document. Fundamental site structure Content on the site is split into 3 parts: About (organisations and people) Containing information regarding partner organisations (national associations, IOHA, OHTA etc). A dedicated area on the site for qualifications info and background to the OH industry and possibly a directory of qualified hygienists will also reside here. Training (approved materials, providers & events) The repository for approved training materials and training events. This content is clearly distinguished from other parts of the site using a pink colour-code in order to keep it separate from any user-generated content (which will be marked with green) and thus help to ensure it is legally defensible. Forum (user-generated content) An area for user generated content and discussion. This is the only part of the site to require a username and password in order to take part. Becoming a registered member will also enable other features such as rating courses, events and training providers. Site navigation Level 1 (homepage)
  3. 3. Every page on the site will have 3 colour-coded dropdown menus: about, training, forum When hovered over, each menu will expand into a large dropdown. These can contain images if appropriate and the layout is flexible - making this kind of navigation a modern and user-friendly way to organise a complex website. In each one, content will be grouped into sub categories and clicking on a link will take you to the desired page. [image example] Levels 2 & 3 (sub-pages) Breadcrumbs All pages other than the homepage itself will have a breadcrumb trail which shows the current position in the site hierarchy. E.g. Home > about > qualifications > examination board Left hand navigation On pages beneath the homepage level, an additional menu will display sub pages within the current section e.g. All of the about OHTA pages or the about qualifications pages. Cross promotion of site content the left-hand column of the sub pages will provide an opportunity to promote areas of the site which are likely to be of relevance to the user – such as a feature on qualifications appearing whilst the user is visiting the training section. Site search Every page of the site has a conventional search query box in the top-right-hand corner which will allow the users to run a free text search across all the pages of the website. This facility will use google’s search tool and is separate to the training events and training materials search tools which will have their own bespoke functionality. The search results page will... • return results by relevance based on keyword analysis of the page content • crawl all HTML pages on the site • not return resources such as the Approved Training Materials • include a title and text summary for each page found based on the page content • display pagination where a large number of results are found Footer All pages will have a standardised footer which will include following information... • Copyright Statement: “© Copyright 2009 OHTA” • A link to Creative Commons (third party website) • Sitemap ...and links to a number of legal documents to be drawn up by OHTA and their advisors (RM can assist with this if required)... • Legal disclaimer • Terms & Conditions of Site use (includes Copyright etc) • Privacy & Data Protection Compliance notices Sitemap A sitemap is a functional page on the site which summarises its key structure and provides deep links into all pages of the website. This will be automatically generated by the CMS whenever a new page is added, edited or removed. Its spec includes: • A hierarchical list of all the pages on the site • Clicking on a page title will take the user to that page • The CMS will also generate an XML sitemap which will aid Search Optimisation.
  4. 4. Copywriting principles To ensure good usability and search optimisation we will endeavour to: • Avoid use of acronyms • Keep titles short, particularly in navigational elements • Use plain language where possible for easy translation • Use sentence case for titles (this is a usability best practice) • Break longer copy with subheadings and anchor page links Design standards As this is a large site we are keen to employ best practice usability and information architecture from the outset. Our intention is to produce a highly polished site which can be scaled up as the project grows. As part of this, we have established a design code which will be employed throughout: Level 1 nav Widgets Level 2 nav H1 H2 H3 Link type Link type Call to action Etc Sizes and columns, consistent widget design. Hyperlinks are marked with a > arrow and are in text to aid screen reader browsers and improve seo. Drop downs are marked with a / symbol [+] and [-] icons allow you to show and hide items (see bbc homepage as an example)
  5. 5. Performance Stats RM will install Google Analytics throughout the site which will provide comprehensive data and on-demand reports to the site Administrators. This is a free service once installed and can be accessed via DETAILED CONTENT SPECIFICATION The homepage The homepage aggregates content from all three parts of the site to provide a snapshot of activity likely to be of relevance to all users. This design ensures the homepage provides quick routes into the site for regular users and displays only the latest and regionalised information. Geo-location The homepage will automatically recognise your national territory (based on current location – tracked via ip-address) and respond to that in the content shown. It will be possible to adjust the current location using a dropdown menu. This will set a cookie remembering your preference throughout the site. This setting will affect the following content: National association The homepage will show the logo of your national oh representative with a link to the other associations in the about section. Training events Training events in your region will take precedence over training events abroad. This widget will show the most imminent events first. If there are no local events it will show the most imminent events elsewhere. Training providers Local training providers will take precedence over training events abroad. The training providers featured on the homepage will be based on user reviews, with the most popular appearing at the top of the list. Non-geographic content Header image A large letterbox shaped image will appear on the homepage. This may be animated if desired. This will not be editable via the CMS but it has been suggested that RM provide a number of alternative images which can be selected at random when the page loads Intro copy An introductory message will appear on the site and invite users to learn more about occupational hygiene and the qualifications available. Information about OHTA will be kept low-key and away from the homepage. [image (annotated)]
  6. 6. About Section Standard Layouts Cross-promote panels [site map image] Standard pages (from templates) • Abc o Abc o ABC • Abc News Currently this is out of scope. However should OHTA decide that a news facility is required, RM will provide a Twitter account with a feed on the site so that OHTA benefits from exposure on both its own site and the social network whenever information is published (an example of this can be seen on our own site, This will provide the ability to publish 256 character updates and links. National Association Pages Each national association will be able to have a page describing itself. This will be managed only by the Super Administrator from the CMS management panel. Required Information (as supplied by OHTA) Full Name: free text field Acronym: up to 8 characters Logo: graphic About : free text field Website address: (optional) url link Contact address: free text field Telephone: International code + number Number of individual members: 1-99999 Company/organisational membership: Yes/No National qualifications offered: free text field Directory of National Associations This page within the About section will allow users to see a summary all of the National Associations and providing the following information: • Logo • Acronym • Full Name • Nation(s) represented • Link to their feature page This page will also include summary of and prominent link to the IOHA feature page
  7. 7. The national associations will be sorted alphabetically and the page will automatically update when organisations are added or removed. If a logo is unavailable a graphic placeholder will appear instead. About IOHA This page will use a default template design to describe IOHA, its relationship to OHTA and provide a link to the official website. The ‘supported by IOHA logo’ at the top of each page will also link here. Directory of qualified hygienists To be maintained by either the faculty or a super admin (tbd). Hygienists will need to opt-in to this list in order to appear.
