2013 iPad Perception Survey Data


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Yr 6, 7 and 8 Student iPad use perception data.

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2013 iPad Perception Survey Data

  2. 2. BACK GROUND INFO • Survey asked of students to gain their perceptions in using their own iPad devices to support their learning. • 200+ respondents from across year 6, 7 and 8 cohorts.
  3. 3. Are Your Parents Supportive Of You Using An iPad At School To Assist Your Learning?
  4. 4. Do You Find Using Your iPad Helpful With Your Learning?
  5. 5. How Does The iPad Help YOU Learn At School? It helps if we get stuck on something so we can just search up things on the internet I can find out things about hurricane sandy, cyclone Sandra, Tracy and cyclone tim. I find them to be very interesting. Hey I get answer while on ipad It helps you learn because Games Learning apps I don't know . Lin Just dose Getting information from the Internet Yes, the iPad has helped us learn making more work interesting and sometimes more fun. We have a good access to the Internet and there are many things we can create and do with the iPad, that is related to learning. I get answer while on ipad I-pad to help for our projects or searching skills. Well when the teacher gives us work we can go on our iPads and see what she has givin us to do for work then if we have to search anything we can because we have iPads to search things so I think iPads are a good learning tool. You can search up things you need help with We research stuff and it gives us all the answers. It helps me learn by able to research all the time I don't h ave to wait for a laptop and I can do any subject because I know I can do research Because u can research on my iPad iPads can really support me on gathering information for a type of topic or subject me and my class are doing it can also help me a lot on presenting various text and presentations It only gets me annoyed because the Internet doesn't work half the time and majority of the things ON the iPads consumes Internet! Math Reading Humanity's I have access to the Internet which leaves me with endless information. Also some apps help me focus or find easier ways to learn. We can use apps that give us strategies to learn better All we use is edmodo and safari It helps me find the information that I need ??? I can finish my work faster on my iPad and I can be more creative I use my iPad for researching history. I use my iPad for the calculator. I use my iPad for gain access to my homework and edmodo. Research I go to the home work page It helps Internet and edmodo. To help you It helps me create better presentations and work It helps by giving me answers and helps me work. I prefer reading books on the ipad because they are interesting and cool. It supports us because we can just use our iPad instead of using paper If I have a task that I need to do and I don't know the answer I can use the Internet Play educational games It helps get information It makes me want to learn more You can look up information. It helps me add more colour to creative tasks, some special effects something like that. It helps me with creating movies or ads or mini posters. Something like that. idk To research stuff on the internet I get answer while on ipad It helps me find definition for stuffSo we can as I said find information and creative things It give us more sites to research from. The iPad helps me learn because it gives me access to many websites and apps that are really educational. Having Internet Creating project Researching I can get information for my projects Work and resarch ?? It helps me to research topics to help me make my work better It helps me because I'm a big fan of TecnologyGiving me more and creative ways of learning It doesn't except Internet for projects and and stuff like that Play educational games It helps me by supplying information on topics I need to research on. We learn in our class we learn better with I pads It teaches me a lot new things like if we search a task or question on the iPad we will find an answer we never knew Internet It helps me get information easily so I can do my work faster. I can also use the apps to present things creatively. Research I use it to do extension work. I also use it a lot for research and brainstorming. Well the access to Internet for everybody is great and the god thing is that you can find something in a flash. It is a great thing to have and it really help us in projects and other things. It helps you research It is easier to present work to my teacher. It does not help me I can research, make projects and presentations without using paper. iPads can really support me on gathering information for a type of topic or subject me and my class are doing it can also help me a lot on presenting various text and presentations It helps me with the technology like learn new thing on how to use it.
  6. 6. Do You Find the iPad An Easy Piece Of Technology To Use?
  7. 7. Do You Prefer Using Your iPad than Working In An Exercise Book or From a Whiteboard?
  8. 8. What Subject Do You Think Your iPad Is Most Helpful In?
