How use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for your adoption
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How use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for your adoption



In this presentation we teach adoptive families how to use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for their adoption.

In this presentation we teach adoptive families how to use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for their adoption.



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How use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for your adoption How use a puzzle fundraiser to raise money for your adoption Presentation Transcript

  • How use a puzzle fundraiser to raisemoney for your adoption.Created by – An Exclusive Fundraising Platform forAdoptive Families
  • IntroductionPuzzles can be a remarkable adoption fundraisingtool. The idea behind the adoption puzzle is that yoursupporters can sponsor a puzzle piece (or pieces) andreceive their name on each puzzle they sponsor. Thiscreates a sense of teamwork, and leaves your familywith a memorable keepsake from your adoptionjourney.
  • What You’ll LearnIn this presentation we will cover:1. Why use puzzles in your adoption fundraiser?2. How can adoptive families implement puzzlepieces with their current fundraisers?3. Examples of families who have successfully usedadoption fundraising puzzles.4. Where can I get adoption fundraising puzzles?
  • 1. WHY USE PUZZLES IN YOURADOPTION FUNDRAISER?Puzzles promote teamwork:Everyone wants to be a part of the crowd. Adoptionpuzzles allow you to be transparent with yourfundraiser, so each week you can update your friendsand family on the progress of your puzzle. Make sureto take pictures and let your supporters’ view thecontributors. Typically, once someone in your circle offriends sees another person’s name on a puzzle piece,they’ll naturally want to purchase a puzzle piece oftheir own!
  • 1. WHY USE PUZZLES IN YOURADOPTION FUNDRAISER?Adoption fundraising puzzles help keep youmotivated:Let’s face it… Fundraising is hard work! Stayingmotivated and avoiding burn out is tough. For everydonation, your adoption puzzle will start to come“alive” creating a more fun and enjoyable fundraisingexperience. This will give you the determination topush forward to complete the puzzle.
  • 1. WHY USE PUZZLES IN YOURADOPTION FUNDRAISER?Flexibility:• Puzzles can be purchased in a variety of shapes,sizes, and designs. It’s important to establish amonetary fundraising goal for your puzzle fundraiser.This way you can determine how many puzzlepieces you’ll need and the minimum donationrequired for each piece.
  • 1. WHY USE PUZZLES IN YOURADOPTION FUNDRAISER?Decoration and memorandum of your adoptionjourney:Possibly the best part about using adoption puzzles isthat your family is left with a physical piece of youradoption journey that can be displayed and talkedabout for a lifetime. Also, can you imagine theamount of love your child will feel once you tell themthe story about how so many people helped bringthem home?
  • 2. HOW CAN ADOPTIVE FAMILIESIMPLEMENT PUZZLE PIECES WITHTHEIR CURRENT FUNDRAISERS?If you are already selling fundraising products ( Restaurant Adoption Fundraising Cards),you can easily integrate your puzzle into your currentfundraising endeavors.Simply, give your supporters an option to either make adonation or purchase a fundraising product. This way theycan be a part of your documented adoption journey whilereceiving a useful fundraising product all in one.
  • 3. EXAMPLES OF FAMILIES WHO HAVESUCCESSFULLY USED ADOPTIONFUNDRAISING PUZZLES.• Shannon and Jarred raised over $18,000 in donations with theiradoption fundraising puzzle. We really like how they kept theirsupporters updated and thanked them directly on their blog!• Dustin and Lindsey Perkins sold every piece of their 1000 piecepuzzle in 5 days!• Lastly, look how many supporters purchased puzzle piecesfrom Roberto and Shannon. Again, notice how they kept a listand thanked their donors on their blog.
  • 4. WHERE CAN I GET ADOPTIONFUNDRAISING PUZZLES?Puzzles can be found at several different retail outlets.However, if you are interested in purchasing from thecomfort of your own home, be sure to checkout This particular online puzzlecompany has a large assortment of designs andcomes highly recommended to us by several otheradoptive
  • Need More Adoption Fundraising Ideas?Check out our comprehensive adoptionfundraising guide