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Arleen Quigg, head of Cpl Retail (market leader in the recruitment of retail staff in Ireland) provides information to employers documenting how to interview and hire retail staff.
We hope you find this information useful and for more information or to contact Cpl Retail, visit or phone (+353) 01 614 6000.

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  • I will promise is that everyone will learn something and that you will be able to take away actions from this.All slides will be online so no need to take notes.
  • Most people approach their work in one of three ways: as a job, a career, or a callingInfo on junior achievementInfo on companies not using email after hours – VolkswagenNetflix – how ever many holidays you want but linked to a very strong performance management modelSo who are your best employees and are you just letting them get on with it?I like the definition of bureucracy that Jim Collins gives
  • Good to great – bureaucracy only exists because of the 10% who would not do it unless you checked up on themNetflix in the US gives out unlimited holidays BUT it also has a very strong performance management culture – they can work togetherHere is the other point – if you asked your teams who were the worst performers, most likely not to last – they will tell you –everyone knows – we just don’t do anything about it
  • How to interview effectively for retail jobs: cpl jobs - ireland

    1. 1. How to Interview effectively in RetailArleen QuiggManager CPL RetailMay 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Why Train on interviewing• Are you Hiring the Best and the 80/20 rule• The Steps and Model of an Interview• Introductory, Personality and Retail Gathering Questions• What are Competencies• The Retail Model to Values and Competencies• Questioning Guidelines• Becoming Better Interviewers• The Results
    3. 3. Why Train On Interviewing?• Develop your confidence in interviewing• Gain a better insight into your Candidates• Ability to provide an added-value service to your customers• Ensure positive candidate experience• Aware of appropriate questioning guidelines
    4. 4. Are You Hiring The Best?• Best Candidates • Best Employees – Good first impressions – Achieve, exceed results – Prepared, on-time – Committed – don’t give up – Seem interested – Always prepare fully – Friendly, out-going – Go out of way to help others – Give complete responses – Initiative to improve things – Have skills and experience – Plan, organize, anticipate you want – Initiative to learn – Assertive, confident – Work well with others – Well-groomed – Creative – Education – Problem solvers – Take feedback
    5. 5. Before the Interview • Arrange a quiet room with no distractions or phones • Be prepared – read relevant job description, fully read the CV. • Develop 1 - 2 questions per core competency • Determine if other hiring managers, colleagues should meet the candidate
    6. 6. During the Interview • Primary job is to gather enough data to make a recommendation • Use a Structured Interview • Evaluate candidate on competencies and skills versus style and personality • Remember the 80/20 rule
    7. 7. During the Interview • Build Rapport • Listen Actively • Take notes discreetly • Finish on time
    8. 8. After the Interview•Thank candidate for his/her time• Complete written feedback within 30 – 60 minutes
    9. 9. Interview Model – under an hour• Introduction (3-5 mins) – Build rapport• CV Gathering Information (10-15 mins)• Competency gathering stage (15-20 mins)• Closing (10 mins) – Answer questions – Explain next steps
    10. 10. Introduction Questions• Why are you currently looking for a new position?• What are your needs for your next role?• What needs are not being met by your current employer?• Tell me about yourself.• Run me through your CV and the motivator to move in each position.• Salary needs• Travel required.
    11. 11. Retail CV Gathering Questions • Size of store(s)? • Number of staff including managers? • How many direct reports? • Turnover in store and or department • Why the move from Employer X to Y • What were your responsibilities in each role? • What was average monthly or predicted yearly turnover of your store. ?
    12. 12. Personality Questions• How would you describe your management style?• What are your strengths and weaknesses?• How would your friends and colleagues describe you?• How do you deal with pressure?• What would you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?• What is the toughest decision you have had to make?• What motivates you?
    13. 13. What are Competencies?• Competency is an area of knowledge or skill that is critical for being successful on the job for: – Outputs/deliverables – Behaviors – Performance characteristics• A competency is observable, measurable, realistic, time-bound, and job-related• Competencies are linked to organizational success that leads to long term retention• Focused set of behaviors that differentiate outstanding from typical performance
    14. 14. Successful Retail Hire Model Comps Must RetailProfession Related Be Present FIRST = Functional Core Comps Skills Product Customer Leadership Commercial Planning & Team Knowledge Service & Mgt . & Sales Organising Work Driven Hard High Passionate Flexible Personable Working Energy Core Talents & Company Values = FOUNDATION
    15. 15. Behavioral Interviewing• The basic premise – a candidate’s recent, relevant past performance is the best predictor of future performance• Provides a pattern of behavior or evidence to judge candidate’s ability and willingness to perform the job• Look for answers that demonstrate long-standing behaviors• Always open-ended
    16. 16. We Want S.T.A.R.S.• Probe for evidence of: – Situation/Task – overview of the situation/task/project/role – Action – details, actions taken, others involved • What, Why’s and How’s – use open-ended questions – Results • Accomplishments – results, successes • Roadblocks – challenges, obstacles – Self-Appraisal – self-evaluation
    17. 17. Traditional Vs. Behavioral Style• Traditional: “How would you handle a difficult customer?”• Behavioral: “Give me a specific example of a time when you had to work with a difficult customer” – Follow up with probing questions – Probe actual, concrete examples
    18. 18. Behavioral Questions• Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way.• Describe an instance when you had to think on your feet to extricate yourself from a difficult situation.• By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments.
