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Learn how Couchbase Mobile is enabling a new breed of ‘always on’ apps that are still accessible and usable, even with no network. Couchbase Mobile is a complete mobile technology stack that includes: Couchbase Lite, a native JSON NoSQL embedded database; Couchbase Sync Gateway, an easy-to-use sync server; and Couchbase Server, a scalable document-based back-end solution.

Other topics include:

A highlight of features in our 1.0 release of Couchbase Lite
The concept and usage of Couchbase Sync Gateway
Examples of how Couchbase Mobile is used today

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  • Notes:
    The internet is filled with articles, info graphics and powerful TED talks about the growing impact and inclusion of mobile in our daily lives.
    From health, financial, travel, education, business, social, personal—every vertical is deeply affected by increased interactions and dependence between user and mobile. Mobile has matured far past as a medium for communication. It's part of our lifestyle experience.
    Mobile impacts us from professional to personal, for example…
  • Let’s take a look at some examples of rich applications using the power of mobile.
  • But, what is different between these applications and your average mobile application?
  • We currently support the current way mobile apps are developed, where data is stored on the cloud and the application is kind of an empty container. But devices are becoming more powerful, capable of storing data on itself and enabling a next wave of applications with richer interactions and continued productivity.
    * Will be different = (go from mobile app to RICH DATA mobile app)
    iOS is already dual-core, soon will be four-core, as powerful as a server today or a laptop.
  • Given that we are sitting on top of mobile, data, and cloud, which together is the next big thing. This is a massive opportunity. How do we grab this opportunity and take advantage of it?
    Look for “Mobile First” initiatives
    Set ourselves as the NoSQL industry leader, apart from competitors specifically MongoDB
    Let’s talk about these points a bit.
  • Now that we’ve had a chance to go over what Couchbase Mobile means, let’s talk about what Couchbase Mobile is. I’ll go over a short overview of the technology that composes Couchbase Mobile, as well as a list of common FAQ that you’re likely to encounter on a call.
  • The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2014
    “Internet of Things”
    Embedded sensors
    Exponential Energy—more power, more capability, smaller devices in the immediate future
    Driverless vehicles
    Immersive interfaces
  • Strategy – re-iterating vision, commitment, Couchbase Server’s existing leadership and innovation, introducing Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway
  • Example deployment
    Can be on premise or in the cloud
    Today we provide native support for iOS and Android
  • Ultra-lightweight = 500kb on iOS
    If someone asks (later) conflict resolution locally is handled by MVCC. At the Sync Gateway level we use Revision Trees.
  • 1. I tried to make the graphic bigger. Maybe he can do better with this graphic than I did.
  • Sync Gateway determines data routing. As data is synced back to cloud, Sync Gateway acts as a switch and using developer determined logic can determine who and where data can be replicated to.
  • Couchbase Mobile Webinar - Overview

