Control Fuel and Maintenance Costs for your Vehicles


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At CorpRate, we’ve found a way to save you real money by developing innovative programs that empower you to control fuel and maintenance costs.

You face countless challenges every day, so a full focus on fuel and maintenance controls for your fleet might not be a priority. The problem is, you could be throwing perfectly good money away.

That’s right, recent industry research finds that as much as 15% of a company’s fuel budget is wasted by misuse and fraud. The same research also mentions that efficiencies are possible, and profitable.

For more information about how to save on your fuel and maintenance costs go to

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  • For more information about how to save on your fuel and maintenance costs go to

    We have product information on vehicle maintenance and fuel cards as well as helpful tips for managing company vehicles. Including:

    -5 ways to take control of vehicle maintenance costs.
    -Basic vehicle maintenance checklist for fleet owners.
    -Fleet cards vs. gas cards: What’s the difference?
    -Six fuel-saving tips for you and your fleet.
    -Card fraud: Are your drivers taking you for a ride?
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Control Fuel and Maintenance Costs for your Vehicles

  1. 1. CONTROL YOURFUEL ANDMAINTENANCECOSTS.Innovative and comprehensive programs to manage and contain fuel and maintenance costs.
  2. 2. YOU SAY YOU CAN SAVEME UP TO 15% PER YEARIN FUEL ANDMAINTENANCE COSTS?OK, I’M LISTENING.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAt CorpRate, we’ve found a way to save you real money by developing innovativeprograms that empower you to control fuel and maintenance costs.You face countless challenges every day, so a full focus on fuel and maintenance controls for your fleet mightnot be a priority. The problem is, you could be throwing perfectly good money away. That’s right, recentindustry research finds that as much as 15% of a company’s fuel budget is wasted by misuse and fraud. Thesame research also mentions that efficiencies are possible, and profitable.We are CorpRate, Canada’s leading independent fuel and maintenance card provider. We help companieslike yours regain financial control over their fleets by streamlining fleet administration, reducing fuel andmaintenance costs, marginalizing card misuse and fraud, and increasing driver satisfaction. And best of all, wemake it as easy as swiping your CorpRate card.With the CorpRate fleet card, your drivers have access to our extensive nationwide network for fuel andmaintenance vendors. Our one-card solution eases the administrative workload and reduces driver downtimeassociated with seeking out particular vendors. We also simplify your billing and offer you a host ofcomprehensive online and offline transaction activity reports.CorpRate also empowers you to manage your maintenance purchases as they happen. Set maintenancespending limits, and have mandatory authorization calls for all purchase requests that exceed those limits.Authorization calls can be routed to your own in-house designated representative; or the calls can bescreened by one of CorpRate’s certified Vehicle Maintenance Technicians. It’s almost like you’re there inperson for each service visit.Regardless of which one of our flexible programs you choose, CorpRate offers convenience, reduction incost and added control of your fleet’s operating costs. Let CorpRate handle your fuel and maintenancemanagement, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.1
  3. 3. ONLY ONE-THIRD OF FLEET COSTS ARE MANAGEABLEOptimizing your fuel and maintenance purchases offer the best opportunity toreduce fleet costs.TYPICAL FLEET COST ANALYSIS FIXED COSTS Depreciation 38% VARIABLE COSTS Lease Fees 2% Fuel 26% Taxes 5% License 5% Interest 5% Maintenance 10% Insurance 9%The pie chart above shows a breakdown of fleet expenses. Insurance, interest payments, licensing fees, taxes,and depreciation together represent over 60 percent of fleet costs. Yet for the most part, these costs are notmanageable. The lease fee—which is an obvious place to seek out cost savings—represents less than 2% ofspending. The remaining one-third of fleet expenses comprise fuel and maintenance purchases; and togetherprovide the greatest opportunity for optimizing fleet costs.Interested? Read on to learn more. 2
  4. 4. I’M SPENDING WAY TOOMUCH TIME TRACKINGDOWN AND OVERSEEINGFLEET EXPENSES.HOW CAN YOU SAVE ME TIME?ONE INVOICE, ONE CHEQUECollecting, recording, and reconciling fuel and maintenance purchase receipts istedious work. Our one-card solution will save you time and keep you focused onthe bottom line.INCREMENTAL HOURS SPENT ON ADMIN WORK WITHOUT A FLEET CARD70%60%50% MORE THAN 8 HOURS 15% 42%40% 10% 5 TO 8 HOURS30% 5% 14% 12% 3 TO 5 HOURS20% 28% 22%10% 17% Administrative hours spent0% without a fleet card. 1-10 Vehicles 11-50 Vehicles 51+ VehiclesA recent study found that fleet administrators spend upwards of 24 hours each month simply collecting, recording,and reconciling fuel and maintenance purchase receipts. CorpRate fleet management programs eliminate themenial and repetitive tasks that pull you away from what you do best: running a successful business. The CorpRateprogram consolidates all of your fuel and maintenance purchases through a single billing system, freeing you fromadministrative hassles while saving you time and money. As our customers like to say, “One invoice, one cheque.”Invoices conveniently itemize all purchases and allocate every expense to a specific driver or vehicle.Because CorpRate programs consolidate all fuel and maintenance expenses with one card, we eliminate extrawork associated with carrying multiple cards. Not to mention the fact that a single card drastically reduces therisk of loss or theft. And when those annoying situations do arise, CorpRate gets a new card in the hands ofyour driver within 2 working days. Now that’s convenience.3
