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Conference: The Repution Journey


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Barcelona will host the 17th Edition of the Annual Global Conference of Reputation Institute. It will take place at the Hotel Arts from June 5th to 7th. This time discussions and talks will be focused …

Barcelona will host the 17th Edition of the Annual Global Conference of Reputation Institute. It will take place at the Hotel Arts from June 5th to 7th. This time discussions and talks will be focused on organizational changes that companies should carry out to successfully conclude their reputational journey and fully incorporate reputation management to corporate strategy definition. The Reputation Institute Conference is the annual global reference point for professionals and academia interested in both knowledge and management of reputation.

More than a hundred of speakers from many different international companies and universities have confirmed their participation to Barcelona.
Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership is the official sponsor of the 17th Annual Global Conference of Reputation Institute.

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  • 2. 13:30 - 13:45 Welcome and Introduction 13:45 - 14:00 Leading by Reputation 14:00 - 15:00 Rebuilding Trust and Reputation from Within 15:00 - 16:00 Doing Good by Doing Business 16:00 - 16:30 Networking Refreshment Break16:30 - 17:30 Breakout Sessions Finance and Banking Industry Roundtable17:30 - 18:30 Breakout Sessions Utility Industry Roundtable 18:30 - 19:30 Breakout Sessions Telecommunications Industry Roundtable 19:30 - 21:30 Networking Cocktail ReceptionProgram at a GlanceWEDNESDAYTHURSDAY FRIDAY 9:00 - 10:00 Breakout Sessions Consumer Products Industry Roundtable 10:00 - 11:00 Managing Reputation in a Nonstop World: The Role of the Chief Reputation Officer 11:00 - 11:30 Networking Refreshment Break 11:30 - 12:30 Presentation of the Country RepTrak™ Study Results 12:30 - 13:00 Hall of Fame and Best Paper Award Presentation 13:00 - 13:15 Conference Recap and a Forward Look at Reputation 13:15 Conference Adjourns 8:45 - 9:00 Welcome and Introduction 9:00 - 10:00 Reputation and Communication 10:00 - 11:00 How to Become a Four Star CCO? 11:00 - 11:30 Networking Refreshment Break 11:30 - 12:30 Breakout Sessions Food Industry Roundtable 12:30 - 13:30 Breakout Sessions Energy and Oil Industry Roundtable 13:30 - 14:30 Lunch 14:30 - 15:30 Sharing Best Practices in Corporate Reputation Management 15:30 - 16:30 Breakout Sessions Pharmaceutical Industry Roundtable 16:30 - 17:00 Networking Refreshment Break 17:00 - 18:00 The Challenge of Creating a Lasting 21st Century Reputation of Leaders and Stakeholders 18:00 - 18:15 Book launch: Corporate Reputation 18:15 - 18:45 The Most Reputable Companies in the World – 2013 Results
  • 3. Dear Colleagues,Today’s companies face a colossal challenge: that of competing in a new market context, the Reputationeconomy, which has radically disrupted the old rules of play. achieving this will be no easy task, as it willdemand profound changes both to the organization itself and to the approach a company takes towardsfocusing on and building relationships based on trust with its stakeholders.In this new environment –characterized by continual change and numerous social agents that until veryrecently occupied a very marginal territory on the fringes of the company stakeholder ecosystem– itbecomes imperative for businesses to be able to call upon the appropriate tools necessary to successfullynavigate through the choppy waters of their Reputation Journey.Reputation Institute’s answer to this need is a map to help plot the course and guide companies throughfive key stages along their Reputation Journey, from initial exploration of this intangible asset to its fullintegration into the corporate strategy decision-making process. according