NSAC 2013 District 11 Montana State Submission


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NSAC 2013 District 11 Montana State Submission

  1. 1. T H E G L I D D E N b r illi a n c e CA M P A I G N S O L U T I O Nfrom Montana State University - Bozemani n n ovat i v e i d e as & s t r at eg i e sPAINT FEARLESSLY
  2. 2. Just like the super volcano we live on, knownas Yellowstone National Park, we at CalderaCollective are bubbling with explosive ideas.We consider ourselves a hot-spot of creativeenergy with powerful potential.E X E C U T I V E S U M M A R Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2researc h.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3researc h summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7creative b rief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0creative.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 2me d ia plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 8sc h e d ules & b u d g ets . . . . . . . . . 1 9evaluati o n.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 0contents2 introductionTHE CHALLENGEGetting DIYers to walk into Walmart is noproblem. The real issue? Getting them to takenotice and take the paint section seriously.What’s surprising is that Walmart’s foot traf-fic — 200 million customers weekly — is notdriving Glidden Brilliance paint sales. CalderaCollective found that the DIYers in Walmartare often afraid to paint, so they turn to trust-ed home improvement stores with omnipres-ent employees. With this in mind, the goal ofthis campaign is to inspire these DIYers to bebold, free, and F E AR L E S S .FOCUSMillennial DIYers are searching for self-ex-pression and independence. They are expe-riencing positive milestones, such as rentingfor the first time or having a baby. Theirwildest creative visions need support and alittle guidance in the right direction. Otherpaint companies’ campaigns promise inspi-ration without support. At Caldera, we seekto cut through the clutter to better relateto the reality of life’s messiness a ndimpe r fe c tions .RESEARCHCaldera hosted focus groups, observed theshoppers at the Walmart paint center, andinterviewed employees to discover howto best convert DIYers into buyers. We’vedone all the hard work and provided the keyinsights and numbers from our research.People weren’t afraid to tell us: they hadmisgivings about paint at Walmart. Wediscovered the roots of those doubts anddiscovered what makes ourtarget market tick.CREATIVEThe fear of failure stifles DIYers from finish-ing, starting, or even considering a paintingproject. How can our target market be fear-less with this debilitation? For the 2014 cam-paign, Caldera is going to normalize failure —because nobody can be perfect. By makingfailure a laugh-out-loud experience, we willempower DIYers to act boldly and paint fear-lessly. These reversed connotations will be arefreshing change from other paint brands’messages and make the Glidden BrillianceCollection memo r a b le .EXECUTIONHow do we engage millennial DIYers? By pro-viding useful and refreshing content where theyfrequent most. This means social networkingsites, music festivals and even their own smart-phones. Caldera also plans to convert existingWalmart customers with innovative in-storedisplays and advertisements. A combination oftraditional and non-traditional media, mar-keting and in-store innovations will buildawareness, trust, and excitement to paintfearlessly and stick with the Glidden brandfo r y e a r s to c ome .let’s begin being fearless.executive summary
  3. 3. RESEARCHRESEARCHCaldera’s objective is to capture 5% of the market segment de-fined as follows: DIYers who are Walmart customers but do notconsider Walmart to be a viable paint retailer. Caldera will per-suade these customers to buy one gallon of Glidden paint, whichwill recover the cost of the campaign and gain over $28,000,000additional dollars in sales.BUSINESS CASEA S S U M P T I O N SThere are 200,000,000 Walmartcustomers per week.61% of all consumers are DIYers, makingapproximately 122,000,000 of the weeklyWalmart customers DIYers.swotanalysis:gliddenbrillianceswotanalysis:WALMARTSTRENGTHSweaknesses•  Focuses on demographics thatare imaginative, ambitious, andresponsive to professional help• High ratings for performanceattributes against similarcompetitors yet retails for onlyhalf the price• Offers products for interior andexterior use in over 300 colors aswell as an innovative ceiling paint•  Lost 40% of its market sharefrom 2003 to 2008, partiallydue to competitors investingin advertising at ten timesGlidden’s level• Walmart has only 9% of marketshare for interior and exteriorpaints• Many brands have recentlyintroduced new advertisingcampaigns and products (suchas 2-in-1 paint and primer) inorder to remain competitive• Benjamin Moore and othercompetitors have far superiordigital media campaigns• Consumers interested in do-it-yourself projects represent anestimated 45% of all paint sales• A large portion of consumerswithin the millennial DIYdemographic have yet toestablish paint brand loyaltyleaving them open to exploreGlidden BrillianceopportunitiesthreatsS W OT ANAl y s e s Glidden Brilliance& WalmartSTRENGTHSweaknesses• Walmart customers representa huge market: 200 millionshoppers a week comingthrough 3,500 US stores.