  8. 8. Training Training events search It shall be possible to filter events occurring by: • Region, • Topic, • Or provider And rank them according to the date each takes place. Managing events Training providers and super admins will be able to add new events, edit existing events and delete events from an admin panel. Training providers will only be able to edit their own events and not those of other providers. NB there will need to be a facility for potential training providers to enquire about being added to the system and for resetting forgotten login details. Training provider profiles Training providers will be able to maintain a profile page which describes their organisation. This will include: name, address, contact info, description, logo etc. Training provider management panel Training providers will have their own login and management panel to update their profiles and events. Register interest in an event Users will be able to submit an email via an html form which will be sent to the training provider’s chosen email address (determined in the admin panel). The tool will also need to send an auto-receipt to the user’s email letting them know that the training provider has been notified. Languages Training providers will want to be able to describe their events and their profile in local language in addition to english. Input forms completed by providers may be tagged with language metadata with the option to add another language if desired. Content will then be marked with an ‘also available in: [languages]’ button when the default english content is viewed by users. [insert image] Approved training materials Search Users will be able to filter the approved materials by • Training level • Topic (predetermined categories?) • And language. Urls Filters will be posted to the url query string so that visitors can send links to colleagues or bookmark searches. If users cut and paste the url the site will still operate as expected. Languages As with the training events the default language will be english with the ability to tag extra versions in new languages. Admin Only a super admin will be able to upload approved training materials (? Tbd)
  9. 9. Approved Course Provider Pages Each national approved course provider will be able to have a page describing itself which will be self managed from a dedicated management panel visible only to themselves and a super admin (who shall have oversight, and ability to edit all course provider pages). Required Information (as supplied by OHTA) Company Name: free field text Logo: graphic Contact Person: free field text Company contact details: free field text Website link url link Email for enquiries: mailto link Telephone number: international code and number Company description: free text field Occupational Hygiene Training Courses run: free text field Geographical coverage: free text field or could this be a selection box to enable the company to select the countries they cover Languages supported TBC
  10. 10. Forum Management panel Upload download files Comments Third Party solutions Voting Forgot password, self management Training Legal notices Access to the legal notices will be made available from every page of the site via the footer. In addition to this, users will be reminded of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy whenever they make a data submission or download property from the server. At these key moments of interaction it will not be possible to proceed without confirming acceptance of the policies via a checkbox. The pages affected will include: • Submitting data via contact forms • Membership registration • Uploading of files • Downloading materials Contact form standards The site will include number of contact forms which will be set up by RM and not editable in the CMS. The forms will submit emails to agreed mailboxes (TBD). Recipient email addresses will never be published on the website as a matter of policy unless they involve a centralised mailbox (such as rather than that of an individual. Triage It is possible to forward emails to different addresses depending on the nature of the enquiry. Messages submitted will not be held in the site database. Security Any data submitted will be screened for dangerous inputs such as JavaScript or database queries before being processed by the server. It will not be possible for users to submit emails from the site which include attachments. Validation Data inputs will be validated according to best practice standards and feedback provided if errors have been made before data is submitted to the server. Typical validation includes: • Min and max characters • Valid email addresses • Empty fields Captcha In order to prevent automated spam-robots from repeatedly sending messages via the contact forms users will have to enter some characters which are displayed on the screen at the point of submission. We will use best practices in this regard to make the process as painless as possible.
  11. 11. Required contact forms: Contact OHTA Purpose: General enquiries and feedback Email address: TBD Links from: About OHTA, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy Data: Name Reply email Subject (drop down or free text TBD) Message (free text) Course provider application (TBD) Purpose: For prospective course providers to register their interest Email address: TBD Links from: Training Search, About OHTA, Training providers Data: Name Organisation Reply email Message (free text) References or credentials TBD Contact a Course Provider Purpose: General enquiries for course providers Email address: Depends on course provider selected Links from: Course provider feature page and course provider events page Data: Name Reply email Subject (drop down or free text TBD) Message (free text)
  12. 12. Priorities Our agreed priority is to get an operational website live in time for Christmas. This will include the About and Training parts of the site but will not include the Forum and user-generated content zones or community features such as the rating and commenting systems. The additional features will be bolted on in Q1 of 2010. ESSENTIAL BETA – 22nd December The first functional release, before the ‘polish’ has been applied ESSENTIAL GOLD – 18th January The critical content is finalised and ready to be made available to the general public.