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    Gold-Panning-And-Mining-Is-A-Great-Hobby,-And-The-246 Gold-Panning-And-Mining-Is-A-Great-Hobby,-And-The-246 Document Transcript

    • Gold panning and mining is a great hobby, and thegood news is that the basic gold mining equipment for the weekend recreational prospector is not going to cost you a fortune.
    • So if you are hankering to get out there and find some gold for yourself,you can round up your basic gold getting equipment quickly and cheaplyOnline stores can show you the basic gold panning tools you need, andsave yourself the trouble of finding a local store that actually stocks suchthings Even in gold country, it can take a bit of research to find a storeSo, what are we looking at for the basics? Obviously, a gold pan
    • Can't get more basic than that Gold pans come in different shapesand sizes and features A real simple little black plastic pan can be hadfor about three and a half to five dollars, depending on the size Thelarger green or blue plastic pans can range from maybe eight dollars upto over twenty, depending on the kind of built in features the pan has -and its size
    • One feature that is a must for any good pan is that it have riffles formedinto one or more sides of the pan These make it much easier to retainthe gold as the gravel is passed over the lip of the pan in the panningprocess to reduce the amount of material in the pan I recommend thespace age durable plastic gold pans over metal pans
    • Plastic is lighter, doesn't rust, and is much easier and faster tolearn on than the metal pans You may already have some of theequipment you need A sturdy bucket, like a five gallon one
    • A digging tool, like a garden shovel or garden trowel Some people likethe small folding GI shovels A nifty little gold panning tool is the plasticsnuffer bottle
    • For maybe two or three dollars, you have a little suction device to slurpup the gold that appears in the bottom of your pan You might want touse a gold screen, called a classifier, to reduce the size and amount ofgravel you will be panning Placed over the top of your big bucket, youscreen out the larger rocks, so your panning material is moreconcentrated
    • Your panning is now more efficient and you will lose less gold out of yourpan Finally, a gold vial in nice for showing off your gold These can beglass or plastic
    • With a little water in them, your gold will have a pretty bright color, andyou can tantalize your friends with your findings And that about sums upyour basic gold mining equipment needs