Secretary Closing Address to the CRF2013 Conference


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Secretary Closing Address to the CRF2013 Conference

  1. 1. Kia OraPresident Elect, Immediate Past President, CRF Executive, CRF Members, distinguished guests.What a week, starting last Thursday with a 2 day study tour of ASIC, a days Pacific forum, CRF properand next week a 2 day study tour of NZCO.Delegates, we come to the closure of another very informative and successful conference. I trustyou have enjoyed networking, sampling our culture, food, entertainment and making newfriendships or re-establishing old ones.We have come a long way as an organization since February 2003 where we had 40 delegatesrepresenting 14 jurisdictions. CRF 2013 has been attended by 181 delegates from 53 jurisdictionsincluding 30 member jurisdictions. There were many old faces but equally a large number of firsttime attendees so I trust we will see you all at Rio in 2014.CRF membership continues to grow globally. We have had 19 membership applications submittedsince India 2012, 18 approved or which 7 have since paid membership fees and become fullmembers. If you wish to become a member of CRF, please come and see me over lunch and I can letyou know what is required or go to our web site and all thedetails and forms are there.To all delegates, I trust that you have taken something away from the forum, I challenge you to goback into your registry and TELL, INSPIRE and REVOLUTIONIZE – Tomorrow’s Registries are upon us.Don’t forget we have our members forum active again so please make good use of that over themonths ahead.All the presentations from CRF 2013 will be posted on our web site next week as will a collection ofphoto’s taken throughout the week.Special thanks to our sponsors without whose contribution and help our conference would nothave been such a big success.Firstly to our platinum sponsors, Foster Moore we thank you for your contribution includingsupporting our cultural evening, and for your continued support including hosting and maintainingour web site and social media.To the Asian Development Bank, you sponsored over 35 Pacific Island delegates to our conferenceand supported our Gala evening, thank you.Honorable Minister Foss, Rod Drury our key note speaker and to all our presenters, thank you.Our organizing committeeJayne Richardson of Just Right Events our organizing partners our own NZCO team, Sarah Steele,Agnese Abelite, Rachel Homer, Shona Jagger and Julie Newman, a huge thank you team.To our army of ambassadors, helpers, Stamford staff, thank you.
  2. 2. Our sound and lighting crew, many thanks.David Nottage, your humour, contribution and professionalism have kept our minds sharp and theconference ticking over, a great big thank you.Ms Mandy McDonald, on behalf of the Executive and CRF members, we congratulate you on hostingan excellent thought provoking conference.I acknowledge the splendid work of our previous Executive (stand). Unfortunately Rosanne Bell oneof our driving forces was unable to attend conference this week due to poor health, we wishRosanne a speedy recovery and can I ask Kath to take home our warmest regards. To our incomingExecutive, I look forward to working with you, making CRF better and better.Now as we close, I would like to acknowledge Juthika Ramanathan of Singapore, a CRF colleague andfriend. Juthika has been involved with CRF since its inception or slightly before, she has been one ofthe driving forces to get CRF where it is today. Juthika has served as CRF President on more thanone occasion and served for many years as an ExCo member. Juthika has recently stepped down asCE of ACRA and taken up a new posting within the Singapore Legal Service. Can I invite Ms Toh WeeSan to accept on behalf of Juthika a small token of CRF’s appreciation.As you leave, keep Telling, Inspiring and RevolutionizingKa kite ano - until we meet again in Rio de Janeiro in 2014.