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  • team from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has discovered a way to store 70 billion books in a space the size of your thumbnail! Using next-generation sequencing technology, the team managed to encode the library in DNA, shattering the record for DNA data by a factor of 1,000. Harvard geneticist George Church picked his own forthcoming book, Regenesis, as a test subject and stored it 70 billion times.Read more: Harvard Stores 70 Billion Books in Record Breaking DNA Bio-Library the Size of a Thumbnail | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
  • is web-connected, programmable, 100 percent cotton (video)An LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and accelerometer all packaged into a t-shirt and controlled via your smartphone? That's the concept behind tshirtOS, a wearable platform for "self-expression" that currently only exists as a prototype. It can show off tweets, play music videos, capture belly-height photos and send them off to Instagram, and pretty much do anything except play percussion. CuteCircuit, which came up with the idea in cahoots (inexplicably) with Ballantine's whisky, says it's about to conduct product tests and will mass produce the smart-shirts if enough folks register interest. There's no Kickstarter page, definite specs or pricing for any of this, but based on CuteCircuit's history and the video after the break we're inclined to believe TshirtOS is more than just viral marketing stunt for the sake of a dram -- click onwards and judge for yourself.
  • The inventory exists – it’s built in. It’s also unprofitable for a limited amount of every day. What if you could change that? Hoteliers have room to spare…dayusehotels.comGet your minds out of the gutter and go with me here…ever been stuck someplace and you really don’t want to spend 5 hours in the airport lounge?Anyone else wondering if they have a deal with
  • Samsung has released 2 different refrigerator models with 8” LCD screens that help you organize your life. Different applications and reminders can be used through this “Smart Appliance” and it has a very good chance of replacing the taped up piece of paper you’ve got up there.
  • Finnish company Powerkiss ( has developed a technology that imbues everyday furniture with wireless charging capabilities. Powerkiss's technology consists of two parts: a charging transmitter that gets integrated into furniture, and a charging receiver that gets plugged into the electronic device. To charge a phone, users simply attach the small receiver stick to their phone and place it on the surface of the enabled object. The proximity allows the resonating coils in each of the two parts to work together to charge the phone. Powerkiss's charging packages have already been integrated into a meeting room table and a coffee table from Finnish Martela; the technology is also available for public use in Café Alvar A and the Via Lounge at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Though currently limited to mobile phone charging, laptops and other devices will eventually be supported as well, Powerkiss says. Ultimately, Powerkiss hopes cellphone manufacturers will begin enabling their handsets with wireless charging capabilities, which would eliminate the need for the plug-in receiver.!
  • British fashion designer Richard Nicoll ( debuted a handbag that can power a cellphone at London Fashion Week in February 2012. The accessory can charge BlackBerries, iPhones and Android devices while on the move; after the bag is charged from a mains power outlet (using a cable that magnetically attaches to the exterior) it carries up to two days worth of extra battery. The bag was made in collaboration with telecoms brand Vodafone, which sponsored London Fashion Week and installed phone chargers on the front row of every venue for the season's shows.
  • Available from January 2012, Brookstone's USB cufflinks ( offer 2 GB of data storage space, as well as a mobile wifi hotspot, enabling wearers to access a high speed internet connection. The US brand's cufflinks are made in polished silver and the wifi connection can be used by a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The accessories retail at USD 249.99 and are sold with a software installation CD.
  • A collaboration between Sweden based household appliance manufacturer Electrolux and Italy based architectural designers Park Associati in March 2011 spawned a portable restaurant experience. The Cube ( is an aluminum-clad 140 square meter dining area including a 50 square meter terrace, which debuted at Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels in March. The highly portable restaurant - which can be transported by helicopter - plans to move from this Brussels base to a different European City every four to twelve weeks. Each location is selected to offer the 18 diners within The Cube a unique panoramic view of the surrounding area, while creating an eye catching new addition to the cityscape for onlookers on the outside. Lunches are available from EUR 150 and dinners from EUR 200, including wine and champagne.
  • In November 2011, German sportswear brand Adidas ( launched the AdiZero F50 miCoach, a football shoe that collects and wirelessly tracks information during a game. The boot contains an 8g chip under the sole that measures speed and distance in 360-degree movements; when combined with the packaged software on a computer or smartphone, the wearer can view metrics of their performance and compare them with those of their friends (or even professional athletes). The shoes retail for EUR 245.
  • from 100% recyclable materials, stainless steel and light-weight aluminum, the bike crate is spacious, sturdy, weatherproof, and designed to withstand everyday scrapes. It’s available in black, yellow and red and costs EUR 150 including VAT. The price also includes mounting, which can be done in-store, and for those not in the Copenhagen area crates can be shipped and materials for mounting are included.
  • you’re a pretty good do-it-yourself-er? Think again. The Daily Mail reports that after losing both of his hands and forearms in an explosion (he created a homemade bomb that detonated prematurely), 51 year-old Sun Jifa decided he wasn’t done building stuff. Instead of feeling discouraged when the hospital suggested prosthetic arms he couldn’t afford, Jifa set to work assembling his own. Eight long years later, he completed the ultimate DIY project by building a working pair of prosthetic hands without the aid of fingers.Read more: Chinese Man Builds His Own Bionic Hands After Losing Limbs In Explosion | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
  • above the elbow prosthetic arm has limitations that would prevent it from being put to practical use — it cannot lift more than a couple of pounds, and with details such as individually operated fingers, it requires a number of switches, joysticks, a compressor and hand pumps to operate. But as a project intended as an experiment to accurately mimic the full range of human motion while maximizing the speed and power of the LEGO prosthesis it’s pretty remarkable.Read more: Student Max Shepherd Creates an Incredible Prosthetic Arm from LEGOs | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
  • I live in Kennett Square – the mushroom capital of the world, so this one is important to me US based startup, Ecovative Design, developed an alternative to the styrofoam and polystyrene that are commonly used in the bumpers of automobiles. Their product uses a combination of fungus-based solid foam and agricultural by-products. This product is fireproof, waterproof, decomposable, biodegradable and made from renewable materials. This will make automobiles that much more environmentally friendlyLink: link:
  • late 2011, auto manufacturer Ford announced a partnership with US solar panel company SunPower. Together they have created the ‘Drive Green For Life’ scheme. This project will offer the option of EV’s fitted with solar panels on the roof of their cars. This will cost somewhere around $10,000 (after federal rebate). These panels can charge the car and run it for around 12,000 miles driving. Additionally, solar panel info can be monitored from iOS devices.Link:
  • A UK based automotive brand, The Lightning Car Company, has created an electric sportscar. Proving that electric vehicles (EV’s) are not simply for coups. The Lightning car contains a lithium-ion battery and boasts a top speed of 125mph (0-60 in 5 seconds)! However, it does cost roughly $280,000Link: Toyota Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid gasoline-electric car, was introduced worldwide in 2001. As of February 2012, a total of 2.5 million Prius cars have been sold worldwide and it is the world's best selling hybrid.[12] As of July 2012, series production all-electric cars available in some countries include the Tesla Roadster, REVAi, Buddy, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Tazzari Zero, Nissan Leaf, Smart ED, Wheego Whip LiFe, Mia electric, BYD e6, BolloréBluecar, Renault Fluence Z.E., Ford Focus Electric, BMW ActiveE, Coda, and Tesla Model S. The Leaf, with more than 32,000 units sold worldwide by early July 2012, is the world's top-selling highway-capable all-electric car.[13] As of July 2012, production plug-in hybrids available include the BYD F3DM, Chevrolet Volt/Opel Ampera, Fisker Karma, and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. The Chevrolet Volt family, with more than 20,000 units sold through June 2012 in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, is the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20]
  • Don’t assume that non-gas vehicles are only for the commuters either. In late 2011, New Holland Agriculture released the first electric agricultural vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells allow this tractor to produce double the power of a traditional tractor of a similar size and the only by-products are heat and water vapor. This tractor can be used for up to 3 hours at a time. It is projected to begin use this
  • April 2012 saw the launch of a social app allowing users to view and compare their energy usage with friends and other consumers across the US. The Social Opowerapp ( is the result of a collaboration between Facebook, the Natural Resources Defense Council in the US, energy information software maker Opower and 16 US based utility companies, such as the National Grid in New York and City of Palo Utilities in California. Users log in to the app via Facebook Connect and can then access and compare energy use with their friends, as well as comparing this with other homes in the US. The connection between energy utilities and a user's Facebook account means that individuals can post energy usage to their profile every month, and participate in competitions to reduce their use.
  • Nike Grind Rubber, made from the shoe's outsole, is used in track surfaces, interlocking gym flooring tiles, playground surfacing and even new Nike products, such as the outsoles of the Nike Pegasus or the Jordan XX3. It’s also used in trim items like buttons and zipper pulls.Nike Grind Foam, made from the shoe's midsole, is used as a cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts, as well as futsal fields.Nike Grind Fiber, made from the shoe's fabric upper, is used in the creation of cushioning
  • In June 2011, Chinese organic farm Yi Mu Tian( updated its digital food tracking system to include cameras. The high tech farm, which uses computers for temperature regulation, lighting and watering, allows consumers (who register as members) to track their produce from the field to home delivery. With this addition to the facilities , Yi Mu Tian’s members (over 4,000) can sign in to a website and track the growth of vegetables by camera.
  • GRAND RAPIDS, MI, June 26, 2012 — In advertising, we have been taught to think outside the box and eat outside the bun. Yet, one of the most innovative branded concepts may reside in the box itself. Boxed Water has found success in the simplicity of both their concept and their message. The concept is simple. It's bottled water without the bottle. They donate 10% of profits to water relief foundations and another 10% to reforestation foundations. The box is recyclable. They are the TOMS Shoes of the beverage industry. A company with a responsible conscience that allows the consumer to feel a sense of pride by associating with the brand. Coupled with engaging social media and it's no wonder that they have developed a brand loyal community. The message is also simple. The package reads "Boxed Water Is Better" in bold type. Is it? This Summer, up to 300,000 fans at Lollapalooza will answer that question. Boxed Water is now the official water of the popular music festival. I can tell you I've had it. I like it. Enough to want to write an article about it. Although, I also saw a historically accurate movie this weekend about the time Abraham Lincoln once fought vampires. So, I'm not a role model. Benjamin Gott, founder of Boxed Water, was kind enough to talk about his innovative company and the beverage industry as a whole.   1.  How did Boxed Water start? We didn't have any previous experience in beverage - which led to some rather comical stories as we navigated a world that we now know is played in by giants for the most part.The idea of Boxed Water was really a rather simple one: be more sustainable, be more efficient, and be philanthropic. We had very little capital to get it rolling so we spent a lot of time on the front end creating a design that we hoped would stand-out on shelves and tell the story well.  We started it because we think its the job of creative minded people, entrepreneurs, to come up with solutions - steps forward - for problems that exist. In this case the problem was that the bottled water market keeps growing, people are certainly continuing to buy, yet its become a huge target in the environmental space.  It's a behavioral thing. This multi-billion dollar a year industry isn't going to go away over-night - especially globally - so the package and the approach needs to be re-thought and Boxed Water is our first swing at it.2.  What is unique about your positioning?Well, we're unique in the beverage space in that we're actually getting it on shelves. There are lots of proposed ideas, some of them fascinating, but its tough to actually land on shelves.  It's a tough thing to go from concept to being on a shelf - way harder than we thought. I can say though that I really hope more ideas like ours hit the shelves soon - I'd love to see more money invested in totally new packaging solutions.3.  What is next for Boxed Water?We think the package we have now is just the first step. The first step in all of this was simply to see if people would look at us as an option when purchasing bottled water.  Now that we are somewhat over that hump (we're still a small company) we'd love to explore even more sustainable packaging. There hasn't been a ton of traction in the compostable packaged goods space - and I think thats the next big push.  Technology hasn't quite caught up with everything the public wants - yet. I'm excited that we have created a brand that will be able to get those new technologies to market as they are made available - and we'll be able to do it quickly with our existing retail network - even at our still small size.4.  Who has been helpful along the way?  Mentors, investors, etc.  You know, my previous experience in the supply chain world was really insightful on working to be more efficient with flat packing the cartons before they are filled and seeing how other brands operated.  That was 6-7 years ago, but it was really interesting to see how it worked for other beverage brands and how things could be done more efficiently. Our investors have been amazing, I put in the very small initial round to prove it in the market, get it on the shelves, etc, but my close friend Rick DeVos and his family have made it possible to grow to where we are.The people who have been the most helpful along the way would have to be each and every small store owner that placed our products on their shelves. Every single store matters to us as a small operation - we're extremely thankful to them.5.  Who are you looking forward to seeing at Lollapalooza?I'm quite excited to see "The Weeknd" perform live.  Read more: Boxed Water and Lollapalooza team to think inside the box | Washington Times Communities Follow us: @wtcommunities on Twitter
  • 2011 saw Korean electronics group Samsung unveil the Solar Powered Internet School ( in South Africa as part of its social innovation program. The school is housed within a large shipping container, meaning that it can be transported using a haulage vehicle. Once installed in its temporary location, folding solar panels on the container provide the school with enough power to run a ventilation system, lighting, computer equipment and wireless routers. After the end of the school day, the space can be used for adult education or community projects.
