GymFlex Employee Presentation


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GymFlex Employee Presentation

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GymFlex Employee Presentation

  1. 1. How does thisGymFlex schemework then?
  2. 2. By offering a UK network , The more employees who haveemployees are free to join access to the gym network, thewhichever gym they like, closest more who will join. The companyto home or work. benefits from having more joiners. Staff Turnover Productivity Healthcare Costs Sickness Absenteeism £ Staff Morale PresenteeismSave ’s
  3. 3. Join a health club.. Why? If you think you have no time for exercise… ...then sooner or later you will have to find time for illness.
  4. 4. Inactivity is the fundamentalcause of obesity raising the risk of these chronic diseases and conditions
  5. 5. You can nowchoose theclub closestto home or work. And many more...
  6. 6. GymFlex Health Club Memberships • Save money at one of the 2,000 UK health clubs, gyms and leisure centres within GymFlex. • 12 month membership options for Single, Joint or Family. • Up to an extra 12% saving via National Insurance. • No joining fees. • Discounts for NEW and EXISTING members. • Leave existing 12 month contract with no penalty.
  7. 7. GymFlex is simple to use… Enter your post code.
  8. 8. Choose yourclub andmembershiptype.
  9. 9. If existing orrenewingmember, addmembershipnumber here.ThenProceed...
  10. 10. Enter detailsrequired toset memberup.
  11. 11. Check detailsbefore finalconfirmation
  12. 12. Confirmation email, with furtherinstructions on how to enter into benefits portal.
  13. 13. GymFlex Process Employee enters Selection registered with GymFlex Clubs notify some personal detail. employees Company opensGymFlex window to Employees Memberships Employee selects confirmed to desired membership Employee clicks GymFlex. option & quantity Election WindowGymFlex link within Closesthe Benefits Portal Search results GymFlex setup displayed in memberships at Employee enters distance order, GymFlex send report clubs postcode with rates and to Company to be savings verified
  14. 14. Exercise classes, social events, gyms, Choose the gym pool, sports closest to your facilities, café, work or home crèche, self- and you will be defense, dance… more likely to use it. Save £££’s and have the membership fee come from your salary and not out of your bank account. Being more active will improve your quality oflife. You will look and feel better.
  15. 15. When you have a goodworkout, it clears everythingup mentally, physically andyou just have a better day. Join a gym today! GymFlex via your benefits.
  16. 16. More Information?Email Us: To Us: 0845 300 6474