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Coupa for Retail


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Coupa INSPIRE '14 - Day

Coupa INSPIRE '14 - Day

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  • Nancy – This slide look cluttered, maybe some better spacing? Also we need the party slide on this one.
  • With nearly 25 customers , the retail industry is one of the fastest growing segments at Coupa. Leading Retailers like the ones you see here are using Coupa’s Retail solution to manage their spend, drive spend savings, support rapid store growth and provide a consistently great experience for their customers.Today we are fortunate to have 3 of our outstanding retail customers with us to talk about their experiences and share some tips and tricks for a successful engagement.
  • One of the biggest challenges is retail is dealing with stores spread over a large geographic area and high turnover rates. This can make managing change specially tough.Rone – What has SCI’s experience been here.1- Change managementEducation and trainingLocations focusing on core competencyTimely receivingTom – How was Jo-Ann able to tackle this challenge and make it easy on the stores?Item and user set up to default account stringsSuper user to helpTraining – nd no customizations by departmentChalenges – receiving and testingCliff – how did TFM handle changing to a centralized environment?Little red hen, eliminate manual work, use reports to improve controlsChallenges – education – showing the system can be easy to use
  • One of the keys to any successful p2p dployment is getting suppliers to participate.Rone – How did SCI attack this challenge?1- group by rapid payback and cost reductions2-rol out by largest categories of spend? How did you deal with being unique among your peers in asking suppliers to connect electronically?Tom – JAS has quickly enbaled over 200 suppliers – how did you do this so quickly?1- start early on in project do not waitDedicated internal enablement teamALL VENDORS ON EINVOICING OR NOT ALLOWED IN COUPARequiredChallenges – lack of knowledge and resources in suppliersCliff – You handled a lot of this yourself – what can you share?1- understand connection capabilities of the large vendors you are basing biz case onUse different methods to target different size suppliersWalk them through the process
  • Our last topic is probably one of the most important ones, each of you had to go through a process to get Coupa approved , how did you build the business case and what ideas would you share having gone from your theoritcal case to being in production?Rone – Cross functional team, pre sell so everyone understands the end goals and stateDo not let yourself just automate a broken processTom – you justified your investment differently than some others with a focus on early pay discounts and improved control. Share some of your processEarly pay disconts, enver able to capture beforeEliminated manual systemsReduction of approval timeChallenges – getting IT time and resources, driving adoptionCliff – use your own data, no tindustry averagesGet imput from internal stakeholdersAbolity to easily change vendors
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    • 1. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. Rone Luczynski Managing Director, Supply Chain Management Service Corporation International Coupa for Retail Breakout Session Tom Dryer VP, Controller Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. Hosted by Aaron Wargo, Customers for Life, Coupa Chad Brace, Sales Director, Coupa Cliff Gott Director Non Merchandise Procurement The Fresh Market
    • 2. Coupa Retail
    • 3. Managing Director, Supply Chain Management Service Corporation International Rone Luczynski
    • 4. Tom Dryer, VP, Controller at Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. Tom Dryer
    • 5. Director of Non Merchandise Procurement The Fresh Market Cliff Gott
    • 6. Coupa for Retail Panel Discussion  How do you manage the challenges of a distributed environment, decentralized procurement and constant turn over?  Supplier enablement tips and challenges  Building a business case and showing value
    • 7. How do you manage the challenges of a distributed environment?
    • 8. Best practices for supplier enablement
    • 9. Building a business case and showing value
    • 10. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. Q A&
    • 11. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. When: TONIGHT! Where: Mezzanine SF 444 Jessie St. Time: 6 - 11pm Dress: Business casual or semi-formal Sponsored by: INSPIRE Party!