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Power Deal Creation workshop preview


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Prepare your salespeople to take on first calls with confidence, and arm them with messages effective at converting more conversations into second appointments.

Prepare your salespeople to take on first calls with confidence, and arm them with messages effective at converting more conversations into second appointments.

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  • See these slides in action. Watch an on-demand webinar to see Mike Miller, Sr. Consultant with Corporate Visions give a preview of the Power Deal Creation workshop and learn how it's different than traditional discovery training.
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  • 1. Advanced Power Messaging:Power Deal Creation Virtual Preview
  • 2. Why Deal Creation?
  • 3. Deal Creation by the Numbers
  • 4. What does your discovery look like today?
  • 5. TheInterrogation
  • 6. The Status Quo Barrier
  • 7. The Field Messaging Challenge
  • 8. $
  • 9. $?? ?? ??
  • 10. $?? ?? ??
  • 11. Change Your Conversations
  • 12. Building a Buying Vision
  • 13. 1. Frame•  Predict Pain•  Amplify Impact
  • 14. FRAME Predict Pain: What’s hiding just around the corner?
  • 15. FRAME Amplify Impact: Show the potential business impact
  • 16. Prospect Research Exercise
  • 17. Differentiation Exercise and 60-Second Story Exercise
  • 18. Number Play Exercise and Big Picture Exercise
  • 19. 2. Explore •  Diagnose Situation •  Specific Questions
  • 20. v EXPLOREDiagnose Situation:How is this problembeing solved today?
  • 21. EXPLORE Specific Questions:Transfer ownership by using “What if you…” questions
  • 22. Be Curious
  • 23. Developing Questions Exercise
  • 24. 3. Excite•  Customer Story•  Compare and Contrast•  Rescue Them
  • 25. EXCITECustomer Story:How you helpedanother company justlike them deal withthe same problem.
  • 26. EXCITE Compare and Contrast: Their world today, made better with you.
  • 27. EXCITE Rescue Them: Show them you have the solution.
  • 28. Contrast Communicates Value GAINPAIN Value
  • 29. The Seller is the Hero? •  Sounds like Bragging •  Diminishes the Customer •  Nobody wants to be the next person you tell about rescuing •  Customer comes off as the villain
  • 30. Make Your Customer the Hero
  • 31. Failure to Be Interesting customer is a company.They’ve been in business years.They have locations.They make, sell and service solutions.
  • 32. Telling Details Create Interest You can tell a lot about a character just by the shoes he’s wearing. – Tom Wolfe
  • 33. Listen for Stories,Metaphors and Analogies Not just facts!
  • 34. Criteria of a Great Customer Story1.  Contrast the pain with the gain2.  Use telling details for more punch3.  Make your prospect the hero4.  Tell a story – don’t just share data5.  Someone else can easily retell it
  • 35. Customer Story with Contrast Exercise
  • 36. Power Deal Creation™ Map
  • 37. 4. Agree •  Buying Vision •  Politics > Personality •  Questions That Reveal Context
  • 38. AGREEBuying Vision:The need for change withyour solution
  • 39. AGREE Politics Trump Personality: Understand the entiredeal landscape, anchors and objections
  • 40. AGREEQuestions ThatReveal Context:Finding out thenext steps
  • 41. Context vs. CharacterPeople typically overestimate character andunderestimate context in the buying decision
  • 42. Pulling It Together Exercise
  • 43. HonestSignals
  • 44. Pentland Study Results Indicators of Acceptance: • Voice pacing • Tone • Emphasis • Body languagePersuasion, content and style are indistinguishable
  • 45. Status is Negotiated
  • 46. Power Deal Creation™ Map•  Predict Pain •  Buying Vision•  Amplify Impact •  Politics > Personality •  Questions That Reveal Context•  Customer Story •  Diagnose Situation•  Compare and Contrast •  Specific Questions•  Rescue Them
  • 47. The Status Quo Barrier Make it unsafe and sell the problemMemorable Insights contrast with change Make it safe and Show them the path to safety
  • 48. CHICAGO,Marketing and Sales SEPT. 18-20Messaging Conference ONLY $399 Breakout Tracks: 1.  Marketing Messaging & Content Creation 2.  Sales Conversation Delivery Billy Ben 3.  Power Coaching Beane Zander Workshop
  • 49. Q&A
  • 50. Additional QuestionsJoin the discussion on LinkedIn
  • 51. CONTACT US+1 LET ’S TALK! Twitter: @corpvABOUT US rer @ ok: Facebo om/READ THE BOOK ebook.c www.fac corporatevis