to the results of our annualReputation Leader Study 2013, only 5% of companies have completed their journey.The Reputation Journey is also a key pillar in Reputation Institute’s XVII annual Conference program. Thenumerous plenary sessions, break-outs, and roundtables will not only help us to better understand the keyquestions and obstacles to be overcome at each stage of the journey, they will also broaden our knowledgeof how the leading companies are improving competitiveness and their capacity to create tangible valuestemming from the relation with their stakeholders. So let us explore the best and most efficient modelsfor managing reputation crises, the integration of reputation KPIs into a Balanced Scorecard, the role of theChief Reputation officer (CRo) or the revolutionary transformation that reputation is bringing about in thechannels and contents employed in communications with stakeholders.Those of us at Reputation Institute sincerely hope that our conference serves as an aide in undertaking yourjourney. But on this occasion, we are not sailing solo. on board we have an important group of companieswithout whose sponsorship and collaboration this pit stop in the journey, if you will, would not be possi-ble. We give our most sincere thanks to each and every one of them, represented collectively through theCorporate excellence-Centre for Reputation Leadership.This year’s celebration of Reputation Institute’s annual Conference takes place in Barcelona. It was in thevery same city, on a now distant day in 1493, where Christopher Columbus revealed that he had discovereda new route to what he believed to be the West Indies. We hope our conference sparks that same spirit ofadventure and discovery of such historical mariners, who without maps and navigation aids used the starsto set sail to a new world.Welcome aboard, and have a great journey!Fernando Pradomanaging Partnermanaging Partner Spain & Latin america, Reputation Institute
  • 4. WEDNESDAYRegistration8:00 - 19:30 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerWELCOME AND INTRODUCTION13:30 Gaudí Ballroom Fernando Prado, Managing Partner Spain & Latin America,Reputation InstituteLEADING BY REPUTATION13:45 Gaudí Ballroom José Luis González-Besada Valdés, CommunicationsDirector, Iberdrola and Chairman of Corporate Excellence– Centre for Reputation LeadershipREBUILDING TRUST AND REPUTATION FROM WITHIN14:00 Gaudí Ballroom Alberto Andreu PinillosResponsibility Director, TelefónicaAntoni Ballabriga, Head of Corporate Responsibility &Reputation, BBVAModerator:Fernando Prado, Managing Partner Spain & LatinAmerica, Reputation InstituteDOING GOOD BY DOING BUSINESS15:00 Gaudí BallroomRomán Weissmann Bremann, Risk Manager,MicroBankDKV Integralia Contact Centers: How to Create a Successful Business Model out of a CSRProjectJosep Santacreu Bonjoch, Chief Excecutive Officer, DKVSegurosModerator:Shahar Silbershatz, Director, Reputation InstituteDenmark
  • 5. Networking refreshment break16:00 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerTHE FUTURE OF BRANDS IN TODAY’S COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE16:30 Gaudí Ballroom Gonzalo Brujó, Chairman, Iberia and Latin america, InterbrandJordi Alavedra, Vice President, ogilvy and mathermoderator: Anthony Johndrow, managing Partner, Reputation Institute North americaREPUTATION CRISIS MANAGEMENT16:30 Gaudí 1Situational Crisis Communication and Corporate ReputationTimothy Coombs, University of Central FloridaCarnival Cruise Lines: Wreck of the Costa ConcordiaJames S. O’Rourke, IV, University of Notre Dameorganizational Reputation Following Negative eventsAnastasiya Zavyalova, Rice Universitymoderator: Roberta Bianco, engagement manager, Reputation Institute ItalyTHE TRANSVERSE IMPACT OF REPUTATION16:30 Gaudí 2marketing ethos and its Impact on ReputationVijay Vancheswar, International management Institute, New Delhi,IndiaThe mediating effect of Financial and Social measures of Performance on ReputationWilliam Newburry, Florida International UniversityThe influence of the Cooperative Nature of organizations on ReputationMarijke Baumann, Senior Research Consultant, Reputation InstituteNetherlandsThe Impact of the Reputation of a Company’s Division on the Reputation of the entire CorporationSebastian Taciak, manager, Reputation Institute North americamoderator: Trevor Ndlazi, Senior manager, Reputation Institute South africaFINaNCe aND BaNKING INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe16:30 albéniz Room
