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Surface computer

  1. 1. Surface Computer Presented by: Kumar Gaurav B.Tech 4th Year (CS) MRT09UGBCS013
  2. 2. Contents What is Surface computer ? Features How does it work ? Implementation Positive Vs. Negative Who’ s using the surface today ? Surface computer’ s future References
  3. 3. What is Surface Computer?• Surface Computer is a forthcoming multi-touch product from M icrosoft .• Surface features a 30-inch tabletop display whose unique abilities allow for several people to work independently or simultaneously. All without using a “ Mouse” or a “ Keyboard” .• With surface we can actually grab data with our hands,& move information between objects with natural gestures & touch.
  4. 4. FeaturesDirect Interaction: Users canactually grab digital information with theirhands , interacting with contents by touch &gestures, without the use of a mouse &keyboard.Multi-touch: Surface computingrecognizes many points of contactsimultaneously , not just from one finger like atypical touch screen , but up to dozens of itemsat once.Multi–User: The Surface’ s screen ishorizontal, allowing many people to cometogether around it and experience a“ collaborative, face–to–face computingexperience” .Object recognition: Users canplace physical objects on the surface to triggerdifferent types of digital responses, includingthe transfer of digital contents.
  5. 5. How does it work?• The Surface is not a touch-sensitive screen device… The screen itself is not electronic.• The Surface uses multiple infrared cameras beneath the screen/table top to sense objects, physicaltouch, etc.• The Surface “ recognizes objects based on shape or by using domino-style identification (dominotags) on the bottom of the objects.”• This information is processed and displayed using “ rear projection” . (1) Screen: ” multitouch" screen. Can process multiple inputs and recognize objects by their shapes or coded "domino" tags. (2) Infrared: Once an object touches the tabletop -> the light reflects back and is picked up by infrared cameras. (3) CP Uses similar components as current U: desktop computers -> Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card. Wireless communication -> WiFi and Bluetooth antennas. Operating system -> modified version of Microsoft Vista. (4) Projector: Uses a DLP light engine ( rear-projection).
  6. 6. ImplementationAA credit card withbeing usedtag draw a face on the Surface real paint brush a domino to fitted on Mobile phonesa domino tag on top of the the bottom is beingandcomputer. order withoutplacedmp3the waiter right fromsends top The glass has with domino on the bottom which computer, Domino tags the bill and payment is placed on Surfaces tags can be waiting for is confirmed thereafter. Surface used to pay information forfriends. Swapping musicfamily and drink player to another.your table. Place games with from one the handset is brought up. Play an the relevant information about what the which then recognizes commands from the pattern how and is, and potentially of eight where its made. It could even be used to order another drink. dots.
  7. 7. POSITIVEvs. NEGATIVE• Multi users- •Not portable- table has toCollaborative effort of stay put.users interacting • Must own devices such• Instant download/ upload as a cell phone to uploadof photos photos into or share with• Users have more control others.of technology- ordering • Have to be careful offood or manipulating table surface to notphotos fast damage it.• Educational- learn more • Very expensive to about the products youare using
  8. 8. Who’ s using the Surface today?• Currently only commercially available and being used in theretail, hospitality, automotive, banking and healthcare industries.• Current customers are AT& T, T-Mobile, the Rio All SuiteHotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Sheraton Hotels, DisneyInnovations House in California, Hotel 1000 in Seattle, Harrah’ sEntertainment, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.
  9. 9. Surface Computer’ s Future…• Surface will continue to be sold to and used byrestaurants, retail, leisure and public entertainmentvenues.•Microsoft goal is for consumers test the Surface incommercial settings, and then want them in their ownhouseholds. Microsoft wants to expand to theconsumer market by making a product people can usein their home environment (using other surfaces likedesks or making a version that hangs on the wall).• Computer scientists hope to incorporate this kind oftechnology in peoples’ daily lives… Future goals are tosurround people with intelligent surfaces