  9. 9. What Subject Area Do You Like Using Your iPad In The Most?
  10. 10. How Is The iPad Most Helpful To You When At School?
  11. 11. Does Using The iPad In Class make You Want To Come To School More Often?
  12. 12. Is it Easy To Locate New Information Quickly And Easily On Your iPad Device?
  13. 13. When Do You Mostly Enjoy Using Your iPad In Class?
  14. 14. Do You Enjoy Reading Books (eBooks, Multi Touch Books) On Your iPad?
  15. 15. Do You Prefer Reading On Your iPad Over A Real Novel?
  16. 16. What Type Of Text Would You Read Most On Your iPad?
  17. 17. During Math Sessions, Do You Find That Your iPad Assists You In Learning About Current Topics?
  18. 18. Are There Any Specific App's That You Like To Use In Math Classes? Calculator Quick math Mathletics Times table wrap Calutulater I don't really know just math one No Math ninja Calculator Math Gun craft Tlck Math NinjaCalutulater Mathematics Calculator,when you don't have own calculator. Math ninja Math board Maths Math ninja Factor samurai Math battle Calculator Mathsboard Edmodo The only maths related app i have on my Ipad is my calculator app Fish Mathletics Maths board Math rocket Mathletics and number battle Calculator Calculator Compass Safari Mathematics , NoneMaths board. Math mathematics Name that number Math zombie Math board Mathletics Quick math I really like educreation,mathletics and number battle. Calculator, Mathletics, Create A Graph Math boardMath zombies, Quickmath, and mathletics Math boards Math ninja Mathletics Math board ? No no not really Calculator Calutulater Calculator , edmodo , Mathletics,Speedo Math,Number BattleNone No. Calculator Compass Edmodo ..... Mathboard shuttle math number samiri No Maths board Bamboo Paper, Movie Creator, Cely, MathPad Graphs Calculater Mathletics Calculater Math zombies, Quickmath, and mathletics None, really. Science 360. Number battle Edu creations Wilder quest Number battle Math ninja Safari Calculator . Graphs, pic collage, mathletics Explain EverythingMath board Haiku deck and pic collage. None Mathletics Calculator Mathsboard Math vs zombies Mathletics Mathmatee Mathis board,mathmeeter and mathlitics. Mathletics Number battle MinecraftMath zombies Mathletics, educreation number battle Edmodo Mathletics None at all because I have a calculator Maths board Pagers Note Mathboard Mathninja Maths vs zombies Number battle Quick math The caculator Number battle Math rocket Maths zombies, compass and mathletics Math ninja Math board . ... I would use the graph app, speedo math and number battle! None Math board Mathletics Paper toss Calculator Edmodo is the only app we use for math Edmodo, calculate, Idk MathBoard Calculator Explain everything and rocket math Nope I dont know Mathletic. Mathletics Mathboard Math ninja Calculator and math board Yes Mathletics Mathmateer Free Calculator Math board. Calculator. Math ninja and math board Rocket Mathis Mathis vs zombies MathleticsCalculator Mathletics 1. Warm up math games. 2. ( mathletics) 3.Quickmath. Nil Script calculator Math Ninja Calculator Matheletics Graphs, Mathletics, Number Battle and Caculator. Edmodo SafariMathletics No Calculator, explain everything. Calculator Mathletics Math board Space rocket Mathletics No Math zombies Math Ninja None Calculator Maths board Number Battle Mathletics, math verses zombies, number battles Math board Addition, Matheletics, Factor Samurai Mathletics Math vs Zoimbes Math rocket Graphs, and periodic table, Quick math,mathletics,number battle Math ninja,mathbored Mathslates Math ninja Art set Keynote iMovie Khan academy Math vs zombie / pic collage No Not really Calculator Zombie math Mathletics Math trainer Mad libs The rocket game Math board No No No Math board Quick math Math zombies and math board. Clash of clans Explain everything Calculator My script calculator, Maths Ninja none Math ninja Math rocketMaths rocket Calculator, all the fricken time. 1. Mathmata 2. Number battle 3. Khan academy Calculator No None Not really Math board Explain everything Math ninja 1. Name that number 2. Math board 3. Graphs Math bored No. Math Idk Calculator Mathsboard No Math zombies Math ninja The perodectable and my calculators Calculator Math board Math board Math academy Math training Script calculater because you can learn new things in maths Mathletics Algebra apps Maths whiz Calculator, math ninja, mathboard Math zombies I hardly use any math applications on my iPad, if I were to I would use the calculator, maths board and maths ninja. Sakura Quick math None Good notes Poppet (sometimes) Pages Internet Pages Drawing Presentation apps Calculator Time wrapNo Mathletics NINGA Maths Math ninja, mathletics, factor samurai
  19. 19. When Reflecting On Your Success Criteria, Does The iPad Help You To Do This?
