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Log homes, log cabin homes, free log home information, luxury log homes, plans, and custom log homes prices by Avalon Log Homes.

Log homes, log cabin homes, free log home information, luxury log homes, plans, and custom log homes prices by Avalon Log Homes.

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  • 1. Fall NEWSLETTER 2010What we do INSIDE THIS ISSUEAvalon Log Homes, a division of Avalon Enterprises What we do 1 Free Estimates 1recognizes that the perfect log home is truly subjective Wood Shrinkage 2to the homeowner. We proudly offer the industry’s Drying the Logs 2 Avalon Design Services 3most comprehensive portfolio of log home packages to Company info 3choose from. We specialize in the design and Winter Specials 3manufacturing of custom milled, log sided, timberframe, and artfully handcrafted log homes. Avalonoffers clients an unparalleled selection of log homes to homes are constructed using many of the same practiceschoose from. With over 200 standard designs, multiple as those employed by early American and Europeanprofiles, styles and sizes, and numerous complimentary logsmiths centuries ago. Using mostly hand tools, Avalonservices, Avalon homeowners are assured that their log crews cut and shape logs from carefully selected trees sohome will be everything theyve always dreamed it that each log fits perfectly on top of each other. Awould be—right down to the smallest detail. A milled timber frame home is carefully crafted with preciselog home is the product of an automated automated equipment to create beautiful beams andmanufacturing process that converts raw logs into a arches which become the superstructure of the home. Aprecision milled product of exacting dimensions, log sided home, unlike milled or handcrafted log homes,profiles and corner styles. Avalon’s milled log homes is the product of combining half or quarter log sidingfeature interlocking tongue & groove or saddle notch with conventional stud framing and insulation to createlogs which allows Avalon logs to fit snugly when the look and feel of a log home without using full logs.stacked. A handcrafted log home represents the time-honored art of logsmithing. Avalon’s handcrafted log Visit Our Website Many people have found a great resource at our industry, we realize that your dream home is just that- website: http://www.avalonloghomes.com. We have a the home of your dreams (not ours). We can work with Buyer’s Guide that has many important things to any floor plan. Because all of our homes are fully consider in planning and building your log home. We customized, Avalon’s expert design team are at your suggest you look at our different floor plans to find service to ensure that your log home meets each of your what comes closest to your needs. Though we pride exacting requirements. We can start with one of our ourselves on having the finest standard plans in the plans or yours. We will prepare a free quote for you. Avalon Log Homes Page 1
  • 2. Fall NEWSLETTER 2010Wood Shrinkage We did not invent theAll log homes will shift and settle, regardless of the log home, but wespecies of wood chosen, or the construction methods perfected it!used. Without proper construction, settling in a loghome can cause problems when logs shrink as they dryout. Log walls are also subject to compression from theweight of the logs placed above it. This is another keyfactor in choosing one that produces the highest quality Drying the Logsof log work not necessarily the least expensive loghome company to build your home. The method of The shrinkage that occurs in a log home is greatlyconstruction of a log home must take into account the affected by the amount of moisture that is containedmoisture content of the wood to be used. A good log in the log. The moisture content of a live tree whenhome builder is aware of the wood shrinkage that will harvested typically ranges from 50% to 100%. Theoccur and takes this process into account in the moisture content of wood is measured by pounds ofdesigning and building of their homes. An experienced water vs. pounds of wood. Moisture level is directlybuilder has the ability and knowledge to calculate the dependent upon the species of tree, the season theamount of shrinkage that will occur in a log, and by wood is harvested, as well as the moisture contentusing proven techniques, compensate for any future present in the soil for the development of the rootshrinkage that the log will undergo. Because system during the trees growing season. Moisturehandcrafters work with much larger diameter logs in content can be measured through the use of alonger lengths, than manufactured log homes, kiln moisture meter, which is inserted 1/2" to 1" at rightdrying is not generally an option. Rather than fighting angles into the trunk of a tree. Determining thethe shrinkage, a good handcrafter must have an moisture content of a log is more difficult, andexcellent understanding of the dynamics of a given requires more exacting research. The lower thespecies of wood in order to accurately anticipate moisture content of the house log, the drier andshrinkage that will occur, and compensate for the lighter the wood will be. As previously mentioned,settling that will likewise occur. Many manufactured log handcrafters primarily use "air-dried" house logs inhome companies are beginning to employ many similar their construction. It is imperative that thetechniques in their method of construction, due to the handcrafted log home company that you choose hassuccess of the handcrafted method of building. some knowledge of the moisture content of the logs that will be used to build your home. It is in this area that we feel the handcrafted log home industry should employ consistent monitoring of the wood that is brought into their log yards. “The lower the moisture The term "dry" wood refers to a given species of a content of the house log, wood’s fiber-saturation point, generally referring to a the drier and lighter the 25% -28% moisture content. Air drying decreases the wood will be.” moisture content even further down to 19% or less. Avalon Log Homes Page 2
  • 3. Fall NEWSLETTER 2010 Avalon Design Services Graded Homes we believe there is no such At Avalon Log thing as a perfect log home plan. Though we pride ourselves on having the finest standard plans in the industry, we realize that your dream home is just Powder River Log Homes, Inc. uses Wall that- the home of your dreams (not ours). We offer Log 40, or better. a full design service where you can create your own custom designed home, incorporating the uniqueness and individual needs of your family into the design. Because we understand your need to personalize your log home design, Avalon Log Homes expert team of designers, architects, engineers, and local builders in your area are at your service to ensure that your log home meets each of your exacting requirements. Contact US http://www.avalonloghomes.com LOGS@CABLEONE.NET Office: 208.467.6098 Avalon Log Homes uses 19% Moisture-Wall log 40 or better http://www.avalonloghomes.comAsk Us about our Fall/Winter Specials! Avalon Log Homes Page 3