Webinar - Couchbase 3.0 Beta: What's New in 3.0?


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Whether you’re racing to build a new app, or want to take your existing app to the next level, you need a database that is blazing fast, offers mission-critical scale and is highly available. With 3.0, our latest version of Couchbase Server, you get all that and more, making it the best choice for your NoSQL projects. Join us to learn more about our new and exciting features in 3.0 and how you can help us make this our best release.

Topics Include:

- New scalability and high-availability features
- Secure client-server communications
- Operational enhancements
- What’s new in SDK 2.0

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  • 2.0 & 2.0.1
    Flexible data model
    Secondary Indexing
    Cross Datacenter Replication
    2.1 & 2.1.1
    Improved Persistence Engine
    Optimistic XDCR
    Hostname Management
    XDCR over native memcached protocol
    Read-Only User
    Automated and Optimized Purge Management
    CBRecovery Data Recovery Tool

    2.5.0 & 2.5.1
    Rack-Zone Awareness
    XDCR Data Security
    Improved Connection Management
  • Webinar - Couchbase 3.0 Beta: What's New in 3.0?

    1. 1. What’s New in Couchbase Server 3.0 Beta Don Pinto Product Management Couchbase Inc.
    2. 2. Couchbase Server 3.0 beta is here… http://beta.couchbase.com
    3. 3. Journey so far…
    4. 4. Couchbase Mobile 4 Couchbase Lite On-device, lightweight, native embedded JSON database Sync Gateway Synchronize on-device Couchbase Lite with Couchbase Server in the cloud Couchbase Server High performance, scalable, always-on JSON database in the cloud.
    5. 5. Deep Dive into Couchbase Server v3.0 Disclaimer: Couchbase Server v3.0 is still in development. The generally available version of Couchbase Server at release of v3.0 may have differences with what’s presented here.
    6. 6. 6 DEVELOPER EMPOWERMEN T MISSION CRITICAL SCALE ULTRA HIGH AVAILABILITY SECURE COMMUNICATI ON SIMPLIFIED ADMINISTRATI ON • Fully Integrated JSON Programmabilit y • Native Async and Reactive Programmabilit y • New Integration with Popular Frameworks • N1QL Preview Support in SDKs • Optimized Massive Databases with Tunable Memory • Auto-Tuning Thread Pool for Extreme IO Throughput • Faster View Consistency • Low Latency, In-Memory XDCR • New Incremental Backup option • Optimized Disaster Recovery with Restore options • Encryption for Data Access • Encryption for Administrative Access • XDCR Pause and Resume • Faster, Resilient Rebalance • Delta Node Recovery • Improved Resource Governance What’s new in Couchbase Server v3.0
    7. 7. Developer Empowerment
    8. 8. What’s New in SDK 2.0 Refactored into separate library to provide low-level operations • Java Core Library – Reusable Foundation - Completely Async & Reactive - Based on Netty, RxJava, & LMAX Disruptor • Java client library – Built on Java Core Library - Integrated native JSON data type programmability - Idiomatic Java 8 API support - N1QL Preview Support
    9. 9. What’s New in SDK 2.0 • Document-oriented programming model • Improved connection management • Queryability: - Enhanced View Access and N1QL Preview Support • Native .NET: - Async & Await Support with Couchbase Operations - Web.config and App.config support
    10. 10. What’s New in SDK 2.0 • Node.js, PHP - Document-oriented programming model - Core IO enhancements through updated C libcouchbase - Better connection management • Python, Ruby - Core IO enhancements through updated C libcouchbase - Better connection management • Framework Integrations - Spring, gevent, Twisted, Ottoman gevent for python Ottoman Couchbase ODM framework
    11. 11. Mission Critical Scale
    12. 12. Optimization for Large Data Size Metadata Ejection • Optimized Memory Usage with Metadata Ejection Policy - Reduce memory required for Massive Data Footprints - Enable efficient management of rarely accessed data set • Cache only keys and data for the working set • Eject all other keys and values out of memory
    13. 13. Tunable Memory – Metadata In RAM 13 Note: 50M docs with value size ~0.5KB Couchbase Server 2.5.1 - 3GB Couchbase Server 3.0 - 0.08GB Metadata ejection
    14. 14. Say Goodbye To Metadata Warning No more metadata warning with metadata ejection in 3.0
    15. 15. Optimized Throughput with Auto-Tuning Thread Pool • Global Thread Pool - Shared thread pool across buckets for request processing and IO operations • Auto-tuning thread count based on system resources • Improved latency across the board: read/write operations, rebalance, node restart with warm-up and more…
    16. 16. Couchbase Server: Data Manager storage interface 11210 Memcapable 2.0 Moxi 11211 Memcapable 1.0 Memcached – cached keys & documents 8092 Query API QueryEngine Data Manager Read-Write Requests R W R R W Global Thread Pool Disk
    17. 17. 33 2 Recap of write operation in Couchbase 2.5 2 Managed Cache DiskQueue Disk Replication Queue App Server Couchbase Server Node Doc 1Doc 1 Doc 1 To other node XDCR Doc 1
