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Maintaining the competitive edge in the digital age: Crafted IoD presentation
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Maintaining the competitive edge in the digital age: Crafted IoD presentation


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Our businesses operate in a world in which Google handles 100 billion searches every month, half of Britain owns a smartphone and the average UK resident spends nine hours each day glued to a screen. …

Our businesses operate in a world in which Google handles 100 billion searches every month, half of Britain owns a smartphone and the average UK resident spends nine hours each day glued to a screen. We are trading in the digital age, and it is vital to understand how to get the most from online technologies in order to compete.

Measurable, scalable and highly-targeted, effective digital marketing can help businesses sell more and better engage with customers. But, with so many channels available, how do you determine which outlets will work best for your business, and how do you make the most of the tools you already have? In this presentation, experts from integrated digital agency Crafted will take you through the digital journey, helping you to focus on the channels that can deliver real ROI for your business to ensure that you maintain the competitive edge in the online era.

The presentation will explore:

1) Crafting your digital strategy – Tom Gillman, Business Development Director, will explain the basics of formulating a digital marketing strategy, help you define your objectives and understand your current positioning

2) Increasing web sales and enquires – Barnie Mills, Head of Creative, will highlight design considerations for more successful websites and outline helpful tweaks to boost the performance of your existing site

3) Influencing customers in the digital age – Ian Miller, Search Director, will explore ways to blend traditional and online PR to resonate with your audience and generate better business results

