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SlideshowWWU Global Learning Program: Chinese Language and Cultural Studies
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SlideshowWWU Global Learning Program: Chinese Language and Cultural Studies


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  • 1. Information Session February 2014 Chinese Language Program, WWU
  • 2. General Information   Program characteristics  A faculty-led Global Learning Program  15 WWU credits (Chin237 or Chin337)  Three phases of study:  Reading periods (June 24-August 1)  Study tour in Beijing (Aug. 15-21)  Intensive study in Hangzhou (Aug. 21 – Sept 13)  The goal of this program is three-fold  to help students to sharpen their Chinese language skills;  to increase their cultural awareness;  to help students obtain Chinese Studies major or minor
  • 3. Important Dates   April 1: Application and Registration (International Programs & Exchanges)  April 1: Program cost and deadlines (Extended Education)  June 24-August 1 : Reading period (with two meetings on campus) :  July 1 (Tuesday): 2:00-4:00pm  July 22 (Tuesday): 2:00-4:00pm  Weekly assignments on Canvas  August 8: Pre-departure orientation (tentatively at Xing laoshi’s house  August 15: Leave for Beijing  August 16-21: Culture study in Beijing  August 21-Sept. 12: Intensive study in Hangzhou  Sept. 13: Return to US
  • 4. Planning Process   Start the process by visiting the Global Learning FacultyLed Study Abroad Program website  Visit the Financial Aid Center for funding's for study abroad  Financial aid sources;  Cost estimate  Tuition and fees: $5,500 which include the following:       15 WWU credits Room and board both in Beijing and Hangzhou All excursions in China Textbooks Visa fee Study abroad insurance
  • 5. Things to do now   Registration  Fill out the online registration form  Register for either Chin237 or Chin337  Immunization  Visit your family physician to get whatever shots you may need for traveling to Beijing and Hangzhou, China  Study Abroad Insurance  WWU will purchase the insurance for you.
  • 6. Travel Related   Passport and visa  Passport: apply for it if you don’t have one  Visa: WWU will pay for it, but you have to fill out the application form. ($180 consular fee + shipping and handling fees, one passport photo and application form)  Travel to China  Ticket: to purchase as early as possible (both international and in-China flights); Travel agency recommended: Bellingham Travel (Terri)  Everyone should arrive at Beijing on the same day (depart on 8/15 and arrive on 8/16), and depart for Hangzhou on the same flight. Every one should also leave Hangzhou on Sept. 13; however, you may return home via Shanghai since it is very close to Hangzhou (less than one hour train).
  • 7. Language Pledge   Only Chinese will be spoken, especially with other members of the group, roommates, teachers and staff. This is the Program's most important regulation and constitutes the very backbone of its philosophy. The purpose of the Language Pledge is to help you become immersed in the language and to encourage you not only to speak Chinese but to think Chinese as well. When English is spoken by students, full immersion into the language is not possible and the learning process is hindered. Only in the case of dire emergency, or if you must speak to someone who doesn't understand Chinese, should you consider reverting to English. Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in the following disciplinary action:     First offense: oral warning Second offense: written warning Third offense: one full grade reduction for courses taken in that term Fourth offense: expulsion from the program  Students who are not able to observe this rule faithfully should not be with our Program. WWU in Hangzhou is charged with confirming the expulsion of any student who does not conform to the Language Pledge.
  • 8. In Beijing   Stay at the foreign student dorm, Beijing Language University  Eat at the university cafeteria and restaurants  Visit cultural cites, interview people, write journals, and one oral exam.        Forbidden City Tiananmen Square Summer Palace Temple of Heaven Olympic Village Great Wall Ming Tombs
  • 9. In Hangzhou   Chinese Language & Cultural Courses: Chin237 or Chin337 8-10: Small Lecture (3-6 students) 10-12: Drill Session (2-3 students) 1:30-2:50: Individual Session 3:00-4:00: Elective cultural courses (martial arts, calligraphy and painting, Chinese music and dance, etc.)  Weekends: Excursion to Silk/tea exhibitions, Jingdezheng (porcelain town), etc.      Live in Hangzhou:     Stay at a foreign student dorm (single) Eat at a student cafeteria Take classes on campus of Hangzhou Normal University Internet available in dorm room and some classrooms
  • 10. 杭州-Hangzhou Most beautiful city in China 
  • 11. 杭州小吃 
  • 12. Hosting Institution Hangzhou Normal University 
  • 13. 上课的教师和图书馆 
  • 14. 学生宿舍和洗衣房 
  • 15. Summary   Consult with a Chinese faculty and find out how this study abroad program fits in your major/minor program;  Consult with an adviser at the Financial Aid Center for financial related matters;  Fill out the online application form and register for the course (either Chin237 or Chin337);  Visit your physician, asking them the immunization you need for the trip to Hangzhou, China;  Apply for a passport;  Purchase your ticket;  Student Handbook will be available soon.  Language Pledge needs to be signed on July 1
  • 16. Questions?   Program Director: Janet Xing,  Registration: Cory Bartel,  Application/Insurance: Krista Mantell,  Teaching Staff:  Dr. Janet Xing  Dr. Cai Fei, Hangzhou Normal University  Other teachers from Hangzhou Normal University