    18. 18. Stream-based Views • In memory change detection - Change detection based on the new Database Change Protocol (DCP). No longer require persisting to disk for change detection • More up-to-date views - Mutation show up at the indexes faster. - Improved stale=false behavior • Parts of the View engine is re-written in C
    19. 19. 33 2 Stream-based Views 2 Managed Cache DiskQueue Disk Replication Queue App Server Couchbase Server Node Doc 1 Doc 1 To other node Doc 1Doc 1
    20. 20. Ultra High Availability
    21. 21. Stream- based Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) • In memory change detection with DCP - Purely in memory change detection based on the new DCP (database change protocol) protocol. No longer require persisting to disk for change detection • Lower latency == Smaller Data Loss Exposure - Improved protection against regional and data center failures
    22. 22. 33 2 Stream-based XDCR 2 Managed Cache DiskQueue Disk Replication Queue App Server Couchbase Server Node Doc 1 Doc 1 To other node XDCRDoc 1 Doc 1
    23. 23. Efficient Recovery with Incremental Backup & Restore • Enhanced Disaster Recovery - Minimize resource and time consumption during backups. - Enables more frequent backups • New Incremental Backups - Back up data updated since the last backup. - New CBBackup options • Differential • Cumulative - Restore can mix-and-match differential or cumulative backups
    24. 24. Secure Communications
    25. 25. Encrypted Access SERVER 3SERVER 1 SERVER 2 Couchbase Server • Encrypted client-server communications - Clients can optionally communicate with Couchbase Server on secured connection using SSL encryption - Some buckets choose to use SSL encryption and for other non-SSL
    26. 26. Encrypted Access • HTTPS support for Administration Console (18901) - HTTPS support for REST API and Couchbase Server Web Console https://couchbase_server:18091/index.html • HTTPS for Views (18092) https://couchbase_server:18092/…
    27. 27. Simplified Administration
    28. 28. Maintenance with XDCR Pause and Resume for Efficient Data Transfer • XDCR Pause and Resume - Want to suspend replication? No longer need to drop replications • Ability to pause XDCR traffic anytime • Resume and incrementally catch-up
    29. 29. Improved Rebalance Delta Node Recovery • Delta Node Recovery - Do not delete existing vbucket files on the node - Catch up from where you left off
    30. 30. Improved Resource Governance with Bucket Priority • Priority Setting on Buckets - Ability to assign high and low priority to buckets - High priority buckets get higher IO priority and more throughput - Low priority buckets can still be processed without starvation
    31. 31. Hundreds of other improvements… Cluster-wide Diagnostics Tool Improved Crash Reporting Better Serviceability Improved Monitoring for Warmup Stats Enhancements Improved Checkpointing with XDCR Expended Options with Couchbase-cliParallelized Warmups Database-Change-Protocol (DCP) Increased-Connection-LimitsExtended-Documentation Enhanced Event Logging Extended XDCR Resiliency Better-failover-resiliency-with-DCP Enhanced SSD Performance Streamlined Build Side by side support for DCP and TAP Improved Error Reporting Built-in OS Tuning for Linux Flavors … and More Improved Resume-ability with Intra Cluster Replication View Performance Improvements Client-side JSON validation Web.Config & App.Config support with .NET Unified New App Model with 2.0 SDK Java SDK 2.0 built on top of RxJava N1QL Beta Support in the 2.0 SDKs Improved Warmup time under Metadata Ejection Access log for monitoring port 8091 CRAM & MD5 Support in .Net SDK Client Side Log4Net Integration in .Net SDK New Cluster object for Cluster Operations in SDK 2.0 Replica Read in SDK 2.0 with .Net and PHP Graceful Failover
    32. 32. PART III - Beyond 3.0 Disclaimer: Couchbase Server Roadmap evolves based on feedback and market conditions.
    33. 33. N1QL – Query Language for Rich Data Rich Data Represented in JSONComplex Real World JSON Flexibility and Transitive Closure Expressiveness of SQL N1NF – Non First Normal Form http://query.couchbase.com Person Product N1QL IPAD 64G CARRIER : ATT
    34. 34. SELECT count(*), state FROM customer WHERE customer.ccInfo.cardType = “visa” GROUP BY customer.state ORDER BY customer.state LIMIT 2 OFFSET 3 { "count": 2, "state": ”AR" }, { "count": 7, "state": ”CA" } To search for purchase orders with a particular Item purchased 5 times or more - SELECT * FROM purchases WHERE ANY item IN purchases.lineItems SATISFIES item.count >= 5 END { "customerId": "customer776", "lineItems": [ { "count": 5, "product": "product843" }, … N1QL — Basic SELECTs to Rich Queries Try the queries at - http://query.couchbase.com BASIC SELECT STATEMENT COLLECTION EXPRESSIONS
    35. 35. Participate in 3.0 Beta
    36. 36. Couchbase Server 3.0 Beta Bug Bash Download, Find, Report, Win • DOWNLOAD Couchbase Server 3.0 Beta • Run some workload, play with it, FIND a bug • If you find a bug, REPORT it! - All bugs count – anything from correctness, to performance, to usability, to docs • WIN Prizes!! http://www.couchbase.com/bugbash Contest ends Aug 31st 2014
    37. 37. Feedback and Q&A