The 2012 Brokerage Gold Monitor Award Winners by Corporate Insight


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The Brokerage Monitor Awards presented by Corporate Insight recognize financial services firms for excellence in the online user experience they offer prospects, clients and advisors. The eight slide decks in this series highlights the firms in a specific industry within financial services that received Gold Monitor Awards.

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The 2012 Brokerage Gold Monitor Award Winners by Corporate Insight

  2. 2. Monitor Awards IntroductionThe Monitor Awards are Corporate Insight’s annual reports recognizing financial servicesfirms for excellence in the online and offline experience they offer prospects, clients andadvisors. The awards are presented to firms across the financial services industryencompassing annuities, asset management, banking, brokerage, credit cards, andinsurance.Monitor Awards MethodologyUsing our proprietary Website Audit benchmarking software, each Monitor Servicesresearch teams reviews and grades the key online features offered by the firms in theircoverage group. Our experienced analysts use these results and relevant industry trends torecognize the leaders and innovators across the industry. Firms are awarded Gold, Silverand Bronze Monitors for a variety of categories that are essential to the user experience.The Corporate Insight DifferenceWhat sets our awards apart is our unmatched expertise on the intersection of technologyand financial services. Corporate Insight has been tracking developments across theindustry for over twenty years with a singular focus on the technology that has shaped thefinancial lives of customers, advisors and prospective investors. Unlike other firms whomust rely on third-party data, Corporate Insight holds actual funded accounts at all leadingfinancial institutions. This allows us to deliver our research from a first-hand, unbiasedperspective and puts our Monitor Awards in a class all their own.
  3. 3. E-Monitor AwardsCategory Overview1. Account Information2. Education Centers3. News & Research4. Online Documentation5. Online Help6. Product Range7. Quotes8. Trade Tickets
  4. 4. Account Information E*TRADE Financial and optionsXpress both retain their Gold Monitors from last year for continuing to provide strong and thorough account information, balances and position details.
  5. 5. Education Centers TD Ameritrade retained its Gold Monitor for continuing to offer strong educational resources for investment products, planning topics and investment goals. The firm was joined this year by E*TRADE Financial, which rose from a Silver to Gold for providing a similar range and variety of resources.
  6. 6. News & Research Charles Schwab and Fidelity retained their Gold Monitors for offering the best all-around domestic and international market research, including specific product markets (e.g., stock, fund research) and related tools.
  7. 7. Online Documentation Fidelity received the sole Gold Monitor in this category for offering an extensive online archive for all key documents and making the documents easily accessible.
  8. 8. Online Help Fidelity’s Gold Monitor is a result of offering the best all- around help resources, including a universal chat tool, targeted help content throughout the site, detailed site search and a strong online message center.
  9. 9. Product Range Charles Schwab, E*TRADE Financial and Fidelity offer the best selection of products to trade online, as well as cash management features and managed accounts.
  10. 10. Quotes E*TRADE Financial, optionsXpress and TD Ameritrade earned Gold Monitors for providing free streaming quotes, as well as strong quotes details, functionality and tools.
  11. 11. Trade Tickets Fidelity and optionsXpress earn Gold Monitors for providing functional trade tickets with unique features, such as skip order preview or an all-in-one trade ticket.
  12. 12. Contact Us Connect with UsAnkita PatelSenior Analyst, Broker & E-Monitor Corporate Insight Blog212-832-2002 Follow @CInsightBen PoustyMarketing Manager Follow CI on LinkedIn212-832-2002 Like CI on Facebook CI Presentations on SlideShare
  13. 13. About E-MonitorLaunched in 1998, E-Monitor serves as the online complement to our flagship Broker Monitor service.E-Monitor continuously tracks and analyzes the online user experience offered by 19 leading brokerages.E-Monitor offers you a first-hand look at the online account resources, interactive tools, transactioncapabilities, education content and other features your competitors in the brokerage industry provideclients and prospective investors on their websites.E-Monitor Subscription DeliverablesMonthly Research Reports – In-depth reports that focus on key aspects of the online client andprospective investor user experience including online account resources, education content, interactivetools, industry trends and more. Reports include: • Detailed reviews of each E-Monitor firm • Key findings and best practice analysis to help improve your company’s offerings • Handy matrix summarizing your competitors’ offeringsWeekly Updates – Frequent, comprehensive reviews of changes and additions to competitor public andclient websites with an emphasis on website design and usability, online product and educationresources, interactive tools and calculators, client account information and more.Competitor Summary Matrices – Breakdown of the key features offered on the public and clientwebsites by all E-Monitor firms.Client Website Videos – Go behind-the-login and take a first-hand look at the online resources beingoffered to clients by competitor firms.Analyst Support – Personalized research support from our experienced E-Monitor team.