Published in: Business

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  • 2. Tom GillmanBusiness Development Directorverb [ with obj ]exercise skill in making (something):he crafted the chair lovingly | (as adj. crafted) :a beautifully crafted object.
  • 3. CraftedSEMINARSome of our clientsGrain. Seed. Fertiliser
  • 4. CraftedSEMINAR•  Why I should care about digital•  How I can get more out of my website•  Which digital channels are right for me•  How can I use digital to influencemy customers and prospectsWorkshop aims
  • 5. CraftedSEMINAR“There is no reason anyonewould want a computerin their home.”- Ken Olson, (Founder)Digital Equipment 1977
  • 6. CraftedSEMINARWhat is digital marketing?
  • 7. CraftedSEMINARWhy is digital so important?
  • 8. CraftedSEMINARDigital landscape288millionmonthlyactive users665milliondailyactive users200+millionusers29.1millionUK smartphoneusers by 2015Sources: Econsultancy, SoDA, Gartner
  • 9. CraftedSEMINARIN Q1 2013Tablets exceededtraditional desktopdevices for conversionrates for the first timeSource: Monetate Q1 2013 Ecommerce Quarterly
  • 10. CraftedSEMINAR43%of all onlineshoppers are fansand followers of thebrands they buySource: Harp Social
  • 11. CraftedSEMINAR45 MILLIONpeople viewSlideSharepresentationseach monthSource: SlideShare
  • 12. CraftedSEMINAR2.5%of companyrevenue onaverage isspent on digitalmarketingSource: Gartner
  • 13. CraftedSEMINAR41%of marketers saythat savings fromdigital marketingare reinvestedSource: Gartner
  • 14. CraftedSEMINARUP TO50%of digitalmarketingactivities areoutsourcedSource: Gartner
  • 15. CraftedSEMINAR•  Size doesn’t matter– level playing field•  Cost effective(compared to traditional)•  Easy to measure•  Real-time impact / results•  Ready for refinementWhy is digital so important?•  Far greater exposure•  Viral potential•  Two-way•  It’s where your customers are
  • 16. CraftedSEMINAR•  Security-  Scammers-  Provide peace of mind  •  Updates-  Frequent-  Relevant-  Managed  But be aware…•  Cost-  It’s not free-  Be aware of hidden costs-  Follow a budget-  Develop a strategy  
  • 17. CraftedSEMINAR•  An extension of your offline plan (if you want)•  Customer centric – their insight & needs•  Digital – your other flexible friend•  Realistic goals•  Rolling-review & updateYet another marketing strategy?!
  • 18. CraftedSEMINARWhere are you now?Understanding your business
  • 19. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINARRevisit your understanding of…•  Customers•  Market•  Competitors•  3rd party influencers•  Macro environment
  • 20. CraftedSEMINAR•  Assess your capabilities-  Time-  Resource-  SkillsInternalCrafted  SEMINARImage by Erich Ferdinand “erix” (Flickr)
  • 21. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINARObjective setting•  What does success look like for you?•  Can you measure it?•  Regularly monitor and review
  • 22. CraftedSEMINARCreating your strategyPlanning, implementation & beyond
  • 23. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINARGetting started•  Targeting•  Positioning•  Choosing the right channelsImage by Lefteris Heretakis “heretakis” (Flickr)
  • 24. CraftedSEMINAR•  2.4 billion global internet users (2012)•  Digital information created& shared grew x9 in 5 years•  74% of businesses believe userexperience is key for improving sales•  Mobile users reach tophone 150x per day•  ‘Always-on’ likely to increasewith wearableWhere do I start?Sources: KPCB, eConsultancyImage by Max Braun “maxbraun” (Flickr)
  • 26. Barnie MillsHead of Designverb [ with obj ]exercise skill in making (something):he crafted the chair lovingly | (as adj. crafted) :a beautifully crafted object.
  • 27. Our approachWhat we don’t do✗ Design for the sake of design✗ Create one-size-fits-all designs✗ Design for our own tastesWhat we do✔ Design for function✔ Design for the user✔ Create a bespoke solution for each client
  • 28. What the next hour is not about• Hard and fast-rules with a guaranteed ROI• A silver bullet to boost your web sales• The secret button colour that will guarantee clicks!
  • 29. What the next hour is about• Using design to engage users• Quite a lot of common sense• Some tools to see if it all works• Hopefully, a way to remember it all…
  • 30. • Somewhere easy to find and to get to• Somewhere that your date will be comfortable with• Somewhere that suits the occasion1. Choose a venue
  • 31. Where are they from?How do people arrive at your website?Source MediumGoogle organic/cpc/referralBing organic/cpcFacebook referralGoogle shopping cpcYahoo organic/referralOutlook direct