    19. 19. Behavioral Questions• Tell me about a time in which you had to use your written communications skills in order to get an important point across.• Give me an example of an goal that you had set in the past and tell me about your success in reaching it.• Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.
    20. 20. Drilling Down With Probing • Probing questions ensure comprehensive evaluation • “What, “why,” and “how” require the candidate to: – Describe in detail what actions he/she took? • What – knowledge, skills and experiences – Describe how he/she acted in past situations? • How – tactical skills and ability to work in retail – Describe thinking behind actions? • Why – strategic thinking
    21. 21. Sample Probing - Drilling Down“Tell me about a situation when there was a conflict on your team?”Follow-up probing questions –What was your role at the time? –Please outline the situation and who else was involved –How did you handle the problem – outline the actions you took
    22. 22. Sample Probing - Drilling Down –How did you engage or motivate and influence others to help solve the problem? –Why did you approach it this way? –What was the biggest challenge that you faced? –How did you overcome this challenge? –What was the outcome? – Looking back, what could you have done differently?
    23. 23. Leadership & Mgt . Product Customer Commercial Planning & TeamKnowledge Service & Sales Organising Work Driven
    24. 24. Leadership QuestionsCan you give me an example of:• Where you have been required to show resilience in order to overcome a difficult situation or tough trading conditions?• When you have empowered your team or an individual in order to gain commitment for completing a task?
    25. 25. People Management QuestionsCan you give me an example of :• How you train and develop your staff?• How you ensure that all your team have had the appropriate training for their roles?• What do you do to motivate your team?• When you had a poor performer, what did you do to rectify the situation?• When you had issue with staff turnover, and how did you control this?
    26. 26. Product Knowledge CustomerLeadership Commercial Planning & Team Service & Mgt . & Sales Organising Work Driven
    27. 27. Product KnowledgeCan you give me an example of:• The products or brands you sold and which were your top sellers and why?• Of products or brands that you tried to link sales with?• What products you sold and what how did you use your product knowledge of this product to sell it to the customer?
    28. 28. Commercial & Sales Product CustomerLeadership Planning & Team Knowledge Service & Mgt . Organising Work Driven
    29. 29. Commerciality & Sales Can you give me an example of: • A time that you made a change to the layout. Why and what were the results? • How you have influenced the sales/KPI’s in your role? • When you were down on your sales target, what would you do turn this around/ to achieve them? • How are you given your sales target and how do you communicate that sales target to your sales team. • Who is you competition and how you try to compete against them?
    30. 30. Customer Service DrivenLeadership Product Commercial Planning & Team & Mgt . Knowledge & Sales Organising Work
    31. 31. Customer Service QuestionsCan you give me an example of:• When you have exceeded a customer’s expectations?• When you have taken actions in the past to improve customer service?• when you have received praise relating to the levels of customer service that you have delivered.• Who is your customer? How do you go about understanding their needs?• How you intended to better service your customer? What did you want to change?• The last time you/or one of you team had a customer complaint?
    32. 32. Planning & Organising Product CustomerLeadership Commercial Team Knowledge Service & Mgt . & Sales Work Driven
    33. 33. Planning and Organising QuestionsCan you give me an example of:• When you had to take on extra work at short notice, tell me about how you prioritised tasks and what the outcome was?• You had to monitor the progress of tasks or projects?• How do you plan & prioritise your time on a day/weekly/monthly/annual basis?
    34. 34. Team Work Product CustomerLeadership Commercial Planning & Knowledge Service & Mgt . & Sales Organising Driven
    35. 35. Teamwork QuestionsCan you give me an example of:• When you have had to launch a new business initiative to the team. How did you launch it?• Where you have taken over a new team and you have improved team morale? What steps did you take to understand your team and how did you measure your success?• When you have worked efficiently as part of a team• You worked with a team member with low morale and how did you work effectively with that person ?
    36. 36. Additional Types Of Interview• Opening/Warm-Up• Case Study/Scenario/Role Play• Technical/Problem-Solving• Assessment Centers• Psychometric Testing• Self-Appraisal
    37. 37. Appropriate & Inappropriate Questions National origin Origin of name Pregnancy Race or color Citizenship Religion Affiliations to organizations Disability Political ideology Age Physical characteristics Rent or own home and location Marital status Gender Family/relatives Military discharge/experience Arrests/convictions Medical history Sexual orientation Traveller Community
    38. 38. “an exceptional employee is not just a little better than someone who is pretty good they are 100 times better” Mark Zuckerberg “
    39. 39.
    40. 40. Name: Arleen QuiggTitle: Manager – Cpl Retail & HRPhone: 01 614 6146071 087 239 1519Email: Arleen.quigg@cpl.ieWebsite: