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Presentation to Rotary 7120 District Assembly on Social Media Networking. Included specific links, examples, and action item list.

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Social media networking

  1. 1. DISTRICT 7120 ASSEMBLYSocial Media Networking
  2. 2. IntroductionThis PowerPoint Presentation will be available at Cornerstone Solutions Website
  3. 3. Agenda1. What is Social Media and Why is it important2. Five key Social Networks 1. Twitter 2. Blogging 3. LinkedIn 4. Facebook 5. YouTube3. Social Media Tips4. Case Study – LinkedIn Rotary Guest Speakers5. Monitoring & Analytics6. Questions
  4. 4. Is This Your Club?
  5. 5. What is Social Media? Wikipedia: “Social Media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” Think . . . Business Cocktail Reception . . . Without constraints of time or space•We meet people and start conversations•Ask questions – trust others’ advice•Answer questions – help others•Save business contacts as a resource forlater
  6. 6. Why You Should Care Quick 2 minute video Socialnomics 3
  7. 7. The Social Web
  8. 8. Some Social Media FeaturesSharing: Allows you to distribute content to your social networks in batches.Profiles: Allow you to position your expertise and qualifications to the social networks. Thekeywords in your profile(s) are vitally important. They have a strong impact on your search results.Pages: Allow you to create specific content based on interest. This helps when you want to buildtargeted campaigns.Groups: Allow you to engage with your potential clients based on their areas of interest. A greatway to target specific markets for any campaign.Search: Allows you to find and rank for specific keywords. Keywords are indexed by the searchengines.Messages: Allow you to privately engage with specific prospects with excellent response rates(typically 6% to 30% depending on message format and goal.)Events: Allow you to promote events and see attendees to create follow-up strategies. Helps tocreate the ‗viralness‘ desired by having attendees also promote the event through sharing.Voting: Allows you to take the pulse of your market place, at little or no cost.Applications: A wide variety of applications exist to customize almost any aspect of your SocialMedia strategy.
  9. 9. What is Twitter?
  10. 10. Quick Look at the Basics 140 characters Concept of “Followers” @name # tags (hash tags) Short URLs ( or RT (Re-Tweets) DM (direct message) – only to followers Etiquette Thank You is important.
  11. 11. Twitter Uses• Branding• Hiring• Traffic Building• Professional Networking• Publicity• News• Prospecting• Feedback • Quick Communication• Peer relations • Distributing Content• Competitive tracking • Connecting• Search engine optimization • Promoting SM efforts• Mobile visibility • Real Time Search
  12. 12. Don’t wait, just get started.•Find people withCommon interestsand follow them.•Find businesses inyour field and followthem.•If you wantfollowers, decidewhat you want togive them.
  13. 13. Twitter Tips & Tricks Follow key players in your industry Read some of the posts daily When you follow someone or they follow you, read their bio completely and maybe do a bit more searching is “The Twitter of Yellow Pages.” Select a good Twitter name, preferably business name Connect your Twitter updates to your other Social Media accounts. Search for more Tips & Tricks on the internet
  14. 14. What is Blogging?
  15. 15. About Your Blog• Pick the right tool – i.e. Wordpress• Get your own URL (• Set up RSS (Rich Site Summary, a format for delivering regularly changing web content)• Write about WHAT YOU KNOW• Pick the Right headline or title • The Secret of . . . • Top 10 tips for . . . • The best way to . . . • A new way to . . .• Join in the conversation• Follow a few blogs yourself – Think industry magazines• Keep a schedule. Blog regularly. Once a week, Bi-monthly• Spend more time talking about the culture that SURROUNDS people that buy your products, instead of the product(s) itself.
  16. 16. Blog Etiquette Attribute your sources (called Trackbacks). Hot links are great. Don’t copy someone else’s blog verbatim and attribute it as a source. Allow comments. When you comment, stay relevant. You can disagree with the message without attacking the blogger. Don’t Spam Respond to your commenters. Only speak the truth. And beware what you speak. It is all searchable and permanent. Check your facts, don’t just repost. Keep it simple and short. 250 – 600 words is great. Promote regularly on Twitter. Use hash tags.
