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2011 11-08 14.31 Best Practices in Managing and Monitoring Mobile End User Experience


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Today’s explosion of mobile users means more of your customers will connect with your business via their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone. Existing end user experience monitoring tools, …

Today’s explosion of mobile users means more of your customers will connect with your business via their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone. Existing end user experience monitoring tools, however, have challenges when working with these rapidly changing iOS, Android, or Blackberry devices, leaving you with a limited view of how your web systems are performing. In this online web seminar, we will explore the issues businesses are facing managing and monitoring the mobile end-user experience. This presentation will teach you:

- The unique technological challenges of measuring the mobile end-user experience
- Innovative approaches to managing and monitoring your website across the boundaries of your data center, cloud and mobile carriers
- Case studies of how organizations are monitoring mobile web devices

Speaker: Dan Juengst, VP of Solutions Engineering, (Correlsense)

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Dan
  • Dan
  • When you are thinking about best practices in mobile performance monitoring, you have to think strategically  about your overall business goals and objectives. With that in mind, the first thing you should do is identify all the stakeholders which are driving your mobile strategy and discuss the overall  goals of your mobile plan.Next, you will have to construct  or modify an SLA which is clear to both parties. Make sure all the details are understood and agreed upon by your customers. You must be able to have definitive metrics, and ensure the SLA can be monitored.  Without a measureable SLA, you are essentially leaving your customer in the dark, with know way to manage their expectations. Obviously, this is quite frustrating to them and will most likely cause them to never return. 
  • Building or modifying a mobile website is  crucial to keeping your customers happy. The overwhelming majority of mobile users expect websites to launch as fast from their mobile devices as their PCs. These five points: fast loading times, simple navigation, content which fits the mobile device’s screen,  consistent experience across all devices, and the use of analytics and feedback are absolutely essential. A couple more specific design points to remember: 1. Websites which make use of tables for the main layout will not look right on mobile phones. Get rid of them.2. It is easiest if your site is coded using either XML or XHTML, with your character encoding set at UTF-8.3. You have to consider that different mobile phones have different screen sizes. This can be a major headache if you want your mobile Web site design to run on all of them.4. Remember to put all the most important information that you want mobile users to see on the top of the page. It can be time consuming to browse  a mobile site and It is difficult to enter text in mobile Web sites. 5. You may want to offer your user the convenience of radio buttons and lists and If you wish to put images on your mobile Website, it should be in jpeg or gif format. 6. A good mobile Web site design provides back buttons and links. Many phones are not equipped with back buttons, so try to provide one.7. Keep in mind that the maximum page size for a mobile page is only 20 kilobytes.,8. Lastly, you should bear in mind that users are actually paying fees to access your mobile Website. Make sure that they are getting their money's worth! 
  • Being open with your stakeholders is crucial to creating a good customer experience. Also, you will want to keep your fellow IT team members in the loop with what is going on. Ensure the SLA date is readily available to all stakeholders, you don’t want to keep customers or colleagues in the dark.  Before implementing the SLA make sure to: develop tracking mechanisms, establish reporting processes, develop procedures for carrying out stated responsibilities, communicate expectations to staff,  and provide pertinent training.  After the SLA is established:  provide a point of contact for problems related to the agreement, maintain an ongoing contact with the other party, conduct service reviews, coordinate and implement modifications to the SLA when needed, and assess and reporting on how the two parties can further enhance their working relationship.A things not to do with SLAs:Sometimes service providers sometimes want to create an SLA to suppress customer complaints;Don't do this! It backfires most of the time!  This just gives them something else to complain about!As strange as it may sound, most SLAs are initiated and unilaterally established by service providers. The customer is given little or no say about either the content of the SLA or the process by which it is established or managed. Obviously this leads to unhappy customers. Make sure the customer is engaged and understands the SLA. Remember, be open! 
  • But why is this infrastructure in place? It is to host Applications that are required to support the Business.And the Transactions that flow through these applications are what allow the Business to be a Success.The founders of SharePath realized that by managing these Transactions is the most important thing because they are the lifeblood of the company.These transactions can be simple client Server transactions from Thick Clients talking to Databases <click>To more complex legacy Client Server transactions that connect multiple Back-End systems <click>To Web Transactions that now allow end-users to directly interact with your business systems and issue their own transactions.<click>And now these Web Technologies allow internal applications to be built to run the business.The point is that in this Complex, Heterogenous technology architecture, the key thing to monitor is the Transactions of all types that flow through these systems.<click
  • What Is A Transaction?Request issued by an end-userGoes through multiple componentsEach component may be activated multiple timesNote that:Different transaction types take different paths and flowsSometimes instances of the same transaction type execute across different flows
  • What Is A Transaction?Request issued by an end-userGoes through multiple componentsEach component may be activated multiple timesNote that:Different transaction types take different paths and flowsSometimes instances of the same transaction type execute across different flows
  • Transcript