  • 32. The homepage(Arranging to meet under the clock at Waterloo Station)• Easy to offer a wide range of options• Expectation is not as clearly defined• Harder to plan in advanceImage by Elliott Brown “ell-r-brown” (Flickr)
  • 33. Landing pages(Arranging to meet at the cinema)• Expectation is predefined• We have a much better ideaof what is going to happenPhoto: ScypaxPictures,
  • 34. • Fairly self-explanatory - fashionably late won’t work2. Turn up on time
  • 35. Page loadWe could have failed before we’ve startedEvery second loading =0.65 increase in bounce rate!
  • 36. MobileThe pre-date traffic jam!•  Breaking the 1000ms Timeto Glass Barrier•  Average currently 4800ms•  400ms latency on 3G!Source:
  • 37. We can’t ignore it20% of adultsown a tabletMobile OperatorsAssociation (MOA) andYouGovOver half ofBritain ownsa smartphone(Ofcom)
  • 38. • People form an opinion within 30 seconds• First impressions are hard to reverse3. Make a good first impression
  • 39. It is especially important online…The averagetime spent ona webpage is25secondsOn average,visitors onlyread around20%of contentOne in fivevisitors leavea site within5seconds
  • 40. The 5 second rule
  • 41. (not this one!)Image by Daniel Oines “dno1967b” (Flickr)
  • 42. Am I in the right place?• Is the core message obvious?• Can I see a reference towhat I’m looking for?
  • 43. Am I interested?• Does it meet my expectationsat first glance?• Do I care / empathise in any way?      
  • 44. Do I trust you?• Is the site well presented• Does the site look professional• Can I see any evidence that thesite is trustworthy?Image by Tattoo_Lover “tattoos-nu” (Flickr)
  • 45. What next?• Is there a clear call to action?• Is there an obvious way toexplore the site further?
  • 46. Some examples…
  • 47.• What activities does this site cater for?• What are 3 of the company’s USPs?
  • 48.• What service does the site offer?• Why might you choose it over competitors?
  • 49. Any ideas?• What service does the site offer?
  • 50. Dress appropriately!Image from
  • 51. Dealing with devices• How will your content display• How will users interact
  • 52. Responsive web design• Adapts to suit screen size• Agnostic to device (in the most part)• A single site to maintain• A single set of analytics• Google recommends responsive for mobile
  • 53. Breakpoint 1
  • 54. Breakpoint 1
  • 55. Breakpoint 1
  • 56. Breakpoint 1
  • 57. Breakpoint 2
  • 58. Breakpoint 2
  • 59. Breakpoint 2
  • 60. Breakpoint 3
  • 61. Breakpoint 3
  • 62. Breakpoint 3
  • 63. Breakpoint 4
  • 64. Breakpoint 4
  • 65. Breakpoint 4
  • 66. Breakpoint 4
  • 67. Breakpoint 4
  • 68. Calls to action(CTAs)
  • 69. Calls to action (CTAs)What is a call to action?(I probably flash and play the themefrom The Apprentice every 30 seconds)
  • 70. Call us today0800 123 456
  • 71. The easy wins…• BIG• PROMINENT• ISOLATED• AFFORDANCE• COMFORT( I struggled with a clever acronym!)
  • 72. • Conversation• Shared interests• Empathy• Trust4. Build trust, build the relationship
  • 73. Refining calls to actionGood looks will only get you so far…Learn More(About  what  exactly?    It  is  a  bit  vague)  
  • 74. Try ‘Blind Date’ Free60 second sign up(What  have  I  go  to  lose?)  A bit more like it
  • 75. • Lead  with  a  familiar,  easy-­‐to-­‐understand  verb  • Be  specific  rather  than  generic  • Add  a  strong  benefit  or  statement  of  value.  What’s  in  it  for  the  user?  • Suggest  instant  graGficaGon!
  • 76. However…for  most  of  us  simply  having  a  clear,  concise    call  to  acGon  isn’t  enough  on  its  own.
  • 77. Supporting content
  • 78. I wonder if anyone noticed thatCall to Action at the very bottomof the last page!What happened to prominence?
  • 79. • build trust• build empathy• build desireUse your content to…
  • 80. Trust marks
  • 81. Social proof
  • 82. Design patterns
  • 83. Not quite!Image:  Flickr,  IrishFireside  
  • 84. Anti-patternsThe awkward handshake or unexpected hug!•  ’Click  here’  •  ’Tiny  targets’  •  Beware  the  ‘Novel  NoGon’      (the  designers  shame!)  
  • 85. A time and a place for innovation•  Don’t  re-­‐invent  the  wheel  •  Be  consistent  in  your  approach  •  Avoid  the  ‘awkward  handshake!’    Image by Grant Mitchell “anachronism_uk” (Flickr)
  • 86. • Long term relationships reap greater reward• Always keep trying• Sometimes a surprise is good5. You can just as easily lose trust
  • 87. Beyond first conversionNew vs ReturningNew    visitors  Returning  visitors  
  • 88. Welcome to the clubNewsletters and Accounts
  • 89. Customer benefits(It’s all for them, honest)•  Membership  benefits  –  offers,  promoGons  •  Faster  payment  •  Make  them  feel  ‘special’  
