Corporater at BSC and Strategy Forum - March 2013


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Corporater is a specialised vendor for Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management software solutions that are flexible, ready-to-run, and that can be easily managed and configured by business users. Founded in the year 2000, Corporater has over 1000 customers from all key domains with an international presence in over 29 countries through its offices and strategic partnerships.

Corporater EPM Suite assist businesses to more effectively manage performance through building dashboards, enterprise reports, and balanced scorecards. Functionality to manage initiatives, visualize strategy, and tools to assist in budgeting, management meetings, risk management, manual and automated data collection, and analysis are also available.

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Corporater at BSC and Strategy Forum - March 2013

  1. 1. PEDRO PEREIRA Vice President CORPORATER Middle East
  2. 2. Best Practices Of Performance Management AndStrategy Execution Software ImplementationWith CorporaterPresented by Pedro Pereira, Vice PresidentCorporater Middle East
  3. 3. DO YOU KNOW ME?
  4. 4. Agenda•  Implementing software to execute strategy in line with the Execution Premium Process™ (XPP)•  How to use Corporater to prepare executives for strategy review meetings: the power of strategy workflow to boost the performance culture•  Exploring how organizations behave before and after the implementation of software for automating strategy execution process
  5. 5. Drive your strategy-performance DRIVE YOUR STRATEGY PERFORMANCE
  6. 6. Corporater company profile Business in Control Corporater is changing the way people view corporate Fast Facts performance management software solutions. Our slogan is •  Founded in 2000 Business in Control - we deliver solutions that are fully managed and configured by corporate users. We believe •  More than 1000 customers that the focus should be on how you run your organization-- •  200,000 users worldwide not on the technology. •  Offices in UAE, Norway, Strategy-driven Performance Management USA, Argentina, India and By placing strategy at the center of corporate performance Romania management, Corporater supports alignment of all your •  Headquartered in Norway business practices. This enables a holistic approach to strategic execution by harmonizing performance disciplines, •  Arabic version available such as operations, budgeting, risk management, quality, etc. Your Performance Management Partner When you choose Corporater, you begin a partnership with a team of corporate performance management software specialists. Years of experience and customer-driven development ensure you have all the features needed to maintain a culture of performance across your entire organization. Thought Leadership: Kaplan & Norton, Paul Niven, Jeroen de Flander; WWW.EPMREVIEW.COM 2-6
  7. 7. Middle East References UAE Ajman Dubai 1st ADOPTERS! Middle East OperationsOman Qatar Saudi Arabia 2-7
  8. 8. WHY USE SOFTWARE?•  Helps you to document strategy ü  One place to have your Strategy Execution/ Balanced Scorecard model ü  Acts as the focal point for strategy execution ü  Acts as “one version of the truth” – no competition with other personal documents•  Helps you to structure strategy•  Helps you to clarify strategy•  Helps you to develop your strategy•  Helps you to follow up and review your strategy execution•  Helps you to communicate strategy ü  Accessible to everyone ü  Cheaper to automate than to do things manually
  9. 9. 2012 Palladium Kaplan-Norton BSC CertifiedTM •  Stage 1: Develop the Strategy •  Stage 2: Translate the Strategy •  Stage 3: Align the Organization •  Stage 4: Plan Operations •  Stage 5: Monitor and Learn •  Stage 6: Test and Adapt
  10. 10. Corporater EPM Suite Key Benefits •  Strategic Alignment Process •  Resource Planning •  Executive Reporting Quality Projects •  Accountability Vision, •  Decision Support Mission, •  Operational Reporting Strategy •  Performance Feedback Risk Finance •  Workflow Management •  Meeting Views Operational •  Performance Analysis HR 2-10
  11. 11. Enabling Strategy Execution: Essential Toolsfor Making Strategy Everyone’s Job Dashboards Strategy maps Reports Scorecards Theme views Driver models Library of Measures, KPIs, Risks & Initiatives Information and Data 2-11
  12. 12. Enabling Strategy Execution: Essential Toolsfor Making Strategy Everyone’s Job Dashboards Strategy maps Reports Scorecards Theme views Driver models Library of Measures, KPIs, Risks & Initiatives Results Information and Data 2-12
  13. 13. Enabling Strategy Execution: Essential Toolsfor Making Strategy Everyone’s Job Visualization Management Analysis Workflow Dashboards Strategy maps Reports Scorecards Theme views Driver models Library of Measures, KPIs, Risks & Initiatives Information and Data 2-13
  14. 14. Strategy Maps- To effectively communicate strategy 2-14
  15. 15. ©2012 Palladium Group, Inc. 2-15
  16. 16. Dashboards- What do I need to know right now? 2-16
  17. 17. ©2012 Palladium Group, Inc. 2-17
  18. 18. Scorecards Objectives MeasuresPeriodic reporting of status and results of objectives,measures, and initiatives 2-18
  19. 19. KPIs Details 2-19
  20. 20. Strategic InitiativesPortfolio, Programs, Project Management. Action plans andtasks and milestones. 2-20
  21. 21. Risk Assessments 2-21
  22. 22. Drivers ModelMeasures are organized based on how they contribute toadding value to objectives and other measures 2-22
  23. 23. Alignment and Cascading 2-23
  24. 24. Reports•  Bring information from multiple business units and functional areas into one view –  Management meetings –  Strategic meetings –  Operational reviews –  Alerts and notifications•  ‘Rule based’ –  Reusable report templates based on the context of the report •  Business unit •  User •  Time period •  Dynamic conditions (ie. status, progress, etc.) 2-24
  25. 25. Dynamic reporting 2-25
  26. 26. Dynamic reporting 2-26
  27. 27. Notifications and AlertsAutomate workflow to ensure follow-up of resultsExample:•  Red KPIs: –  Should have comments made by the individuals responsible for the measures –  If comments are not provided by a set date, a reminder should be sent to the person responsible –  Objective owners should receive a summary of the results and comments –  Comments for red KPIs should be included in a summary of the top level scorecard 2-27
  28. 28. AnalysisDrill-down- integration with source dataBenchmarking- easily compare performance of different business units 2-28
  29. 29. Implementation Approach Initiation Phase Design & Configuration Final Delivery 1-2 working weeks 3-7 working weeks 2-3 working weeks 1. Software 4. Super Users Certification Training 6. Testing Installation --- Knowledge Transfer --- Acceptance 2. Readiness 7. End Users 3. Design 5. Configuration Assessment Workshop Training 8. Value Added Services & Project Management ReviewsOut of the box software solution Focus on Knowledge Transfer ü  No development – ready-to-run ü  Easy to use – give the power back to ü  Rich functionalities business users (Business in Control) ü  Quick Implementation (no hidden bills) ü  Low implementation cost 2-29
  30. 30. Summary•  Should be managed by business users- not IT•  Should be highly configurable and flexible enough to reflect your management and reporting models•  Should be able to easily capture manual data input and offer full integration with data sources (automation) 2-30
  31. 31. THANK YOU! 2-31