16 thoughts on content marketing

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Integrated digital agency Crafted shares 16 thoughts on Content Marketing from the Content Marketing Show.

Integrated digital agency Crafted shares 16 thoughts on Content Marketing from the Content Marketing Show.

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  • 1. 16 THOUGHTS ON CONTENT MARKETING Takeaways from the Content Marketing Show Every marketing campaign will have failures. Learn from your msitakes mistakes What would you do if Do not tell people you were not afraid? events; give them a story.Make your content but always provide your narrative in aSURPRISING, format that people are already comfortable with. Look for the middle-ground between your brand’s story and your customer’s ‘the stream’; i as become t is con g at yo u. he internet h around emotio tinuous d comin T It revolves nal co , ever-changing an nnectio ns and social networks Surprise , emotional reaction and a little bit of happiness make people share content USETELL BIG DATA TO STORIES Traditional Sit your data analysts marketing Identify exactly ‘when’ matters and your editorial team in the day your audience next to each other is most active online We are not thinking machines that feel. We are feeling machines that think Narrative implies structure. Online or offline your narrative always needs a beginning middle and end Ask all of your colleagues to provide you with content ideas. Janet from accounts could be sitting on some useful data The key to content Make your content marketing success is being human honest & authentic Find the key blogger in your marketplace and set out to influence . them. If your industry does not have one, es ik you should become the blogger sp al ur s over t ts that t Trac io n ven na k yo t ime cau ur men and lag e se un f This will help you identify what went well and what did notcrafted.co.ukCredits1, 3, 4, 11, Ian Humphreys from Caliber. 5, 6, 10, Tom Ewing from Brainjuicer. 7, Anthony Mansfield from Brilliant Noise. 8, Jamila MacLean Homburg. 2, Stephen Pavlovich from Wish.co.uk. 12,Chelsea Blaker from Blueglass. 14, Steve Leighton. 9, 16, Andy Keetch from Brandwatch. 15 Simon Penson from Zazzle Media. 13, Matt Roberts from Linkdex