  • 6. ANALYSIS OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECTING REPUTATION17:30 Gaudí BallroomThe Constituent Brand equity Factor in Corporate Reputation managementBlanca Fullana, University Pompeu FabraCorporate Reputation in Spain: Sectorial analysisAna M. Casado, Universidad de Sevilla and Manuel Ángel FernándezGámez, University of málagaanalysis of online Comments (Beo)Clara Fontán, Corporate excellence and Jesús Ávila, Llorente & Cuencamoderator: Beverly Nannini, Director, Reputation Institute SpainPROMINENCE AS A DIMENSION OF REPUTATION17:30 Gaudí 1Being Known: media Visibility, Public Prominence, and FamiliaritySimone Mariconda, Università della Svizzera italianaorganizational Consequences of Seeking media CoverageAnastasiya Zavyalova, Rice UniversityPublic Prominence as a multi-Dimensional attribute of ReputationCraig E. Carroll, New York Universitymoderator: Vladimir Verchinine, manager, Global Research & analytics, Reputation InstituteInternationalREPUTATION TO WHAT END? BUSINESS RATIONALE17:30 Gaudí 2 This session is designed to help you understand how to underscore theimportance of reputation management at your organization, especiallyas it relates to building trust, benefit of the doubt, and mitigate riskamong your key stakeholders. For practitioners who are in the earlystages of promoting the idea of reputation management internally,this session will be especially helpful: you will walk away with newideas/inspiration on how to move reputation up as a priority withinyour organization.UTILITY INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe17:30 albéniz Room
  • 7. THE ROLE OF SUSTAINABILITY IN REPUTATION MANAGEMENT18:30 Gaudí Ballroommoderating effects of CSR Knowledge on Reputation and Stakeholder LoyaltyChristian Klode, University Witten/HerdeckeCase Study: Reputation and CSR Performance at TelenetJan van der Kaaij, managing Partner, Between-usCampaign to “Paper only When Really Necessary”Paulo Marinho, Head of Corporate Communications, Itaú UnibancoPIVOTAL MOVEMENTS OF THE REPUTATION JOURNEY18:30 Gaudí 1The Sphere of Influence as a Starting Point for Corporate StrategyAnton Roodt, Visiting Professor, Wits Business School, and DominikHeil, managing Director, Reputation Institute South africaDecisions Regarding Reputation KPIs and applications with RepTrakPatricia Heijndijk, Senior Research analyst, Reputation InstituteNetherlandsCeo Decision-making and ReputationCarola Hillenbrand, University of Reading Henley Business Schoolmoderator: Marcus Vinícius Campos Dias, Director – advice and Business Development,Reputation Institute BrazilREPUTATION TO WHAT END? THE BOTTOM LINE18:30 Gaudí 2 How does reputation impact the bottom line of your organization? Thisconversation will focus on how companies are recognizing the P&Limpact that reputation management can have by moving organizationsbeyond traditional marketing and communications to managing afull ecosystem of influencers. Participants will outline how they havecome to recognize that managing this network of stakeholders resultsin the most efficient and profitable means of impacting the behaviorof your key target, be that an end consumer, a B2B partner or a policymaking organization. Discussion will reveal how companies can identifythe reputation management P&L opportunity and make the case forchange within their organization.