  • Ford has teamed up with AT&T in 2011 to make the Ford Focus EV even more innovative. They have allowed the Focus EV to connect to a wireless network that allows drivers to control its settings via a mobile application. Consumers who are both Focus EV drivers and AT&T subscribers will have access to MyFord Mobile and have the ability to transmit information to and from themselves from their driving experiences. Users will be able to have access to information such as battery charge, estimated mileage remaining, etc.
  • Using sensor technology, San Fransisco based Streetline released a free application for iOS and Android devices called “Parker.” These sensors are installed in parking spots in a “Smart-City” and the application can tell users where the nearest spots are open, how many there are, what the price is, and it can even help you pay for it (directly from your phone). Link:
  • based design firm Artefact annnounced the development of Modwells, a wearable technology solution that allows users to improve their health. Sensors are placed on the customer’s body and continuously gather information regarding the user’s physical and emotional health. This data is then conveyed to the user so that s/he can improve his/her health.
  • Sunlight Foundation is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit (and nonpartisan) organization that pursues greater government transparency through open-source efforts. The developers have created several apps to provide real-time Federal and State data that can help citizens make informed decisions. In April 2012, the foundation released Upwardly Mobile (, which is free to download, and lets users compare the cost of living and average salaries across the country. There are also apps with data on local health services, Congress, and information on state capitol offices.
  • Launched in March 2011, Boston based Street Bump ( is an app developed by the US city's Office of New Urban Mechanics which takes advantage of the sensors on smartphones to report potholes automatically. The Android app uses the accelerometers and GPS technology in users' phones to register when and where the user's car has experienced a pothole. In June 2011, the app was in prototype form and thus focused on simply recording and uploading data from those sensors.
  • BMW has launched a telematics system that automatically calls emergency services after a collision. In addition to notifying the emergency crew of the collision, it also is able to retrieve and communicate crash sensor data that reveals the severity of the accident. This will help the emergency team to know how to respond to the collision.
  • In October 2011, the US based technology firm Nest ( introduced a thermostat that learns user behavior and programs itself to cut heating and cooling use by an average of 30% (compared to a standard thermostat). Once installed, the user answers some simple questions about heating preferences and habits, and then continues to use the thermostat as they would normally (for example, turning it down when they leave the house). Nest learns user behaviors and creates a bespoke heating or cooling schedule. Sensors detect when no one is home and activate the Auto-Away feature, which stops energy being used to heat or cool an empty abode. The LED screen indicates when the user is saving energy, and the ‘Energy History’ feature shows consumption patterns. Owners can control the thermostat (which will retail at USD 249) online or using an app on their smartphone. 
  • The non-profit computer game series Humble Indie Bundle launched in the US during April 2011. Each bundle is a package of downloadable games, and buyers set the price they wish to pay the developers and selected charities for their purchase. In each of the bundles, there are three to four indie (ie. not made by major developers) games which work on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Users can then choose what they wish to pay, and adjust 'sliders' to alter the proportion of their payment which is given to the game developers, Humble Bundle Inc. and the featured charities, which include The National Trust, Child's Play Charity, and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Customers' donations are ranked on a leader board that also tracks which operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) has the most generous users.
  • will happen – and you want to be prepared.
  • The Live Tweet campaign took a bunch of KLM employees (140 to be precise) and used them as a ‘live’ tweeting medium for a single day. Each person had a character, and they were used to spell out tweets as replies to the tweets that KLM were receiving.
  • Welcom home makes me cry every time. God I love that ad.
  • Please note – the booking widget is right there. Please also note the manager’s reply to negative feedback.
  • I am currently trying this app – no I am not a runner. It was 2.99 in the app store
  • June 2011 saw the launch of Chicago based Body Shop Bids (; an online and mobile platform that lets drivers solicit estimates for a variety of car repairs simply by uploading a photo. To take advantage of the service, drivers take a photograph of the damaged area of their vehicle and upload it to the site (mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices), along with a short description of the damage. Within 24 hours, users will receive competing, custom estimates from pre-screened, participating repair shops via email.
  • Please note that there is no screaming big statefarm logo here
  • July 2011, when a customer of the US restaurant chain Chipotle found out that the beans he had been ordering for years were cooked with pork, he took to Twitter to air his grievances (!/sethporges/status/96992944267079680). The same day he received a personal phone call from the CEO of the restaurant apologizing and promising that, going forward, all Chipotle restaurants would include this information on the menu.
  • have contributed thousands of things to do. Please note: It seems that Cuba is tool cool to have nerdy trips or they have prevented the nerds from participating
  • in the US in June 2011, Dabble ( allows users to either find, teach or host a class. To teach a class, users submit their proposal and select whether or not they already have a venue booked. Once Dabble have approved the idea, they handle bookings, payments, and the promotion of the class on the site, enabling teachers to focus on planning their lesson without the hassle of paperwork. Dabble encourages all those wishing to establish themselves as experts, gain new clients, or test new concepts and gather feedback, to sign-up as teachers. No professional qualifications are required, as Dabble’s philosophy is that learning should be fun, informal and passion-led. Those seeking to learn, meanwhile, can choose from approved classes on the site, currently ranging from wine-tasting to welding. Each class costs USD 20 per person to attend, of which the teacher receives USD 10. Venue owners can also sign-up to host a class, raising awareness for their shop, gallery, school or café.
  • New York based Academic Earth  aims to make a world-class education available to everyone on the planet. Toward this end, it is building a database that gives internet users around the globe the ability to find, interact with and learn from full video courses and lectures from the world’s leading scholars. Thousands of lectures are currently available on the site, covering economics, entrepreneurship, history, law, medicine, religion and the sciences, among many other topics. Faculty for Academic Earth’s lectures are drawn from Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale, and courses are offered under a Creative Commons license through open course programs at the universities. Associated materials include lecture transcripts, handouts, reading assignments, tests and problem sets; some classes are also available as podcasts.
  • \\"The timing may be right to click into the world of 2049 and absorb its messages. You might be moved into acting on or learning about an important cause. And that's okay, because your farm or vendetta can wait.” Time"When was the last time you played a really engrossing video game that didn't involve shooting zombies or controlling irrationally angry birds? Something that took a more brainpower, with codes, secret videos...”"America 2049 is a testament to how Facebook gaming has expanded far beyond the scope of watering your neighbors' corn crops on FarmVille.” HuffPo"...and Easter eggs located both online and real life? When was the last time you heard about one existing on Facebook? Probably never, which is what makes America 2049 such a compelling experience.” - Salon
  • Launched in the UK during January 2012, The Bicycle Academy ( teaches bike building skills, with each apprentice’s first creation sent to Africa. The company runs from a workshop where those enrolling on the course have access to the equipment and material they need to build a bike frame. Participants are taught fillet brazing - a type of welding that links metal tubes with bronze - over four days of training sessions, for five hours a day. Students work to specifications to build a TBA Africa bike frame, which has been designed especially for use in Africa. Once completed, the frame is used to form a working bike which is be shipped off for use by those in need, and The Bicycle Academy has teamed up with the charity Re-Cycle to facilitate distribution. The course costs GBP 1,000 for single learners, or GBP 600 each for pairs.
  • Lush cosmetics and Ben & Jerry’s both public in defense of gay marriage As a conservative in the traditional meaning of the word, I'm very uncomfortable with efforts to redefine any social institution, especially in the courts. At the same time, a conservative loves liberty in all its forms. When a group of people rises up and demonstrate its commitment to its rights in a responsible, well-articulated manner, how do you say no to them in good conscience?Looking back for guidance one is inevitably reminded of the civil rights movement. The pattern of non-violent resistance adopted by Martin Luther King had a complex beauty, operating at one time on so many levels. Sure, it defied stereotypes by demonstrating the discipline, order and humanity that segregationists sought to deny Southern blacks. However, its most potent impact may have been the way it forced otherwise indifferent observers to recognize the ugliness of the segregation lobby.The civil rights movement placed the burden of black suffering squarely on the plates of people all over the country who otherwise felt that they had no part in Jim Crow oppression. It forced citizens with little direct interest in the matter to consult their moral compass and decide where their loyalties should lie. The movement for gay rights is having the same effect.I can still make an esoteric argument that gay marriage amounts to liberal meddling or social engineering or whatnot, but I have lost my ability to put my soul behind it. Maybe you can sit across the table from a beloved friend and tell them that your straight family is more legitimate, more right, more legally and politically appropriate than theirs. Perhaps you can look into the eyes of people you care for and respect and explain that providing their children with the full legal protection of an official family would threaten something important that no one seems to be able to coherently define.
  • UK based paint manufacturer Dulux ( partnered with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in September 2011 to launch a charity initiative called 'Own a Colour'. On offer is every color in the RGB spectrum, with over 16.7 million colors to choose from - the number of shades the average computer or smartphone can display. Each color can be 'owned' with a minimum donation of GBP; buyers can then name their selected shade, explain their choice, and create a one-word description, all of which is displayed publicly on the Dulux site. Various celebrities have also chosen their preferred colors and donated to UNICEF.
  • In January 2012, the City of Chicago launched a website enabling residents to monitor the location of 300 GPS-tracked snowplows in real-time as they clear the city’s streets. The Plow Tracker ( service was created in response to the local belief that after a snow storm certain streets receive priority for snow-cleaing.
  • SeeClickFix( is a placed-based reporting platform that encourages active citizenship. Designed for government, media and community groups, SeeClickFix offers a variety of ways for users to report on local issues and concerns ranging from tree requests to graffiti through their website, a mobile app, Facebook, widgets and voice mail. Users can also view, comment on, and vote to fix issues, and follow the progress of service request. Once a citizen submits an issue it will be routed to the relevant city department. The government updates the issue page when the issue is resolved. Since its launch in January 2008, over 40% of issues reported on SeeClickFix are resolved. In November 2011, with cities as big as Washington DC using the service, it announced intentions to eventually go national.
  • February 2012 saw CitéGreen( launch in France; a site that rewards participants with points - redeemable for gifts and discounts - whenever they perform actions which benefit for the environment. To use the site, consumers register for free and indicate what types of actions they’d like to be rewarded for - carpooling or recycling, for example. Via partnerships with local communities and relevant agencies, CitéGreen then accounts for each action automatically - for example, a microchip placed in participants’ recycling bins is used to track the volume of materials they recycle each week - and credits points to users’ accounts. Participants can also compete with each other by comparing the number of points they accumulate, and convert those points into rewards in the form of discounts or exclusive gifts offered through CitéGreen’s local and national partners.
  • The government of Finland announced a law that will ensure digital access for all Finns by 2015, making it the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every citizen. The Broadband for All ( project will put pressure on telecommunications companies, who will be legally required to provide all residents, businesses and organizations with a minimum speed of one Mbps. The move came as research showed that up to 96% of Finns were already online - the government concluding that internet access is an everyday life requirement, not just a form of entertainment.
  • August 2011 saw US beverage brand Coca-Cola ( unveil a Facebook app that enabled users to create their own Coke drink, simultaneously installing real vending machines with the same functionality across the US. Consumers can create a totally personalized beverage both online and offline using a mixture of Coca-Cola's 125 drinks, such as Fanta, Powerade and Sprite. Once they have mixed their perfect drink with the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, users can name it, then save and share this with their friends. Coca-Cola Freestyle touchscreen vending machines are also available in over 1,000 locations across the US, and operate in the same way as the virtual app. -sensors-can-detect-when-food-expires/
  • over 200 starbucks and hundreds of other cafes, Seoul is a city of – yes – coffee drinkers
  • In July 2011, Coca-Cola-owned beverage company, US based vitaminwater ( launched a series of adverts in bus-shelters in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles that featured three USB ports so that passers-by could charge their electronic devices. Users needed to carry their own USB cable to take advantage of the charging stations. The posters showed the slogan "Alternative Energy Source," referencing the beverage's energy-boosting ingredients and the advert's charging capacities.
  • In December 2011, Kimberly-Clark's tissues brand Kleenex ( a campaign in Israel to promote its products via random acts of kindness. Kleenex scanned Facebook for users talking about feeling unwell with colds or the flu, and then prepared 'care packages' with a selection the brand's products that would them feel better. Kleenex tracked down the recipients' addresses by asking their friends on Facebook, and then couriered the packages over to them in under two hours.
