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Cordis myHR streamlines HR processes, ensures process consistency, reduces admin, and brings the business users into HR processes at the appropriate point.

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Cordis Solutions - myHR

  1. 1. Innovate CollaborateAccelerate
  2. 2. Unleashing the Power of SAPDeliver Effective Self Service HRportals in SAP with SharePoint
  3. 3. AgendaIntroductionsCustomer challengesDuet landscapeDelivering HR portal imperativesHarmony myHR demonstrationSupporting servicesSummaryQuestions and close
  4. 4. IntroductionsCordis Solutions Presenters Microsoft Certified Partner Conor Mullaney Awaiting SAP Partner Ie Sales Director Cordis Solutions V-TSP Professionals on Duet Offices located in UK and USA Bas Kamphuis Experienced team with deep SAP Alliance Director Microsoft EMEA expertise in SharePoint, SAP and Duet Enterprise Ramesh Varsani Focused to help SIs and Delivery Director customers Cordis Solutions Bringing product-based solutions to customers in rapid time4
  5. 5. Customer Challenges We need to bring more efficiencies into our business. We can’t afford to take unnecessary technology risks. We’ve already invested heavily in SAP and Microsoft. How can we exploit our existing technology investments? HR is pivotal our operation but our business processes demand frequent adjustment and our HR information lies in different areas? What can we address quickly?
  6. 6. Duet Enterprise Landscape Duet Enterprise SAP Duet Enterprise Add-on SharePoint Add-on SAP NetWeaver Rationalised Architecture Rapid Implementation No Client Installation
  7. 7. Duet Enterprise
  8. 8. Delivering HR Portal Imperatives Provide a one stop shop for HR interactions Take a user centric approach to design Make it fully integrated and interoperable Support rapid business change Multi-device support Role specific capabilities
  9. 9. Delivering HR Portal Imperatives Aim for a “zero training” user interface Encompass all HR processes in one place Offer a solution that will promote adoption Offer role specific capabilities Surface all HR information from SAP and 3rd party sources
  10. 10. Delivering HR Efficiency HR Focus Area Efficiency Drive Expense Cost can be reduced by up to 65% management Time entry Potential to reduce costs by 80% HR approvals Cost can be reduced by up to 65% Hiring process Save 50% on hiring new staff Admin support Eliminate admin tasks and redirect HR onto HCM strategic functions Figures based upon industry research from one to one interactions with customers and partners
  11. 11. Harmony Interface
  12. 12. Deliver Effective Self Service HR portals in SAP with SharePoint Demonstration
  13. 13. Harmony - Cordis Ready to Deploy Packages
  14. 14. Complementary Mobile Apps
  15. 15. The Benefits ofCordis Harmony Visually compelling and easy to use Rapid implementation; Rapid adoption Fast delivery of benefits; Low initial and recurring costs Better business fit due to unconstrained flexibility Ability to leverage SharePoint collaboration SAP and non-SAP data and workflow Backed by SAP and Microsoft; SAP Certified Delivered using out-of-the-box applications
  16. 16. Get Started - Services Harmony Business Determine degree of fit with Mapping Harmony applications and modules Business Systems Validate infrastructure readiness Assessment Estimate high-level cost andScoping Assessment resource plan Duet / Harmony Prepare a business case Business Case for implementation Conference Validate requirements with Room Pilot your test data
  17. 17. Conference Room PilotDescription: A one–four week pilot in which you test and validate the system with your data and processes before implementationBusiness Needs: Benefits: “Try before you buy” Helps establish early buy-in, critical to Introduce your team to project success Cordis and Duet Enterprise. Accelerates decision-making quickly Assess impact of the new system on and inexpensively your other change management issues Answers common questions that need answering before moving aheadScope: Deliverables: Prepare and conduct one to four week Configure solution based on subset pilot of requirements Formal Review with project sponsor Conduct pilot Publish weekly project-status reports
  18. 18. Summary HR Benefits By deploying an effective HR portal: Lower support and admin calls for day to day operations. Manage a single complete 360° HR solution. Lower maintenance costs by eliminating SAP modifications. Achieve better adoption of your existing IT. Improve collaboration with colleagues during the HR process
  19. 19. Contact:Conor Mullaney, Cordis Solutions.E-mail: conor.mullaney@cordissolutions.comPhone +44 (0) 7887 653 632