Starr chapters 10 & 11


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Starr chapters 10 & 11

  1. 1. By: Cory Schiefer
  2. 2.  California has a lot of history behind it and also has been one of the head states for technology  Because of California’s vacuum tube technology, California invented the radio and television set  Using the same type of technology with vacuum tubes, In 1945 the ENIAC computer was developed being the first computer of its time  Also in 1976 was the invention of the Apple 1, the more advanced home computer  The invention of the internet was introduced to the public in 1983
  3. 3.  The airplane was also perfected in California as well  In 1883 John Montgomery was the first in recorded history to fly in something heavier than air, he flew 600 feet in a glider  First sea plane flown in 1911 in Los Angeles by Lockheed Brothers  Made in Ryan Airlines of San Diego, the Spirit of St. Louis along with Charles Lindbergh were the first to fly across the Atlantic in 1927  By mid 1920’s there were four public transportation planes flying to Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle from Los Angeles  In 1947 Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier with rocketry technology
  4. 4.  Found in 1852, Yosemite gave geologists a great leap in discovering how the earth works  John Muir was the first president of the Sierra Club founded in 1892  In 1903 Muir camped two days with president Theodore Roosevelt which from then on Yosemite was known as a National Park
  5. 5.  The twentieth century witnessed three entertainment medias; television, film, and radio  Each media took root in California, especially film  In 1908 the first film was completed in Los Angeles called In the Sultan’s Power  By the 1920’s Hollywood had become industrialized and became the headquarters of film making  Because of the Great Depression, it is said that Hollywood helped stabilize the nation by offering psychological release for the stress everyone was experiencing
  6. 6.  Art such as painting and photography boomed in the 1920’s  Postimpressionist style was the favored style when famous painters came to California  Famous painters such as Frank Van Sloun painted a painting called Flossie which was a life size portrait of a young lady of the night which was considered utterly defiant of the gentle traditions of before  Sloun introduced Social Realism which became the new style during the depression  In the 1920’s Edward Wilson and Ansel Adams introduced photography in a way no one has seen  Ansel Adams introduced Yosemite to the world through his pictures
  7. 7.  The most recognizable and popular art was music  San Francisco was known to music as Hollywood was known to film  Wade’s Opera House which was established in 1876 was known through the country as one of the most ambitious venues of its kind  In 1919 the first Californian orchestra was established in San Francisco  Orchestra music became a whole new career for composers when music was introduced to film in 1920’s  Famous composers such as Stravinsky featured Disney’s Fantasia in 1940
  8. 8.  California by Kevin Starr