  20. 20. Does Using The iPad Help You Become More Creative When Presenting Your Work?
  21. 21. Is It Good Knowing You Have Access To Many Different App’s To Create Pieces Of Work?
  22. 22. Do You Like That You Get To Select Which App’s You Can Use To Create Your Work?
  23. 23. What are your favourite App's for Creation? Keynote pages and iMovie Doodle buggy Art set Colourblast HD Paper Hey Scap pad Keynote,pages and poplet Minecraft Games Pic collage Idk None iMovie, Pages, Story Kit, Keynote Scap pad I movie, prezi, pages, popplet, perodic table and wordweb( dictionary) iMovie Pic collage Glow draw Explain everything Keynote because you can make presentations iMovie because you can make movies on it Haiku deck iMovie and pic collage All of them there all to good iMovie,draw free,pages , iMovie Pages Keynote None iMovie Keynote Pages iMovie, Pic Collage, Scrapad, Skitch, Popplet, Educreations, Paper I would say probably keynote,imovie and real director as they are pretty basic but can be made to look much better in the end. iMovie, pages, keynote Injustice Infinity blade Hungry shark iMovie Pic collage educreations Scrap pad iMovie, Keynote and Pages Haiku deck Keynote, Pages, IMovie ,Animation HD Pic collage, explain everything. iMovie Haiku deck Pic college KeynoteKeynote Explain everything Educreations Pic collage I really like educreation, action movie and vjay. Pic Collage, Educreations, Bamboo Paper iMovie Popplet Pic collage Pic collage IMovie iMoviePages, keynote I guess Keynote, Pages, IMovie Keynote, iMovie, pages Pic collage Scap pad iMovie , keynote, draw free ,YouTube Keynote,Artset,IMovie,pages and Pic Collage iMovie , explain everything. iMovie. iMovie Keynote Pocollage IMovie iMovie haiku deck slide by slide imovie Keynote and explain everything Documents 2 Imoive Keynote, imovie and others Pic collageKeynote, Pages and iMovie. Haiku deck Edu creations Edu creations,haiku deck Poppet and keynote iMovie . Pick collage, explain everything, popplet, video star, video FX Minecraft, Eden, Popplet, Pic Collage and Explain Everything. Imovie Haiku deck and pic collage. Mine craft Pages, Keynote, Simple Mind iMovie Pages Keynote iMovie Picollage Haiku dec VideoFX live iMovie,pic collage and educreation. Edu creations Pic collage Imovie Paper53 iMovie iMovie Keynote Pages N/A Educreations iMovie Notes iMovie Pic collage Haiku deck Simple minds Popplet iMovie I movie Toon tactic Video editor Pic college Pic collage, haiku deck, and poppet lite Pages iMovie Keynotes I really like explain everything because it have a lot of different tools in it and its REALLY creative. Art SetKeynote Pic collage Edu creations Keynote is my favourite so far. Keynote iMovie, keynote, strip design, Idk Prezi Adobe Ideas Pic college,pages,iMovie Minecraft Imovie and keynote iMovie,pic collage and keynote. Pic college iMovie, explain everything, pic collage and popplet T Pic collage because it if cool and fun to work on iMovie Pages Keynote IMovie explain everything etc Keynote Pic collage Art set Animation HD Keynote Edu creations iMovie Keynote Pages Procreate Imovie, stripdesigner My favourite creation app is Poc Collage. Keynote iMovie iMovie Pic collage iMovieEducreations, Popplet, Pic Collage, Simplemind and Action Movie. Keynote Pages iMovie Imovie , keynote explain everything , educreations iMovie Keynote Pages, minecraft, haiku deck, keynote, idea sketch, pic collage Scrap pad Pic collage and Documents 2 Piccollage Keynote iMovie drowning free iMovie, Pages, Story Kit, Keynote None they all good Pages,keynote Keynote Pages iMovie iMovie, pic collage and google drive. iMovie, haiku deck, pic collage, educreations, bamboo paper, keynote, popplet, pages. Haiku Deck, eduCreations, MightyMeeting, Popplet. Haiku deck iMovie Pic collage Explain Everything, Pages, IMovie and Keynote. Haiku deck,pic collage,explain everything iMovie,explain everything,keynote,pic collage ,pages and popplet Coach of clans Pic collage iMovie Keynote Puppet palsPages Pic collage / graph Pages,iMovie and keynote iMovie Keynote Pages Notes Explain everything Split pic I like (pic collage) because I mostly play and create with it more then other Explain everything iMovie Pic collage It depends on what the subject we are doing iMovie Keynote iMovie, explain everything and bamboo Pic collage iMovie iMovie ArtSet, PicCollage, Instagram key note imovie pages
