List of B.E/B.Tech (EEE), M.E/M.Tech (PED, PSE) Projects


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List of B.E/B.Tech (EEE), M.E/M.Tech (PED, PSE) Projects

  1. 1. ABOUT US CoreTronix is a new concept in developing students into industrial ready professionals. Managed exclusively by professionals from the industry, it incorporates innovative teaching methods to enhance the employability of new college graduates and IT/BPO engineers seeking a career change. It’s time to submit your final year project abstracts/Synopsis. CoreTronix provides project ideas and abstracts with world class quality. A dedicated team of professionals and our committed experts will be available all the time to assist students. CoreTronix offers IEEE Application Projects under various IEEE Transactions on POWER SYSTEMS – POWER ELECTRONICS – INSTRUMENTATION – GRID COMPUTING – SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS – ELECTRICAL MACHINE DRIVES, etc and also Students can bring their own idea with IEEE papers. Projects are available for M.E/M.Tech (Power System Engineering & Drives, Power Electronics & Drives, and Applied Electronics), B.E/B.Tech (EEE, ECE and E&I), DIPLOMA (Electrical and Electronics), and School Students. Project Supports & Deliverable @CoreTronix – Project Abstract, IEEE Base Paper/Reference Paper, Project Presentation (PPT format), Project Review Assistance for VIVA, Project Diagram/Circuit Block, Project Source Code, Project Demo, Project Explanation, Project Screen Shots, Project Report & Data Sheets, and Project Hardware Kit. Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -1-
  2. 2. POWER ELECTRONICS POWER ELECTRONICS – SIMULATION WITH HARDARE KIT PROJECT CODE PROJECT TITLES YEAR CPPE 01 A Novel ZVT-ZCT-PWM Boost Converter CPPE 02 Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results of a Novel Soft- 2013 Switching Snubberless Current-Fed Half-Bridge Front-End Converter-Based PV Inverter CPPE 03 Bridgeless SEPIC Converter with a Ripple-Free Input Current 2013 CPPE 04 High Performance Voltage Fed AC-DC Full-Bridge SingleStage PFC with Reduced DC Bus Capacitor Low-Common Mode Voltage H-Bridge Converter with Additional Switch Legs Analysis and design of a Push-Pull Quasi-Resonant Boost Power Factor Corrector A Modified High-Efficiency LLC Converter with Two Transformers For Wide Input-Voltage Range Applications High Performance Voltage Fed AC-DC Full-Bridge SingleStage PFC with Reduced DC Bus Capacitor High-Efficiency Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter without Electrolytic Capacitor for Low-Output-Voltage AC–DC LED Drivers Decoupling Capacitor Selection in DCM Flyback PV Microinverter Considering Harmonic Distortion A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications 2013 CPPE 05 CPPE 06 CPPE 07 CPPE 08 CPPE 09 CPPE 10 CPPE 11 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -2-
  3. 3. CPPE 12 CPPE 13 CPPE 14 CPPE 15 CPPE 16 CPPE 17 CPPE 18 CPPE 19 CPPE 20 Design and Implementation of a Unity Power Factor Fuzzy Battery Charger using an Ultrasparse Matrix Rectifier Novel Zero-voltage and Zero-current Switching (ZVZCS) PWM Three-level DC/DC Converter Using Output Coupled Inductor An Integrated Boost Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications High-Efficiency Single Switch Single- Input Multiple-Output DC–DC Converter A Modified Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source AC–AC Converter 2013 Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter With Continuous Input Current and Boost Inversion Capability A High Step-Up Three-Port DC–DC Converter for StandAlone PV/Battery Power Systems Analysis of Half-Wave Class DE Low dv/dt Rectifier at Any Duty Ratio An Analytical Steady-State Model of LCC type Series– Parallel Resonant Converter With Capacitive Output Filter 2013 2013 2013 2013 2012 2013 2014 2014 Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -3-