  • 8. Registration8:00 - 18:30 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerWeLCome aND INTRoDUCTIoN8:45 Gaudí Ballroom Fernando Prado, managing Partner Spain & Latin america,Reputation InstituteRePUTaTIoN aND CommUNICaTIoN9:00 Gaudí Ballroom Elena Koumentakis, Head of Corporate Reputation, PirelliDaniel Tisch, Chair, Global alliance for Public Relations andCommunication managementJanet Voûte, Global Head Public affairs, Nestlémoderator: Nicolas Georges Trad, executive Partner,Reputation Institute DenmarkHoW To BeCome a FoUR STaR CCo?10:00 Gaudí Ballroom Emilio Galli Zugaro, Head of Group Communications, allianzCees B.M. van Riel, Vice Chairman, Reputation InstituteNetherlandsNetworking refreshment break11:00 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerTHURSDaYTeLeCommUNICaTIoNS INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe18:30 albéniz RoomNeTWoRKING CoCKTaIL ReCePTIoN19:30 - 21:30 marina Restaurant, 2ndFloor
  • 9. NEW HORIZONS IN CORPORATE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT11:30 Gaudí BallroomReputation and Corporate Culture in CaixaBankÁngel Pes Guixa, Deputy General manager, CaixaBankIntangible asset management at Repsol: Reputation and BrandPilar Marqués Martínez, Director of Intangible asset management,RepsolNavigating Unexplored ContextsRumina Dhalla, University of Guelphmeasuring the Social Impact; a Different Way of BusinessAntonio Fuertes, Head of Reputation and Corporate Responsibility,Gas Natural Fenosamoderator: John Patterson, Senior advisor, Reputation Institute North americaREPUTATION AND RISK MANAGEMENT11:30 Gaudí 1Reputational Risks, Perceptions, Values, and Behaviors among SpokespeopleKristin Saling, United States military academy, Karen Freberg,University of Louisville and Sabrina Page, american military UniversityReputation Risk management, academyRuth Sierra, manager, Reputation Institute North americamoderator: Seamus Gillen, Senior advisor, Reputation Institute UKUSING INTELLIGENCE AND STRATEGY TO SHOW VALUE AND SUPER-CHARGEREPUTATION EFFORTS11:30 Gaudí 2 only 33% of companies have well-built reputation intelligence andstrategy capabilities. This is a significant missed opportunity for anyleader trying to use reputation management to create value for thebusiness and validate the relevance of their function/department.The discussion will include how companies are building, enhancing,and implementing systematic evaluation methods to identifystakeholder expectations, risks and opportunities in order to setpriorities and measure successes through KPIs. Through this sessionwe will also share how companies have used such methods toestablish long-term reputation strategies and enable better corporatestory-telling that speak more directly to stakeholder expectations,across audiences. This session is geared specifically for Business Leaderswho are interested in learning about and sharing actionable bestpractices that they can take back to their organizations. attendees willhave the opportunity to participate in active group discussions aroundthis topic.
  • 10. FooD INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe11:30 albéniz RoomHOW A STRONG REPUTATION POSITIVELY DELIVERS ON THE FINANCIALPERFORMANCE OF THE BUSINESS12:30 Gaudí Ballroom David Breen, Head of Corporate affairs, ING Direct australiaJapan: The Relationship Between Corporate Reputation and Financial PerformanceMichiharu Sakurai, Josai International University in Tokyo, andKazunori Itoh, Senshu Universitymediating effect of Product Innovation on the Relationship Between Firm Reputation andPerformanceWilliam Newburry, Florida International Universitymoderator: Cássio Garkalns, Director, Reputation Institute BrazilCOMMUNICATION AND REPUTATION12:30 Gaudí 1The News media’s Influence on Corporate Reputation: Reflection and Future DirectionsCraig E. Carroll, New