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New Strategies for Successful Documentum Integrations, Migrations and Performance Management

New Strategies for Successful Documentum Integrations, Migrations and Performance Management

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EMC’s Documentum platform is arguably one of the most complex, highly customized and challenging systems for IT professionals to manage. Gaining visibility into the performance of the various servers …

EMC’s Documentum platform is arguably one of the most complex, highly customized and challenging systems for IT professionals to manage. Gaining visibility into the performance of the various servers across the Documentum environment is challenging but crucial; and maintaining performance monitoring thresholds during customization projects is a severe headache.

Furthermore, how do you ensure you are getting the true performance picture inside Documentum’s infrastructure? And how could you possible plan for complex integration and migration projects without it?

Join Correlsense and Portford Solutions Group for an online seminar which will offer solutions to these key issues. During this session we will discuss:

-Best practices for successful Documentum integration projects
-Managing migration projects successfully with the right data
-The best tools to gain visibility across the entire Documentum environment

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  • 1. New Strategies for Successful DocumentumIntegrations, Migrations and Performance ManagementJune 27, 2012
  • 2. Agenda1. Documentum challenges2. Strategies for success3. Case study4. Summary/Q&A
  • 3. Housekeeping• Presentation will last 30 minutes• Submit questions via the chat window• Slides will be made available tomorrow
  • 4. Featured speakers Bruce Bolton Exec VP, Technology and Consulting Portford Solutions Group Tom Batchelor Senior Solutions Architect Correlsense
  • 6. Two main challenges• Low-level system monitoring• System troubleshooting
  • 7. Documentum architecture• Multi-tiered and multi-server environments• Small environment servers• Large environment servers
  • 8. Small environment servers• Web• Transformation• Content server/ database server• Full-text server
  • 9. Large environment servers• Have high availability build in• Multiple instances of servers for load balancing
  • 10. Configuration architecture• Click from WebTop can travel through many tiers• Several systems are customized - Java Methods and WebTop customization - Type Based Object (TBO) - Server Based Object (SBO)
  • 11. Configuration features• Customization methods provide hooks into document actions• Action before and after the customizations• Servers can call different parts of the customizations
  • 12. Monitoring challenges• Load balancing – production operation• Temporary load balancing – document migrations• Problem root-cause• Analysis• Request source
  • 14. 1) Start with design• Understand the nature of user requests• When sizing server, consider customizations• Impact of migrations• Implement roll-back
  • 15. 2) Ramp up vs normal production• Work with business on ramp-up time• May differ from normal production• Ramp-up may include -Additional usage -large scale document migrations• Identify areas/time requirements
  • 16. 3) Analyze results• Bottlenecks do not always mean more server horse-power• Look at customizations processing time• Refine configurations and customizations
  • 17. 4) Monitor continuously• Once refinements made, continue monitoring• Analyze performance against user requests….they may change!
  • 18. CASE STUDY
  • 19. Large transportation firm in UK• Documentum installed for 9 years• Systems updated several times• Performance was slow• Needed to migrate
  • 20. Challenges• EMC offered only out of box support• Documentum used across business• Problem in the content server - hard to monitor
  • 21. Solution - application performance management• See inside DQL• Easy to implement – saw data immediately• Visibility into content server and WebLogic
  • 22. SLA dashboard All WebTop transactions are listed, along with response times and SLAs
  • 23. Transaction model Transaction Model shows the full breakdown of the different tiers involvedSlide 23
  • 24. Drill down Drill down to specific components, here we can see the SQL to Oracle from the Content ServerSlide 24
  • 25. SLA analysis SLA Analysis across all tiers in the Documentum application
  • 26. Transaction instances Individual Instances of transactions available for further investigation and drill downSlide 26
  • 27. Transaction sequence view Here we can see just how busy a Documentum transaction is Summary tier breakdown available for this specific requestSlide 27
  • 28. Transaction tree view All calls to the Documentum Where Documentum Query Content server API are visible Language (DQL) is used, this is extracted and displayed in the transaction tree The resulting SQL is shown in contextSlide 28
  • 29. Issues shown in context Here we can see there is some chattiness to the Oracle DB, in context with the DQL statement and the original transactionSlide 29
  • 30. Topology map Topology Map shows connections among the application componentsSlide 30
  • 31. OLAP visibility SharePath Business Intelligence view shows where time is spent within the application componentsSlide 31
  • 32. OLAP drill down OLAP allows for drill down, in this case see the time for each type of SQL against the Oracle DBSlide 32
  • 33. Summary• Architecture is complex• Monitoring performance is challenging• To succeed: - Start with design - Ramp up vs. normal production - Analyze results - Monitor continuously• DocuNECT and SharePath provide answers
  • 34. Portford Solutions Group• Complete document mgmt. service provider for 12 years• Deep experience in Documentum application development• Developed migration app for Documentum - DocuNECT
  • 35. Correlsense• APM solutions for IT Operations• Supports Documentum, Oracle, SOA and more• Customers include:
  • 36. QuestionsContact Portford Solutions Group: Contact Correlsense:http://www.portfordsg.com/ www.correlsense.com/demosupport@portfordsolutions.com www.real-user-monitoring.comsales@portfordsolutions.com info@correlsense.com .