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  1. 1. A chronological resume is one that setshybrid cloud
  2. 2. out chronologically, or date wise, the progression of your career Usually itwould list first the last place that you have worked with A functional resume isone that gives more importance to oneÂ’s skills, qualifications and actualexperiences rather than just the work history A combination resume (which isalso sometimes referred to as a hybrid resume) is one that borrows from bothkinds of resumes
  3. 3. Examples of resumes can be of many types; they can be functional,chronological, targeted or they could be hybrid where you use more than onekind of resume and include them into one, making it a combination resumeWhat is generally understood by a combination resume (of which there aremany free samples available online), is one that includes some elements of achronological resume as well as a functional resume  So what is achronological resume?  A chronological resume is one that sets outchronologically, or date wise, the progression of your career Usually it wouldlist first the last place that you have worked with
  4. 4. of the chronological variety are also easy to find on the internet Achronological resume will set out in orderly fashion where you worked and thecapacity in which you held the job as well as duration You can include ashybrid cloud many details as you think are pertinent Generally, guidelinesstate that employers tend to prefer these kind of resumes since they are a sortof potted history of oneÂ’s professional experience
  5. 5.  Chronological resumes are particularly useful for those who have a solidand strong work history; one which speaks for itself  What is a functionalresume?  A functional resume is one that gives more importance to one’sskills, qualifications and actual experiences rather than just the work history Ifyou were unemployed for a time, and wish not to reveal this information at thevery outset, then a chronological resume would not be the thing for you
  6. 6. Also for someone looking to change careers, a functional resume may be abetter idea  A combination resume is best of both worlds  A combinationresume (which is also sometimes referred to as a hybrid resume) is one thatborrows from both kinds of resumes, from the functional resume as well as thechronological resume
  7. 7. Here you can take the highlights of your skills, qualifications, and experiencesand combine them with the highlights of your work chronology  This way youare able to highlight anything that is of note and include that into your resumeThese combination are able to highlight both points; your particularachievements as well as your step by step progression in your chosen career
  8. 8. Â Â A combination resume could well catch a prospective employerÂ’s eyesince it is different and can set your resume apart from all of the others Whenmaking out a combination type resume, it is important to restrict yourself interms of how long you make your resume You can find that you are ending upmaking mention of all possible details, thereby making the resume long windedand possessed of unnecessary details
  9. 9. Also it is important that you make the resume dovetail to the requirements ofthe particular job that you are applying for so that there is no extraneousinformation there  Remember to stick to the highlights; those which showyou in a positive light and which help you put forward your best foot so to say Article Tags: , ,
  10. 10. hybrid cloud