York UniversityCorporate Communication and Reputation managementPeggy Simcic Brønn, Norwegian Business SchoolThe Role of Integrated marketing Communication in Reputation managementClarke L. Caywood, Northwestern University Integrated marketingCommunicationsmoderator: William Pullen, General manager, Reputation Institute ChileORGANIZING FOR REPUTATION MANAGEMENT SUCCESS12:30 Gaudí 2 What are the best ways to organize cross-functional teams for successfulreputation management? This roundtable discussion will focus onhow companies around the world are tackling this important step inthe reputation management journey. Participants will share how theyorganize for reputation management and will highlight how adaptingto corporate culture, institutional history and/or existing team structureshelped them find the best solution for their organization’s needs. Thissession is geared specifically for Business Leaders who are interestedin learning about and sharing actionable best practices that they cantake back to their organizations. attendees will have the opportunity toparticipate in active group discussions around this topic.eNeRGY aND oIL INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe12:30 albéniz Room
  • 11. Lunch13:30 Café Veranda, 1st FloorSHaRING BeST PRaCTICeS IN CoRPoRaTe RePUTaTIoN maNaGemeNT14:30 Gaudí Ballroom Morten Albaek, Group Senior Vice President for Globalmarketing, Communication & Corporate Relations, Vestas WindSystemsJosé Carlos Martínez Lozoya, Head of Corporate Reputation,Iberdrolamoderator: Kasper Nielsen, executive Partner, ReputationInstitute DenmarkREINVENTING YOUR REPUTATION15:30 Gaudí BallroomThe Reputation of Portuguese Private UniversitiesAna Lebre, ISLa Campus Lisboa and Joana Motta, LaureateInternational UniversitiesFirst evaluation Campaign for online Reputation management Systems: RepLab 2012(Limosine Project)Maarten de Rijke, University of amsterdamFC Porto: a Reputation Perspective on Corporate FootballPaulo Salgado, University of minhoRegional Reputation of oregon Wines: Industry, Consumer and Trade PerspectivesSharon Wagner, Linfield College and Sylvia Flatt, San Francisco StateUniversitymoderator: Wendy Hutter, Director, Reputation Institute North americaEMOTIONS AND REPUTATION15:30 Gaudí 1measuring the emotional Response to Reputational Information onlinePekka Aula and Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, media and CommunicationStudies, University of HelsinkiIdentity, Culture, and Talent: The Return to Reputation Building BlocksRicardo Gómez Díez, Complutense University of madridmanagement by missions Implementation in Repsol of Portugal: a Social Intelligent CaseCarlos Rey, International University of Catalunyamoderator: Silvia Salles, Senior Consultant - advice & Global Research, Reputation Institute Brazil
  • 12. THE BUSINESS CHALLENGES OF COMMUNICATING WELL WITH STAKEHOLDERS15:30 Gaudí 2a model for the Training of Communication ProfessionalsMarkus Niederhäuser and Nicole Rosenberger, ZHaW ZurichUniversity of applied SciencesBuilding a Stakeholder map and a management model to Strengthen market PositionEsther Trujillo, Founder Partner, PlanBet and Saida García, Project andStakeholder manager Corporate excellenceThe multi-Channel employee and the Decentralization of Internal CommunicationRozália Del Gáudio, C&a Brazil and Paulo Henrique Soares, ValeInfinite While it lastsRachel Mello, Instituto FSB Pesquisamoderator: Hubert H. Byron III, Senior manager, Reputation Institute North americaPHaRmaCeUTICaL INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe15:30 albéniz RoomNetworking refreshment break16:30 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerTHE CHALLENGE OF CREATING A LASTING 21ST CENTURY REPUTATION: THE ROLEOF LEADERS AND STAKEHOLDERS17:00 Gaudí BallroomReputation Strategy, Leadership and accountability – Diageo’s Key Drivers of Success inReputation BuildingKathryn Partridge, Corporate Relations Director, DiageoCSR Stakeholder engagement: exploring a Communicative Constituted DialogueLaura Illia, assistant Professor of Corporate Communication, IeSchool of Communicationmoderator: Henrik Strøier, managing Director, ReputationInstitute International
