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Presented by The Council of Public Relations Firms & Astute Solutions this webinar featured case studies that demonstrate how social customer data and social media analysis can provide a powerful brand management force within any organization.

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The Data Savvy PR Firm

  1. 1. Becoming a Data-Savvy PR FirmPanelists:Tara Clark (ConAgra Foods) &Pat Lilja (Tunheim Partners)4/25/13
  2. 2. • Matt Shaw– Director of Communications– Manages internal & external communications forthe Council of PR Firms to promote the mission ofthe organization, advocate for the industry andprofession, and protect the interests of membersWebinar Host – Council of PR FirmsWebinar Host – Council of PR Firms
  3. 3. 3Q CPRF Member Survey DataQ2. When it comes to social media, what is your biggest challenge?Multiple choice %Staff time involved in managing the process of social datacollection/analysis28.3Inability to apply social media insights except for those clients willing topay for it26.7Other* 23.3Ability to derive meaningful insights from social data 18.3Cost involved in tools and services necessary to acquire social data 3.3100%3Q CPRF Member Survey Data
  4. 4. • Bryan Haviland, Agency Channel Manager– Extensive PR experience– Current role at Astute Solutions• Astute Solutions– “Better insights lead to better customerinteractions.”– Customer relationship management solutionsproviderWebinar Sponsor: Bryan Haviland &Astute SolutionsWebinar Sponsor: Bryan Haviland &Astute Solutions
  5. 5. • Tools have no “insight button”• Big Data = Insights challenge• “Boiling the Ocean” of data not enoughanymore• Success requires thoughtful planning– Client business knowledge– Effective design– Well-trained teamKeys to SuccessKey Insights
  6. 6. • Pat Lilja, Director of e-Strategy @ TunheimPartners– Specializes in identifying and analyzing the strategiclandscape to bring clients’ online presences inalignment with goals• Tara Clark, Consumer Affairs Social Strategist @ConAgra Foods– Specializes in creating an overall positive onlinecustomer experience while working towards thefulfillment of company goalsOur PanelistsOur Panelists
  7. 7. Synchronizing brands + relationships+ Founded in in 1990+ Located in Minneapolis+ A leading partner in IPREX, the $200 million network of communicationagencies, with 100 offices worldwide.+ Focused on strategic communications and content creation driven by:trends + data + research + experiencePatrick LiljaDirector of e-StrategyTunheim
  8. 8. What a data savvy PR firm used to be…Best guessesAd equivalenciesImpressionsDisconnected fromKPI’s
  9. 9. What data from “social media” used to meanto us (before we called it social media)Alta VistaForum discussionsBlogsCommentsWeb Server Log Files
  10. 10. An (abbreviated) evolution of social mediausage - i.e. “Data Sources”Almost all of thesecommunities arestill aroundEmailCompuserveBulletinBoardSystems(BBS’s)ListServeInternetRelayChat(IRC)TheWell/Genie/AOL/MSNBlogs(Blogger/LiveJournal)WikipediaFreindsterMySpaceSecondLifeDel.icio.usFlickrYouTubeOrkutFacebookDiggMeetupNingYahoo!RedditAmazonLinkedInYelpFoursquareTwitterLiveJournalTumblrSermoPinterestDeviantArtQoaraPintrestWeiboTaggedGoogle+CafeMom1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s
  11. 11. Important metrics• KPI’s• Audienceidentification/motivation• Audiencesatisfaction/delight• Influence/influencersweb mapping• Engagement• Coverage• Campaign element success• Contenteffectiveness/enhancement• Processeffectiveness/enhancement• Time and location• Sentiment
  12. 12. Have systems in-place to manage andtake advantage of dataMonitorAnalysisManagementEngagementData right from the startStart with client prospects,industries, areas ofinterestData throughoutClient team does ongoing datacollection and testing+ Social Listening and RelationshipManagement (Astute)+ Big Data (Clients and prospects often don’tknow what they are sitting on)+ Google+ Keyword Research (Not just for ads orSEO!)+ Influencer and social interaction maps+ Surveys+ Media monitoring (Vocus)+ Additional Social Insight Tools (Topsy, ViralHeat, Etc.)+ Surveys+ Site action tracking+ Unstructured Data+ Site analytics+ Social analytics (Facebook insights, etc.)+ A/B testing (ads, pages, everything!)+ Response rates+ Content Interaction+ Link trackingAnalysis and ActionSmart AND experienced peoplethat can do data analytics andmake it actionable
