One Pass Corvus Corn Herbicide - 2012 Advertorial


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Corvus® Corn Herbicide offers more than dead weeds for farmers. Bryan Henrichs, dairy and grain producer, uses the one-pass corn herbicide. Because of the single-trip program, farmers are saving in time, labor and follow-up application costs. Corvus® offers rapid burndown, reactivation and residual control of weeds that are resistant to glyphosate.

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One Pass Corvus Corn Herbicide - 2012 Advertorial

  1. 1. ADVERTISMENTONE-PASS CORN HERBICIDEOFFERS MORE THAN DEAD WEEDSFarmers find value in single-trip programGrowing a business by farming “With the dairy and all the custommore acres can mean more money work, we usually don’t have time toin the bank. But, it also means be scouting our fields constantly,”enterprising farmers must carefully Henrichs says. “With Corvus, wechoose the best weed management know that if we put that down we Bryan Henrichsprogram for their operations. usually don’t have to go back and Dairy and Grain ProducerAfter all, managing more acres watch for weeds popping out again.”in a limited amount of time calls A single-trip program, such as “If you get these resistant weeds onfor an efficient, simple and Corvus® pre-emergence corn your farm, then you’ve eliminated aeffective program. As corn herbicide from Bayer CropScience, whole group of pesticides that youproducers consider ways to offers farmers like Henrichs savings may never use again on that farm,”increase profitability through higher in time, labor and follow-up Erickson says. “There is potentiallycrop yields and expanded profit application costs. a big economic cost to that bymargins, many turn to one-pass “The most expensive weed control eliminating a whole suite of options.herbicide programs to control program is the one that doesn’t That to me is a big economic driverweeds early, and all season long. work,” Henrichs says. “Before we on resistance management.”“Farmers need two or more switched to our current weed Corvus is flexible enough to beeffective modes of action that control program, we looked at applied from pre-plant through thehave activity on their target weed prices of the program and it was V2 growth stage in corn. It also canspecies,” says Bryan Young, a little more expensive than what be applied on various soil types —weed specialist at Southern Illinois I was hoping. But, we’ve never including sandy loam and heavyUniversity. “If they can do a one- had to come back and respray… clay — without injuring the crop,pass at planting and [the fields because it’s pretty much taken care thanks to Bayer’s highly activeare] weed-free for the rest of the of all the weeds.” Crop Safety Innovation (CSI™)season, that would be their greatest Corvus controls more than Safener technology.return on investment.” 50 hard-to-kill grass and “Corvus helps farmers farm moreToday, return on investment broadleaf weeds with just one efficiently by controlling weeds inencompasses more than the pass. A tankmix of 5.6 fl oz/A one pass,” says Jeff Springsteen,bottom line. Farmers are weighing of Corvus with atrazine offers herbicides manager for Bayerhow much time, handling and effort rapid burndown, reactivation CropScience. “It has a wideit takes to apply their inputs. And and residual control of weeds — window of application in thegiven that many are trying to cover such as Palmer amaranth, event weather keeps them outthe most acres in the least amount ragweed and waterhemp — of the field. Plus, its reactivationof time, one-pass has become that have become resistant to properties continue to controlincreasingly important. glyphosate-, ALS-, PPO- and weeds throughout the season withBryan Henrichs, St. Rose, Ill., triazine-based chemistries. just a half-inch of rainfall. All in all,dairy and grain producer, says Resistant weeds cost farmers it’s a great option for farmers.”dependable one-pass control is the utility of an entire class of Visit or callone of the first things he looks herbicide chemistry in addition your local Bayer CropSciencefor in a corn weed management to time and money, according representative for moreprogram. In addition to producing to Bruce Erickson, agronomic information on Corvus one-passcorn crops, he raises soybeans, education manager for the pre-emergence corn herbicide.wheat, alfalfa, canola and 200 head American Society of Agronomyof dairy cows, so time is limited and adjunct assistant professorand he doesn’t want to “babysit for the Purdue University[his] corn.” Department of Agronomy.Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer (reg’d), theBayer Cross (reg’d), Corvus® and CSI™ are trademarks of Bayer. Atrazine and Corvus are Restricted Use Pesticides. Corvus is not registered in allstates. For additional product information call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at