Building Blocks of B2B Social Media

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While consumer brands tend to steal the social media headlines, tremendous opportunities exist for B2B companies to leverage social media as a way to build brand interest and qualify potential …

While consumer brands tend to steal the social media headlines, tremendous opportunities exist for B2B companies to leverage social media as a way to build brand interest and qualify potential customers. This session led by marketing consultant Ed Peterson at the SOCON13 Conference reviews best practices for content marketing on key social media channels, provides small business owners with social listening and social service tactics standard in many large B2B enterprises, and addresses how social inputs contribute to customer nurturing and the path to new sales. Topics covered are strategically geared toward small business owners; agency teams new to the unique requirements of working with B2B accounts and journalists; and marketers and educators unfamiliar with the dramatic changes in marketing fueling modern business.

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  • 1. #socon13Ed Peterson - @ed_peterson
  • 2.  Content marketing  Inbound marketing  Search engine optimization  Credibility and standing in your industry  A cultural foundation for your business@ed_peterson @ed_peterson
  • 3.  Marketing exist to gain new customers and keep current ones. This goes for social, too! Analytics and marketing automation are powerful, but do not expect perfection. Make the funnel an easy ride “Content to Contact to Cash” @ed_peterson
  • 4.  Identify buyer personas Landing page strategy Editorial planning Role of the community manager Cracking the code for management @ed_peterson
  • 5.  Keywords and your industry knowledge drive basic content strategy Conduct a content treasure hunt Give a microphone to the best and brightest in your organization Steal a play from Hubspot - 10-4-1 rule @ed_peterson
  • 6.  Real-time inbound marketing for business people Encourage every member of your team to have a complete LinkedIn profile Assist senior leadership in all functional areas with creating profiles Begin the culture of social sharing with LinkedIn updates @ed_peterson
  • 7.  Complete company details using your keywords Have a killer cover image taking advantage of the new Company Page layout Recognize the value of your recruitment brand and consider investment in a premium career page
  • 8.  Lower volume, higher quality Strive for visual element Post directly into LinkedIn Monitor post stats and learn from what works Experiment with targeting features @ed_peterson
  • 9.  Great vehicle for product details and media List Contacts Monitor closely! @ed_peterson
  • 10. @ed_peterson
  • 11.  Facebook for business vs. business on Facebook Mapping where engagement becomes interest Seek and promote opportunities for transactions and connections @ed_peterson
  • 12. @ed_peterson
  • 13.  Inbound marketing power play Vehicle to capture email addresses Path to owned media @ed_peterson
  • 14. @ed_peterson
  • 15.  Custom tabs Promotions Role of on page conversation Balance of page vs. feed Look out for Messages! @ed_peterson
  • 16.  Content - Images Format - Concise Call to Action What you are saying When you are saying it @ed_peterson
  • 17.  Likes peak around 8 p.m. EST, shares around 6 p.m. EST.  Remember the 80/20 rule for U.S. populationChart via @ed_peterson
  • 18.  Reach Growth Engagement PTAT acid test @ed_peterson
  • 19.  Fast, accessible, cumulative Ticker tape & database in one Vehicle for industry and product leadership @ed_peterson
  • 20.  Be serious about listening Find relevant hash tags before you invent them Be the news breaker at conferences and events Identify, engage and reward influencers and thought leaders @ed_peterson
  • 21.  Content meets conversation Your customer assumes Twitter is customer service “Tweeting a landing page does not kill a puppy” @ed_peterson
  • 22.  Community built on topics, not relationships 135 Million active users Corporate focus at Google on bringing Google+ into all products Premium real estate in the top right hand corner of search returns for logged in users Social equity contributions
  • 23.  Photos now appear in all posts Functionality of Google+ hangouts constantly improving. Viable alternative to 3rd party webinar hosting. Google+ communities recently launched. Power alternative to stale LinkedIn groups.
  • 24. 关系 GuanxiInvest in relationships and show respect @ed_peterson
  • 25. -Mayo Clinic- Dont Lie, Dont Pry Dont Cheat, Cant Delete Dont Steal, Dont RevealA solid, well communicated social mediapolicy is critical to the integrity of your digitalmarketing @ed_peterson
  • 26.  Paid promotion moving from display advertising into the Timeline Great segmentation options require knowledge of your customer and specific objectives More powerful options require more expertise Experimentation will yield results! @ed_peterson
  • 27.  Great resources, scalable investment Buy what will get used Take advantage of eager vendor community for knowledge, free trials, comparison shopping Seek accountability and obsessively share market intelligence and customer insights @ed_peterson
  • 28.  Keep social from becoming isolated Ask what your customers and your competitors are doing online Ask how your efforts and your content are supporting your customers Have the right context for accountability @ed_peterson
  • 29.  B2B customers are still consumers People expect to interact with your brand on their terms, 24 hours a day Entertain, Inform and provide utility Within the matrix of B2B integrated marketing, social media is a tool for discovery Never stop closing listening @ed_peterson
  • 30. For the Marketing Executive For the Community Manager
  • 31.  Social Media B2B Blog Marketo B2B Blog Prominent Placement (awesome SEO) Business to Community Blog All things Hubspot, including Dan Zarrella! See it live – Social Media Club, Local Meetups, Local Professional Groups (AiMA) B2B Marketing Insider B2B Google+ Community