  13. 13. MonitorAnalysisManagementEngagementAnalysis and ActionSmart AND experienced peoplethat can do data analytics andmake it actionable+ Know the client and theclient’s business well+ Experienced user of thetools+ Able to mentally visualizewhat sets of data mean+ Able to manipulate data(more than just doing anExcel sort)+ Know how to tell the storyof the data to the teamand the clientHave systems in-place to manage andtake advantage of data
  14. 14. The mindset of (some) clients• Some see data collection and analysis as expenselines to trim from a budget (especially front-loadedexpenses)• Some see data as a sea of numbers they can endup drowning in• It is our job to:– Take the data and make its meaning and implicationsclear and easy to understand– Show how paths to success can be derived from thedata– Show how data collection and analysis leads to betteroutcomes, with lower costs, over the long run by:• Targeting correctly• Executing correctly• Shifting course quickly
  15. 15. Examples: How social data has causedchanges in mindset, action, or approach
  16. 16. Examples: How social data has causedchanges in mindset, action, or approach
  17. 17. Examples: How social data has causedchanges in mindset, action, or approach
  18. 18. Examples: How social data has causedchanges in mindset, action, or approach
  19. 19. Tips for other firms to best utilize socialmedia data for customers• Find or develop the smart people you will needto make sense of the data you have• Find great tools and train on them andexperiment with them so you know everynuance• Put systems in place so nothing gets missed• Make sure what your client sees is: Simple,Easy to understand, and Valuable to them• Start looking at data ahead of time (as farahead as possible) to prepare for a new clientor a new initiative• Generate great targeted data through testing• Know your clients’ and their business
  20. 20. Patrick LiljaDirector of e-StrategyTunheimSynchronizing brands + patricklilja
  21. 21. ConAgra Foods at a GlanceConAgra Foods is one of North America’sleading food companies, with brands in 97percent of America’s households.28 of these brands are No. 1 or No. 2 in theircategory.20 of these brands generate more than $100million in retail sales each year.ConAgra Foods offers 160 meals for $3 orless.
  22. 22. Our Brands
  23. 23. CAG GoalsConsumer Affairs Goals in Social Media• Respond to posts about public health, quality and consumereducation opportunities• Mitigate risk for the company by immediate notification of socialcontacts• Integrate social contacts into data to detect emerging trends andenable corrective and preventive action• Build trust and loyalty in online communities by engaging withconsumers
  24. 24. History of Social Media at CAG• Started major brand pages about 5 years ago• Agency partnership Spring 2008– Educate the company on the importance and theneed to be in the social space• Started building communities• Consumer Affairs enters in 2010– Define roles and responsibilities for agency,marketing and CA
  25. 25. Integrating social into how we work..• Agencies provide marketing insights on socialconversations around our brands• CA provides insights to the company regardingquality, food safety and consumer educationEmphasis on collaborative reporting goingforward
  26. 26. MetricsMarketingConsumerAffairsUpgrade ourcontentDrive impactthrough dataBuild loyaltyand trustDriveawareness offor our brandsVoice of theconsumerBe a leader ofinsights
  27. 27. Success Stories…
  28. 28. Lessons learned in social mediaTalk….Trust…Share…
  29. 29. Thank you!Tara ClarkConsumer Affairs Social StrategistTara.Clark@conagrafoods.com402-240-4018
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. • Webinar will be available on the AstuteSolutions website 4/26 by 5pm ET• Slides will be available on the Council of PRFirms’ SlideshareThank You!Thank You!