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giBS Cloud Computing - Scalability

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giBS Cloud Computing

  1. 1. ONS
  2. 2. giBS Cloud computing - Impact on business Operations and scalability of the cloud Rudhir Sharan CrackerHost
  3. 3. Cloud Computing & definition CrackerHost Scalability A Story Cloud changes everything What are we going to talk about…
  4. 4. • Hype/buzzword? • Semantics • Old wine in new bottle? • Add Cloud Computing in your company vision or AGM and your stock price goes up! …controversial & intriguing question What is Cloud Computing? CrackerHost
  5. 5. …amorphous computing body (a cloud) which delivers computing resources on demand and without the need for the user to understand what is and how to operate the ‘pistons and shafts’ of the computing infrastructure/system or software behind it. It is instantly provisioned & readily scalable and has a pay as you go model. • On–demand computing • Don’t need to look under the hood • Readily scalable • Pay As You Go pricing …let us dig a bit deeper What is cloud computing? CrackerHost
  6. 6. Independent computing system of an organization, 21st Century •Centered around skilled labor and large office space •Manage own computing power/software/infrastructure/platforms •Large IT investments •Cloud computing… Burden’s wheel, 19th Century •Next to Wynantskill river, upstate NY •Generate own electricity •Large capital investment •Electricity grid archived the wheel …the story was the same for factories in the 19th Century Story of Henry Burden/Burden Iron Works CrackerHost
  7. 7. Companies were in the business of power generation as much as in production 19th Century Pre-electricity grid era CrackerHost
  8. 8. The individual trademarks are the property of the respective companies and are only used for reference here Distributed production centers Distributed computing power centers Companies have been in the business of IT as much as their business 21st Century: Pre-cloud era CrackerHost
  9. 9. Electric Power Computing Power Centralized computing / Centralized power generation A sign of evolution and economic efficiency …déjà vu? The evolution of business is following a similar path: CrackerHost
  10. 10. • Larry Ellison referred to cloud computing as “gibberish” • Later Oracle announced its products were “cloud-computing ready” The Cloud was always there It is VPS not cloud...stop that …or? Look, here is the cloud and from now onwards everything will be called the cloud so that I can sell you more I have an idea And it’s cloud(ed) Definition does not matter…the cloud does…here to stay & change Cloud definition war… CrackerHost
  11. 11. …practical definition needed as a starting point What is cloud computing CrackerHost • On-demand computing • Readily scalable • Service not infrastructure • Pay As You Go
  12. 12. …any time scalability as a service…on demand What is scalability CrackerHost • (de) provisioning of computing resources •Upgrade online •Downgrade online •Time bound (within seconds) •Automated
  13. 13. Traditional hosting limitation: cope up with the growth of successful sites Site user growth scenario traditional computing/hosting CrackerHost
  14. 14. Cloud Hosting …the cloud is elastic! It stretches with your needs Site user growth scenario with Cloud Hosting CrackerHost
  15. 15. Definition does not matter…the cloud does…here to stay & change Why is scalability important CrackerHost •It is critical for online businesses today •Application & site traffic is unpredictable •Businesses growth should not be hampered by technology capacity •Budgeting can be easy •Costs are low •Threshold barrier can be lowered
  16. 16. • Hardware resources – CPU/Hard Disk/RAM • Operating systems – Windows/Linux/Chrome OS • Application development & deployment platform /RDBMS – Ruby on Rails / ColdFusion / PHP • Applications – E-mail, E-commerce engine, CRM, Accounting system …can any computing power go on the cloud?...categorize? What is computing power: CrackerHost
  17. 17. Software as a Service (, Google Apps) Platform as a Service (Database on the cloud,CrackerHost) Infrastructure as a Service (GoGrid) SaaS PaaS IaaS …evolving definitions…grey boundaries…let us talk of IaaS Cloud Pyramid? CrackerHost
  18. 18. CrackerHost Central Processing Memory Storage 1 Storage 2 Storage 3 Storage 4 Operating System Database layer Application Hardware Traditional structure …how is it different from a cloud
  19. 19. What is Cloud Computing & evolution …virtualization CrackerHost How does it change the game? CrackerHost & Demo …on the path to the cloud •Unitize computing layer •Virtualize each unit •Interconnect for expansion •Separate from delivery
  20. 20. CrackerHost vCentral Processing vMemory vStorage 1 vStorage 2 vStorage 3 Operating System Database layer Application vMemory vMemory Database layer Database layer vCentral Processing vCentral Processing Virtualization Cloud structure •Xen •VMware •VirtualBox Operating System Operating System
  21. 21. CrackerHost On-demand? How? E X P A N S I O N L O G I C & C O N T R O L Need •Software •User Driver Controller “Unlimited” (re)Source
  22. 22. CrackerHost On-demand? How? •Instances are stored as images •Scalability = death of an instance + birth of a bigger size of the same instance •Control is via API/manual Instance image Smaller instance Larger instance
  23. 23. …of success A story CrackerHost 1. You launch an online music store on Saturday, 20th November 2010 2. Site goes live at 12:30 PM 3. Word of mouth spreads and site traffic increases 50 times by 10 PM 4. If site on traditional computing then Site crashes { 5. Users trying to get to the site are angry. They will never return 6. Delivery to customers who bought earlier gets stopped 7. If not shut down, the online music store will take a severe hit} 8. Else 9. Site uses the auto-scale controller and simply increases resources 10. Continues to do business 11. On Monday morning when usage goes down, it decreases resources 12. Saves money 13. Business is profitable 14.More importantly, you are still in business
  24. 24. …automated Scalability controller CrackerHost API call Increase comp. resources Server Threshold reached Below threshold
  25. 25. Benchmarking Auto-upgrade …web 2.0/3.0? User flood on launch…how long will you take to upgrade? Benchmark result: Time taken to upgrade the server: 4 minutes 5 seconds Server time before auto-upgrade: 22:15:14 Server time after auto-upgrade: 22:19:19 CrackerHost
  26. 26. CrackerHost Cloud changes everything 1. On-demand | Critical need, low cost, low barriers 2. Scalable | Low cost, low entry barrier 3. A service now | Flexibility & empowerment 4. Pay As You Go | No capex – low cost of business
  27. 27. CrackerHost Thank you! Rudhir Sharan Founder, CrackerHost
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