  • The Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE; project, which commenced in September 2009 is a collaborative EU-financed project between participating companies: Idiada and Robotiker-Tecnalia of Spain, Institut for Kraftfahrwesen Aachen (IKA) of Germany, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Technology of Sweden. The project aims to develop a system whereby cars may follow each other in a platoon led by a professionally driven lead vehicle. Each car is connected via navigation systems that control acceleration and steering, however cars may exit at any time. The system allows drivers to concentrate on other activities while in the road train, with the first successful test ( taking place at the Volvo Proving Ground in Gothenburg, Sweden in January 2011. A full roll-out of the technology is expected nearer 2020.Youtube Video:
  • In November 2011, Lagunitas(, a craft brewery from North California wasn’t able to produce its popular Brown Shugga seasonal ale. Instead, it released a substitute called 'Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale: Brown Shugga Substitute', with an apology: "There is no joy in our hearts and the best we can hope for is a quick and merciful end. F*@& us. This totally blows. Whatever. We freaking munch mouldy donkey butt and we just want it all to be over.
  • US based coffee retailer Caribou Coffee ( launched innovative heated bus shelters in January 2011. Dotted around the streets of Minneapolis, the transit shelters warmed commuters and simultaneously promoted their 'Hot 'n Wholesome' breakfast menu. Devised by advertising agency Colle+McVoy, the toasty bus stops are made to look like giant ovens, complete with actual heat-producing coils.
  • US based beverage manufacturer Honest Tea ( ran an advertising campaign in connection with marketing agency SS&K during Q1 of 2011 in which unmanned pop-up stands of ice-cold tea were placed in the seven largest US cities. The stands were accompanied by a bucket with signage indicating the cost per bottle - USD 1 - which would later be donated to charity if people chose to donate. The stands were covered by hidden CCTV which found that 87% of Americans acted honestly.
  • there were living walls and green roofs, but the latest craze in urban greenery could be living adverts as companies seek innovative ways to promote their environmental credentials.Yesterday, popular wine brand Banrock Station installed a giant flowering billboard to mark the launch of a new range of wines that will support Natural England.The advert, in London's Westfield Shopping Centre, consists of more than 800 native British plants from 14 different species, and took more than two months to grow and 12 hours to install.The billboard is not only living but interactive, as a pump attached to the installation allows passers-by to water the flowers.The wine company has launched a new "nurtuting nature" wine range, some of the proceeds from which will go to Natural England.Banrock Station said that it is giving £30,000 to Natural England, which will use the funds on its National Nature Reserves to help protect and enhance wildflower meadows across Britain. Simon Huguet, principal adviser for National Nature Reserves at Natural England, welcomed the support as a boost to declining wildflower meadows, which are home to birds, bees and rare plants."In recent years they have become a rare sight across our countryside and it is great to see these special places getting a helping hand," he said. The billboard will be on display for two weeks, after which the wild flowers will be replanted in local communities. It is made of 80 per cent recycled material and will be reused for future projects, while the printed elements are all fully bio-degradable.As well as donating £2.5m to environmental projects since 1994, Banrock Station aims to boost its green credentials by using lighter weight glass for bottles, and reducing shipping emissions by ensuring that 90 per cent of its UK sales are from wines bottled in the UK.
  • Opened for a four-week period during November 2011, the Sensorium ( was a pop-up fragrance museum which resulted from a collaboration between US cosmetics retailer Sephora and Switzerland based perfumers Firmenich. Visitors to the New York museum could take an interactive journey and learn more about scent; from the history of perfume to the chemistry behind fragrances and how the brain reacts to this. Exhibits included videos activated by breathing, and an interactive fragrance bar. Admission was priced at USD 15, which could be redeemed at any Sephora store.
  • In February 2012, US based scientists at Tufts University ( developed flexible sensors made from an edible material that can be used to monitor food quality using a smart phone. Constructed from purified silk (which acts as an adhesive) and a thin layer of gold, the sensors are digestible so they can be affixed to the surface of fruit, eggs, or even dairy products. As those foods ripen or go off, their dielectric properties change, these changes in the electromagnetic signal can be received via RFID-enabled smartphones.
  •, knowing their market, NatGeo aggressively offers guides, tips and tricks to better photography
  • PUMA Wants You to Give Us Your ShoesThe Brand Partners with Soles4Souls for Special Shoe Donation Program Sportslifestyle brand PUMA® has once again teamed up with Soles4Souls, an organization that provides footwear to those in need around the globe, to encourage people across America to turn in their old shoes and donate them to the charity. From June 15th to July 12th, PUMA will be collecting slightly worn shoes at every one of their stores across the country. In return, PUMA will give the generous donors 30% off a new pair of kicks in hopes of rallying people to give back to those in need. During this time period, consumers will also be able to make a monetary donation to the cause at all PUMA store locations. In addition to collecting shoes in-store, PUMA and Soles4Souls are encouraging people to take action and literally give the shoes off of their feet. At two exclusive locations this summer, a larger-than-life PUMA Red drop box will be on-hand ready for footwear donations. On June 15th in New York City’s Union Square, and on June 23rd on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, donors can turn in their shoes on the spot by tossing them in a giant 10 foot tall donation box. Soles4Souls flip flops and a coupon for 30% off a new pair at the PUMA store will be given to participants. The oversized drop boxes will only be on-hand for one day in each city from 11 am to 7 pm. This is the second initiative that PUMA and Soles4Souls have worked together. Earlier this year, the sportlifestyle brand collaborated with the non-profit organization on a special program at the Sundance Film Festival where Soles4Souls auctioned a giant PUMA Clyde sneaker which PUMA had signed by attending celebrities and special guests.
  • In October 2011, Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo( relaunched its store on London's Regent Street with a promotional marketing campaign called the 'Happy Machine'. The device contained limited quantities of discounted Uniqlo products, timed to fall out of the machine at various times during opening hours over a three-day period. Items included unisex garments such as jackets, shirts and merino wool sweaters, costing GBP 3-15. The 'UNIQLO makes Regent Street happy!' campaign also saw the first shoppers to enter the store receive free breakfasts, cashmere scarves and limited edition bags.
  • in the midst of a June launch, PánskáPasáž — which translates roughly into “Gentlemen’s Arcade” — is the first shopping center in the Czech Republic dedicated primarily to men, its creators say. Developed by Metrostav, the 800-square-meter venue features 19 luxury shops including Ralph Lauren, famed Austrian tailor Knize, a gourmet food market, a shoe shop, a parfumerie for men, a traditional barbershop and a tobacco store.
  • In June 2011, MAC ( unveiled a makeup collection created via a collaboration with various beauty bloggers. The Canadian cosmetics brand asked nine US bloggers (including Temptalia‘s Christine Mielke, Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie and Beauty Maverick’s Lily Nima) to work with its team in Toronto to create customized lipglosses and eyeshadows. The result was a collection of products entitled ‘Bloggers’ Obsessions’ which retailed for around USD 14.50 during a three-month period.
  • In February 2012, Gap launched ( (in association by London based digital agency AKQA); a digital catalog showcasing the US apparel retailer's Spring 2012 collection. Gap collaborated with six bloggers from US content-based fashion sites such as Refinery29 and FabSugar, who styled looks using the brand's apparel. All of the catalog's images could be bookmarked and shared easily on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and links to purchase the apparel on Gap's ecommerce site were included.
  • In October 2011, French apparel brand American Retro ( collaborated with six fashion bloggers (Kristin Knox, Lu Yan, MichèleCorty, Melissa Cobos, Valentine FillolCordier and Mimi Xu), offering each blogger the chance to design a limited-edition item. The collection included jackets, shoes and accessories, priced from GBP 110-860. A special window display in the brand's Paris store was dedicated to the collaboration, with the items available to buy in-store and online for a limited time.
  • may have landed Donatella and Karl, but Target has always been on the cutting edge of designer collaborations, from the groundbreaking Isaac Mizrahi partnership and the GO International program to the mass hysteria that was the store-wide Missoni collection and the innovative boutique-within-a-store concept, Shops At Target, just this year.Now Target is testing another version of designer collaboration. According to Women's Wear Daily, the retailer has enlisted 24 CFDA designers to contribute to a limited edition holiday collection... and it's got Neiman Marcus signed on to help. The Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection, say execs, will be like nothing else either store's ever done.Both Neiman Marcus and Target have strong followings and, in this era of high-low dressing, there are surely overlap customers. But the beauty of the collection, WWD reports, is that the 50+ items will all retail at both: priced from $7.99 to $499.99, the designer goods will somehow straddle the bargain store bins and glossy department store shelves.So which American designers can you expect? Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Altuzarra, Marchesa and CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg are among the participants making womenswear, menswear, accessories and even home decor and sporting goods. Former GO International designers like ProenzaSchouler and Rogan will also be returning.
  • In October 2011, US apparel brand DKNY ( invited the writers behind accessories blog The Bag Snob to design a collection of handbags. The collaboration was the consequence of a negative tweet from the bloggers about DKNY, which went on to ask the bloggers to work with them, conscious of the blog's influence and social following. Five bags were available in the Bag Snob x DKNY Essentials collection, with prices ranging from GBP 175 for a sequinned clutch to GBP 330 for a leather tote. The collection was available to buy online and in DKNY stores.
  • In February 2012, US based apparel brand Banana Republic launched its limited edition collection inspired by US channel AMC TV's 'Mad Men. The range was unveiled in a catwalk show on a Virgin America flight from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX), with style bloggers and staff from the airline and Banana Republic live-tweeting the event. Inspired by the 1960s-themed television show, the collection included vintage-style apparel for men and women, such as classic blazers and floral dresses.Link:
  • November 2011 saw UK department store chain John Lewis ( unveil a window display featuring QR codes in a branch of its sister retail chain Waitrose. The supermarket window in Brighton showed all of the products included in the John Lewis 'Top 30 Favorite Things for Christmas' collection. Shoppers could scan QR codes in order to visit the corresponding page on the retailer's mobile site, and any products purchased were available to pick up in-store the following day if ordered before 7pm.
  • Swedish home products retailer IKEA held a ‘sleepover’ at its Lakeside store in the UK during November 2011. The inaugural ‘Big Sleepover’ ( event lasted from 8pm to 8am the following day, and participants were the first 100 people aged 25 and over to reserve a bed on Facebook. When the guests arrived at the store they were greeted with hot chocolate, encouraged to change into pyjamas, and asked to choose their bed for the night (in the newly refurbished bedding department); before being entertained by special guests and given ‘sleepover treats’.
  • needs ultrasonic baby pictures when you can have a resin-cast 3D model of your live fetus? That’s the latest development in 3D printing, now available at a health clinic in Tokyo.The clinic, Hiro-o Ladies, is working with a 3D printing company called Fasotec to create what they call “Tensi no Katachi,” or “Shape of an Angel.” The printer renders the model in various shapes and sizes, all of which float in clear lucite.It’s kind of like a snow globe — of your unborn child.The service costs 100,000 yen, or about $1,300. A dual-resin extruder makes the baby part and the hardened amniotic part at the same time.Clients can choose to have a 3D image captured of the baby’s entire body, or just focus on a single body part. So if you’re not ready to start the baby buzz around the office with your new full-body fetal paperweight, you can just opt for a foot or an ear. Much more subtle.Perhaps the most novel part of all? The 3D models are also available as cell phone charms — so you can get your baby hooked on technology before they even leave the womb.Would you want to print a copy of your fetus? How much would you pay for such a thing? Let us know in the comments.
  • on Bit Rebels, we’ve already written about how 3D printing the human body might work (can you image 3D printed body parts?) and how 3D printing changed one child’s life forever by allowing her to freely move her arms, but today I’d like to show you something a little more lighthearted. I want to show you some 3D printed shoes!Continuum Fashion recently released a pair of 3D printed Cinderella shoes. They are created with a super lightweight 3D printed layered nylon and a patent leather inner sole. The bottoms are made from synthetic rubber. They are supposedly super comfortable. They come in all different colors and cost $900. Gulp! Yep, that is the only thing about 3D printed merchandise – It’s always super expensive. As with all technology, the prices will go down as more time passes. These little 3D printed Minecraft figures aren’t very expensive, so I guess not everything is ridiculously priced.These shoes look so futuristic to me, and I wonder if this is a hint of what fashion will look like in the years ahead. I still can’t wrap my brain around eating 3D printed food, but I know tasting that is right around the corner too. It’s actually already been done, and when I wrote about it for the first time back in 2010, I remember how strange it all seemed. Isn’t technology fun?
  • for the latest oddity to come out of the 3D printing craze?A startup wants to create 3D printed meat to fill the human craving for animal protein without continuing to take an environmental toll on the planet.According to Cnet, billionaire Peter Thiel is directing between $250,000 to $350,000 from his philanthropic foundation toward Missouri-based Modern Meadow to create the bio-printed meat.The company hopes to use the same technologies developed to create medical-grade tissues to bring food to the world’s dinner tables (or barbecues).“If you look at the resource intensity of everything that goes into a hamburger, it is an environmental train wreck,” says Modern Meadow co-founder AndrasForgacs.Don’t get excited too fast — it will be a while before you can enjoy a 3D-printed steak on your dinner table. Modern Meadow wrote in its submission to the Department of Agriculture’s small business grant program that its short-term goal is to create a slab of meat that’s one inch long.