  24. 24. What % Do You Think You Use Your iPad In Class During A Week?
  25. 25. Do you Think You Could Be Using Your iPad More or Less in Class To Support Your Learning?
  26. 26. If You Said 'Definitely' In The Previous Question, How? Because it gives people a chance to become smarter and smarter It's helps you with your Maths writing reading and a lot more I I didn't say definitely but I did say yes because it depends on the subject.More ipads I didn't It's helps you with your Maths writing reading and a lot more . Okay here is a example because if there was a hard humanities topic I could just search it up We could use its way more for our learning we haven't used it to our full potential Because u can research information on our project I answered I said yes Fish By doing more work on the iPad ??? ? N/a I said no More math None I did not say that. Because they are easy to answer By using a variety of all school apps we have Because we some times do hard maths and other hard stuff so we should use our iPads mor often. It helps our learning and it saves paper Sometimes it helps with subjects but sometime is unnessercery Na We can get information almost instantly I didnt I didn't say definitely Um, I didn't answer this but this keeps popping up so... I didn't N/a It's helps you with your Maths writing reading and a lot more Watch videos So we can find more information and find creative things to use. I don't know I did not say definitely. Projects And internet .Making big and exciting projects Na I didn't put definitely. Nothing Because where always using our books still and my hands get really sore I said yes because it depends on the subject I said No . We could use it a little more to support the learning of those who prefer hands on learning rather than listening or watching ?????? I don't know . I don't no❗ The iPad is a much easier learning tool to use than handing in projects and books, where on the iPad you can just email them to the teacher from a tap of a button. You can also access tasks easier using certain apps. I answered 'no we use it enough' . ... Gyyggh I don't know Because we don't use it much I didn't say it I said no So we can research Because you can look up information and valuable facts of the topic It's very easy Using it more in class If we used the Internet more Well it helps you like spell check and stuff straight away and it helps you search things up Not playing around By having all the apps & you can help others with there iPads By allowing us to create presentations with moving pictures better graphics and the fact that it is a lot more fun .. Get to use some learning apps Didn't use that answer We can use it more in researching things instead playing games. I didn't say definetly Getting more apps No Idk . More chose ?? I DONT KNOW . By re-searching Because it helps to get information. Don't go on games N/A Using more of the iPad. .. . Because I could correct my mis-takes I don't know I didnt Because we can read educational texts and also play educational games. Nil Nothing I didn't choose definitely . Maybe I didn't say definitely in the previous question N/a Nothing By Learning on the web NoLearning We already do all the things I would think of to improve or support our learning. . I didn't say definitely We use the iPad enough I didn't click 'definitely' . By being provided with the websites for research projects and be monitored with what we are doing and making sure it is educational. . If we could make more decisions ourselves. Go on educational apps I dident say definitely ? Helping with projects like researching Put work in edmodo so we can complete the tasks Abc By using other apps for creation I didn't choose it I didn't select definitely We use it plenty ! Hahhhhhh Using lots of apps for learning I think homework on the ipad is lots of help Because Research Chose different answer In one question I said definitely because we can use our Ipad for other stuff Idk Use more school apps I did not write definitely Na i said yes Am More often Just coz it helps to have it around I dont know i just chose an answer. Abc .. Get more school apps. k Well when we do writing and speeches and stuff it would be alot better if we could type them in our iPads not our books. And when we research we should be able to put it in notes not write it in our books. Yes to help learning because using iPads to me is a good way of being creative. No A??????? Didn't say yes Every way Idk I answered 'no we use it enough' I said that it depends Use them in a different way