• Consumers with a DIY mentalityof consumers appreciateWalmart’s convenience andaffordability• Of Walmart customersinterested in DIY, 23% considerpurchasing paint at Walmart;only 5% make the purchase•  Misconceptions about qualityand service are significantbarriers to the purchase of paintat Walmart• Walmart represents just over 5%of DIY paint sales and this sharehas been steadily declining• Only 66% of DIY consumers arecurrently aware that Walmartsells paint• DIY shoppers prefer to shop atLowes, Home Depot, or otherspecialty stores for paint dueto the perception of superiorknowledge and professionalism• 93,940,000 of weekly Walmartshoppers consider themselvesDIY shoppers, but do not considerbuying paint at Walmart• Loyal customers of Walmartpurchase everything from homedecor to groceries in a “one-stopshop” experience making themmore likely to consider buyingpaint at Walmartopportunitiesthreats377% of DIYers do not currently consider buyingpaint from Walmart. This creates 93,940,000customers in Walmart each week that areDIYers who do not currently consider buyingpaint in Walmart.SOURCES: GLIDDEN CASE STUDY & mintel.com/press-cen-tre/press-releases/683/consumers-have-the-motiva-tionbut-lack-the-money-for-home-improvement
  4. 4. target market4C O N C L U S I O N STRAITSP R I M A R Ysec o n d ary“I have a lot of questions andneed a lot of help, and Walmartdoesn’t have the answers.”“I get an urge to dosomething thrifty, like paintfurniture or just one wall.You know, a DIY project.”“When you’re rentingpainting creates a sense ofownership.”– why she doesn’t buypaint at WalmartMillennials expect a much greater array ofproducts and serviceMillennials demand as much personalizationand customization as possibleValue freedom of expression and a wide rangeof choiceMore comfortable with professional guidance to makethe best decisionWant the motivation & security to make a bold moveMore comfortable with small projects with lessfinancial investmentWilling to shop at Wal-Mart for the ease and priceThe idea of Do-It-Yourself projects are popularbecause of their lower priceUse their personal space as an extension of theiridentity and personalityPainting signifies a new beginning and fresh startWant to be self-sufficient and able to complete aproject independently form start to finishThe median income of female millennials is$9,000 less than their male counterpart at$37,133 a year. 30% of their total income isspent on rent13.1% of 18-29 year olds are unemployed61% of millennials say their generation has aunique and distinct identityMillennials strive to project a unique,individual imageSees the beauty inthe little thingsLikes a goodbargainStriking out ontheir own for thefirst timeDIRECT FROM FOCUS GROUPSthe Young Freedom SeekerparticularTHRIFtYindependent1 Female Millennials / Age: 20-26 / Single renters / Either in college or starting their first jobabout the target marketGlidden’s preferred target market is the DIY Walmart shopper. In the following pages, Caldera has outlined three segments with key insights to better understandthis comprehensive market.
  5. 5. target market“Ideally I would choose thecolor, then the furnishings,but on my frugal budget Ithink how can I make thisall look nice together.”“[A brand that is] moreenvironmentally friendly anddoing green practices.”- Reasons why she wouldswitch paint brands“It took awhile to get someoneat the counter, so we left andwent to Lowe’s.”Hit hardest by the economic downturnDriven by technological advances and therecent economic downturnMillennials have become optimum bargainshoppers looking for deals on everypurchaseBusy and money-conscious, these families canappreciate the price and convenience of Wal-MartOpen to creative, Do-It-Yourself solutionsSee opportunity in simple renovations andfixer-uppersConscious of their influence on the futuregenerationsValue companies that are making changes to bemore sustainable and less harmfulWant the entire painting process to be quicker andless time consumingNeed projects to be manageable and withreasonable time framesMillennials are ready to reward acompany depending on its commitment toenvironmental causesMillennials believe their community extendspast their own backyardBusiest generation as children and continueto be in their adult roles as parents“For the Millennial set, a full Outlookcalendar seems to have replaced the sportscar as the new status symbol. Being busymeans you’re important, needed, andvalued” (Casserly).Every pennycountsEnvironmentallyconsciousConstantlyjuggling activitiesthe time-deprived bargain hunterfrugaleco-friendlybusy2 Female Millennials / Age: 20-35 / Family Oriented / Renters or First Home Owners / Limited IncomeC O N C L U S I O N STRAITSP R I M A R Ysec o n d aryDIRECT FROM FOCUS GROUPS5