  • security of high-end handcuffs depends on a detainee not having access to certain small, precisely-shaped objects. In the age of easy 3D printing and other DIY innovations, that assumption may no longer apply.In a workshop Friday at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York, a German hacker and security consultant who goes by the name “Ray” demonstrated a looming problem for handcuff makers hoping to restrict the distribution of the keys that open their cuffs: With plastic copies he cheaply produced with a laser-cutter and a 3D printer, he was able to open handcuffs built by the German firm Bonowi and the English manufacturer Chubb, both of which attempt to control the distribution of their keys to keep them exclusively in the hands of authorized buyers such as law enforcement.The demonstration highlights a unique problem for handcuff makers, who design their cuffs to be opened by standard keys possessed by every police officer in a department, so that a suspect can be locked up by one officer and released by another, says Ray. Unlike other locks with unique keys, any copy of a standard key will open a certain manufacturer’s cuff. “Police need to know that every new handcuff they buy has a key that can be reproduced,” he says. “Until every handcuff has a different key, they can be copied.”Ray presenting his work at the HOPE conference. (Click to enlarge.)Unlike keys for more common handcuffs, which can be purchased (even in forms specifically designed to be concealable) from practically any survivalist or police surplus store, Bonowi’s and Chubb’s keys can’t be acquired from commercial vendors. Ray says he bought a Chubb key from eBay, where he says they intermittently appear, and obtained the rarer Bonowi key through a source he declined to name. Then he precisely measured them with calipers and created CAD models, which he used to reproduce the keys en masse, both in plexiglass with a friend’s standard laser cutter and in ABS plastic with a Repman 3D printer. Both types of tools can be found in hacker spaces around the U.S. and, in the case of 3D printers, thousands of consumers’ homes.A Bonowi key (top) and a Chubb key (bottom) with a laser cut plexiglass key that opens either between them. (Click to enlarge.)Over the weekend, a lockpick vendor at the HOPE conference was already selling dozens of the plexiglass Chubb keys for a mere $4 each. Ray says he plans to upload the CAD files for the Chubb key to the 3D-printing Web platform Thingiverse after the annual lockpicking conference LockCon later this week.I reached out to both Chubb and Bonowi’s parent company AssaAbloy over the weekend, and will update this story when I hear back from them.Ray also tried creating duplicate plexiglass key for high-security handcuffs from the German manufacturer Clejuso, but found that when the cuffs were fully secured the plexiglass wasn’t strong enough to overcome their internal springs. An attendee at the workshop helpfully suggested he try laser-cutting the stronger material Lexan instead.Dozens of Chubb keys being reproduced in a laser-cutter. (Click to enlarge.)Ray, who typically works as a computer security consultant but has also advised the German police on handcuff technology, says his goal isn’t to reduce handcuffs’ security so much as to exposing their vulnerabilities. His tools, he argues, are already available to criminals along with the rest of the public. “If someone is planning a prison or court escape, he can do it without our help,” says Ray. “We’re just making everyone aware, both the hackers and the police.”
  • At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mercedes Benz showed off a windshield that they are developing that displays icons of nearby restaurants or landmarks which the driver can gesture at or point toward to view more information. In addition to this augmented reality windshield, Mercedes Benz launched an update to the voice and touchscreen controlled system entitled Mbrace. Link:
  • In September 2011, the world's first ever car created with 3D printing technology was displayed in Canada. The two-person hybrid car is called the Urbee (, and is made by "additive manufacturing" - a process in which layers of material are built up via printing to form solid, three-dimensional objects. Designed by Canadian firm KorEcoLogic, the ultra-light vehicle can be charged from a traditional electric plug socket, or by solar or wind power, and can attain a top speed of 70 miles (or 112 kilometres) per hour. The designers hope that the Urbee will go into commercial production by 2014.
  • 3D Video, holograms and augmented reality technologies immerse guests in this South Korean “Live Park.” This park gives guests the opportunity to experience and interact with a virtual world. Here, individuals can create an avatar and become the main character in a unique, augmented reality adventure.
  • You no longer need an Xbox 360 to user Microsoft Kinect. Consumers with a PC operating on Windows 7 or above are now able to use Microsoft’s Kinect hardware/software. Microsoft hopes that institutions will now develop new applications using the human-tracking and voice-operated technology. Kinect for Windows is now available for $250. Bonus – check out the hackers community: Link:
  • In March 2012, sports apparel brand Nike opened the NikeFuel Station store in London in the Boxpark temporary mall in Shoreditch. The store was fitted with interactive, motion-sensitive LED walls designed to demonstrate NikeFuel; the brand's metric which measures individual fitness activity. An in-store installation used motion sensors (with Microsoft Kinect) to show reflections of customers on the touchscreen walls, creating a digital artwork which could then be shared with friends via social networks. Shoppers could also find out more about Nike products via interactive touchscreens and order items directly from the brand's ecommerce site.Link:
  • In June 2011, Italian menswear designer Ermenegildo Zegna released an iPad app called Zegna in_STORE (, offering consumers a 3D mobile online shopping experience. Users can navigate their way in the virtual store via the device's touchscreen and shop apparel and accessories on sale directly from the app. Two virtual floors are available for shoppers to discover, along with rich video content about the brand.
  • Mkt innov8 115 (or more) Ideas for Innovation with links

    1. 1. This effort was a labor of love by people who organicallyjust started to create a catalogue of innovative ideas. Wesupplemented what we found with entries from around theweb, and our beloved It is notperfect, conclusive or exhaustive. It’s a set of thoughtstarters.I chose this image to introduce you to our innovation ideasbecause it reminds me that ideas are fleeting, and the onlyway we sustain them is to act on them. We can stop onlyfor a moment to consider, but that comes at a risk. Thingsat rest generally continue to be, according to the physics ofthe universe and life itself.What you are trying to do only looks impossible to those notbrave enough to attempt it. Thank you. –c-Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz – MKT_Innov8 Study LeadWith… Kevin Cunningham, Debbie Rosenfeld, Liz Kaufman,Kyla Moran, Matt Pufunt, Stanton Willins and Ryan Kosanic MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 1
    2. 2. ArtfulUtility Ideas that are well crafted, fit for purpose and crave engagementRe- A category that covers reduce, reuse andNewal recycle in ways that are good the planet and its peoplesDataDriven In a category that covers all the ways data has infused itself into our lives.Share The term “oversharing” is in the publicAble consciousness. However, here are some great examples where sharing is caring.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 2
    3. 3. Social People and brands are joining together for theGood= public good. Herewith, we share examples that make us smileSense In this section, we pay homage to great ideas thatAble affect our senses – tasty, touchy, smelly things that you might find interestingStore Age Finally, one of our favorite categories, bringing you aWARS host of interesting items from the places we love most: Stores.The 3DWo r l d Our 4D world was 1D for too long. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 3
    4. 4. ArtfulUtility Ideas that are well crafted, fit for purpose and crave engagement Elegant solutions to everyday problems. Innovating your life • Haiku Deck • 70 billion books on a thumbnail • The T-Shirt OS • The Grow Bike • The Medical Locket • Day Use Hotels • Smart Phone? Nah,Smart Fridge • Resolving the Outlet Shortage • Ever Seen a Charging Handbag • Putting Presentations Readily at Hand • The Cure for MRI Boredom • The Portable Restaurant • Smarter Footballers • Hotel Haiku • Taking on Pancreatic Cancer • The “Murse” of Bike BasketsMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 4
    5. 5. Haiku Deck: presentations that work like poetry. With many presentations taking place on iPads, the type and style of presentation is becoming more visual. At last, an easy way to source images that match with your text and create engagement. Our take: Creative Commons has changed the way we think about content – so many people sharing what they produce has created a massive free store for mining. With Haiku Deck’s free price, creating simple presentations is easier. Expect templating and functionality to increase as adoption does at a nominal cost. What it also means: Anyone can compete with professional looking presentations.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 5
    6. 6. 70 billion books on athumbnail: the point here is not justthe books (which are coded in DNA), it’s thesize dimension. The ability to place massivedata stores at our fingertips is here today. Our take: It’s interesting that people talk about what organizations need to have to work with big data. The point here is that it’s not storage. Strive to resolve the access issue. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 6
    7. 7. Wear your life: the TshirtOS –the look and the feel of your internet,email, music and phone connected toyour t-shirt. Currently only a prototype,it displays your tweets, videos and othermedia as you curate it.Our take: Wearable has been on thehorizon some time due to sensortechnology. And while there are nopresent funding initiatives to moveTshirtOS into production, you can expectthat an effort like this will exist by 2014.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 7
    8. 8. Greater utility meansextending item life:Grow Bike. It’s no secret, kidsare expensive. The ability increasethe life expectancy and comfort of achild’s bike is not only artful, itoffers renewable utility.Our take: While thereduce/reuse/recycle approachcontinues on, the alternatives aroundextending life are just beginning totake hold. Expect this to continuenot simply via extended warranty butby modular extensible design.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 8
    9. 9. Fashionable Information:The Medical Locket.Diabetic? Food allergies? Now there’san attractive way to take your entiremedical profile with you. Anembedded USB makes it easy. Our take: Given the aging global population and the rise of multi-lingual nations, the ability to provide medical professionals with detailed health information remains necessary (at least until we are willing in general to stick the microchip under our skin).MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012
    10. 10. Questionable Ethics orArtful Utility? You decideHow do you solve the problem whenpart of your asset sits totallyunutilized – and without generatingrevenue all day? You reposition.Our take: Check-in times aremoving later and later which leavesthe lobby or Starbucks. When youneed a quiet workplace for a fewhours, hotels are equipped witheverything you need minus thehovering waiters. Which of yourassets have sellable downtime?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 10
    11. 11. Smart phone? Nah, smart fridge.With apps like Epicurious for recipes, Pandora formusic and the entire family’s Google calendar, therefrigerator becomes the next smart device.Our take: Few surfaces remain untouched inthe information shaping war. The latest to comeover is the refrigerator. This Samsung modeloffers a small messaging space that makes it idealfor checking calendars on the fly.Where can surfaces share information for you?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 11
    12. 12. Ending battles for poweroutlets: charging furnitureA Finnish company introduces a simplemeans to prevent clutter while chargingphones. The tables are in production,available commercially and accessible atHelsinki Vantaa airport.Our take: For your business, whatcan act in a multi-functional capacityto meet the needs of users?There is a foreseeable revenueadvantage to the first QSR to use themat full scale.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 12
    13. 13. Ever seen a charging handbag? Yup.Heretofore handbags that charged your phone had nosense of style, bad fabric or were designed for men. Inthe Fall of 2012, all of that is changing. I meancharging.Our take: It’s wholly expected that we would seean uptick in the adjacencies to smart phonetechnologies. Some innovations are bigger, butsmaller adaptations can offer great value in shortertimes to market.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 13
    14. 14. Where’s the presentation?Readily at handAll those lovely French cuffs can now serve a dualpurpose. Anyone who has had to dig to the bottomof his bag to find the USB key can see the value inhaving one so close and easy to use. It’s also a wifihotspot.Our take: Using space wisely, the needs ofexecutives who require sleek and elegantsolutions to small problems can now be met.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 14
    15. 15. Cure for MRI boredom?There’s an app for that.MRIs can be scary. They can be boring.However, now, they can be a little itmore entertaining as iPads arebeginning to see integration intomedical testing and treatment suites.Our take: We believe there is asignificant advantage to anyimprovement in patient experience.The ability to create engagingexperiences will make those needingtreatment more likely to pursue it.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012
    16. 16. The portable restaurant,food trucks need not applyIn this lovely example from Electrolux and ItalianArchitect Park Associati,A 140 sq meter restaurant called the Cube istransported from place to place every 4-12weeks. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly anexperience.Our take: There is an opportunity to curatetruly unique experiences that cannot beduplicated.Fine dining is not something ever considered“portable” in the past. However, for anexperience in which few can partake, these aretribes who will find an undeniable lure to this.At the other end of the scale, In-n-Out Burger did a pop-up retail effort all through 2012MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 16
    17. 17. Adidas may not be able togive footballers brains, butthey can make coaches smarter. In anew shoe, a chip calculates and storesspeed, distance and movement.Our take: Embedded intelligenceallows much better performance datato be traceable and usable foreveryone from the professional athleteto the Sunday rugby playerMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 17
    18. 18. Hotel Haiku –poetry for Public HousesIn the second entry for Haiku, viewers cansee a hotel picture and read a briefdescription and then move to the hotel’sdirect site.Our take: The continued blendingof art and technology…while this willnot be a primary usage for findinghotels, such entrants provide a uniqueway to parse content that will beattractive to a small tribe of users.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 18