  27. 27. Does Your iPad Assist You WIth Any Homework You get Given During Week?
  28. 28. Do You Think You Are A Better User Of Your iPad Than Your Teacher?
  29. 29. Do You Use Any Games To Support Your Learning In Class?
  30. 30. If You Said Yes To The Question Above, What Games Have You Used In Class? Mad libs writing Quick maths Hey Mathlatics edmodo Math ninja Minecraft Afl I don't know L None I answered no. Mathlatics edmodo . Lol Minecraft Fix it Flow free Icon pop quiz Math ninja and mad libs We haven't Math battle MathsBoard mathsninja nuclear Minecraft Math Zombies, Digit Whiz. I said no Fish Mathletics ??? _ Monkey maths games Minecraft None Maths board, pic collage etc because we get school apps . Clash of clans Mathletics Mathboard I have used chicktionary lots of game and more. Minecraft Math boardBoggle free, mad libs... None I didn't None I didn't answer yes I'dk A monkey game on my ipad Mathlatics edmodo None Mathletics and speedo maths I said no I did not say yes NoMathletics ..... ??? Maths board ? No Boggle free, mad libs... Didn't say yes. All the school games Minecraft Math ninja I said No . Minecraft Minecraft P.E and Eden. I don't use them so much. Mathboard . Minecraft Clash of clans None. MathsBoard mathsninja nuclear Mindcraft in Indonesia ... Pic collage Haiku deck Edu creations Number battle ect ect All of them Mad libs maths zombie maths nija Math games I said no Mathletics for maths Math board,mathletics,mine craft Nba 2k13 4 pics 1 word Some of the games are very educating Minecraft MathleticsI said no because i don't find them helpful ... Mad libs and toon tastic We haven't I don't know all of them but some of the games we use are Math board Addition bingo School A-z I don't. I didn't say yesNone Idk . Candy crash,flow Minecraft Mathletics Minecraft . T Clash of clans Mathmateer Free Hanging with friends, words with friends, scramble with friends. .. Math ninja Math apps learning Math ninja Words with friends Dragonvale Minecraft Mathletics Mathletics, math shuttle, math zombies, boggle free, chicktionary, fractions , mad libs, number battle, Quickmath, speedo math, time warp , Number battle Nothing 4 pics 1 word. I didn't choose Yes Mathletices I said no Minecraft Monkey maths games Neon zombies (maths game) math board (quiz). I didn't Math zombies I answered no. ....... Non Maths board Maths ninja Number battle, flow and hyper blast2 Mathletics 4 Pics 1 Word, math board, dictionary, matheletics School games Clace of clans Minecraft I said no to the question. Minecraft Math ninja ,math bored ? Math ninja Mine craft Math ninja Mathboard Flow free Math vs zombie / clash of clans / toontastic No gamesBecause some games are educational ... Mad libs speedo math fractions Pic college No Don't use games No Math zombies Clash of clans Explain everything keynote iMovieMinecraft,injustice,call of duty black ops zombies Maths games, literacy games we should use minecraft because its a structurle game. Maths apps mostly and Science. And mad libs Mindcraft and clash of clans Maths rocket Minecraft Abc .. Edmodo and there,s not really any other apps. Sanp chat I didn't say yes One of the games is dr Jolt for science it's really fun. Math bored?????? Minecraft,math ninja. I don't know Idk MathsBoard mathsninja nuclear We don't really use any Educreations Math ninja My math games like mathletices Galaxy on fire 2 it uses credits as money and when learning about money it helps to see all the credits I've spent on a ship Pocket words and words Clash of clans You tube Mine craft Subway surfers Flow flow 4 pics one word Penguin race Cool math games, I said no Maths whiz and mad libs Math ninja math board Pic college and all the games that we can create things in I said no None I said no Many online games and I think we've used a few apps None MATHBOARD Dragonvale Minecraft No I did not. Minecraft minecraft Afl gold guess games Mathletics, math ninja
