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Coupa INSPIRE '14 - Day 1

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  • Coupa for healthcare

    1. 1. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. Curt Miller Chief Information Officer Amerinet Coupa for Healthcare Barbara Cassera Mgr. Financial Systems Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Matt Stewart Coupa Partner CCP Global Rusty Nail Dir. Solution Consulting Coupa Howell Martinez Dir. of Procurement Molina Healthcare Bill Bowen Dir. Healthcare Sales Coupa
    2. 2. Panel Question #1 How important is the management of Supply Chain costs, inventory levels and best practices within your Hospital organization? If it’s not at the highest levels, why not and who is not supportive of it?
    3. 3. Panel Question #2 What role has the finance department played in supporting the materials management team in making sure you have the proper tools to get to Operational Efficiency?
    4. 4. Panel Question #3 What do you see happening in the next 5 years to the management of materials within the healthcare industry?
    5. 5. Panel Question #4 What do you see as the biggest concern with respect to the management of supply costs in the future, and how do you plan on getting ahead of the curve on that?
    6. 6. Panel Question #5 If you and our team found the holy grail of Supply Chain tools that solved all your problems, how would you go about selling it within your organization? What challenges/obstacles would you run into and how would you go about addressing them… and would you put your job on the line if you believed in it that much?
    7. 7. Panel Questions – Additional Describe your current workflow and what would you change today to make it perfect. How do you analyze data to improve inventory levels and reduce costs? How do you currently use software to help increase product standardization? How do you know your getting the best price tier for your organization?
    8. 8. Panel Questions – Additional What cost control strategies do you have in place and is it supported at the C-level? If you were the CEO of a software company that sells supply chain software to the healthcare industry what do you feel needs to be the focus of the future?
    9. 9. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. Q A&
    10. 10. ©2014 Coupa Software, Inc.©2014 Coupa Software, Inc. When: TONIGHT! Where: Mezzanine SF 444 Jessie St. Time: 6 - 11pm Dress: Business casual or semi-formal Sponsored by: INSPIRE Party!