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Session I did at Dreamforce 2012, Social media marketing for marketers.

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  • Only 38%
  • Don’t get hung up on titles Bonin Bough Frank Eliason
  • We want to show you today one really critical message, how to delight your customers in a whole new way.Salesforce.com was born cloud. We were born cloud in 1999. But we have been reborn social, and we're going to show you todayour vision for the social enterprise and what salesforce.com is doing to help create that social enterprise.
  • Dreamforce autodeskmarketing

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing forMarketersCory Hartlen, Marketing Cloud, Product Marketing Manager@coryhartlen
    2. 2. Your Customers Share More than Ever Before Having a problem Great with… article on… Love the Looking new… Cool for recs... video… Hiring Product a CTO… review…
    3. 3. But Enterprises Are Not Prepared to Engage in SocialConversations of CMOs are tracking social media 38% metrics1 of CMOs feel unprepared 68% to deal with social media1 of companies ignore customer 70% complaints on Twitter2 1 IBM Global CMO Study 2011 2 Maritz and evolve24 Twitter Study, September 2011
    4. 4. Social is Disrupting the Entire Enterprise Executives Lead gen Sales Customer service Marketing & PR Marketing Recruiting R&D Service R&D C-Suite Recruiting
    5. 5. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Unsolicited Engaging One to many Transparent Untargeted Targeted
    6. 6. The Five C’s of Social Marketing Content is King! Build a CommunityIt’s all about the Conversation Now let’s Collaborate Leverage your Connections
    7. 7. IT ALL STARTS WITH LISTENING, BUT FOR WHAT? Competition Compliments Ideas Influencers Needs Complaints Crisis Campaign Sales Leads
    8. 8. | ALIGN YOUR DEPARTMENT AND CORPORATE GOALS Your Brand Your Competitors Your IndustryListen/Analyze Love the new… Product review… Great article on… View Share of Voice How manyMeasure Counts… Shares? Hiring Having a problem Blogger Outreach…Engage/Content a CTO… with… 8
    9. 9. | AVOID THE SILOS Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTubeMarketing PR HR Sales Cust. Serv.
    10. 10. | SOCIAL MEDIA COUNCIL Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTubeMarketing PR HR Sales Cust. Serv.
    11. 11. | HUB AND SPOKE MODEL Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTube Community TeamMarketing Cust. Serv. PR Sales HR
    12. 12. How Companies Are Approaching Social Media
    13. 13. A Social Business creates an enterprisewidecollaborative communityBoth internal and external communities must provide shared value
    15. 15. Most Companies Struggle With Social Marketing Fragmented No Unified Data Too Many Conversations Systems Ineffective Marketing Results Multiple groups engaging Campaigns and Multiple point solutions engagement Mixed messages disconnected Disconnected from the enterprise Customers only see one Multiple measurement brand dashboards Inefficient & uncoordinated No customer record or profile
    16. 16. World’s Only Unified Social Marketing Platform Turn insights into actions and connections into Customers for Life.
    17. 17. Social Monitoring to DriveMarketing EffectivenessDan Zucker, Autodesk, Social Media Manager@djzucker
    18. 18. Influencer Identification Autodesk software… leading the world in the ALL TIME WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER. i would very much LOVE to use the product ive paid for. aaaand @autodesk comes through with a solution… thanks guys ;) /me closes Mspiant. im telling you, my life is f’n silly. who the fk gets tweets from @autodesk and @sn00ki in the same lifetime let alone the same f***ing day
    19. 19. Persona Development Traditional market research + Social monitoring Avoid using customer lists Avoid survey question bias Potential cost savings
    20. 20. Product Lifecycle & Support Hey @AutoCAD users, how do you want to see the grid improved? Whats missing, what do you need/want that you don’t have #AutoCAD # Feedback @Autodeskcare having troubles deploying Civil3d 2013 through GPO.
    21. 21. Best Practices• Ask the right questions• Select your keywords carefully• Combine quantitative with qualitative• Share insights widely• Monitor daily to get smart
    22. 22. Learn more at salesforce.com/marketing-cloud