  6. 6. 6 target marketFault-finding& criticalHave preferredbrands– on his choice ofsherwin williams“It’s easy to only see theflaws when you are theone who painted it.”“I told my painters to get thebest paint possible.”Experienced painters who are confidentin their skillsWill pay for a higher quality of goods andconvenience over doing it themselvesIf the time has been invested, they want to seesatisfactory resultsWilling to invest more in order to achieve thehighest qualityPast experiences have formed opinions towards thepainting processLifestyle not changing as often as MillennialsWant a solution that will lastAlready brand loyalHas a defined lifestyle with more disposableincome to spend on higher quality materialsthe experienced delegatorestablished3perfectionistMale & Females / Age: 45-63 / Prefer High Quality / Home Owners / Expendable IncomeC O N C L U S I O N STRAITSP R I M A R Ysec o n d aryDIRECT FROM FOCUS GROUPSH i e r a r c h y of Ta r g e t M a r k e t sP R I M A R Y M A R K E T S S E C O N D A R Y M A R K E Tthe Young Freedom Seeker& the time-deprived bargain hunterthe Experienced delegatorCaldera has decided to put the pri-mary focus of our campaign on themillennial market in order to establishbrand loyalty for Glidden Brilliance.Both young families and single rent-ers share common characteristicsthat group them as a similar targetmarket. The majority of this grouphas not yet completed a major paint-ing project, leaving an opportunityfor Glidden to capture this market.Based on our research in focus groupsand observations, we have deter-mined that when people have theirfirst positive experience with a paintbrand they tend to remain loyal tothat brand. In our focus groups, whenasked what favorite paint brandscame to mind, the Baby Boomers pre-dominantly had already established apreferred brand. However, this groupis highly diverse and shares commonvalues and opinions towards paint-ing. Considering their predeterminedbrand loyalty and a lack of similaritieswith other target markets, we feltthe budget dictated segmenting thisgroup as a secondary target market.
  7. 7. 7research summaryFrom all the research methods employed by Caldera, focus groups proved toyield the most information. Groups composed of eight to twelve members ofour target market participated in a series of free form associations and ques-tions. To achieve deeper insight into our target market’s thoughts, Caldera dida word count of what was most frequently said throughout each group. Thesewords led us to key conclusions regarding the needs of our target market.what we heardresearch methods4 157210employeeinterviewsIN THE walmartpaint sectionhours at walmart40 in paint section32 in frequentlytrafficked areasfocusgroupshours viewingcompetitorsREPRESENTING ALLTARGET MARKETSto gain further insightinto overall markett h e N E G AT I V E S I D Et h e P O S I T I V E S I D E
  8. 8. 8 RESEARCH summaryE M P LOY E E I N T E R V I E W insi g h tsTOTALFEMALEMILLENNIALS:259working conditions–– Training was better before CBL Program (ComputerBased Learning)–– Commonly understaffedtypical customers–– Commonly are female renters and starting families–– Choose Walmart for low prices–– Low price is more important than brand name–– Use Walmart as a one-stop shopCaldera interviewed the paint section’s employees todiscover how the paint section works as well as itsmost common customers.T H E M E SI N -STO R E M I L L E N N I A L T RA F F I C B R E A KDOW N PA I N T S EC T I O N OB S E R VAT I O NH I GH L I GH T Si d entifyin g F E A R SThe primary markets have an inner desire to be indi-vidual, but often fear taking the first step in a daringdirection. On their frugal budget, creating somethingfor themselves is a more viable option than buying.However, when individual projects don’t turn out asexpected, the results can be extremely discouraging.Therefore, the fear of additional expenses caused bychanging a project due to an error or dissatisfactioncan prevent them from being bold.A L L E V I AT I N G F E A R SAt Caldera, we want to focus on designing a creativemovement to empower the consumer to expressthemselves freely and establish their identity withoutfear of rejection. Our research has revealed the im-portance of independence and self-expression to ourtarget market. With the assistance and support of theGlidden Brilliance product, Caldera will make paint-ing a liberating choice that will reflect the customer’sevolving life and personality.Caldera observed female millennials in Walmart Bozeman over a four day period, discovering the depart-ments they most frequented. We found the most female millennials in the grocery and cosmetics sections.These insights led to effective in-store advertisement placement decisions. Caldera observed the paint section in WalmartBozeman over a four day period to discover howcustomers experienced it.of customers visiting thepaint section were 20-40years oldof customers were notassisted by a representativeof customers brought noinspirational materialsof customers who visit thepaint section leave withpaint or supplies48%93%78%42%