  • 90. Who really benefits?•  Know  your  customer  •  Target  them  more  efficiently  •  Increase  customer  value  
  • 91. Keep in touch
  • 92. Means Get AgencyParaphernalia!!
  • 93. Who’s had a good(or a bad) experience online?
  • 94. Don’t forget old fashionedcustomer service!•  Keep  your  promises  •  Keep  the  human  touch  •  Give  a  bit  extra  •  Just  be  nice!  
  • 95. There is no silver bullet
  • 96. Testing assumptions
  • 97. 40%Increase inconversion
  • 98. 55%Increase inconversion
  • 99. Testing toolkit
  • 100. Summary
  • 101. Blind date1. Choose a venue2. Turn up on time3. Make a good first impression4. Build trust5. Remember, it’s very easy to lose trust!
  • 102. Thank you,any questions?
  • 104. CraftedSEMINARChoosing the right channels
  • 105. CraftedSEMINARPros•  It’s about relationships•  Viral opportunity•  Show your brand personality•  Listen•  Learn more about customersSocial media•  Low cost of entry•  Customer service•  Another arm for crisis management
  • 106. CraftedSEMINARCons•  Investment in time•  Long haul strategy•  Let the brand speak with one voice•  Know your risk management strategy•  Loss of controlSocial media
  • 107. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINARSocial media - considerations•  Does your brand fit?•  Which channels areyour customers using?•  Who will manageyour channels?•  What’s your capacity?•  What are youtrying to achieve?•  How will you measure it?•  Be human•  Be different, give peoplea reason to engage•  Be on brand•  Share regularly
  • 108. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  PRESENTATION
  • 109. CraftedSEMINARPros•  Relatively low cost•  Immediate calls to action•  Quick to deploy(less than direct mail)•  Segmentation•  Measurement,testing and improvementEmail marketing
  • 110. CraftedSEMINARCons•  Deliverability and renderability•  Email response‘window of opportunity’•  Perception of spam•  Blacklisting•  Easily ignoredEmail marketing
  • 111. CraftedSEMINAR•  Follow best practice (DMA)•  Grow your list ORGANICALLY?•  What’s your ‘honey pot’•  Data segmentation?•  Know your spam!•  Design for the preview pane•  How will you create value?Email marketing - considerations
  • 112. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 113. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 114. CraftedSEMINAR4 BILLIONmobiles inuse globallySource:
  • 115. CraftedSEMINAROVER HALFof Britain ownsa smartphoneSource: Ofcom
  • 116. CraftedSEMINAR31% OFSITE TRAFFICin the UK isfrom mobileSource: Mobify
  • 117. CraftedSEMINARMORE TIMEis spent on mobilemedia by adults,than they do onnewspapersand magazinescombinedSource:
  • 118. CraftedSEMINARMOBILEBROWSINGis expected toovertake desktopbrowsing by 2014Source: Microsoft Tag
  • 119. CraftedSEMINAR40%OF EMAILis now openedon mobile devicesSource: Knotice
  • 120. CraftedSEMINARUSERS RUN43 APPSon averageSource:
  • 121. CraftedSEMINAROVER2 HOURSPER DAYon average is spenton mobile appsSource:
  • 122. CraftedSEMINARPros•  Works offline•  Talk to your customers (push notifications)•  Better ‘front of mind’ reference•  Access to device specific functionality(camera, accelerometer)Mobile app
  • 123. CraftedSEMINARCons•  Potentially expensive option•  App store – rules, reviews and revenue•  1 in 4 apps abandoned after initial useMobile app
  • 124. CraftedSEMINARProsIf your goal is to attract more customers andincrease conversion, then consider a mobile website:•  Accessible to search•  Improved user experience over desktop site•  A single platform•  Likely to be more affordable•  25% of UK consumers have purchased via mobileMobile website
  • 125. CraftedSEMINARCons•  It’s not aresponsive website!Mobile website
  • 126. CraftedSEMINARIn summary•  Let insight guide your choices•  What does my customer really care about?•  Capability and sustainability are vital•  It’s a long-term commitment•  Review, adapt and evolve
  • 127. CraftedSEMINAR“Why waste a sentencesaying nothing?”- Seth Godin
  • 129. Ian MillerSearch Directorverb [ with obj ]exercise skill in making (something):he crafted the chair lovingly | (as adj. crafted) :a beautifully crafted object.
  • 130. CraftedSEMINARHow is PR changing?
  • 131. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINARI PR
  • 132. CraftedSEMINARImage by Ben Gallagher “bengallagher” (Flickr)Ultimately it’s a story
  • 133. UNDER THEINFLUENCE OFDIGITAL, PR ISTRANSFORMINGCrafted  SEMINARImage by Sham Hardy “xshamx” (Flickr)
  • 134. Everything is amplifiedImage by Joe Green “joeandsarah” (Flickr)CraftedSEMINAR