  4. 4. POWER SYSTEMS POWER SYSTEMS BASED SIMULATION PROJECT CODE CPPS 01 CPPS 02 CPPS 03 CPPS 04 CPPS 05 CPPS 06 CPPS 07 CPPS 08 PROJECT TITLES YEAR Simulation of Transient Skin Effect of DC Railway System 2013 Based on MATLAB/Simulink A Sliding-Mode Duty-Ratio Controller for DC/DC Buck 2013 Converters with Constant Power Loads A Combination of Shunt Hybrid Power Filter and Thyristor 2013 Controlled Reactor for Power Quality Stability Enhancement of a PMSG-Based Offshore Wind Farm Fed to a Multi-Machine System through an LCCHVDC Link Dynamic Averaged and Simplified Models for MMCBased HVDC Transmission Systems Coordinated Controls and Energy Management of Distributed Generation Inverters in a Micro-grid Control of Improved Full-Bridge Three-Level DC/DC Converter for Wind Turbines in a DC Grid Control Structure for Single-Phase Stand-Alone WindBased Energy Sources 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -4-
  5. 5. RENEWABLE/SUSTAINABLE ENERGY RENEWABLE/SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – SIMULATION PROJECT CODE PROJECT TITLES YEAR CPSE 01 High Step-Up, High Efficiency Interleaved Converter with Voltage Multiplier Module for Renewable Energy System 2013 CPSE 02 A Comparative Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Power Systems 2013 CPSE 03 A New Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter for Grid Connection of Large Wind Turbines 2013 CPSE 04 A Novel Operation and Control Strategy for a Standalone Hybrid Renewable Power System 2013 CPSE 05 Dynamic Modeling and Control of Interleaved Flyback Module Integrated Converter for PV Power Applications 2013 Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -5-
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS – SIMULATION WITH HARDWARE KIT PROJECT CODE PROJECT TITLES YEAR CPIE 01 A New Interleaved Three-Phase Single-Stage PFC AC–DC Converter 2013 CPIE 02 Cascade Cockcroft– Walton Voltage Multiplier Applied to Transformer less High Step-Up DC–DC Converter A New ZCS-PWM Full-Bridge Dc-Dc Converter with Simple Auxiliary Circuits 2013 CPIE 04 High-Efficiency LED Driver without Electrolytic Capacitor for Street Lighting 2013 CPIE 05 A Modified Three-Phase Four Wire UPQC Topology With Reduced DC-Link Voltage Rating Analysis and Design of a Multi-output Converter Using Asymmetrical PWM Half-Bridge Flyback Converter Employing a Parallel–Series Transformer Analysis and Design of Phase-Shifted Dual H-Bridge Converter With a Wide ZVS Range and Reduced Output Filter Closed-loop Control of DC-DC Dual Active Bridge Converters Driving Single-Phase Inverters A Novel Flyback-Based Input PFC Stage for Electronic Ballasts in Lighting Applications A Novel Integrated Buck–Flyback Non-isolated PFC Converter With High Power Factor 2013 CPIE 03 CPIE 06 CPIE 07 CPIE 08 CPIE 09 CPIE 10 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -6-
  7. 7. CPIE 11 CPIE 12 A High Frequency Dual-Channel Isolated Resonant Gate Driver with Low Gate Drive Loss for ZVS Full-Bridge Converters Zero-Voltage Switching Multi-Output Flyback Converter with Integrated Auxiliary Buck Converter 2013 2013 ELECTRICAL MACHINE DRIVES ELECTRICAL MACHINE DRIVES PROJECT TITLES PROJECT CODE CPED 01 CPED 02 CPED 03 YEAR An Adjustable Speed PFC Bridgeless Buck-Boost 2013 Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive Digital Control Strategy for Four Quadrant Operation of 2013 Three Phase BLDC Motor with Load Variations A Driver for the Single-Phase Brushless DC Fan Motor 2013 with Hybrid Winding Structure For More Project Titles and Abstract Please Visit Speak to: +91-9940798943 Write to me: -7-