  9. 9. research summarySTRATEGICIMPLICATIONGOALINSIGHTTAKEAWAYSTRATEGICIMPLICATIONGOALINSIGHTTAKEAWAYWhile painting is somethingour target market enjoys, theyget intimidated by the mess ofthe painting process and theprobability of making a mistakeINSPIRE CONFIDENCE INNOVATE & SIMPLIFYDIYers pride themselvesin transforming theirpersonal space into a uniqueexpression of themselvesPaint brand loyalty has yet tobe developed in the millennialtarget marketsPaint brand loyalty is largelydependent on a consumer’sfirst successful paintingexperience and can result in alife-long commitmentto a brandOur target marketprefers to learn by doing,but conversely lacksconfidence in their abilityOur target market isintimidated by painting andtherefore values professionalsupport and a quality productto empower their creativityOur target market doubtsWalmart’s professionalism andby extension Glidden’s abilityto deliver a quality paintingexperienceThe process of choosing, buying,and preparing intimidates ourtarget market from undertakinga painting project. Without theassistance available at WalMart,customers become discouragedand less likely to invest in theGlidden Brilliance collection.generate a positi v espin on the negati v econnotations behindcreati v e insecuritiesS upport and sponsore v ents that encouragefreedom of e x pressionrepresentG lidden B rilliance asa refreshing voiceamongst competitorsenable our mar k et toembrace “ failures ” asopportunities forinnovationP rov ide assistancethat can empower thecustomer to completeproj ectsC reate a communitynetwor k of inspirationand technical supportraise awareness ofthe value of G liddenB rilliance at walmarttransfer sales fromcheaper productsand toward a moreq uality in v estmentdevelop step by step pro-cesses for all GliddenBrilliance components toguide customersAssure consumers ofglidden brilliance ’ sreliabilitycreate a positi v e paint-ing e x perience for theconsumerB uild the consumerstrust to ensure futurebrand loyaltypresent gliddenbrilliance moreprofessionallywithin walmartintegrate gliddenadv ertisementsthroughout walmartreinforce perceptionofglidden brillianceq uality throughpromotional materialincrease interest andawareness ofG lidden B rilliance9research summary
  10. 10. WHY A NEW TAGLINE?In order to adequately represent the modern, bold, and clever per-sonality of Glidden, Caldera believes that a new tagline is necessaryto better convey our ultimate concept and more effectively speakto our target markets. ‘Paint Fearlessly’ empowers the consumerto take action and embrace creativity with no inhibitions and hasthe flexibility to adapt to one’s colorful lifestyle. We believe ‘PaintFearlessly’ represents similar values to ‘Glidden Gets You Going’concerning the empowering aspect of having a supportive andquality product enabling any painting project. ‘Paint Fearlessly,’however, is a unique call to action that further differentiates andpositions the Glidden brand among its competitors.CREATIVE10M A I N GO A L SBy innovating the paintingprocess, Glidden will remove thefear associated with paintingand enable consumers to thinkbeyond previous limitations.We will creatively empowerour consumers by providingthe inspiration necessaryto start any project. Oncestarted, consumers have theunderstanding that Glidden willdeliver the quality to support alltheir wildest visions.Research has revealed theimportance of independenceand self-expression to ourtarget market. We wantpainting to be a liberatingchoice reflecting theirevolving personality andchanging lives rather thanbeing a constricting chore.With a quality product towork with millennials will beable to fully embrace theirdecorative dreams.Through research, we havealso learned that paintbrand preference is largelydependent on the brandused in a consumer’s firstsuccessful painting project.By providing consumers witha positive paint experience,Glidden will begin acquiringa stronger sense of brandloyalty and develop long-term relationships with itscustomers.P R OB L E M S T O S O L U T I O N SINTIMIDATINGTO LIBERATINGCONSTRICTINGTO LIMITLESSONE-TIME USE TOLIFETIME BONDthe B I G I D E AGlidden empowers YOU TOpaint fearlessly.SIMPLIFY PROCESSINNOVATE PRODUCTSPREAD AWARENESSGAIN LOYALTY