  31. 31. Have You Ever Been Cyber Bullied on Your iPad?
  32. 32. Have Any Of The Following Ever Happened To You On Your iPad?
  33. 33. What Is The Absolute Best Thing About Using Your iPad At School? Searching things up to help me We get free wifi so I can play sims and tiny chef Hey It helps me Games and fast Internet Games Using it I don't know U Games Nothing It gives us a different way to learn and we are able to expand our knowledge using technology. It helps me Researching skills. Reading. Making projects, eg. I movie Lol Sometimes I can play good game when there is free timeUsing all the different apps To be able to play games And listen to music Learning Getting to present a variety of text in any easy way e.g. iMovie Pages Keynote Nothing Work Probably being able to listen to music whilst learning. Allows you to be much more creative as you can put in videos or photos I can't think of any I can get all the things I need to work with Playing clash of clans Free time Using it during free time getting information quickly and easier Free time Being able to present presentations and documents. I don't use it that much just use it when I am asked to. To play games To create projects and pictures Having the games and the right apps to help you learn. We get free time if we do our work correctly. I get to discover apps that I never knew existed Playing games It's so much easier than writing I don't know ? You get to create something more detailed I'm not sure The research it's easy to do on here but we also could use a computer It helps me Internet , researching Writing letters and communicating to people When we get free time I can play games. That we can use different apps and access the internet quickly. Going projects It helps me learn Work and freetime ???? It is an independent task and you have to take responsibility for your own learning Internet Creative and better presentations Nothing it's all the same to me Playing games don't know Everything We get to go on to edmodo Fast net when it works I can get information quickly easily and almost instantly It hleps me You don't have to read books to be able get information about a topic Well it's an amazing technology and it is really good to have for a student but it is not a gaming device. Playing games For our work Games Making my learning and my work so much easier. Getting to present a variety of text in any easy way e.g. iMovie Pages Keynote It helps me learn new things about technology It corrects my writing for me. You get free time Idk It helps us learn in a fun way It's easier to learn with. Creativity ... It makes work easier in the class The games and learning new things every day It's much easier writing everything Free time,and we can access fun and different apps You get to actually use technology It is more funThat there is different things to go on the iPads The CREATIve side of it It's faster to write things down and research things faster so we can see it straight away Idk Using it in free time Games You get to play games when you get free time I When I have a project I can use any app to make my project. For learning I get to put my work together in different ways. T Free time Saves writing things in my book Not having to write I can just type Games. School is more fun and easy Doing all that need to be done It gives you a break from schoolwork, it's doing schoolwork but in a fun way Music and having the Internet at my fingertips Being able to play games on it. GamesBeing able to listen to music You can use it for fun sometimes Making creations and free time. It's a lot of fun Going on it and looking up stuff Looking up things and doing work on it The best thing about using my iPad at school is i create Using it during free time creative things Playing games You can get information quickly. Playing games It gives us a different way to learn and we are able to expand our knowledge using technology. . Making creative projects That we use it nearly every session That I can create amazing projects and present my work in a better state than usual. The creating things like projects. IT IS FUN TO USE!