    1. 1. Couchbase for Mobile essica Liu – Product Manager
    2. 2. The Impact of Mobile IT’S EVERYWHERE
    3. 3. The Power of Mobile - Learning Then Now Classrooms, Whiteboards, One-Size-Fits-All Learning Multi-Media, Self-Paced, Adaptive, Interactive, Anywhere Anytime
    4. 4. The Power of Mobile - Point of Sale Then Now Big + odd looking machines, receipt printers, cash drawers Simple, elegant tablet + square reader, email receipts, touch signing
    5. 5. The Power of Mobile - Expenses Then Now Paper receipts, manual spreadsheet entry, paper signature routing Email/photo receipt, e-routing, e-signature
    6. 6. The Next Wave of Mobile Apps …will be always available You can do… More with the device More offline More collaboration More with data Data Data
    7. 7. Couchbase Mobile The only NoSQL database for mobile
    8. 8. JSON Anywhere Couchbase Server • JSON on the wire ­ No need for data transformation • JSON in the cloud ­ Flexible data model ­ High performance ­ Easy scalability Se rve rSy n c G a t e w a yLite JS N JS N JS N • JSON on the device ­ Developers increasingly prefer NoSQL database
    9. 9. Architecture Server 3Server 1 Server 2 Couchbase Server Channel Sync Gateway Channel Channel Sync Gateway Channel Couchbase Lite for iOS, Android and Java On Premise In the cloud
    10. 10. Couchbase Lite The only NoSQL Database for Mobile Devices eatures ­ Ultra-lightweight, secure JSON database ­ Native support for iOS, Android and REST/HTML5 ­ Full document, index and querying and sync capabilities ­ Powerful conflict resolution Lite Couchbase Lite Android + Java Couchbase Lite iOS
    11. 11. Couchbase Lite Full Feature List Features Benefits Native APIs Manage your mobile database using APIs optimized specifically for iOS and Android REST APIs REST APIs provide an alternative access method based on your development needs JSON support Use a flexible data model designed for mobile object-oriented apps. Adapt to your application needs with immediacy and little impact Easy sync with Couchbase Sync Gateway Get sync-ready in less than a few lines of code. Focus on application development, not syncing Peer to peer support via REST APIs Communicate with nearby devices, even offline, with our REST API-enabled P2P support Data routing via channels Get users only the data they need for a focused, relevant app experience Changes Feed Provides developers visibility and notification into data changes Indexing and querying for JSON Use powerful secondary indexes to query your data on the device Authentication plug-ins Use popular existing third-party authentication services like Facebook and Mozilla Persona instead of writing your own Attachment support on device and in the cloud Manage binary data, like photos and large files, separately from your JSON documents for optional, speedier sync
    12. 12. What you get Lite Couchbase Lite Android + Java Couchbase Lite iOS ­ Enable new class of rich data intensive local applications ­ Rapid development using native JSON data ­ Highly responsive interactive applications ­ Always available - online or offline
    13. 13. Couchbase Sync Gateway Easy, Reliable Data Sync to the Cloud eatures • Dynamic sync capabilities via Sync Function APIs • Easy Administration • Seamless scaleout enefits ­ 10x reduction in development time ­ Scales to support millions of users Sy n c G a t e w a y
    14. 14. Collaborate using Channels or each document, you specify a set of channels it belongs to or each user or device, you control which channels they can access eplicate only a subset of documents down to the device ­ User-defined filter functions ­ Simply lets you know whether a document should be replicated
    15. 15. Doc 1 Channel A Doc 2 Channel A Channel B Channel A & B Channel B Doc 1Doc 2 Doc 2
    16. 16. Sync Gateway DataData DataData
    17. 17. Sync Gateway DataData DataData DataData
    18. 18. Sync Gateway Data Data Data Data DataDataDataData
    19. 19. Sync Gateway DataData D ata D ata Data Data DataDataDataData
    20. 20. Sync Gateway DataData D ata D ata Data Data Data Data DataDataDataData
    21. 21. Sync Gateway DataData Data Data Data Data Data Data DataDataDataData
    22. 22. What you get Easy Sync •Effortlessly sync local data with a database in the cloud for updates, replication or collaborative sharing. •In addition, scale your data tier horizontally and reliably as your data and sync needs grow. JSON JSON JSON JSONJSON JSON Anywhere •Flexible JSON on device lets you work with local data & modify your data structure on the fly without impacting your back-end. •Your users can count on having an amazing app experience with a fast and unbreakable local database
    23. 23. Integrations Couchbase Lite Plug-in for PhoneGap • Support for HTML5 developers • Develop once in JavaScript and deploy on iOS & Android • Available on GitHub, Cordova Plugin Registry, and coming soon to
    24. 24. Integrations Couchbase Lite for Xamarin • Partnered to support C# community • Available on Developer Center • Includes sample application to help developers get started today
    25. 25. Customers in Beta Confirms a need for an embedded NoSQL on device
    26. 26. Infinite Campus Classroom management platform In-classroom management Course material distribution
    27. 27. Picsolve Theme park image-capturing system
    28. 28. Get Started Developer Portal Community Forum!forum/mobile-couchbase
    29. 29. Thank you!