    19. 19. Those silly kids – they’re curing cancerIn my favorite entry in this section, 15- year old JackAndraka of Maryland purposes diabetic-style test strips totake on detection of Pancreatic Cancer. It’s 26x lessexpensive, 168x faster and 400x more sensitive.Our take: Kids are proving themselves adept atsolving cancer (in an industry that spends more than $5BUSD on research). What should you do when your nextpotentially great idea comes from your teenager?LISTEN.We covered Jack’s efforts and why you should be Horizon Scanning to find people like him in this blog post.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 19
    20. 20. It’s the man-purse of bikebaskets only coolerGiven how urbane it is to be urban now, bikebaskets needed some serious upgrading. At$150 USD, this offering isn’t cheap, but it isbeautiful and durable.Our take: Simple, elegant functionalitywill win every time. Just ask Apple.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 20
    21. 21. Re-Newal A category that covers reduce, reuse and recycle in ways that are good the planet and its peoples Taking “waste not, want not” to a new level • DIY: Part 1 - Bionic Hands • DIY: Part 2 – Prosthetic Hand • Very evocative: Ecovative • Ford: Drive Green • Lightning Strikes >>> EV-Sexy • Electro-Ag • New Yorker’s Newest Membership: Bike Share • Competing to Save Energy: O-Power • Nike’s Reuse Shoe • How Does Your Garden Grow: YiMuTian • Icebreaker’s BAACode • Thinking Inside the Box: Boxed Water • Samsung Thinks Inside the Box, too – for schoolsMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 21
    22. 22. DIY: Part 1, Bionic HandsA 51-year old Asian man built his own fromscrap parts when he couldn’t afford othersOur take: We need to continuallyconsider what parts can serve whichfunction. In many cases, it’s a matter ofstringing together what works, notnecessarily creating everything new.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 22
    23. 23. DIY: Part 2, Prosthetic HandsAnother entry for the kids: Max Shepard created aprosthesis from Lego, proving once again, those littlebricks build just about anything.Our take: Things made with Lego will always bemore than sum of their parts. The ultimate inmodularity, they are magnificent, extensible andtotally reusable prototyping tools for creativeusers.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 23
    24. 24. Evocative Ecovative: Mushrooms are the new cool Using compostable crop-waste, Eben Baver creates new eco-materials that can replace $20B USD and 25% of our landfills. You put 1.5 liters of petrol in the trash every time you get a package. Our take: Insulating, fire-resistant, and fully sustainable. The organism does the work, using regional byproducts and mushrooms. Can you replace packing materials with nature’s alternatives?My hometown, Kennett Square, PA is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World because mushroomfarming in the region produces over a million pounds of mushrooms a week.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 24
    25. 25. Drive Green for Life:Ford and SunPowerDon’t get hung up on perfect here, butwhat if you really could use solar topower your car and your life? It’s notcheap yet, and it’s still working withoffsets, but it’s about as green an optionas you can get.Our take: The sun is among thelargest renewable energy sources wehave. With more and more interest insolar, how can it be used in your supplychain and fleets?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 25
    26. 26. Lightning Strikes:Making EVs SexyIt goes 0-60 in 5 seconds and is magnificent tolook at. It has 150 mile charge and a normalcharge time of 15 hours, with fast and ultra-fast options. It’s expensive and not yet in theUS, but still worth watchingOur take: When ultra-luxury owners havea choice of a true EV, will they embrace it?If you look at the MPG on most models in theultra category and other luxurylineups, alternatives absolutely make sense. There are currently ~4500 charging stations in the US aloneMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 26
    27. 27. Electro-AgNew Holland continues to pursue EV for bigequipment. This summer, it’s testing at anenergy-independent farm in Italy. Highlyefficient and cool to look at – it’s what all thecool farmers will wantOur take: We are learning to make EVfunctionality available for all types of heavyequipment.Expect this to continue, as sustainabilitycontinues to become more important in mostG20 nations.New Holland has a complete set of offerings for cleaner ag: – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 27
    28. 28. New Yorkers covet a new membership: Bike Share When you can offer people something less expensive than public transportation, even the jaded take notice. Launching March 2013. Our take: With Citibank and MasterCard fully funding this effort, there is no taxpayer impact expect benefit. 600 stations and 10,000 bikes on offer – and the collaborators expect it will be profitable. Good business, great advertising – what’s not to like?Annual memberships are $0.26 per day. They are also tapping into local bike shops for longer durationrentals. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 28
    29. 29. The OPower app: competing to save energy A social app that allows users to compare their energy usage with others. A set of offers focused on saving energy and some friendly competition encourages consumer participation Our take: 70 utilities use OPower’s platform, generating customer engagement and $170M energy savings. Industry partnership often makes data usage more effective, providing context and content. Where can you share to be more effective?I wrote about OPower in November 2009, with the launch of my “Path Forward: Strategic Service”whitepaper. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 29
    30. 30. Nike’s Reuseashoe program has collected 28mm pairs of sneakers and turned them into gym flooring, playground surfaces or even new sneakers and zipper pulls Our take: Using every part of the shoe in creating new materials keeps them out of landfills and puts them to longer-term use. How can you make your consumers’ trash into treasure?You and your organizations can host your own reuseashoe drives to contribute. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 30
    31. 31. How does your gardengrow? Just watch… aChinese organic producefarm allows viewers to watch theirorganic farming in action. By makingtheir efforts fully transparent, theyincrease trust.Our take: Yi Mu Tian updated itssystems to include community digitalcameras that “broadcast” the entirefarm. This high-tech organic operationallows consumers to completely tracetheir food, farm to plate.What parts of your operations can youshow off to the world?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 31
    32. 32. Icebreaker’s BAAcode helps you count sheep, specifically the ones who provided the wool for your garment. Our take: Sustainability and traceability go hand in glove with this company. Easy-going and direct is an ownable position in performanceware. How honest, easy-going and direct can you be with customers? called Icebreaker the greatest t-shirt in the world. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 32
    33. 33. Thinking inside the Box:BoxedWater aims to reduce the 1.5mmtons of plastic water bottles and 47mmgallons of oil that are used to manufacturethem. They donate 20% of their profits tocharity. It’s estimated that 80% of thesebottles are simply thrown away.Our take: I’m not sure if this issustainable, or if it’s truly innovation.However, if you don’t want to carry yourown personal bottle and Brita filter, this is agood alternative.Sometimes, just evaluating your packagingis a good start.BoxedWater was the official water sponsor for Lollapalooza in Chicago.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 33
    34. 34. Still thinking inside the Box: Samsung aims educate 2.5mm African citizens by 2015with their Solar Powered Internet Schools. The program works in combination with Samsung’s otherprograms on Engineering and Mobile Apps, also aimed at AfricaOur take: A classroom by day, a community center by night, these shipping-container schoolshelp develop solutions for their region. Are your social investments going as far as you’d like?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 34
    35. 35. DataDriven In a category that covers all the ways data has infused itself into our lives. Tapping into the data created everywhere by everything • Data “Crack” for Marketers: Rival IQ • Bluetooth Aims a Little Lower • It’s the Journey – Ford Makes It Informative • The Brains behind a Breast Cancer Detection Brain • Parker, removing rage, one spot at a time • Exerci$e – the new currency • Are you “Upwardly Mobile?” • Bumping Up Responds to Potholes • BMW to the Rescue • Turn Up the Heat – Oh, the Thermostat Already Did • Sleep Better, Seriously • Nike for Women, Again • Ann Romney, Women and Facebook • Wikinvest Makes It EasyMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 35
    36. 36. Data Crack forMarketers:want to look atwhat yourcompetitors aredoing on theirwebsites? Want toknow when theylaunch new pages oroffers? Soon, thisdata will be readywith just a fewkeystrokes.Our take: Timely competitive intelligence iscentral to business success and responsiveness.Applications such as RivalIQ deliver insight thatkeeps you in the know.RivalIQ has not yet been released.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 36
    37. 37. Bluetooth aims a littlelower. They launch a healthmonitoring device. While it’s not aperfect perfect 10 for looks andusage, it’s more durable and has moreutility than other category entriesOur take: Non-medical health andfitness monitoring is expandingseemingly as fast as our waistlines. While some entries only aim toreposition or repackage existingofferings, others actually strive forimprovement. Be one of “them.”MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 37
    38. 38. It’s the Journey – made moreinformative by Ford.Ford teams up with AT&T to captureinformation via wireless for Focus EVdrivers to deliver a person EV status.Our take: The biggest hurdle for EVs isthe consumer’s fear of being stranded.The best to counter that? Let them proveit to themselves.Where can sharing data make acustomer’s life richer, a little better?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 38
    39. 39. The brain behind a breastcancer detection brain is17-year old Brittany WengerWith 99% accuracy and a fully openmodel, her approach to open datacollection can change cancer research.Our take: Using neuralnetworks, predictability goes from being atotal SWAG to being more and more validby detecting patterns.It works for predicting breast cancer, andit works for predicting marketingcampaigns. We covered Brittany and why you should be Horizon Scanning to find people like her in this blog post.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 39
    40. 40. Parker: removing parking rage1 spot at a time. Parking in San Francisco willnever be the same. Parking is complex becausethe inventory is filled with moving targets.Using sensors makes all the movement workfor the system. A direct-from phone payoption is nice.Our take: Small sensors do a big job intracing parking availability. What can you puta sensor on/in/around to help make yourcustomers’ lives easy to navigate?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 40
    41. 41. Paying for your grocerieswith Exerci$e The folks atArtefact are predicting that trackingyour exercise might be a new form ofcurrency in the “Fat Economy.” Thepeople behind Modwells are trackingthis trend here.Our take: Using sensors can improvenot only what you know about yourhealth but what you can do about it.Since data is gathered continuously,what works – and doesn’t becomesquickly clearer.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 41
    42. 42. The Sunlight Foundation forOpen Government launchesUpwardly Mobile. This app usesgovernment cost data to calculate andcompare the cost of living in various citiesand shares the results.Our take: While it lacks a reusecomponent (in earnest – you’re not goingto make it a primary destination), itshares interesting data that can make youa more informed citizen.What information do you share that makesfor a more informed community?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 42
    43. 43. Bump up responds to potholes– with automatic reportingWhen accelerometers and GPS are in play,the user doesn’t need to do anything,except hope his tires and rims are okay.Our take: Why are you makingcustomers report data that technologycan detect? Brought to you by New Urban Mechanics and crowdsourced innovation platform, Innocentive, one of the communities covered in our 12 Days of Innovation for MarketersMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 43
    44. 44. BMW to the Rescue -sending responders crashdata. Specifically severity data sothe responding organization knowswhat to do. Beyond airbagdeployment, this allows respondersto prepare appropriately.Our take: Why are you makingcustomers report data thattechnology can detect?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 44
    45. 45. Turn up the heat. Oh, yourthermostat already did.Smart thermostat, Nest, learns yourhabits and programs itself, allowing youto save ~30% . A little leaf shows up whenyou’re saving energy – and money.Our take: Again, devices that learn usare making life easier. And savingmoney. Why wouldn’t these becomestandard? And quickly Nest is available at Lowes, Amazon and – interestingly – Apple stores.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 45
    46. 46. Sleep better, seriouslyYour breathing tells a lot about the qualityof your sleep. Brought out by MIT students(yes, those kids again – are you watchingthem?) While not commercially availableyet, is actively working onit.Our take: It’s estimated that more than50% of the population sleeps less than itshould. Medication is a remediation, not asolution.How can embedded fibers help you helpcustomers? (Let me know when one canphysically prevent you from eating a Twixbar. That would be really helpful.)MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 46
    47. 47. Nike for Women, againThe Nike Women’s Training Club apptrains you like a professional would.And we love the count-down timer.It leverages your own music viaiTunes.Our take: This is simply acontinuation on Nike’s journey. It’shere not only because it is focusedon women, but because it providesa series of rewards, badges andeffective encouragement. Nikeviews its mission not as sellinggoods but on improving fitness andwe think that’s a fundamental shiftin how most companies viewthemselves.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 47
    48. 48. Ann Romney, womenand FacebookThe Twitterverse, love it as wedo, doesn’t reflect the nationaldemos nearly as well asFacebook. Which makes them alittle cool again, especially asthe election comes upon the US.Our take: The misuse of social media data is rampant, as is the overwhelming desire to encouragefriending and fanning and then doing little to build community. However, Facebook still provides acritical view into our social consciousness – and as you can see, Ann Romney certainly caused theconversation to rise to an unprecedented level.When you look to social data, look to the right tools and techniques. Start with hypotheses and thenuse the data to prove what actually happened.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 48