    • 1. Best Practices in Managing andMonitoring Mobile End UserExperienceNovember 8, 2011
    • 2. Agenda1. Background2. Challenges3. Approaches/Solutions to Mobile Monitoring4. Case Studies5. Q&A
    • 4. Housekeeping• Presentation will last 30 minutes• Submit questions via the chat window• Slides will be made available tomorrow
    • 5. Featured Speakers Dan Juengst VP, Solutions Engineering Correlsense
    • 7. 116 million Americansconsume mobile media -August 2011
    • 8. Mobile devices nowrepresent 7% of allweb traffic - Source: comScore
    • 9. Mobile retail traffic todouble this holiday season - Source: IBM
    • 10. 74% of users will bounceafter waiting 5 secondsfor a mobile site to load
    • 11. Hundreds of Androiddevices with differentrevisionsIs everyone getting thesame web experience?
    • 13. 1. Be Strategic Tie your mobile strategy to biz goals with measureable SLAs
    • 14. 2. Be Mobile-ready• Build for the mobile web • Fast load times • Simple navigation • Content should fit on screen • Consistent experience across devices/platforms • Collect feedback and use analytics
    • 15. 3. Be OpenKeep biz stakeholdersin the loop and ensureSLA data is accessible
    • 16. 4. Be Paranoid
    • 17. Watch Every Transaction for Every User SERVER WEB APP SVR PROXY MQ/ESB LDAP CORBA DCOM Web Services Datacenter
    • 18. Track Key User Experience Metrics Mobile Total End-User Response Time Browser Rendering Time Datacenter Time Network LatencyMobile Real User Monitoring Rendering
    • 19. And See Every Hop of the Transaction Mobile Proxy Server Web Server App Server Data Warehouse Gateway Mainframe DatabaseDynamic Transaction Path Detection Rendering
    • 20. One-Click Problem Isolation
    • 21. 5. Be Smart - Understand what is happening across the Space-Time continuum
    • 22. Look Across Time
    • 23. Look Across Space
    • 24. Boston Seems to Be Fine
    • 25. Houston Has A Problem
    • 26. 6. Be Lazy Set SLAs and get an SMS on your couch when there is a problem
    • 27. Enforce SLAs on End-User Experience
    • 28. Application End-User SLAs
    • 29. To Summarize• Can’t understand mobile performance without monitoring the experience of real users – Be ready – Be mobile – Be open – Be paranoid – Be smart – Be lazy
    • 30. Case Study: Major ConsumerElectronics Company Adopting Mobile Technologies for Improved EmployeeSetting Productivity Designed and built SmartPhone applications for “Mobile CRM Workforce” Order Entry Multiple Client Types Android Windows Mobile Users complaining about application performanceChallenge No visibility into Mobile Appication Transactions Huge Headache for CIO Deployed SharePath with Mobile Open API CollectorSolution imbedded within SmartPhone Apps Defined SLAs and were alerted upon violations Used SharePath to track Mobile Transactions and identify bottlenecks Re-architected applications for better performance
    • 31. How We Do It LDAP SERVER SharePath Mobile PageTracker WEB SVR MQ/ESB PROXY SVR (.Net) (Native) APP SVR (C++) (Java) SharePath Web Mobile App Collector Services Open API SharePath Collector SharePath BackEnd Server
    • 32. QuestionsMore Get your free copy SharePath RUM today!