  17. 17. What is LinkedIn?
  18. 18. Quick Look at the Basics  101 Million members  Targeted toward the business professional  Resume  Recommendations / Referrals  Connections  Expertise  Executive Level Search  Link to your company and blogConnecting with people you don’t know isnot as important as connecting with peopleyou NEED to know.
  19. 19. LinkedIn Personal Example
  20. 20. LinkedIn Business Example
  21. 21. LinkedIn Tips & Tricks Complete your ENTIRE profile, make it PUBLIC Have a good profile picture Start your connection collection with your Email addresses Looked at your connections’ connections Absolutely join groups (min 5), and be active in at least one Get Your RECOMMENDATIONS Ask questions to start conversations Answer LinkedIn questions, it builds your credibility & leadership Search for business profiles / pages, see if anyone is within your network already Use Keywords in your status updates It’s OK to ask for help from your contacts Search for more Tips & Tricks on the internet
  22. 22. Facebook!!•838 million users world wide•Average person is on Facebook :55 minutes per day•People spend over 700 billion minutes per month onFacebook•Average user has 130 friends•Over 900 million pages/groups/events/communitypages•70+ language translations available•Over 250 million active users access Facebook from amobile device
  23. 23. Optimizing Facebook •A PROFILE is a personal page and must be held by a PERSON •Businesses should (must) use a PAGE or GROUP PAGES vs GROUPSPages Privacy: Page information and Groups Privacy: In addition to an openposts are public and generally available setting, more privacy settings are available forto everyone on Facebook. groups. In secret and closed groups, posts are only visible to group members.Audience: Anyone can like a Page tobecome connected with it and get News Audience: Group members must be approved orFeed updates. There is no limit to how added by other members. When a group reaches amany people can like a Page. certain size, some features are limited. The most useful groups tend to be the ones you create withCommunication: Page admins can small groups of people you know.share posts under the Page‘s name.Page posts appear in the News Feed of Communication: In groups, members receivepeople who like the Page. Page admins notifications by default when any member posts incan also create customized tabs for the group. Group members can participate intheir Pages and check Page Insights to chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaboratetrack the Page‘s growth and activity. on group docs, and invite all members to group events.
  24. 24. Facebook Tips• Choose a good vanity URL. It can never be changed• Beware, Facebook blurs the line between personal and professional.• Audit your Facebook profile and security settings• Facebook can be used for more than connecting with friends or people you know from now or your past• Use the NOTE screen for more detailed stuff. You can write more and it stay’s on peoples screens a bit longer.• Post content 2-3 times per week.• When posting, use images as much as possible.• Anything posted, can and will be available on the internet forever.• Analyze & optimize using Facebook’s, Insight Tool.• To be effective, you MUST have a Social Media Strategy or calendar.
  25. 25. YouTube?YouTube is the largest worldwide video-sharing website which users canupload, share, view, comment, and rate videos. Created in February 2005. •YouTube Statistics here, ( & ( •Google owns YouTube, so posted videos are almost immediately searchable and it improves your rankings . •Approximate 10% of your traffic will generate sales. •What is a Viral Video? (
  26. 26. YouTube Tips & Tricks.•Create a YouTube account. Be sure you pick a business related username.•Create and customize your Channel. You channel is your Username and can NOT be changed•Create a video. Do NOT go too professional.•Have a gimmick. Be entertaining. ―Will it Blend, 1:37‖( )•Videos typically fall into three categories: Informational, Educational, Entertainment•Get your channel/video noticed •Participate in the YouTube community •Direct viewers to your website •Have a good script, keyword heavy •Invest in a decent microphone •Twitter/LinkedIn/Blog/Facebook•Use Tags - keywords•Remove offensive comments•Measure – YouTube has free analytics tools.