  • 13. BooK LaUNCH: CoRPoRaTe RePUTaTIoN18:00 Gaudí Ballroom Ángel Alloza, Ceo, Corporate excellence - Centre forReputation LeadershipTHe moST RePUTaBLe ComPaNIeS IN THe WoRLD – 2013 ReSULTS18:15 Gaudí Ballroom Charles Fombrun, Chairman, Reputation Institute18:45 Thursday program concludesFRIDaYRegistration8:00 - 13:15 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerCASE STUDIES OF REAL WORLD REPUTATION SITUATIONS9:00 Gaudí BallroomThe Sustainability Strategy of Banco SantanderJoaquín de Ena Squella, Global Head of Sustainability, BancoSantanderCreating a New Brand from a 150-year-old Company: From Cold to Warm, From Local toGlobal, From Pure engineering to Public Service,Ignasi Fainé de Garriga, Communication and CorporateResponsibility Director, aquology, agbarBrand Service Communication in 360ºJesús Javier Sánchez Lladó, eCommerce Leader, and EduardoCicuéndez Polo, Social media Leader, CorreosTNS Case StudyMike Everett, Global Head, Customer, employee and ReputationResearch, TNSmoderator: Pedro Tavares, Partner and Ceo onStrategy Group, Portugal
  • 14. HOW CAN THE REPUTATION OF A COUNTRY BE MEASURED AND MANAGED?9:00 Gaudí 1a Proposed Reputation model in a malaysian ContextZulhamri Abdullah and Yuhanis Abdul Aziz, University PutramalaysiaReputation of egypt after the RevolutionHamed M. Shamma and Youssra Abdel Kader, The americanUniversity in CairoBuilding australia’s ReputationOliver Freedman, managing Director, amRmoderator: Dominik Heil, managing Director, Reputation Institute South africaREPUTATION AND NEW MEDIA9:00 Gaudí 2Wikipedia’s Portrayals of Large CorporationsThomas Roessing and Sabine Einwiller, Johannes GutenbergUniversity mainzSocial media Reputation and measurementMichael Etter and Elanor Colleoni, Copenhagen Business SchoolBuilding a Corporate Image and Reputation in Digital mediaJohanna Heinonen, HaaGa-HeLIa University of applied Sciencesmoderator: Patricia Heijndijk, Senior Research analyst, Reputation Institute NetherlandsCoNSUmeR PRoDUCTS INDUSTRY RoUNDTaBLe9:00 albéniz Room
  • 15. maNaGING RePUTaTIoN IN a NoNSToP WoRLD: THe RoLe oF THe CHIeF RePUTaTIoNoFFICeR10:00 Gaudí Ballroom Reymundo Ocañas, Senior Vice President and Director ofCorporate Responsibility and Reputation, BBVa CompassWilliam Plummer, Vice President, external affairs, HuaweiTechnologiesmoderator: Anthony Johndrow, managing Partner,Reputation Institute North americaNetworking refreshment break11:00 Gaudí BallroomPReSeNTaTIoN oF THe CoUNTRY RePTRaK™ STUDY ReSULTS11:30 Gaudí Ballroom Fernando Prado, managing Partner Spain & Latin america,Reputation InstituteCarlos Espinosa de los Monteros, High Commissioner of theGovernment for Brand SpainHaLL oF Fame aND BeST PaPeR aWaRD PReSeNTaTIoN12:30 Gaudí Ballroom FoyerCoNFeReNCe ReCaP aND a FoRWaRD LooK aT RePUTaTIoN13:00 Gaudí Ballroom Fernando Prado, managing Partner Spain & Latin america,Reputation Institute13:15 Conference adjourns
  • 16. Reputation Institute is the world’s leadingcorporate reputation consulting firm. Founded in1997, with a presence in 30 countries, we are thepioneer in reputation management.Through systematic research and analysis,Reputation Institute supports companies inbuilding comprehensive strategies and makingoperational decisions that are designed to alignstakeholders with corporate objectives, creatingtangible economic value. Reputation Instituteenables leaders to make business decisions thatbuild and protect reputational capital and drivecompetitive advantage.For more information, visit