  • 135. Image by The U.S. National Archives “usnationalarchives” (Flickr)CraftedSEMINAR
  • 136. CraftedSEMINARImage by Hotel de la Paix Genève “hoteldelapaixgeneve” (Flickr)Infinite Choice
  • 137. Why the rush towards digital?Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 138. Source: Pew Research Center  CraftedSEMINAR
  • 139. CraftedSEMINARSource:  SEMINAR
  • 140. CraftedSEMINARSource:’re moving online
  • 141. CraftedSEMINARTier 1Trade pressNewspapersTier 2Authority websitesIndustry associations & eventsProfessional bloggersTier 3Niche websitesHobby bloggersForums & communitiesSocial media hubs
  • 142. CraftedSEMINARTRADITIONALPRONLINEPRTier 1Trade pressNewspapersTier 2Authority websitesIndustry associations & eventsProfessional bloggersTier 3Niche websitesHobby bloggersForums & communitiesSocial media hubs
  • 143. CraftedSEMINARPR IS LIKE ADINNER PARTYCraftedSEMINARImage by manhhai (Flickr)
  • 144. CraftedSEMINARWhat yourbusiness isinterested inWhat yourcustomers areinterested in
  • 145. CraftedSEMINARPR in the digital age
  • 149. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 150. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 151. CraftedSEMINARCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 153. CraftedSEMINARBe prepared, online and off•  Ship grounded during the evening of Friday 13th January 2012•  First offline PR was 14 January (PM)•  First news conference with CEO was held 16 January•  Online had:•  35,000 tweets•  10,000 blog mentions•  34,000 new mentions online•  4,500 YouTube video mentions
  • 154. Crafted  PRESENTATIONCraftedSEMINAR
  • 155. Crafted  PRESENTATIONCraftedSEMINAR
  • 156. OFFLINE OR ONLINE?CraftedSEMINARImage by Ruben Alexander “the-wanderers-eye” (Flickr)
  • 157. Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 158. Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 159. CraftedSEMINARWhere do I begin?
  • 160. We all start somewhereCraftedSEMINAR
  • 161. #1 - PlanningCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 162. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 163. “In god we trust…all others bring data”- Edward DemingCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 164. Crafted  SEMINARONLY 11% OFMARKETING DECISIONSARE BASED ON DATASource: Adobe/Econsultancy Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing 2013
  • 165. #2 – Leverage any opportunityCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 166. Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 167. Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 168. 3185 shares1545 tweetsCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 169. #3 – Show what you hideCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 170.  SEMINAR
  • 171. #4 – Create your own newsCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 172. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 173. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 174. #5 – Think beyond wordsCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 175. Crafted
  • 177. #6 – Sometimes, normal is OKCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 178. 70 20 10Crafted  SEMINAR
  • 179. #7 – ListenCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 183. #8 – Identify influencersCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 185. INFLUENCEINFLUENCECrafted  SEMINARTier 1Trade pressNewspapersTier 2Authority websitesIndustry associations & eventsProfessional bloggersTier 3Niche websitesHobby bloggersForums & communitiesSocial media hubs
  • 186. #9 – Reach outCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 187. CraftedSEMINAR
  • 188. #10 – EvaluateCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 189. CraftedSEMINARImage by Marco Estrella “marcoestrella” (Flickr)
  • 190. #11 – Get readingCrafted  SEMINAR
  • 191. Crafted  SEMINARThe Business of InfluencePhilip Sheldrake
  • 192. Crafted  SEMINARImage by Stefany “steffypeeageayemm” (Flickr)
  • 193. CraftedSEMINARThank you•  Slides•  Business on a bike – 4th July•  Digital Bites – October•  Newsletter•  Follow @craftedmedia•  Coffee & a chat
  • 194. CraftedSEMINARIpswich Studio32 Fore Street,Ipswich, IP4 1JUT: +44 (0) 1473 322841E: OfficeClerkenwell Workshops,27/31 Clerkenwell Close,London, EC1R 0ATT: +44 (0) 20 3393
  • 195. CraftedSEMINARIconography from The Noun ProjectiPhone, iPad (Andreas Bjurenborg), Computer, Shopping Cart, Cursor (Brandon Keelean),Presentation (Joris Hoogendoorn), Coins (Mike Hince), Arrow (P.J. Onori), Earth (Francesco Paleari),Sun (Olivier Guin), Fire (Diego Naive), Gasoline (Mitchell Geere),Credits