    49. 49. Wikinvest makes it easyPortfolio tracking is an art form for people whowant to play a lot with their accounts.However, what happens with the regularinvestor who has ended up with multipleaccounts? Enter Wikinvest, a site thatconsolidates and displays your data in one easyand informative place.Our take: Most companies focuson themselves. We understandthat. However, when an offeringconsolidates people’s tasks andmakes viewing easy, it generallycatches on. Sometimescollaboration and cooperation gofurther to aid consumers andgenerate brand love than beingindependent does.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 49
    50. 50. Share The term “oversharing” is in the public consciousness. However, here are some greatAble examples where sharing is caring. Meet the people giving great stuff to their friends, family, communities and random strangers • Gaming for Good • Twit Happens • Characters Welcome – 140 of them • Life’s for Sharing, Especially With Angry Birds • Hard Truths and Ugly Reviews Are Helpful • The Zombie Apocalypse Occurred: Now What? • Marketplaces: Bidding Online for Bodywork • State Farm Next Door • Chipotle Changes Menu After Avid Customer Complains • Crowdsourced Travel for Geeks: Nerdy Day Trips • Dabble: Learn Something • Academic Earth – Learn From the Best, For Free • Innovation on the Fringe: The Misfit Economy • Spotify Enters the Dating Game: Fellody • Kickstarter 2.0 • Hey, Wait – Let’s Hashtag the PlaneMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 50
    51. 51. Gaming for Good. InMKT_Innov8, we describehow the modern CMO mustget with the hacker code. Inthis case, indie developerscontribute games wherethey receive part of theprofit, and charities get theOur take: Marketers mustrest.embrace the sharing culture– opening code sets and datato developers to create notsimply goods forthemselves, but a morecommon good.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 51
    52. 52. Twit happens. The Red Cross elegantly replies to a sorelymisguided tweet accidentally sent by a drunken staffer from the brandedaccount. It actually received donations with the hashtag#gettingslizzerd or slizzard. Apparently the sober can’t spell it anyway.Our take: Accidents will happen. Don’t get alarmed. Take it with good humor and yourcustomers will likely as well. Admit the mistake and don’t, whatever you do, pull an “Akin.”MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 52
    53. 53. Characters welcome –140 of them.KLM personnel undertake a live tweetingexercise in an airline hangar todemonstrate their social competency torespond in an hour. Each person grabbeda letter – or space – and replies were“tweeted.”Our take: Social sharing – such asTwitter – is designed for relevant andtimely interactions. There is nothing inthere saying you can’t have apersonality and have some fun. So, goand see if you can’t be a little morelighthearted with your social efforts.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 53
    54. 54. T-Mobile is no stranger to great viralcampaigning. Oops, they did it again.First, it was flashmob dancing in Liverpool Street Station.Then it was massive sing-along in Trafalgar Square.Let’s not forget the instrument-less welcome back in Heathrow.Now, along with a band and fully interactive flying birds and crashing pigs, they bring us a life-size Angry Birds.Our take: When a game takes such hold over the public that it becomes a movie and is featured onplanes (yes, Finnair went there) it’s fair, well, game. In creating a live display, 14mm views later, T-Mobile continues its path of engaging videos that capture their brand: #LifesforsharingMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 54
    55. 55. Hard Truths and Ugly Reviews have an upside - Let’s say you’re truly customer centric and the customer’s voice means something to you. Here’s how you prove it, and find out what to change. Starwood Hotels Group is making reviews visible. When they’re great, they’re next to the booking widget. When they’re bad, they’re in the same place. That’s incentive. Also notice, the response is from the general manager. #FullyengagedOur take: This sort of honesty, and willingnessto publish customer-provided reviews is not just abest practice. It should be an only practice.Yes, not every experience is perfect. Admitting itmakes your guests more willing to come back.#honestymattersMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 55
    56. 56. Zombies, run! A story told in parts, designed to encourage runners to complete “tasks” like go on a medicine run, while listening. It’s not a fitness app, but is it worth the $8.00 price for 30 episodes (23 are currently released)? This gamification of fitness is a model worth considering.Our take: Again, drawing from relevantsocial context allows fun and engagement.It goes in a totally different direction, thansay, the Nike or Body Bug offerings.What social contexts are relevant for yourbrand? No, we are not kidding. The Zombie Apocalypse is really a concept. Read about it here.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 56
    57. 57. At last… a Priceline for Car Repairs Few of us ever really know what the mark-up is when that little fender- bender you don’t want to report to insurance is. So, what would happen if you could get a better price than rack rate. This platform will let you know, easily.Our take: We have a soft spot formarketplaces that bring buyers andsellers together – like Etsy. We also havea great and abiding love of getting adeal. Who doesn’t? We think thisincludes your customers too.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 57
    58. 58. State Farm Next Door When State Farm put up a community center in a Chicago neighborhood offering coffee and financial coaching, one would expect it to be a sales pitch. But it’s not. It’s a nice relaxing space where you really can learn a little bit more about how to make your financial life a little better.Our take: It’s on-brand –neighbors are next door butnot overbranded. We like it.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 58
    59. 59. Chipotle changes menu item Social listening at least implies that a company will take social action. At least for Chipotle that held true in response to an avid customer’s twitter complaint. It took abut 2 hours to make the decision, according to The menu boards will take longer, but at least they acted with speed and interest.Our take: Simply put, don’t say youare listening and then not take action.If you respond, then you are on thehook. No ifs ands or buts. Chipotle also made news with their first ever ad - 2 minute Youtube video, demonstrating their idiosyncratic marketing strategy.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 59
    60. 60. CrowdsourcedTravel for GeeksWhile not the smallestmarket in the world, travelis all about connecting toyour tribe. Welcome toNerdy Day Trips.Our take: Geek chic is certainly aforce to watch. Nerdy is the “newblack “– having a geek or nerdattachment is now a badge of honorworth taking advantage of.What are you doing to cater to apopulation interested in smarterthings to do?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 60
    61. 61. Dabble: Learn somethingFind, teach or host a class, all madeeasy with a new service called Dabble.The student pays $20, the teacher gets$10 of that. (Materials may be extra.)Rustic benches in Chicago? Beer-making in Denver? Manicuring skills?Our take: We mentioned our loveof marketplaces already, so we willspare you (or not). However, with aspin that makes it easy for the DIYerto find a mentor, this works.Consumer goods manufacturers –what can you teach? We bet quite alot – recipes, perfect laundry, homecleaning in 20 minutes or less?Yup, you’ve got this.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 61
    62. 62. Academic Earth:Learn from the bestSo, you can’t afford the Ivy League?Who cares, you can still learn fromtheir best professors with free lecturesfrom Academic Earth. The world ofeducation is fast becoming egalitarian.Our take: We think stimulatingcuriosity and pursuing knowledge isalways worth the effort – even more sowhen it’s free. There are 218 lessonsand 6 courses on statistics and 2 onmarketing. So go for it.We covered this similarly in my 12 Days of Innovation Blog Post on free Ivy League Classes.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 62
    63. 63. Innovation on the Fringe: TheMisfit EconomyThis book (recently funded through aKickstarter campaign) is coming out in Fall2014 that takes the premise that “Acrossthe globe, diverse innovators operating inthe black, gray, and informal economiesare developing solutions to a myriad ofchallenges. Remarkable ingenuity,pioneering original methods and bestpractices…Our take: Not only is the Kickstartermodel for publishing going to reinvent thatindustry (again), this concept of innovationderiving from places like the slums andback alleys makes sense. Necessity beingthe mother…and all that.“It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.” – Steve Jobs (as quoted in Wired September2012)MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 63
    64. 64. Spotify enters the “Dating Game”So, it took forever for Spotify to reach thestates. The online music app extends its reachby allowing playlist sharing and “flirting.” In 70countries already, it’s more a global thanperhaps a local thing, but imagine findingsomeone who shares your love of the TalkingHeads is just across town?Our take: Taking something you like andbeing able to connect with others is a timehonored method of community building.This sort of application works to build strongcommunities (as long as participation issolid).It works well with creating interest in thebase product and loyalty – the part we likebest.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 64
    65. 65. “This one time, at Bandcamp…”With a fun funky and definitely high-browstyle, Bandcamp is the new way to buyindependent artists. According to their siteyou can browse 4,906,615 tracks and 608,744albums from artists spanning 183 countries.Our take: This is the disruption model –similar to what’s happening in publishing. Itstarted with Derek Sivers’ CD Baby. In it’slatest incarnation, Bandcamp (including theAmerican Pie cultural reference) presentsoptions for a new era.Continued disintermediation of traditionalretailers will provide new ways for buyers toconnect to sellers. Understand where yourcompetition is – especially interesting newentrants who tend to be particularly rabblerousing.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 65
    66. 66. Kickstarter 2.0Kickstarter is not new, but there are a fewpeople who have not heard of it. With aplanned UK expansion and greater publicvisibility into the number of projects andtheir statistics, Kickstarter is embracingtransparency. While very projects reachstratospheric funding levels, there are somethat have gone over $1mm USD.Our take: In addressing one of the mostsizable barriers to entry for lone innovators orsmall teams, Kickstarter has defined a nichethat allows increased competition – andcompetitive threat. Understanding what typesof projects in your markets are on Kickstarteris a fair use of a few minutes.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 66
    67. 67. Hey wait – let’s hashtag the plane.No, really.Look, we got a new plane and in celebration ofGeek Chic – let’s name it #nerdbird. Thanks, VirginAmerica, somehow we needed that?Our take: At first blush, we thought it wasridiculous. Then we considered, if you want tomake it easy for your customers to referenceyou, why not? Make it short, make it sweet,but there isn’t any harm in making it.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 67
    68. 68. SocialGood= People and brands are joining together for the public good. Herewith, we share examples that make us smile Doing well by doing good is a great business model. • Socially Conscious Gaming • Customer Friendly, Even When Your Vehicle Only Has Two Wheels • Not Just Giving, Giving of Yourself: Bicycle Academy • Pedal Powered Cinema • Vodafone Justtext Giving • Tide Loads of Hope • Standing for Something, Like It or Not • Grenewal: What to Do With That Old Strip Mall • Own a Color For Unicef • Guerilla Gardening • Lifelens: Simplified Malaria Testing • A Child’s Right: Transparency and Fresh Water • NGOs: Show Me the Money (Where You Spent It) • Chicago Plow Tracker • Smarter Cities Need Smarter Citizens • CiteGreen – Rewards the Right Actions • Free Wifi for Finand • The Robin Hood TaxMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 68
    69. 69. Gaming goes Social…Awareness. In a Facebookgame that doesn’t involve themafia, vampires or supervising aneighbor’s crops, America2049shines a bright light where youaddress drug smuggling, humantrafficking and other importantissues.Our take: Facebook has had arough few months, we get it.However, bringing forward asocially responsible game isnoteworthy and resonates withtheir market. Being willing totake a stand on key issues isworthy of time and attention.Brands need to be more visible inthe dialogue, despite the risks.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 69
    70. 70. Customer friendly – even when yourvehicle is has two wheelsIn a lovely example of embracing all vehicles, Statoilgives us a grand example: "Dear Cyclist, You can carefor your bicycle here. You can pump and wash yourbicycle and, inside the shop, youre welcome to borrowa free bicycle care kit with oil, tire levers, Allen keys,etc. Enjoy. Statoil"Our take: Yay! We love this example because it takesnegative space – a wall – which wasn’t doing anyone anygood and would likely contain a soda or crisps ad andputs it to good purpose.At the same time, that cyclist is likely to come in andgrab a bottle of water and an apple. Everyone wins, theinvestment was minimal but the brand goodwill isoutsized.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 70
    71. 71. Not just giving, giving ofyourself.Want to learn how to build a bike? The bikeyou build goes to Africa, the skills you learnare yours to keep via the bike academy (acrowd-funded startup). Take 4 days and seewhat good can come of it. (Sad, but it’sexpensive) Our take: While the price puts us off, the concept does not. We think there is a role for these sorts of high end learning sessions, taught by experts, where the benefits accrue to those in need. Think celebrity chefs teaching classes where the outputs feed shelter residents or Home Depot classes that are in Habitat for Humanity houses. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 71
    72. 72. Pedal-powered cinema and music. Why be a couch potato? You can now be part of the generator for the movie. They have a 20-bicycle generator that drives the display of the film (or the amplifiers in the case of music). What a great date idea. Only in the UK so far. Our take: So, Citibank and MasterCard took NYC bike programme, but here’s a small and interesting way to do something local and sustainable. Could work for any environmentally conscious business or brand, or those in bicycle friendly cities and towns. Boulder? Otterbox? Trek? Local water brands (or Coca Cola…)?TRANSPERIENCES MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 72
    73. 73. Vodafone “justtext”givingUsing a simple code, UK telecomprovider Vodafone allows charitiesto receive donations easily andquickly from just about anyone –leveraging their infrastructure fortransmission and billing.Our take: Social good programsneed to be simple to understandand simple to execute. The bestones encourage the tribe to driveparticipation. They are not self-aggrandizing and they are notsplashy. When they use assets thecustomer is already familiar with,it’s even better.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 73