  27. 27. SM tips for Your Business No-Cost Marketing Ideas It is NOT “if you build it, they will come.” People must be lured or invited to your page.•Create the event. Share it. Publicize it everywhere. •Embed Widgets on your website•Add an in-store sign that says ―Become a fan of Company Name on •Add to your Email signature blockSM platforms •Try some SM Apps•Prominently display your SM logos on your website •Get Fans to ―Tag‖ photos•Add SM logos to all your printed marketing material, including •Load Videos and embed on your siteBusiness Cards •Run a Contest•Once you have fans, start offering promotions/incentives •Cross link to other SM platforms•Use free 2D barcodes •Get fans to Join Via SMS•Email your existing email list (―32665 (FBOOK) fan username‖•Occasional Blog about your Facebook page, Tweet about your •Add a link on your personal profilevideo, etc. Cross promote. •Use Badges or Buttons•Free search engine submission tools •Share the Button•Be active on a few Social Media forums. •Google AdWords promos*•Link or ―Like‖ swapping
  28. 28. SM Tips for Your Business Paid Advertising TIPS•Use Facebook Ads •Set up campaign goals•Google Advertising Programs (2 types) •Targeting demographics•Twitter Business Site •Buy direct from Social Networks and not search engines•LinkedIn Direct Ads •Set a budget•Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon •Run two or more ads simultaneously•Digg Ads •Test CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) vs.•Mobile Advertising CPC (cost per click bidding) to find best value •Monitor, track, analyze and optimize •Continually tweak
  29. 29. Monitoring & Analytics There are multiple free tools to start•Google Analytics (•Google Alerts (•10 free social media monitoring sites you should try (•11 Leading Tools for Free Website Analytics (
  30. 30. RecapSo, let’s recap the reasons why your business benefits from Social Media:•Economical•Great additional way to build relationships•Extends consumer reach beyond your local region•Aids word-of-mouth referrals•Easy to track – metrics!•New tools to build rapport•Builds up reputation•Lets you put your business face in front of more customers•Although using social media can be scary at first, once you realize the benefits, Ibet you‘ll wonder what took you so long!•Your customers are already there, it is time you joined them•To get you started, here are 10 reasons for participating in social media tobenefit your business.
  31. 31. Hello,You are receiving this open Speaker Invitation Request specifically because you are one on my fairly local LinkedInconnections. 2nd Reply Case Study – LinkedIn Rotary Speaker Frank,If you have read my profile, you might be aware that I am currently the VP of the Elmira Rotary Club and one of my jobs isfinding interesting guest speakers for ourfor your interest inI speaking at our Rotary and my business is based on First of all, Thank you lunch program. Since am a big fan of Social Medialeveraging Social Media I thought I would try using LinkedIn to find a few guest speakers. Club. I had a lot of positive replies from the LinkedIn community.If you are interested in being process forward, Iare a need you to to consider. To move the a guest speaker, here will few guidelines fill out the Speaker Request Form on our website ( .•Needed to get newwith a topic of informational, educational, motivational or entertainment value that will be of for speakers and fresh speakers.I am looking Please do this as soon as you can. Of your three choices, I think Igeneral interest to all club members. Our Club is always seeking speakers that have an interesting and informing•Decided likesend a best.presentation to enhances our mission of philanthropic giving. We welcome speakers who can further our club awareness that #2 the geographically targeted email to EVERYONE.of service needs in our community, the national, or international community at-large. Additionally, Rotarians represent a •500+ Total People in networkcross section of vocations will contribute to the health and well being of our community; economically, physically, After that I that get back to you and attempt to schedule a date forintellectually, spiritually, socially andwithin 50 mile geographic radius (325+) business or its services and •Only sentspeak. Just so you know these are thenot promote a specific you to to people creatively. Presentations should current availablepresentations should be mostly non-political and non-sectarian. Directly soliciting purchases or donations is not dates.recommended. You are welcome to stay after the meeting and speak with interested Rotarians and share more information.Handouts are welcome. We meet every Tuesday, noon to 1:00pm at the Elmira Holiday Inn. You would have 15-20 minutesRESULTSto speak. We average about 45 members at each meeting. 