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The online studio may 2012 full Presentation Transcript

  • 1. MAY 2012
  • 2. for you to manage it• THE SOLUTIONS WE OFFER Guaranteed quality of work,with 4 levels of quality control before a project is sent out to you• In-housecreative guardianship of the work, resulting in work that is not churned out, but crafted and monitored as a body of work• Analternative to freelancers, without the difficulties of finding someone, bringing them up to date with the brand, the associated admin of desks, computers and timesheets, and paying for downtime due to late briefs or waiting for amends•A digital department without the need to hire a range of skillsets and maintain each with sufficient level of work
  • 3. THE SOLUTIONS WE OFFERIn summary we are cost effective and perfectionist.We take the headache out of outsourcing, giving you excellent rates coupled with high standards.
  • 4. WHAT WE DO V 4
  • 5. OUR WORKWhite Labelling:We work white label for the majority of ouragency clients and so, regrettably, we areunable to show a large portion of the workwe create.
  • 6. STANDARD BANNERS - BootsProduction, swf and gif resizesThe Task:To create 4 resizesfrom master suppliedThe Assets: SuppliedMaster flaThe Deliverables:4 swfs and gif altsplus source filesApproximate cost:£400 (production only) ResizesTimescale:2 working days from goahead to supply offiles, including allclient sign-off time
  • 7. STANDARD BANNERS - RockbandProduction, swf and gif resizesThe Task:To create 2 master banners and7 resizes of eachThe Assets:Master PSD and imagesThe Deliverables:16 swfs and gif alts plussource filesApproximate cost:£1200 (production only)Timescale:4 working days from go ahead tosupply of files, including allclient sign-off time
  • 8. STANDARD BANNERS - BlackRockThe Task:To design and build & translationsProduction, masters 4masters - swf, animatedgif and static gif ofeach, then create 5language versions ofeachThe Assets:Brand guidelines and allcopyThe Deliverables:24 swfs, 24 animatedgifs and 24 static gifsplus source filesApproximate cost:£4000Timescale:4 working days from goahead to supply offiles,including all clientsign-off time
  • 9. HTML EMAIL - SonyThe Task:To Build and testing build andtest one emailfrom PSDsuppliedThe Assets:PSD and linksTheDeliverables:1 html file andimage folderApproximatecost:£250(build/testingonly)Timescale: Standard testing1 working day Supplied PSDfrom go ahead tosupply of files,includingtesting time Our HTML
  • 10. The Task:To create a gamefor a page takeoverRICH MEDIA - Mazda takeoverThe Assets:Concept, design &The logo and zoom productionzoom letteringThe Idea:Use a classicscalextric stylegame - simple andquick to play butvery engagingThe Deliverables:A page skin and anexpandable MPUserved viaflashtalking. Gameallows one playeror two playerracing plus buildyour own trackfunctionalityApproximate cost:£7000(concepts, design &production)Timescale:
  • 11. The Task:To drive people tothe cinema to watchRICH MEDIA - Gnomeo and Juliet takeoverthe film Concept, designThe Assets: & productionFilm content andimageryThe Idea:There were differentideas for eachexecution but eachone displayed in afun way pushing thecharacters to theforegroundThe Deliverables:7 entirely differentpage takeovers inhigh impact mediabookings served viaflashtalking and withvariable datecomponentApproximate cost:£6000(concepts, design &production)
  • 12. Rich Media - Gnomeoand Juliet
  • 13. RICH MEDIA - Air NZ takeoverThe Task:To build variousProduction scampsformats fromsuppliedThe Assets:Scamps and imageryplus some videocontentThe Deliverables:1 master standardbanners, and 8resizes, 4 videobanners and 1homepage take over(as shown) as wellas 3 gamesApproximate cost:£10,000 (productiononly)Timescale:32 working daysfrom go ahead tolivedate, including all
  • 14. RICH MEDIA – NectarProduction
  • 15. Rich Media – Mazda Games
  • 16. Rich Media
  • 17. FACEBOOK - Sky Spot the BallThe Task:To drive awareness of Sky’sConcepts, design & productioncoverage of the world cup onSky + HD, on facebook, withoutmentioning the world cup.The Assets:The prize images and thecampaign stadium imageryThe Idea:Spot the ball - the userchooses a pixel from the1920x1080 available.The Deliverables:A designed and built Facebooktab and app including clientaccessible data capture andwall postsApproximate cost:£8000 (concepts, design &production)Timescale:25 working days from go aheadto live date, including all
  • 18. The Task:To drive awareness of theFACEBOOK - Submarinecinema release ofSubmarineConcepts, design & productionThe Assets:The logo, hero image andvideo clipThe Idea:Build on the music elementof the film by allowingusers to select their toplove song and break upsongThe Deliverables:A designed and builtFacebook tab and appincluding listen andselect options viaSpotify, client accessibledatabase of entrants,trailer video and wallpostsApproximate cost:£4000 (concepts, design &production)Timescale:
  • 19. The Task:To push people to purchaseFACEBOOK - The Adjustment BureauThe Adjustment Bureau DVDand Blu-rayConcepts, design & productionThe Assets:The logo, hero image andvideo clipThe Idea:Develop the Fate Map inthe book using peopledetailed already stored inFacebookThe Deliverables:A designed and built Flashunit to sit on partnersites, including facebookconnect function to pullin user details to createtheir personalised FateMap plus trailer video andwall postsApproximate cost:£5000 (concepts, design &production)Timescale:
  • 20. WEBSITES - SkyThe Task:IA, design & an online database ofTo create buildSky’s brand assets & campaignsThe Design:Clarity & ease of use wereparamount but within the SkyguidelinesThe Deliverables:A fully searchable and update-able database built using ourbespoke CMS system allowingdifferent levels of logins foragencies and Sky themselves
  • 21. WEBSITES - Ella’s BakehouseThe Task:IA & buildTo create an web presence for Ella’sBakehouse, showcasing products and allowingusers to make ordersThe Deliverables:A CMS enabled online shop allowing users tobuild their own boxes and ad personalistionto their order. Also allowing the owners toupdate flavours, products and prices veryeasily.
  • 22. WEBSITES - Other recent buildsBuild
  • 23. IN-STORE - HTC touchscreen emulatorsProductionThe Task:To produce a touchscreendemo of the latest HTChandsetThe Assets:All designed ‘pages’The Deliverables:A fully working interactivedemo installed on suppliedhardware for use inCarphone Warehouse storesand at expos. Included alevel of support and remoteaccess to update thesoftware. Two phases plusthree updates.Cost:£10,000 (phase 1 & 2 build)Timescale:10 working days from goahead to live date,including all client sign-
  • 24. • Launched in July 2007 ABOUT US the UK (Central• Offices in London), India (Pune) and New Zealand (Auckland)• TheLondon office handles all creative, design and project management.• TheIndia office handles all banner and email production.• TheNZ office handles all site builds and is multi-disciplined in terms of the scripting languages they work in.• Allproduction work is channelled through the Studio Managers and the UK team, giving our clients high quality work at a low cost.
  • 25. THANK YOU - Contact detailsWe look forward to hearing from you! The Online Studio 83-87 Crawford StreetAnna Benn (Director) W1H 2HB 020 7723 4703Julia Marberr (Project Manager) Royal (Project Manager)