    74. 74. Tide Loads of HopeProctor and Gamble (P&G) helpsdisaster-torn communities withsomething you simply didn’t thinkof – clean clothes. Being able to dosomething a little bit normal, andhave a little sense of order andcontrol seems priceless.Our take: The brand fit isflawless. The charitable aspectabsolutely meets a need. Thereusability of the assets invested –sustainable and extensible. This isa fine example of how it’s done.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 74
    75. 75. Brand personality means you stand for something. It’s not easy being yourself in the public forum – but more and more brands will be rewarded or punished for not being transparent in what they believe. For instance, Gay Marriage. Both Lush Cosmetics and Ben & Jerry’s have voted with product and media support. Alternately, Chick-fil-a’s less than public stand vote against originally hurt them. However, supporters turned out for them as well.Our take: Consumers may love or hate yourviews, but if those views influence your way ofdoing business, expect action, support and ofcourse, opposition. It’s not wrong to take a stand ifyou believe in something. It’s wrong to expectconsumers not to do the same.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 75
    76. 76. Greenewal: what to do with that old strip mall Green space has been disappearing for decades. Up cropped the myriad of malls to support a housing inventory we finally found out we didn’t need (or could ill-afford). Now what? In Los Angeles, they’ve got a solution: Reverse the song: we place paradise in an old parking lot. Ok, we modified it a little.Our take: In terms of giving back to the community, as so many brands aspire, the abilityto address issues like renewal is wide open. It provides a chance to get your name out there.Don’t buy a stadium – buy a strip mall and make it a park. Family oriented brands, here’syour chance.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 76
    77. 77. Own a color forUnicef In one of my favoritesof the many great examples inthis section, Glidden in the USand Dulux in the UK team withUnicef to make a point aboutthe broad spectrum of paintcolors and offer you the namingrights.Our take: Again, on-brandand a great tie in make forcompelling socialresponsibility. When it’s doneright, it’s compelling, engagingand interesting. I will personally buy the color of your choice for the first 250 people who tweet the link to this presentation, DM me @hermione1 for both the link and with your choice. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 77
    78. 78. Guerilla Gardening:Greening anywhere we canFind a neglected space. Get a few plants. Growsomething good.The UK has become home to a new phenomen –pop-up gardening. What a great way to take asmall space and renew it for good? In thiscase, if you build it, they will come.Our take: The concept of urban farming isrising and fast – as is small space gardening.The ability to stake out a small space and makeit green, hang a sign and provide somethingbeautiful is worth it. Plus, your town will loveyou for it. Doing it yourself is a lot moreproductive than buying a mile of highway. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 78
    79. 79. Lifelens – simplifiedMalaria testingNot every cause gets Bill Gates as itsfront-man. Malaria is a little luckythat way, because he’s optimistic.And wealthy. But when 5 US-basedscientists and developers build an appto quickly and easily test for thedisease, it’s a win.Our take: We see apps like this all day. Developed by people wanting to do great things. They’vegiven their time. Imagine what they might be able to do with a little sponsorship money. It never hurtsto ask. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 79
    80. 80. A Child’s RightTransparency and Fresh WaterWhen you focus on getting clean water to achild, it’s not like the McDonald’s 1 BillionServed. The number goes up and downevery day. And while most charities reportstatic results, delivering water is a dailything, so the results need to reflect that. Our take: This example made the list for its inclusion of a “living number.” In every charitable effort, there are ups and downs. Sharing the success and the failures is all part of transparency. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 80
    81. 81. NGOs: Show me the money– and where you spent itAn alliance of US-based NGOs gottogether to create an interactivemapping tool that presents project-based information for donors,businesses and governments to see. Thegoal is to improve partnering,collaboration and informed decisionmaking.Our take: We have tried not to focuson the infographic concept. However,when great mapping and measurementapplications (like Tableau) make iteasy, it’s definitely worth doing. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 81
    82. 82. Chicago Plow-TrackerIn January 2012, the City of Chicagocreated an app to show where plows areso residents could understand whenthey expect to be free to get that quartof milk they missed.Our take: Oh, grocery chains? Thisone is for you. It’s a simple, lowinvestment model that gives you amuch better opportunity to connectwith community. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 82
    83. 83. Smarter Cities NeedSmarter CitizensOr at least socially active allows citizens to reporta problem – graffiti, potholes,uncollected trash – and see theresponse.Our take: As the service looks to gonational, a glocal model makes sense.Being able to support and fund localcommunity engagement should be ahigh priority for retailers. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 83
    84. 84. Cite Green Rewards theRight ThingsNever mind that it should be calledCite Verte, but if you sign up, youcan pick the actions you wantrewards for – carpooling, recycling.Via local partnerships and agencies,the model accounts for actions andcredits points toward the desiredrewards.Our take: Activism at its best iswhen you participate because yousee good. Everyone else needs anudge. So, how about if you sellsomething in a bottle, you take onthe recycling piece? Fuel companies,please have carpooling. It’s yours forthe asking. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 84
    85. 85. The Robin Hood TaxA less than 1% tax on non-human bank transactions – inother words investments and non-retail transfers – couldraise billions each year for environmental, community andsocial program. Named for the thief who stole from therich to give to the poor – you can guess who the banksare…Our take: It can be very hard to argue with this one.Given the absence of punishment dealt the banks forstarting the financial crisis, and furthering it along, thiswould seem sound. However, that’s what lobbyists are for.Expect this one to generate interest but get nowhere. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 85
    86. 86. Free Wifi for FinlandOkay, so I don’t know how many Fins areas addicted to Angry Birds aseverywhere else – simply that it’s asource of national pride. To make iteasier to access those flying littlebombs, Finland announce digital accessfor all Fins by 2015. It’s consider a liferequirement, not a luxury.Our take: Expect to see this trendcontinue globally, although morecountries will be less able to fund it. Ifyou do business in a country that needsbetter access, go for it. And get yourlogo on the connection screen. Dailyimpressions – of the favorable kind. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 86
    87. 87. SenseAble In this section, we pay homage to great ideas that affect our senses – tasty, touchy, smelly things that you might find interesting people putting us in sensory overload Here are the • Coke: Blend Your Own • Pepsi: Social Vending • Dunkin Donuts: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee • Vitamin Water: Energize • Kindness – The Cure For the Common Cold • Renew Yourself • Going Public: Fee Elimination for Room Service • Join a Road Train • Fully Engaged Travel: American Express • An Interesting Substitute: Brown Shugga Ale • The Oven: Caribou Coffee • The Honest Store: Honest Tea • Living Your Brand Values: Sustainability and Biodiversity: Banrock Station • The Allianz Drunk Mirror • The Sephora Sensorium • Gamified Medication • You’re Not Going to Eat That, Are You? • Eating the Cookbook • NatGeo Visual MagicMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 87
    88. 88. Coca Cola: Blend Your OwnWhen you ship the syrup to a restaurant, weightcounts. More concentrated syrups take upsignificantly less space. They also allowsomething else – the ability to offer morechoices, even ones a company might not havedeemed economically feasible in standaloneversions. But what’s super-smart here is to beable to see what people are blending in theonline world and use that as a better marketindicator than traditional research.Our take: The online-offline component ofthis has legs. The app makes users familiar withthe machine – which is a little intimidating whenyou first approach it. The ability to customizewhat once was totally standardized is cool. TrySprite and Raspberry Iced Tea. Liz Kaufman blogged about the new Coke machines. Read it here MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 88
    89. 89. Pepsi: Social VendingAs part of their Refresh project, PepsiCo unveiled a socialvending machine with the aim of donating 1.25mm USD ingrants every month for worthwhile causes. Drinks can bepurchased, gifted (via SMSS code). All participants were linkedto the project website, where they could vote for the projectsthey liked most. The goal was to provide 480 grants supportingarts, music, education and communities.Our take: The gifting part was a great idea. The social tie incomes across as a little more challenging since it defersexecution (you might not want to connect to the website at thetime of purchase). All in all, a worthwhile approach – but thegifting part, should definitely go forward. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 89
    90. 90. Dunkin Donuts:Wake Up and Smell the CoffeeIn Seoul Korea, a town of coffee drinkers, (yes, wemeant that), Dunkin Donuts created a unique means ofdelivering the scent of freshly brewed beans just as anad played. At the next stop, in front of a DunkinDonuts, people got out and got a cup of that fine stuff.This resulted in a 29% lift in sales during the testperiod.Our take: Playing with scent on-location is nothingnew – Starwood Hotels and others have done it foryears. However, using it off-premise to drive on-premise traffic, now that’s genius. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 90
    91. 91. Vitamin Water: EnergizeBus shelters in Chicago, Boston, New York andLos Angeles featured USB ports to chargedevices.This went well with the brand positioning of“Alternative Energy Source”Our take: When you see the opportunity togive users a chance to “power up,” it’s a goodidea to take it. Especially when you can matchit to your brand position… MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 91
    92. 92. Kindness: The Cure for theCommon ColdKleenex launched a campaign in Israelto promote its products with randomacts of kindness. They scannedFacebook for mentions of illness, thenconnected with friends and others toget addresses and deliver a carepackage in under 2 hours.Our take: This one makes the listbecause when you are feeling unwell,the last thing you want to do is get yourown soup and tissues. Relevant, timelyand different, it can be made to workwell for multiple brands. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 92
    93. 93. Renew YourselfThere are people who want towake up fast, and others whowant to be gently stirred. TheRenew Sleepclock offers youan option. It uses a radiofrequency emitter to capturemovement and breathing data.An easy to use app provides auseful display.Our take: No wires orwearables, this makes greatuse of ambient sensors tocapture information – makingit a great choice for many.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 93
    94. 94. Going Public – feeelimination for roomserviceCustomers feel nickel and dimedeverywhere. And in a hotel, youare often the most captiveaudience (guest, bosh!) IanSchrager and Jean-GeorgesVongerichten make room servicefees go away flawlessly.Our take: Removing feesmakes people happy. So doesgood food. Anytime you cancause happiness, and do so at anominal risk, it’s worthconsideration.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 94
    95. 95. Join a Road TrainTexting and driving, trying to answer that oneemail…even talking on a phone is dangerous.But for people who need their vehicle, anoption might be available. Road trains areunder exploration where cars might follow aguided vehicle to move forward.Our take: What this does to vehicle designand safety assurance is anyone’s guess.However, Volvo’s involvement allays someconcerns. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 95
    96. 96. The travel zodiac, preparedand interpreted by AmexAgain, it’s not for everyone, but Amex willprepare customized itineraries based onyour travel sign (with more of your input, ofcourse) and then offer up surprises anddelights to keep you fully excited aboutyour trip.Our take: It’s unique and fresh – creative andinteresting for those wanting high-end traveland adventure. The aspect of “not knowing”sets one’s heart racing a bit. Nicely done. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 96
    97. 97. An Interesting Substitute:Brown Shugga AleLet’s say you produce a holiday brew, but forsome sad and mystifying reason you can’tthis year and will let customers down. Howdo you handle it? By making yourself thejoke. In language we won’t share, we canonly promise you it was funny in a profanekind of way.Our take: Beer is not the world’s mostserious product. For many, it is convivialand enjoyed with a sense of ease anddelight. However, when we see an exampleas clearly engaging in this, we’d simply liketo encourage you to look it up, and see ifyou wouldn’t forgive their difficulties. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 97
    98. 98. Bus shelter advertising, not new.Warming bus shelter advertising that promotes aproduct actually crosses the border to innovation.Caribou Coffee provided warming shelter in aplace not exactly known for friendlywinters, Minneapolis. As the shelters looked likewarming ovens and featured oversized yummysandwiches, we can only imagine they saw a nicelift for keeping their fellow Minnesotans warm.Our take: As with all the examples in thissection, activating one’s senses is now more than astatic or even online tactic. Bringing a brand andproduct to life requires thinking outside a warmingbox. Kudos! MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 98
    99. 99. The Honest StoreUnmanned pop-up stations featured icecold Honest Tea in 7 large cities. Thestands were accompanied by a bucketsaying $1 per bottle which would bedonated to charity.Now for the nice news 87% of Americansacted honestly (the areas werecanvassed with CCTV).Our take: The brand match here waswell done and effective. Theinvestment was small (racks andsignage were not overdone) when youconsider the potential for mediacoverage, it was worth it. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 99
    100. 100. Living Your Brand ValuesWe’ve talked about urban gardens, buthow about an ad comprised of plantsthat passersby can even water? BanrockStation installed a large floweringbillboard that showcases theirattentiveness to biodiversity andsustainability.Our take: Eye-catching, this breaksthrough clutter, offers an interactiveexperience and promotes brand values.A worthy consideration for those whoproduce things from fresh goods.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 100
