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Couchbase_for mobile_Couchbase_SF_2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Use sentence from press release Need an example list. ** *** Do [ Sync Gateway] and [Server] [Lite] MUST USE COLORS Pull out Android and Apple Couchbase outside as well Couchbase logo on server and devices – not hidden on server Couchbase server say this in the cloud The bullets need fixing.
  • 1. I tried to make the graphic bigger. Maybe he can do better with this graphic than I did.
  • 1. I tried to make the graphic bigger. Maybe he can do better with this graphic than I did.
  • other features we aren ’ t going to look at the code for, but could in a a more detailed talk: login sync setup admin api
  • bring up demo now
  • don ’ t talk about event handlers
  • Transcript

    • 1. Couchbase  for  Mobile   Dip2  Borkar  –  Director,  Product  Management   J.  Chris  Anderson  –  Mobile  Architect  
    • 2. Couchbase  Lite   The  only   Na2ve  NoSQL   Database  for   Mobile  
    • 3. The  Complete  Mobile  Solu2on  
    • 4. JSON  Anywhere     JS N Lite Couchbase  Server   Sync Gateway Server JS N JS N •  JSON  on  the  device   •  JSON  on  the  wire   ­  Developers   increasingly  prefer   NoSQL  database   ­  No  need  for  data   transforma<on   •  JSON  in  the  cloud   ­  Flexible  data  model   ­  High  performance   ­  Easy  scalability  
    • 5. Architecture   On Premise In the cloud Couchbase  Server   SERVER  1       Sync  Gateway   SERVER  2       SERVER  3       Sync  Gateway       Channel     Channel Channel Channel Couchbase  Lite  for  iOS  and  Android  
    • 6. Couchbase  Lite   The  only  NoSQL  Database  for  Mobile  Devices   Couchbase   Lite     iOS   Couchbase   Lite     Android   Lite •  Features   ­  Ultra-­‐lightweight,  secure  JSON   database     ­  Na<ve  support  for  iOS,  Android   and  REST/HTML5   ­  Full  document,  index  and   querying  and  sync  capabili<es   ­  Powerful  conflict  resolu<on  
    • 7. What  you  get   Couchbase   Lite     iOS   Couchbase   Lite     Android   Lite ­  Enable  new  class  of  rich  data   intensive  local  applica<ons     ­  Rapid  development  using   na<ve  JSON  data   ­  Highly  responsive  interac<ve   applica<ons   ­  Always  available  -­‐    online  or   offline  
    • 8. What  you  get   JSON JSON JSO JSON N JSON          JSON  Everywhere   Easy  Sync     •  Flexible  JSON  on  device  lets  you   •  Effortlessly  sync  local  data  with  a   work  with  local  data  &  modify   database  in  the  cloud  for  updates,   your  data  structure  on  the  fly   replica<on  or  collabora<ve   without  impac<ng  your  back-­‐end.   sharing.   •  Your  users  can  count  on  having  an   •  In  addi<on,  scale  your  data  <er   amazing  app  experience  with  a   horizontally  and  reliably  as  your   fast  and  unbreakable  local   data  and  sync  needs  grow.     database      
    • 9. Couchbase  Sync  Gateway   Easy,  Reliable  Data  Sync  to  the  Cloud   •  Features   •  Dynamic  sync  capabili<es  via   Sync  Func<on  APIs   •  Easy  Administra<on   •  Seamless  scaleout   Sync Gateway •  Benefits   ­  10x  reduc<on  in  development   <me   ­  Scales  to  support  millions  of   users  
    • 10. How  does  sync  work?  
    • 11. Collaborate  using  Channels   •  For  each  document,  you  specify  a  set  of   channels  it  belongs  to   •  For  each  user  or  device,  you  control  which   channels  they  can  access   •  Replicate  only  a  subset  of  documents  down  to   the  device   ­  User-­‐defined  filter  func<ons     ­  Simply  lets  you  know  whether  a  document  should  be  replicated   •  And  you  can  authen2cate  users      
    • 12. Data Data Data Routing
    • 13. Data Routing Data Data Data
    • 14. Data Routing Data Data Data
    • 15. Data Data Data Routing
    • 16. Data Routing Data Data Data Data
    • 17. Data Data Routing Data Data
    • 18. Zero to sync in 5 minutes !!! How  do  I  get  started?  
    • 19. A  liVle  deep  dive   •  Get  familiar  with  Couchbase  Lite  through  looking  at  an   applica2on   •  Introduce  the  app  with  a  demo   ­  ­  ­  ­  create  a  list  /  live  query  my  lists   create  some  tasks  /  live  query  tasks   sign  in  to  the  cloud   collaborate  via  the  cloud   •  Show  the  code  for  the  features  as  we  use  them  
    • 20. Couchbase  Lite  -­‐  Features   Collaborate  via  Cloud   -­‐  social  network  login    JSON  /  REST  interface     -­‐  CRUD  opera<ons  use   HTTP  verbs   -­‐  Works  with  libraries  like   Live  Query   jQuery  and  Backbone   UI  Updates     -­‐  UI  updated  to  reflect   database  changes,  even   for  remote  changes   -­‐  HTTP  long  poll  API  to   support  quick  redraw   -­‐  programmable  sync   func<on  for  update   valida<on  and  channel   rou<ng  
    • 21. JSON  Document  Schema  
    • 22. All  Todo  Lists   •  Rendered  with  HTML   and  JavaScript   •  View  query  to  show  all   the  lists  on  a  device.   •  Form  submit  event   creates  a  document   represen2ng  a  list.  
    • 23. Task  List  -­‐  Items   •  Toggle  a  checkbox   •  Add  a  photo   •  Live  update  
    • 24. Toggle  a  Task  Checkbox   by  upda2ng  the  JSON  Document   Uses  a  familiar  REST  paradigm.  GET  and  PUT  used  here.  
    • 25. Live  Update  UI   Local  and  remote  updates  both  trigger  a  database  event,  used  for  redraw.  
    • 26. Sign-­‐in  to  sync  and  collaborate   •  Example  uses  Facebook,  we   support  a  wide  variety  of   authen2ca2on  op2on   •  Pick  from  the  list  of  signed  in   users  when  sharing  
    • 27. Photo  AVachment  
    • 28. Sync  Func2on   Your  cloud  in  one  page  of  code.   •  Applica2on  code  run   in  the  cloud   •  Access  control   •  Channel  rou2ng   •  Update  Valida2on  
    • 29. Get  Started   Sample  App   •  hVps://­‐PhoneGap