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The shining opening scene deconstruction
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The shining opening scene deconstruction



Published in Education
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  • 1. Immediately we see the Warner Bros production splash, simply showingthat this big name company produced the film.
  • 2. SCOREIn contrast to the visuals we see in the opening two minutes of thefilm, the score we hear is quite surreal. The non-diagetic music we hear isvery dark, whereas the images we see show colourful and bright scenery.Maybe this shows that things will change for the worse in this movie, thatsomething dark will happen.
  • 3. The camera pans across this scenery at the very start of the film. It has nothing to dowith the film in the slightest, but I think the director wanted it to be symbolic of thefilm as a whole. The island in the middle of the lake is on its own, isolated fromeverything else. The theme of isolation plays a big part to this film, and I think thatthis is why Kubrick made this his first shot.
  • 4. As the viewer our attention is drawn to this car. The bird’s eye view allows usto see the car and it’s surroundings, suggesting environment/setting is veryinfluential on the film. We automatically assume that the person in the car isof vital importance. Later we find out the person in the car is JackTorrance, (Jack Nicholson) who is travelling to an interview so he can becomecaretaker of a hotel, which ultimately becomes the setting of the film. As thecar is placed between a forestry of trees, the theme of isolation is also tackledhere again, showing that more isolation is to come for this man in the car.
  • 5. As soon as the credits start we Although that might be thesee that the name of the case, the text is exactly thedirector/screenplay writer rather same here as the director’s. Notthan that of the stars of the film. only that but it also seems to appear on the screen for the same amount of time, connoting that they are equals. It also shows that this is an actor who plays a vital part in the movie as he is the first to appear in the credits. This is the case, as Jack Nicholson plays the part of the man who turns psychotic and attempts to kill his family with an axe.
  • 6. Shelley Duvall also shares the Next comes the title of the film.same colour, font, and size as The font does not differentiatethe others. She is another star of in anyway to the font forthe film, who plays the part of Stanley Kubrick, Jackthe wife. Nicholson or Shelley Duvall, suggesting that the film is being sold on the big names rather than the title. It also suggests that they are the only stars of the film, as they get priority over the title.
  • 7. Danny Lloyd plays the boy in The Shining who actually has the giftcalled “The Shining.” He has a similar amount of time on camera toJack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall yet he is only “featuring” in the filmand not “starring” in it. The fact that he comes after the stars of thefilm and the title show that perhaps the film is being sold on bignames, and just because Danny Lloyd does in fact star in this film itdoesn’t mean he gets put up with the big names in the credits.
  • 8. At the end of the two minutes we see this stopped car. This is the only othervehicle we see, and it is stopped dead. This may show that no one will bethere to help later on, and that no one wants to follow him to where he isgoing.