    101. 101. A two second delay makesthe Allianz Drunk MirrorDemo more than a campaignWe’ve been declaring things we reallyliked throughout the 150 or soexamples, but this video stopped us all. Aremarkable impact on a topic that needsa discussion – at the exact point it needsit. Watch the video. It’s powerful Getting home safely starts with a good look at yourselfwithout overplaying its hand.Our take: We talk about light-hearted a lot for brands. But there aretopics that need to be handledseriously. When you can tell amagnificent story powerfully, it’sabsolutely worth doing.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 101
    102. 102. The Sephora SensoriumA pop-up fragrance museum hit the wallsof Sephora where a carefully curated andinteractive journey was delivered.Participants could learn more about howscents affect the brain. Videos wereenacted by breathing, and there was ofcourse, a $15 entry fee – redeemable atSephora stores.Our take: This presented aninteresting look at a categorydominated by annoying personnel atdepartment stores and those samplesthat fall out of simply everything.While it might not be easy toreproduce, it might be effective use ofdead retail space available in mostmalls.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 102
    103. 103. Gamified MedicationFor anyone who takes medicationregularly, it’s easy to forget. It’s evenharder with meds that require specificdosing –especially for kids. However, withasthma, getting the correct dose iscritical. So, the T-Haler for CambridgeConsultants uses a computer game wherethe correct dose gets the ball in thehole. This visual aspect encourageslearning and better treatmentOur take: Anything that makesmedication easier to remember andmore fun to take, we’re in. This wasnicely done.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 103
    104. 104. You’re not going to eatthat, are you? Gone are thedays of sniffing the milk carton todetermine if it’s okay to drink.Sensors can now tell you if your foodis still safe to consume.Our take: Sensors made of silk andgold can detect electromagneticproperties in your fresh foodstuffs.Freshness dating will be replaced bysensor detecting, and it will makethings much easier.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 104
    105. 105. It’s a lasagna. It’s a cookbook.It’s both.In this truly interesting application ofingenuity, the recipe for lasagna is printedon the pasta.Our take: Well, at least you can’t loseit, right? Exactly what do you do with thebroken noodles?At all costs, it’s different enough to breakthrough, even if it is harder to follow than thesticker on my spaghetti squash.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 105
    106. 106. Visual Magic.National GeographicLeveraging content submitted byusers, NatGeo curates a richperspective of the beautiful peopleand places on this earthOur take: In making this acommunity versus a displaymechanism, NatGeo creates areason to participate – pride ofwork. Incrementally, they alsooffer the more casual viewer thetools to get better; guides, tipsand tricks to better photography.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 106
    107. 107. Store AgeWA R S Finally, one of our favorite categories, bringing you a host of interesting items from the places we love most: Stores. These retailers are wining the battle for consumer attention • Tesco’s Virtual Subway Store • PUMA Teams With SolesforSouls • Uniqlo’s Happy Machine • A Gilt-y Pleasure – the Many Brands of • Square Evens Out the Playing Field • Malls For Men • The Rue 30: 30 days, one shipping charge • MAC: Bloggers Obsessions • Variations on a Theme: Gap Goes for Social Influence • American Retro: Blogger Cum Designer • Target, Neiman Marcus and the CFDA, Oh My • Social Influence Drives Design Collection at DKNY • Banana Republic Goes Mad, Men • From Window Display to Your Hands in 24 Hours • The IKEA Adult Sleepover • The Book and The Cook: Intriguing Mixed Use Retail • Virtually Filled Prescriptions: Walgreens MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 107
    108. 108. TESCO HomePlus Virtual Subway Store brings the store to the very busy people of Seoul, Korea. Please note that it looks like a real display case. Just tap to buy and pay with your phone, pick it up on your way home. We found this via video – which has 1.2mm views. It’s obviously gotten some attention Our take: With displays that look like a real beverage case and other elements that make it easy to select and buy, this idea will continue to grow. In fact, others are already getting on board – like Peapod in the US.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 108
    109. 109. Puma teams with SolesforSouls Bring a gently used pair of sneakers in and PUMA will make sure they get to those in need. Meanwhile – the donating party gets 30% off a new pair of kicks. Other events in the campaign included two one-day non-store donation days via a big red drop box where those giving people – literally – the shoes off their feet – got flip flops and a coupon. Our take: Stores had outdoor signage (I found out about it in front of the Rush Street store in Chicago) and other promotional support. It’s good when you can create an effort like this and make it carry over year after year. Careful planning and well-chosen partners are critical to success.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 109
    110. 110. Uniqlo’s Happy Machine featured items that dropped out at various times within operating hours during the relaunch of their Regent Street store in London. Additionally, early shoppers received breakfasts, cashmere scarves and limited edition bags. Our take: This is a buzz maker. For three days, Uniqlo became the place to be – and the follow-on, memory traffic continues. The store is known for quality and service. Now, it’s also known for a happiness machine. That’s what makes retail great. Can Whole Foods do this?MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 110
    111. 111. Guilty Pleasures: TheMany Brands of Gilt.comWhat started out as a well-craftedset of short-inventory sales atdiscount prices has turned into anempire including city-specificofferings (including very exclusiveevents), well curated travelexperiences and a whole site for thefoodie.’s rapid expansionhas made them a force to bereckoned with.Our take: Making judicious choices into expansion is critical. Theyneed to be carefully aligned to the brand yet distinct enough to standalone. Additionally,’s ability to customize their emails intothousands of combinations supports preferences built on shopperhistories. Using data, display and visual merchandising a winner.I wrote about why would trump Groupon in 2011, here.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 111
    112. 112. Square evens out the playing fieldFor smaller retailers, and mobile ones as well, it’soften been a cash business. Now, every retailer,taxi-cab driver and street vendor can take plastic.Setting the stage for a complete upset to thepayments market, Square announced a flat fee thatwill offer many retailers the opportunity tocompete more effectively.Our take: Square is leading a charge here toreinvent payments and fees. This should bebeneficial to many retailers. What’s more, itsmobility aspects are driving the ability to putpayments on the sales floor – making it easy forconsumers to check out. While there is not amulti-unit program that we are aware of, we wouldexpect one soon.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 112
    113. 113. The Middle East offers Malls forwomen, the Czech Republiccaters to the other genderA gentlemen’s arcade featuring 19 luxuryshops is opening in the Czech Republic.Our take: For many years, ubiquityruled the day. Now, with men not beingfully satisfied with having to deal with amyriad of shops not focused on them, wewill start to see more interestingapproaches to “divide and conquer.”MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 113
    114. 114. The Rue 30 – oneshipping fee covers 30days of purchasesOnline retailer RueLaLa.comchanges the way people viewshipping while encouragingrepeat transactions. Onepayment of $9.95 covers everypurchase made in a 30-dayperiod.Our take: We all know it. Customers hate shipping charges. Retailers like make itworse for everyone else with their $2.95 for any order – even a mattress or rug. However, this movemakes sense and provides a sense of continuity while encouraging loyalty. A tough nut to crackhandled with a deft touch.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 114
    115. 115. MAC, the brightlycolored and unabashedretailer went to theblogs or at least the Bloggers when theyteamed up to create customizedlipsticks and eye shadows in aspecial collection.Our take: Making friends with thesocial community gets you mentions.Make the right friends and you actuallygain influence. This was a greatexecution of a great idea. Andeveryone can do something like it.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 115
    116. 116. Gap: Social Influence –variations on a theme Gap teamed up with Refinery29 andFabSugar to ask their teams of expertbloggers to style models with theircollection for All the imagesand outfits could be tagged via socialsites and links to purchase wereincluded.Our take: Women connect with variouscontent-based sites who understand theirstyle and offer them a perspective. Inleveraging these experts, Gap got a boostthat was worth more than advertisingthrough implied credibility.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 116
    117. 117. American Retro Makes Bloggers DesignersTake six influential fashion bloggers, offer each theopportunity to design a limited edition item. Featuretheir work in your windows in Paris. Make friends – whowill write about you - for lifeOur take: This is a variation on the theme, and one to becautious with. Just because you write about fashion doesn’t meanyou can design it, although in this case, the ladies did extremelywell, by all accounts. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 117
    118. 118. Target, Neiman Marcus and theCFDA, Oh My.These two brands don’t seem to fit togetherat first glance. Yet, they are teaming up ona very limited edition set of items from theCouncil of Fashion Designer heavyweightsthis holiday. Target is no stranger to creativeretailing – from their Shoppes concept to acustom-for-Target Missoni line that sold outin hours. The items will span all price pointsand include men’s and womenswear.Our take: Target is the category innovator. Neiman Marcus, the cool style-maker. Putting thesebrands together is a stroke of brilliance that will gain more attention as 2012 draws to a close.There may not appear to be overlap in the brands, but both will see a healthy draw from this effort.No merchandising details were available as of yet. We’re still trying.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 118
    119. 119. Social Influence drives adesigner to engageThe Bag Snob – an accessories blogtweeted rather negatively aboutDKNY. In a stunning turning of theother cheek, DKNY invited theladies to work with them on acollection. Given their influence, acollaboration made sense andallowed DKNY to win back somerespect while getting a bunch offree publicity.Our take: If you are not listening – and reacting to what is said about you in the marketplace, youare missing opportunities. There are free tools, there are great paid tools. Just get yourself a reallydecent understanding of your social persona. You need it. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 119
    120. 120. Banana Republic Goes Mad…MenCapitalizing on the success of AMC TV’s showMad Men, Banana Republic designed a limitededition collection featuring vintage styling.The collection was unveiled in a unique way –with style bloggers and staff on a Virgin Atlanticplane from New York to LAX. Social mediaabounded – due to airplane wifi.Our take: The more moving parts you put in,the more opportunities for something to gowrong. If you are planning something like this,double and triple check. Then engineer inredundancies. It’s worth it to have it come offeffectively. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 120
    121. 121. From Window Display to YourHands in 24 hours For the critical holiday shopping period, UK retailer John Lewis featured a set of QR codes merchandise in the window, including their Top 30 Favorite Things for Christmas. This unprecedented convenience made it easy to see an item, go online, order and pick it up – dealing time-strapped a handy advantage.Our take: While some people love QRcodes, others are less convinced. In thiscase, they were well used to increaseconvenience. Give thought to when and wherethey make sense for you, since overdoing themis an ugly miscarriage of your well-designedefforts. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 121
    122. 122. The IKEA Adult SleepoverThe first 100 people over age 25 wereasked to reserve a bed for 8PM to 8AMevent relaunching IKEA’s beddingdepartment. They were given treats forparticipating and the event – includingpajama-clad participants was cataloguedfor all to see.Our take: We’d call this more creativethan repeatable. That being said for abrand known more for its design, it seemsa little off. We wished they’d have spentthe money on better assembly directions. MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMO September 2012 122
    123. 123. Cook and Book:Intriguing Mixed Use RetailIn Brussels, this concept store is dividedinto nine themed areas each with adistinctive style and dining offering.Our take: The concept of creatingthemed areas is not new. However,creating brilliant experiences in each onewill always be fresh. How much can youchange and still be within your brandstandard. That’s up to you.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 123
    124. 124. Virtually Filled PrescriptionsRefill RX by Scan from WalgreensAfter checking and banking took a turn for thescanner, how long could it be until other thingsfollowed? In a wonderful bout of “easy”Walgreens delivered a free app for customers toreorder prescriptions. Four months after launch,it accounted for 50% of all refills.Our take: Enabling repeat purchase is whatmakes this so attractive. How can grocers andother quick turn items capitalize on this? Howabout QSR, that one’s a no-brainer.MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 124
    125. 125. The 3DWo r l d Our 4D world was 1D for too long. No special glasses needed to experience this 3D world…finally. • Thingiverse and Copyrights • 3D Fetus • Print a Couture Pair of Shoes • Print Steak or Chicken For Lunch? • Security Is Key • Nokia Launches Their Latest Phone in 4D • 3rd Planet • 3D room mapping with Kinect • Really hands free with Mercedes • Urbee • The New Theme Park • Microsoft Operating and Kinect team upMKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 125
    126. 126. You lost that one little piece you need to complete your 1969 circa airplane model, no reason to get upset, simply 3D print a new one from the picture in your instruction manual. What an innovative solution to a vexing problem. However, who owns the rights to that one little piece you are 3D printing? That is currently the question. Our take: We foresee that this will continue to be a copyrights issue, however a simple solution to an innovative tool can be crafted. Think outside the copyright and move towards the music industry. Royalties could solve this, right? Let the people print!MKTInnov8 – 115 (or more) Innovation Examples for the Modern CMOSeptember 2012 126