  34. 34. What iPad App's Are You Absolute ALL TIME Favourites? Injustice safari vdownloader Tiny chef Minecraft Sims Little inferno Garage band 1D fanzone Hey Temble ran 2 Injustice, 8 ball pool and running with friends Clash of clans Minecraft A game I movie Subway surfer Afl 2k13 Hill climbe L Sanp chat Skype Happy jump None I don't really have a favourite app. Temble ran 2 Word web( dictionary), pages and i movie. Lol Fix it Flow free and I don't know anymore Snap chat, instagram and kik Guncraft Pages.key note Pages iMovie Keynote Minecraft, iBooks & newsstand. Keynote Pages iMovie Retrica, Minecraft and Pic Collage Ibooks, icon pop quiz and free video. Dumb ways to die, sound cloud, Skype, Injustice Hungry shark Infinity blade ??? Minecraft subway surfers and 4 pics one word. Edmodo, explain everything, scrap pad Safari Keynote PagesMinecraft Keynote, pages and soundcloud Depends on my mood. Minecraft Clash of clans Zombie farm 2 Zombie life Aerox My favorites are dragon city, Simpsons and minecraft, Clash of Clans, Spy Mouse and Gravity Guy Subway surf YouTube Safari Clash of clans Dungeon hunters 3 Dungeon hunters 2 Robot unicorn attack Twitter, instagram & facebook Plants vs zombies, balloon tower defense 5 and for education I guess just pages Instagram Facebook YouTube Idk Pic collage because it helps me with projects Temble ran 2 Facebook , Instagram , safari , mincraft ,youtube Split Pic,Pic collage and keynote Ricky Carmichael motocross matchup, Facebook, afl gold. I don't have any. Minecraft YouTube Crimecity Fruit ninja Clash of clans The Simpsons taped out Clash of clans minecraft injustice gods Hmong us ?? Subway surfers , keynote , maths board None Skype Instagram Youtube I don't have favourite apps Clash of clans Wattpad, Kik, Minomonsters Everything Haiku deck,I music,internetInjustice, chess and mc4 Pages Keynote Safari Scrap pad Video star, pic collage, clash of clans Pages Keynote Explain Everything Hill climb Minecraft,clash of clans Minecraft Clash of clansMinecraft, Pages, iMovie, Clash of Clans Pages iMovie Keynote Mindcraft Clash the clans Hill clime racing Hay day,clash of clans and minecraft. Number battle Games YouTube Internet Minecraft, clash of clans and touch grind bmx Keynote Pages iMovie Clash of clan Minecraft Clash of clans,mine craft and motorbike hd Nba 2k13 The games The sports The education apps Dungeon hunters 3 Dungeon hunters 2 INFINITY BLADE Clash of clans 4 pics 1 word Minecraft Facebook app Kik Nothing really Haiku Deck, pic collage and bamboo paper Infinity blade 2 Pages Legendary wars Clash of clans Kik Walking dead MANGA READER!! Art set Gargeband Minecraft My absolute favourite games are Aerox Lego 4+ Dumb ways to die Keynote and wattpad, safari Wattpad, kik and Vdownloader Keynote, iMovie, strip design Idk Tap Tap Revenge 4 Clash Of Clans Edmodo Instagram,Skype,kik,google Minecraft ,clash of the clans I DONT KNOW Tiny piano, itube, fish with attitude. FIFA 13 Blitz brigade Clash of clans Pic collage and Pinterest T Clash of clans iMessage Real Racing 3 Snapchat Clash of clans Instagram Dragonvale Snapchat Injustce Clash of clans Hungary shark Minecraft. Eden. Clash of clans Procreate Vdownload+ Instagram YouTube Facebook iMovie Temple run, clash of clans pic collage and you tube. Rainbow six N.o.v.a 3 Tap tap revenge 4 AFL app The Simpsons: tapped out Jurassic park builder Facebook Skype Youtube Action Movie, Pic Collage, Minecraft and Dumb ways to die. Pages Keynote Safari Clash of clans Minecraft My horse Facebook Instagram Snapchat Minecraft, clash of clans, Eden. Edmodo, explain everything, scrap pad Roblox , minecraft and fun games Subway surfers ,mine craft ,clash of clans Music tube Dumb ways to die Temple run/ subway surfers Mine craft clash of clans suby serthers I don't really have a favourite app. Cant say they are all good GTA vice city Asphalt 7 Pages Keynote Pages Maths board Wattpad Pic collage iMovie Pic collage, haiku deck. 1. Fast And Furious 6 2. Clash Of Clans 3. Minecraft 1st minecraft 2nd clause of clans 3rd hill chilme Explain everything, pages and hill limb iMovie,dictionary,pick a path Hill climb
