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Get your head in the cloud coupa cloud platform


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Day 1

Day 1

Published in: Technology
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  • Enterprise baggage
  • Logical concept of an instance as a group of servers hosting one or more customers. This doesn’t mean we have 5 servers. Hundreds of servers, with ~ a million at our disposal via best-in-class hosting from Amazon
  • This is our bread and butter, but it’s not very interesting without context.
  • We understand that the key to your success with getting your spend under control depends on how Coupa fits into the massive investments that you have made over the years in ERP, Suppliers and Single Sign On.
  • History / Could you give us a bit of background on your Coupa implementation?
  • Training the spenders / being strategic / avoiding adding headcount
  • Speedy and efficient issue resolution / getting over hurdles
  • C4L / Pace of change / Reimplementation
  • Knowledge, power, & control / relationship with IT
  • Future plans / international expansion
  • Transcript

    • 1. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. David Williams VP, Technology Coupa Get Your Head in the Cloud The Coupa Cloud Platform Sanket Naik VP, Cloud Operations Coupa Joy Ignacio-Yip Sr. Director, Procurement Pandora
    • 2. If you were here last year…
    • 3. XML SOAP EDI BPEL ABAP/4 COBOL Workflow …this might be familiar
    • 4. What does True Cloud mean to us?
    • 5. To us, it’s things
    • 6. (1) The Gears and Tubes
    • 7. A collection of People Processes Software Virtual Hardware Physical Hardware
    • 8. HA ProxyLoad Balancer Web App Passenger Ruby on Rails Nginx AWS VPC, EBS Database Utility Search (Sphinx) Job Processor (Resque)Mailer (Postfix) AWS VPC, EBS, S3 Storage AWS S3, EBS AWS VPC, EBS AWS VPC Attachments Scheduled Jobs (Cron) MemCacheD Percona Master Percona Slave Logical layers of software
    • 9. HTTP Load Balancer Web App AWS VPC, EBS Database AWS VPC, EBS AWS VPC HA Proxy us-east-1a lb1 1a HA Proxy us-east-1a lb2 1b HA Proxy us-east-1a lb3 1c HA Proxy us-east-1a lb4 1d HA Proxy us-east-1a lb3 1e HA Proxy us-east-1a lb4 1d prd70db #1 Percona Master Passenger Ruby on Rails Nginx App Server #1 Percona Slave prd70db #2 Search (Sphinx) Mailer (Postfix) prd70utl #1 Job Processor (Resque) Scheduled Jobs (Cron) Passenger Ruby on Rails Nginx App Server #2 Utility AWS VPC, EBS Rightscale Deployment prd70 Storage AWS S3Attachments Search (Sphinx) Mailer (Postfix) prd70utl #2 Job Processor (Resque) Scheduled Jobs (Cron) DNS EIP1 EIP2 EIP2 Memcac hed Memcac hed Software on virtualized hardware
    • 10. (2) The point of it all
    • 11. The foundation of your success with Coupa
    • 12. So, what do you need from it?
    • 13. Dependability Designed for Failure Resilient & Elastic Monitored 24x7x365 Transaction Assurance Certified & Compliant
    • 14. An Example: System Uptime
    • 15. Security People Process & Auditing Electronic Physical
    • 16. An Example: Heartbleed Response
    • 17. Interoperability Integrations Cloud Agnosticism Partnerships Self-Service Transparency
    • 18. Thank you!
    • 19. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. Q A&
    • 20. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. When: TONIGHT! Where: Mezzanine SF 444 Jessie St. Time: 6 - 11pm Dress: Business casual or semi-formal Sponsored by: INSPIRE Party!
    • 21. Photo Credits   "Clouds" by Jonathan Kos-Read –  HA0442-168 by Highways Agency –  Golden Collosseum by Juan de Dios Santander Vela  Library by Jeremy Noble –  Icy Roads by Wilson Hui –  Key & Circuit board –  “Day 87” by Pascal –  Horse racing by Paul –  Serious Scaffolding by Dan DeLuca –  Flying a bit close by Mark Lehmann –
    • 22. So what’s new?
    • 23. Adapting Features to Usage
    • 24. Negotiating Deals
    • 25. Hardware Sizing
    • 26. Revisiting Old Features
    • 27. Ferreting Out Value