Chatter best practices tips and tricks


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Presentation portraying the best Tips and Tricks for using Salesforce Chatter

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  • Need to validate all links – some may not persist, so we need to figure out what the best links are.
  • Need to validate all links – some may not persist, so we need to figure out what the best links are.
  • Chatter best practices tips and tricks

    1. 1. Tips and TricksThis section of the Chatter Playbook is designed tohelp admins, managers, leaders, and end users getthe most out of Chatter.How to use this section: Reference guide on usingfeatures of Chatter that maximizes adoption. Thesefeatures can also be used as “Tips of the Week” todrive excitement around Chatter.Intended Audience: Project Managers, Project TeamMembers, Systems Administrators, Managers,Leaders, End Users
    2. 2. Tips for End Users toMaximize Chatter Usage
    3. 3. Completing Your ProfileStart by completing your profile so your coworkers can easily find you…
    4. 4. Use the left hand side of the profile page for:-Posting information about you, such as work and educational history, as well as key skills-Keeping your contact details up to date-Posting links to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pagesTop tip: Your “About Me” section is searchable, so be accurate so people can find you easily
    5. 5. Use the middle of the profile page for:- Posting status updates on what you are working on- Sharing files, like presentations, documents, creative documents- Seeing what people post to you for your feedbackTop tip: Anything you post here will be visible for everyone
    6. 6. Use the right hand side of the profile page for:- Seeing who and what you are following- Seeing what groups you are members ofTop tip: Click on the profile of your executive team to easily see who and what they are following
    7. 7. How to Use GroupsUse Groups for:- Sharing information around topics or subjects- Groups can be private or public, and have multiple moderators- Use the description area to post permanent links to files and people- Use the dataloader to automatically add people to groupsTop tip: Use the @ sign to bring people into the conversation to share knowledge
    8. 8. Manage Your Chatter Email SettingsImportant for End Users Navigate to Setup > My Chatter Settings > Chatter Email Settings Top tip: Set as many or as few notifications as you would like. You will fine tune your settings over time starting with more and then shifting to less.
    9. 9. Manage Your Group Digest FrequencyImportant for End UsersManage settings per group – On each post – I’m THE expert, this is critical to my job – Daily – I want to stay on top of developments – Weekly – I want to catch up periodically – Never – I occasionally ask questions and don’t mind updates it in my feed Navigate to Setup > My Chatter Settings > Chatter Email Settings
    10. 10. Making Your Feed MeaningfulWho and What to Follow?• Key executives that you want to connect with• Informal organizational leaders (thought leaders, SMEs, gurus)• Your records (deals, cases, projects, accounts, etc.)• Experts and gurus related to your job• Peers and direct reports• Selected experts in other regions, industries and/or organizations• Mission critical applications• Don’t follow everyone who follows youTop tip: Following outside of your organizationand geography provides a tremendous opportunityto increase your network of experts well beyondyour organization You can also click on any profile to see who other people are following
    11. 11. Follow in Email Signature Makes it easy for coworkers to find you on Chatter
    12. 12. @Mentions Helps Notify Coworkers Use @mentions to notify coworkers that they need to see something
    13. 13. #Hashtags Are Great for Conversations Use the # symbol (hashtag) in front of a word to make it a running conversation Hashtags show up as: - Conversations in your company - Topics on your profile that you use - Auto-suggestions when posting
    14. 14. Share Large Files Easily Use Chatter to share large files easily, without clogging up people’s inbox
    15. 15. Share Files Privately with Others In the “Files” tab you can upload files just for you. You can also share files privately with other users.
    16. 16. Reply to Emails from Chatter You can reply to an email notification from Chatter, and your reply will show up as a comment. Great for staying productive on your mobile device.
    17. 17. Stay Connected While On the Move Use Chatter Mobile to: • View and share updates • Upload photos • Preview files Supported devices: - iPad - iPhone - Android - BlackBerry
