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Everybody says that Brazil is a country full of opportunities. That's right, but this doesn't mean that you will just arrive and start earning money: this is not a weak colony anymore, indeed. So it's pivotal to understand regional differences and its development process, the deep complexity of the main markets and so on. As our work is to understand people and markets to reach results and innovation, here's our introdutory words about Brazil in order to tease you with some general facts. Discover more with this presentation developed by our partner Iris Jonck.

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Brazil overview by Couture

  1. 1. Brazil? c
  2. 2. “Its often been said that Brazil is a country for the future.Well, that future has now arrived” Barack Obama c
  3. 3. This future is based ondemocracy and a stable economy c
  4. 4. Among a population of 190.000.000people, there are lots of youngsters: 34 million brazilians have Age x Education university degree Population Pyramid 15.00 11.25 7.50 3.75 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Idade D C B A E 68,1% ers of youngst have studied mo re These youngsters represent athers than their f a massive population reserve, which will sustain growth in the long term. c
  5. 5. Resulting in solid growth anda prominent position in the markets. *+,$-$ GDP (US$ tri) !"#$ #")$ !"#$ !"($ !")$ $ %"&$ ")$ "!$ 1º EUA 14.66 2º China 10.09 3º Japão 4.31 !""#$ !""%$ !""&$ !""$ 4º Índia !""($ !"")$ !"*"$ !"**$ !"*!$ 4.06 5º Alemanha 2.94 6º Rússia 2.227º Reino Unido 2.178º Brasil 2.179º França 2.15 ,3K K US$ 4capita10º Itália11º México 1.77 1.57 US$ 11pita a U S$ 1 0K r China pe 010)12º Espanha 1.37 Brazil per c Russia pe income: (213º Canadá 1.33 in come: (201 0) income r capita : (2010 ) US$ 4,3 India pe K rc income: apita (2010) c
  6. 6. This is a sofisticated economy, where foreign investments quadrupled in five years - a growth of 306%. Civil construction industry Car industry is going to produce expected to increase 6% in 2011 3,8 millions vehicles in 2011. Largest beef and chicken exporting market, and 3rd biggest agriculturalIn 2010, Embraer got 9,4 exporter in the World billions in airplane sales c
  7. 7. The combination of economicexpansion and welfare policies hascreated a stronger middle class... Classes AB 42 mm Classes AB Class C 26 mm 101 mm Class C 63 mm Classes DE 48 mm Classes DE 93 mm c
  8. 8. ...with an important impact at theglobal consumption market level: 3º market for beer 4º global market for car consumption, after USA industry, after USA, China and China. and Japan. 4º market for Coca- 206 millons cell phones; Cola, after USA, Mexico there are 107 units each and China. 100 people. Sales forecast for 2011 Sales forecast for 2011 indicates 4 million TVs indicates 4 million will be sold. computers will be sold. c
  9. 9. And at the same time, a lot of new millionairesare eager to purchase luxury goods. +22% +19% growing preview for next years In 2017, Brazil will have the biggest number of millionaires among BRICs c
  10. 10. Looking at São Paulo City,luxury is real and itʼs here to stay. Largest fleet of private City with the highest jets and helicopters in consumption of Romanee- the world Conti of the world Largest Ferrari dealership in the world, the 2º of Porsche and Lamborghini, the 4º of Maserati The largest Buyer of Yachts and the only city in Latin America with a Rolls Bentley dealership. Subsidiary Mont Blanc The only city with four pen that sells the most, stores Tiffanys and three outside of Switzerland stores Bvlgari c
  11. 11. But there are lots of challenges,beyond regulation laws and macroeconomics.People in Brazil,and even just within São Paulo,are quite different. c
  12. 12. Brazil isnʼt easily graspable.There is a lack of awareness about Brazilians andthe cultural diversity present throughout Brazil.It is therefore pivotal, to acquire local knowledgeof who will consume and interact with your brand,company and products.São Paulo districts s how huge variety cin human developme nt index
  13. 13. Brazil is the biggest catholic economy.But simultaneously,the new consumers are mainly evangelical. c
  14. 14. Where in the country do you want to be?Who do you want to speak to?And how? c
  15. 15. And donʼt forget the..._Explosion of concerts and Broadway-like musical industry_3rd-class football teams with 60.000 people in every match_Passinho competitions hype in Rio_Tubaínas beverage industry against Coca-Cola_Brazilian fruits cosmetics movement_New special beers niche_New generation of entrepeneurs in start-ups_Cellphone obsession (even in devices with no special features)_Modernist brazilian style revival in the middle classThereʼs so many things and ways of being... c
  16. 16. Letʼs talk about opportunities!(remember, there are also two major events coming up...) c
  17. 17. Count on us, and on our partnerto international projectsmanagement in Brazil:IRIS JONCKWith more than 10 years of professional experience inmarketing, advertising and brand management, one of themain benefits of my work history is to have a multidisciplinaryview. Having worked in product companies, services and alsoadvertising, Ive been involved in areas such as trademarketing, product development, market research, strategiesof brand positioning and communication. This has enrichedmy knowledge and favored a more complete action model.My passage through projects with different targets alongthe career and constant concern for unlock the newclasses in emerging Brazil gave me excellent samples ofseveral potential audiences forconsumption and a real knowledge of this new rising middle class.Graduated in in Social Communication and Advertising @ University of Sao Paulo – USPSpecialization in Consumer Trends @ Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona, with immersions in London, Paris and Berlin
  18. 18. BRAZIL Mr. Alisson Avila + (55) (11) 3818.9931 Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 201 / 24º Pinheiros 05426-100 São PauloPORTUGALMr. Diogo (351) 211 929 058 cRua Luz Soriano, 67 - 2 dto.Bairro Alto1200-246 Lisboa