Singapore | Registry Information,  What is its value (Bernice Quek)
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Singapore | Registry Information, What is its value (Bernice Quek)

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  • 1. Registry Information - Its value and relevance to the corporate world today Bernice QuekAccounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority 13 Mar 2013
  • 2. Value and Relevance Information services required by businesses and government agencies Financial disclosure and corporate compliance Whole of Government (WOG) collaboration Mitigation of macroeconomic risks
  • 3. Information Services General Public / Ad-Hoc Requestor iShop Retail Services Non Electronic Standard Microfilm Standard Products Package Package BizFile Data
  • 4. Information Services Volume of Information Sales Transactions 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012304,063 341,862 380,844 406,540 443,268 Business Profiles Sold229,551 264,645 294,903 315,745 345,840
  • 5. Information Services
  • 6. Collaborations with theMedia Business Times, Jan 2013
  • 7. Financial Disclosure andCorporate Compliance Investor confidence and capital costs  Neel Foster (former member of FASB)  “More information always equates to less uncertainty, and ... people pay more for certainty. In the context of financial information, the end result is that better disclosure results in a lower cost of capital”
  • 8. Financial Disclosure Taxonomy Financial Data Integrity XBRL Filing Process Consumption
  • 9. Financial DisclosureBusiness Analytics using XBRL data Empower businesses through financial analytics Promote the benefits of XBRL reporting Comparison against three peers and industry median 10.00 Net Profit Margin 5.00 - - 100,000,000.00 Revenue
  • 10. Singapore Financials Direct
  • 11. Financial StrategicIntelligence Reports (New)
  • 12. Financial StrategicIntelligence Reports (New)
  • 13. Corporate Compliance Provisions of the Companies Act  AnnualGeneral Meeting, Annual Return and Accounts Up-to-date  AnnualGeneral Meeting, Annual Return or Accounts Late
  • 14. Putting It All Together: Corporate Compliance & Financial Profile (CCFP)  Features  Business profile information  Compliance rating  Financial information  Significant interest expressed by stakeholders  Suggestions and feedback received at dialogues  Professional bodies assisted in publicity
  • 15. Whole of GovernmentCollaboration
  • 16. Whole of GovernmentCollaboration 12312 Clicks On Map 891 Redirections to sales portal
  • 17. Mitigating MacroeconomicRisks Registry information gives an indication of economic slowdowns - Singapore’s Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) Economic survey of Singapore 2011, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore
  • 18. In Summary The value and relevance of registry information  For the business entities  Quality and timeliness of financial reporting improves investor confidence  Value added service with WOG collaboration  Mitigating macroeconomic risks
  • 19. Thank You