    18. 18. Use Chatter Desktop to Stay in the Loop Chatter Desktop can be used to stay in the loop and productive while you work in email, PowerPoint, or other applications.
    19. 19. General Tips for End Users• Use Chatter every day – make it a habit• Spend time poking around to uncover useful information• Use the hide Chatter button after viewing the feed• For searching for people, you can use the People tab OR the User sidebar search• Manage who and what you follow periodically – this will change over time• Adjust the frequency of your email digests and Chatter email notifications to manage your information flow• Use the desktop client to follow the conversation without having to login• Use the mobile client to stay engaged when away from your PC
    20. 20. 1-Page User Checklist for Getting Started (For admins to send to users)
    21. 21. Getting Started with Chatter ChecklistLogin to Salesforce.comWatch the Chatter Intro Video Guidelines & EtiquetteAppears the first time you visit the Chatter enabled Home Tab.Update Your Profile This is a business tool … so keepClick on your Name – then Update your Photo, Edit Contact Info and the AboutMe sections by clicking on the Pencil Icon. conversations business related.Start Following People and Records Only post items that you would beUse the People Tab – to search for colleagues you would like to Follow. comfortable if the CEO, your manager, orCertain record types will allow you to Follow them as well … i.e.Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Custom Objects, etc. the HR team might read.Check & Customize Your Chatter Email Settings Don’t post confidential information onGo to: Setup | Personal Setup | My Chatter Settings | My Chatter Emails your home page or another person’sDecide how much you would like to be alerted when your Feed is updated. profile – everyone will be able to see it.Post Your First StatusTell your internal Followers … what you are working on today! Post your status often … keep yourShare a file (from your desktop or the Content Library) and link to something colleagues updated oninteresting your colleagues can use. projects, customers, and activities that areUnderstand Privacy & Security worthy of collaboration.Your comments can be seen by ALL internal users … so keep it professional.Users with Read access to a record can see that record’s Feed as well. Talk with your manager if you have any usage guideline questions.Join (or Start) a GroupSearch the Groups Tab to find colleagues and topics of mutual interest.None there? Create your own … and make it public, or invite only (private). Get involved in the Chatter Community by visiting
    22. 22. Manager Tips and Tricks
    23. 23. Manager and Leader Best PracticesLeading your team on Chatter•Use regularly – narrate your daily / weekly observations, insights andvision – invite discussion•Solicit feedback from your team to engage your organization•Share organization updates / announcements•Post to others’ walls – this engages them•Follow your top accounts, deals, projects, etc. for easy updates•Get your team to update their profile and contact details•Ask your team to share status updates via Chatter instead of email
    24. 24. Manager and Leader Best PracticesIdeas for what to share:•Share travel plans and customer visits•Post office hours that employees can use to connect with you•Host meeting Q&A from a Chatter Group or your profile feed•Use Chatter on dashboards to share progress•Give recognition – project completion, positive customer feedback,individual and team efforts – Use @mentions to ensure specific employees and their managers notice
    25. 25. Admin Checklist
    26. 26. Implementation Checklist: For Admins Confirm browser compatibility List of compatible browsers Confirm mobile compatibility and enable Chatter mobile List of compatible devices IP restriction considerations Confirm desktop compatibility and enable / deploy desktop List of desktop requirements Install Chatter Usage Dashboard from AppExchange Link to dashboard Manage email notifications for your organization Manage Invitations (Chatter Free) – enable / disable, define domains
    27. 27. Implementation Checklist: For Admins Load new users Be sure to update the ‘manager’ field so this value can be seen on the profile tab Enable Chatter Feed Tracking for objects and fields Enabling the ‘owner’ field will ensure that users are following the records they create. Load users to follow key executives Use these instructions to have users follow their leaders Setup and load groups with members and seed with content Create an ‘All Chatter’ group for all users to ask questions and share best practices Use these instructions to populate groups Post FAQs, user guidelines in the All Chatter Group Post these documents to the System Admins feed and then update the group Description with links to these documents