  5. 5. REDUCED DRIVER DOWNTIMECorpRate helps your drivers be more efficient by keeping them on the roadand productive.Unlike a single-branded gas card, the CorpRate fleet program gives your drivers access to upwards of 100different fuel and maintenance vendors, spanning 20,000 locations. Our cards are accepted at 99% of all gasstations in Canada, which reduces driver downtime associated with locating specific fuel vendors. And whenyou reduce driver downtime, you save money. We also pass-along vendor volume discounts to help reducethe cost of your fuel burn. In addition to these benefits, you’ll find that our comprehensive fleet programswill vastly improve driver satisfaction and increase productivity.THE HIDDEN COST OF DRIVER DOWNTIME One employee at $20.00 per hour equals $0.33 per minute Minutes to drive to a specific site 5 minutes Number of monthly fuel fill-ups 7 per vehicle Number of company vehicles 30 Monthly cost of driver downtime – entire fleet $350.00 Lost business opportunity spent on the road (mins) 35 per employee per month Billable service rate per hour $75.00 per employee Monthly lost revenue per vehicle $43.75 Monthly lost revenue – entire fleet $1,312.50 Monthly cost of driver downtime and lost productivity $1,662.50 Annual cost of driver downtime and lost productivity $19,950.00 4
  6. 6. OK, YOU’VE CAUGHTMY ATTENTION,BUT I’M WONDERING:HOW CAN YOU SAVE ME MONEY?ACCESS COMPREHENSIVE REPORTSKnowledge is power when it comes to managing your fleet. CorpRate’scomprehensive tools provide the information you need to make the bestdecisions anywhere, anytime.Fleet costs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, the extra day per week that you spend onadministrative duties impacts your bottom line. We all know that these tasks take you away from the biggerissues of effectively managing a growing business. At CorpRate, we provide a variety of comprehensive fleetmanagement reports including cardholder details, transaction activities and spending patterns. Our reportingcapabilities are robust, allowing you to easily monitor and control your maintenance and fuel costs.CONTROL FUEL FRAUD AND MISUSEAt CorpRate, our program features strict spending controls that greatly decreasethe frequency of fraudulent fuel and maintenance purchases.A 2005 Havill & Company study reported that many fleet managers felt they were the victim of fuel fraud andmisuse. When your drivers are filling up their own vehicles using your money, well, that’s a problem.CorpRate’s daily exception reports identify anomalous spending patterns using 24 different activity metrics includingfuel type, vehicle tank capacity and transaction frequency. Using advanced statistical analysis, we compare pastfraudulent patterns with actual cardholder data to identify misuse or fraud. When you have the facts, you’re in abetter position to act properly. When suspicious spending is identified, the card is immediately red-flagged and youare notified. In certain cases, the card will be preemptively deactivated and a new card issued.As for external fraud, there has been an increase in fleet card identity theft in the form of card duplication andcard sales to the black market. We have made it a priority to develop innovative tools and features that mitigatethe risk of card misuse and fraud. And the dollars you save go directly to the company’s bottom line.5
  7. 7. ELIMINATING UNNECESSARY MAINTENANCE WORKFleet maintenance spending represents a huge portion of variable expenses that must be managed effectivelyto achieve significant cost savings. At CorpRate, our fleet programs provide you with the convenience and thecontrol you need to significantly increase efficiency and drive savings.Our program is as simple as it is effective. We help you set maintenance purchase thresholds, which means you’llnever again receive one of those surprise maintenance invoices. In addition to accessing our vast maintenancevendor network, CorpRate customers receive detailed vehicle maintenance transaction history reports to helpyou keep on top of your spending. You can opt for the Self Authorization Service (SAS), or defer to our ownin-house Vehicle Maintenance Technicians (VMTs) to screen maintenance purchase requests. On average, wesave our customers over $60 per maintenance authorization phone call screened by our VMTs.COST SAVINGS FOR A 10, 20 & 50 VEHICLE FLEET Number of company vehicles 10 20 50 Monthly fuel litres burned per vehicle 372 372 372 Fuel cost per litre $1.05 $1.05 $1.05 Fuel cost per month $3,906.00 $7,812.00 $19,530.00 Industry calculated fuel abuse/fraud percentage 15% 15% 15% Monthly abbuse and fraud $585.90 $1,171.80 $2,929.50 Annual potenital fuel savings $7,030.80 $14,061.60 $35,154.00 Annual service visits per vehicle 3 3 3 Total annual fleet service visits 30 60 150 Average saving per maintenance call $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 Annual potential maintenance savings $1,800.00 $3,600.00 $9,000.00 Annual potential savings by using corprate card $8,830.80 $17,661.60 $44,154.00 6
  8. 8. Feature FleetExpress FleetDirect FleetAdvance CONVENIENCE One Card Solution Consolidated Billing Paperless Billing Universal Fuel Card Acceptance* 20,000 Maintenance Vendor Network Online Account Changes and Card Orders COST Volume Discount Self-Authorization Service National Maintenance Account Pricing Transferable Warranty Vehicle Maintenance Technicians CONTROL Monthly Exception Report Green Fleet Management Custom Maintenance Cost Parameters Fraud Protection On-Demand Online Report (With Optional Export) Daily Exception ReportLet’s ConnectVisit us online for more information about CorpRateprograms. Or call us today to learn how we can helpyou reduce fuel and maintenance costs.  7200 Yonge Street Design: Thornhill, OntarioT 905 886 2522 L4J 1V8F 905 886 4244Toll Free in Canada 1 800 263