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World Bank Group Presentation CRF 2009
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World Bank Group Presentation CRF 2009


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Presentation from World Bank Group Advisory Services

Presentation from World Bank Group Advisory Services

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Types of One Stop Shop for Business Registration Dobromir Christow World Bank Group Advisory Services [email_address]
    • 2. What is the OSS?
      • The term originated in the USA in the late 1920s, early 1930s. The earliest use is this advert for a car repairer, from The Lincoln. This car repair advert summed up what the term was all about in their strapline:
      • Have it all done in one place
      • Save your time
      • Save your money
    • 3. “ Have It All Done in One Place…” - what is it that we sell at the OSS for Business Registration? OSS Tax and Social Security Registration All Other Registrations to Start a Business Company Incorporation Payment of All Fees
    • 4. Types of OSS for BR – One Door/One Roof
      • Organization placed in one location under one institution
      • Representatives of different institutions
      • One or more counters/interfaces in the same location
      • Transfer of documents to the main offices
      • Services and fees at the same place - One Door OSS in Angola
      • Often doesn’t require changes in legislation or ministerial responsibilites
      • Institutions involved preserve their independence discretion
      • Reduces risk of harasment/corruption
      • Reduces time/cost for business?
      • Require remote location of staff representatives
      • Requires enough authority and decisive power
      • How would they retrieve archives and database?
      • Institutional Capacity, Career Development challenges
    • 5. Types of OSS for BR – One Window/One Table
      • One location to interact with the public
      • Mostly one, sometimes several Interfaces – many counters/offices in one location
      • The officer is authorised to accept documents for government bodies other than the one he represents
      • One Window OSS - Romania
      • Often require changes in legislation or ministerial responsibilites
      • Institutions involved need to transfer some discretion
      • Detailed coordination of activities between institutions
      • Agencies involved need to modify their procedures
      • The officer needs to be fully authorised to make decisions
      • The officer needs to be well trained to handle documents of other institutions
    • 6. Other Types of OSS for BR – One More Stop
      • New organization to coordinate the process
      • Often no legislative changes required
      • No institutional restructuring-old organizations still in charge
      • New step added with no corresponding reduction in other institution
      • One interface for applicants, all operations in the back
      • Time
      • Cost, administrative cost is always higher
      • All steps are in the back, less transparency for the applicant
      • Coordinative v. Substantial function, is it just a mailbox?
      • Did you recognise your country/institution?
    • 7. Other Types of OSS for BR–Integrated Functions, On-line Registration, Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA)
      • Integrated Functions, Mergers & Acquisitions
        • Integrated functions in one office
        • Common database
        • M&A - one institution merges into another, one institution ceased to exist or transfers in full its functions – tax offices in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan
      • On-line Registration
        • different institutions
        • single on-line interface, authomation
        • predicability
      • Investment Promotion Agencies
        • To promote FDI
        • Invester deals with one institution
        • Rarely given all the needed authority
        • One man army
        • Competing with law firms, lawyers, notaries?
    • 8. Organisations Hosting the OSS for BR
        • Attached or not to ministries
        • Usual under the ministry of trade, industry, economy
        • Under MoJ in Angola, Belars, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Romania
      • COURTS
        • Commercial/company division
        • Civil Law-German tradition in Central Europe: Austria, Germany, Switzerland.
        • Court OSS operates in Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary
        • Involves significant outsourcing
        • How much can the state outsource
        • How strong is the Chamber? Trust, influence, capacity, traditions
        • Colombia, Luxxembourg, Italy
    • 9. Plan a one-stop shop – FORGET about it! 1. Forget about one-stop shops … 2. Work out why you want to reform 3. Get support from the top – the very top 4. Build a team 5. Ask for help 6. Prepare a plan 7. Find out what is happening now 8. Ask why you are doing this at all 9. Don’t be afraid of the law 10. Simplify procedures 11. Simplify payment 12. Don’t computerise …
    • 10. Plan a one-stop shop ONLY when ready! 13. Now think about a one-stop shop … 14. Don’t set up a new agency 15. Don’t ask for a representative of other agencies to be based at the one-stop shop 16. Simplify the documentation 17. Use a single number 18. Establish one point of contact 19. Handle information electronically 20. Provide for on-line filing 21. Specify a computer system 22. Establish M&E 23. Set clear targets 24. Train the staff 25. Educate the public 26. Plan the launch
    • 11. The WBG AS OSS is open for Africa – are you ready to enter? THANK YOU AFRICA! Dobromir Christow World Bank Group Advisory Services [email_address]