  35. 35. Lastly... How Do You Think We Could Be Using Your iPads More Effectively To Support You And Your Learning? By letting us do all out work on it Add more math and science apps so I can become a vet in the future. Hey Use it all the time If you found more fun learning apps I don't now Not sure I don't know LI'm not sure Yes less restriction on the Internet I am not sure, because we already do many things that support our learning with the iPad and I can't think of any other way. Use it all the time Using I-pad during in class time. Do not use any games without teacher's permissions. Lol I don't understand the question Na You can't it's perfect all ready Research Nothing really Taking them away from us. It's the only way to get us to listen abit better. More apps Having more interactive apps that helped us learn and focus better. Enable us to explore more apps to enhance our learning Make the Internet faster because half of the time it's not working Yes Using the, for more major projects or major projects, instead of posters. Having an app or system that bales everyone to share work with each other easily(e.g Dropbox) Deleting my games. Nothing ... Use it all day In class with no books. I think it supports our learning because of the apps that we use for educational purposes We can use them more in school or use more apps that have to do with the subject we are learning Na Using them more in class Yes ? To have a clearer camera idk Not to use them as much Use it all the time Watch videosTo use it all the time!!! Use more school involed apps with all subjects. I think that the school should introduce more educational apps to the students so that we can be more creative. More time to research topics ? I don't know...? Have something like text books on there and books were we can do own work on and others. Na Have no idea. . Make more presentations More math apps It is already effective the only bad thing is the Internet because half the time the Internet doesn't work and stops me from learning. . By putting the teachers iPad on bigger screens and showing examples of what you need to do Less social media and messaging and less gaming and more punishments for people who do there ipad when not asked and also doing something they shouldn't be. I don't know . I don't noMake iPads support all the subjects. Nothing really With more projects with partners a d more information texts When we are doing writting Giving us more EDUCATIONAL apps. More free time. I think it will help if we use your iPads if we really need it not when we feel like using it. Also for research we should really use it. If we used free learning apps that would be good. Find better apps for us to use By getting people to enjoy learning on the ipad I No books all on ipad ????! think would be nice if once in a while teachers send you feed back on how your doing on your work. It would help to know how your doing. Not playing games ? T Go on it everyday Use them for everything but Maths No The iPads are used to much for games, I don't think we should have them. But if you were going to help us, I think there should be better apps that actually work. And flash player, so we can watch educational videos. I don't know Yes I'm not sure I don't know. I'm good with the way I use it but I don't like the inappropriate people using it Na Nil More free time.... They help me with my spelling and reading writing and math If we had more projects based on our iPads I'm not sure I don't know It has Ben hood youing the ipad in clas We could be using the iPad for project or even creative things depending on the subject Telling us fun and educational apps To ask the student if they won't to do the work on their IPad instead of telling them By creating thing we want to learn Don't know Idk I don't know just yet By making my iPad give me answer when I need help GET MORE EDUCATIONAL APPS
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