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My Work My Work Presentation Transcript

  • HISTORY While it is clear that modern baseball developed in the United States, the exact origin of the game is difficult to determine. Most scholars believe that baseball evolved from a variety of similar games. One popular legend that Abner Doubleday, who became an official of the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865), invented baseball in Cooperstown (New York) in 1839. Although there is at present no support for this myth, the Hall of Fame and Museum National Baseball are located in Cooperstown.
  • HOW TO PLAY He objective is to hit a ball with a bat (hitting), moving through the field and run down the field of land (infield) looking to reach the largest possible amount of groundwork to turn over the base from where it hit (home) and to record the known both as a career, while defensive players seek to eliminate batted the ball to the player who hit the ball before it reaches this first to one of the bases or get the career record (See rules for details the game). The team who write more races after the match that it is the winner.
  • The important thing with regard to dress
    • The shoes are called to pley baseball “spikes”
  • UNIFORM Uniform: For athletes, the uniform is something very important because it symbolizes good enough to belong to a team. Jersey: In addition to looking good shirt, you should be comfortable enough to catch, throw and bat without discomfort. Pants: The style of pants baseball has changed dramatically over the last decade. Some players still prefer trousers that reaches just below the knee. Most of the players are wearing long pants that reach up to the shoe. Although the long pants is a personal decision, there are some coaches who prefer that the whole team look the same way.
  • INTERNALD STANDARD Slide: No matter how good the player is stealing bases or deslizándote, at some point in the season is scraping the legs during a hard slide. Genital protector: This is the most important piece of the uniform. A lot of players do not like to use protectors. But they should use them because a blow to the genital area is not only extremely painful but also very dangerous. This protection should be worn by all players, but especially by the catcher
  • ACCESSORIES UNIFORM Batting helmet: You should wear nice but not too tight Shield or mask must fit well, before all parties will adjust the straps until you feel comfortable. The mask should always have a protective mask or garganta.Careta: should fit well before all parties will adjust the straps until you feel comfortable. The mask should always have a throat protector Peto or front: It should not be too big to make pitches to the bases Thighs or canilleras: These should cover the entire leg, and should be able to run without any problems with them (eg when running at first to cover the base).
  • BASEBALL AS INTERNATIONAL SPORTS Baseball (English baseball), is a set of sport played between two teams of 9 players each. It is considered one of the most popular sports in the U.S., Japan (current world champion), Canada, South Korea (current Olympic champion), Taiwan, Cuba (current Pan American champion), Bahamas, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico , Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela. It is played on a wide range of lawn (with the exception of the area where the offensive players run for EMBASE and write, called line of the corridor, and the area where the pitcher's spot is a ridge of land).