5/22/12•Over 20 people replied (6.2% response rate). 6/5/12Rotary is not a political or religious organization, therefore your topic should appeal to a wide audience and represent theRotary "four 6/12/12 of booked•8 guest speakers all we say and do: way test" 1. Is it the 6/19/12 TRUTH?•The other guest speakers will be scheduled later in the year 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 6/26/12 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?•Speakers BENEFICIAL toall concerned? 4. Will it be still need to be filtered. Have a great week.•Added 20+ newto be a little longer to LinkedIn so if you are still reading this, Thank You. If you are interested inThis email turned out connections than I anticipated,speaking at our Rotary Club, please reply or fill out the application at . And finally, if you have any•3 peopleTom using LinkedIn aspossible prospects.comments regarding as guests, venue to obtain guest speakers, I would love to hear your thoughts. invitedYours in Service,Tom
  32. 32. Recap10 (Business) Reasons to Participate in Social Mediaby Christine Whittemore1. You demonstrate to potential customers that you are human and care about their world.2. You bring to life an externally focused mindset. (See Retail Outward Not Inward: Time To Refocus.)3. Social media allows you to bring to life your otherwise static brochure-like website with a dynamic presence.4. You address in a public forum the questions and concerns your customers have about your products and services—which are being asked anyway without your participation.5. You participate in the conversations taking place that relate to your business, products, industry … and have theopportunity to shape the agenda.6. You manage your reputation.7. You build a customer community8. You direct prequalified prospects—with whom you‘ve already established a relationship—to your website, so you canengage in business.9. You build your digital visibility and online presence.10. You remain relevant to customers.Whereas traditional advertising attempts to bypass the brain and go straight to the heart, social media addressespotential buyers‘ needs for intellectual satisfaction with specific knowledge (i.e., content and context). The result: Youbuild a business brand that customers not only feel is great, but know it is, too.
  33. 33. A Thought & Some Resources•Study: Small business benefits most from Social Media•10 Examples of B2B Facebook Pages
  34. 34. Sneak Preview 2012-2013Your Turn To . . . District 7120 project What is Rotary doing in your area? Just Shoot and post Contest(s) coming Have Fun With it Facebook Page coming soon!
  35. 35. Next Steps1. Create/update LinkedIn Profile2. Invite everyone you have an email for3. Join some Rotary & your business groups4. Create/update Facebook profile5. Like/Friend/Subscribe to areas of interest6. Create a video for YourTurnTo7. As for the club site(s), just do it
  36. 36. Links of Interest Your Turn To Personal Links – This is about networking!  Rotary District 7120 •This is Me on Facebook Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF) •LinkedIn Elmira Rotary Club •About.Me gets you a LOT more Rotary District 5130 Rotary Leadership Institute Leadership-Institute/117007538311421?ref=ts Rotaract Rotoract Dancing with our Stars (DWOS) Rotary International ROSNF: Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship Official Rotary International Group
  37. 37. Final Thoughts•A successful Social Media presence for businesses is more thancreating a presence on the Internet.•It requires a strategy fully integrated with your businessgoals, including your marketing plan, implementation, ongoingmaintenance, monitoring, analyzing metrics & repeat.•Facebook OWNS the website and can make ANY change at ANY time.It should NOT replace your company website.•Connecting with people you don’t know is not as important asconnecting with people you NEED to know.•“Once you start down this path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”
  38. 38. Mark Twain Quote“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” -Mark Twain
  39. 39. Welcome to the world of Socialnomics“Social Media is overthrowing governments. You don’t think it’s gonna impact your business? You idiot!” -Gary Vaynerchuk, Author, “The Thank You Economy”
  40. 40. Thank You & Questions Tom Brown Owner & Social Media Specialist