  11. 11. the 2 0 1 4 C A M PA I G NFAIL BRILLIANTLY.Our research revealed that one of the most com-mon fears was failure. This applies directly to ourdemographic because taking the first step in thepainting process discouraged some from evenstarting a new project.For our campaign, we seek to promote failure asa positive, exciting opportunity for innovation. Byblatantly presenting failure as a humorous and light-hearted experience, we are enabling our targetmarket to pursue their wildest visions and chooseGlidden to guide them through the process.C O M M U N I C AT I O NS T R AT E G YREVERSECONNOTATIONSEnable failure to become anempowering source of humorrather than a discouraging side-effect of projectsINSPIRE AUDIENCEReplace any feelings of beingoverwhelmed or anxious with anew sense of creative freedomGUIDE & COMFORTProvide consumers with a senseof comfort and companionshipthrough their painting processC O M M U N I C AT I O NR E S U LT SprogressionGlidden will challenge commonconceptions and creativelyembrace the flipside ofnegativityCOMMUNITYSharing, encouraging, and helpingothers through their creativeaccomplishments and challengesLIBERATIONOur audience will feel more able totake on projects without the fearof failure and inadequacyWHAT DO WE MEAN?LETTING FAILURE BE A BEAUTIFUL, REFRESHING,AND LAUGH-AT-YOURSELF TYPE OF EXPERIENCE.Caldera has developed acampaign to commence in May2014 which utilizes traditionaland digital media, promotions,and in-store marketing. Calderawill frontload the media buyto create momentum for thecampaign. The focus will be onsocial media since it resonateswith our target audience. Socialmedia also represents a morecost effective and accountableoption than traditional media.Intelligent use of promoted postsand SEO/SEM will ensure that thelargest possible number of peoplehave the opportunity to interactwith Glidden. Our campaign willalso make use of innovative printcampaigns featured in traditionalmedia formats. Guerrillaadvertising tactics will be also beimplemented to creatively displaythe ‘Paint Fearlessly’ campaign.11creativeT O N E O F V O I C E :WITTY & FreshEngage audience with clever combinations oflanguage, visuals, and humorCONFIDENT & ApproachableDisplay both a confidence in the Gliddenproducts as well as a friendly disposition thatwill encourage consumers to learn more aboutGlidden Brilliance being sold within Wal-MartT H E M E D I AMEDIASTRATEGY
  12. 12. 12 traditional mediaPRINT CAMPAIGNS T O R Y BO A R D : R OO M M AT E S N E A K I N G J U I C EThere will be three magazine advertisements featured in Better Homes and Gardens during May, June, andJuly of 2014 with one ad per month.Guy sneaks intokitchen as hisroommate is sleepingin the living roomPours out some juiceinto a glass and thenrealizes the containeris emptyCarefully paintsthe outside of thecontainer to “refill”the juiceCaldera will sponsor three 30 secondvignettes on HGTV: “Renting Tips,”“Painting Tips,” and “Pin This” that relateto our primary target market. In the fo-cus group, HGTV was the number oneresponse when asked where respond-ents find inspiration.INTERSTITIALCAMPAIGNIn order to make the most of our budgetand obtain maximum exposure, CalderaCollective has decided to create twoGlidden interstitials shown at the begin-ning of popular DIY YouTube videos.HGTV VIGNETTESSTRATEGIC PLACEMENT• Run advertisements duringthe 2014 summer season andcapitalize on the busiest timeof the painting year• Summertime will also bea busy season at Walmartin which customers willbe collecting their varioussummer supplies and couldbe made aware of thepainting sectionGOALS OF IMAGERY• Base imagery aroundsummer holidays such asthe Fourth of July that werereferenced as being near thepeak of painting sales• Cohesively tie into the ‘FailBrilliantly’ campaign byshowing humorous solutionsto problems using paint• Depict a refreshing spin oncommon mistakes that willconnect with our audienceTARGET MARKETOPTIMIZATIONBetter Homes and Gardensmagazine is the optimal choicefor Glidden’s print materialconsidering it targets the DIYmarket and is referencedcommonly by our millenialmarket. Relative to the othermediums within this campaign,our secondary market will bemore receptive to magazineads as they are a moretraditional form of advertising.criteria for YouTube videos:• Minimum of 1 million views• General DIY video, not explicitlyfor painting• Presented by and for millennials• Submitted during the last six monthsThe Glidden ads will be shown be-fore four DIY YouTube videos, one adper two videos. The plan is to cyclethrough different interstitials and newDIY videos every six months coincid-ing with the length of the campaignand allows for the DIY videos to re-main relevant.
  13. 13. HOW IT WORKSThe Fearless or ______ Campaign encourages users to post im-ages from everyday life and spur discussion on social media. UsingFearless as the standard, we will choose other words such asPointless, Tasteless or others that coordinate with holidays andtimely events for the blank space. Fearless or Fashionless cam-paign will begin in late July to coordinate with Back to School.G E N E R AT I N G C O N T E N TWe will seed a board and afew posts with appropriatecontent to give inspiration toour audience for the currentcontent theme. For “Fearless orFashionless”, there will be photosof questionable back to schoolattire. Glidden staff will choosethe favorite photo and post itfor users to either vote ‘fearless’or ‘fashionless’ on the GliddenFacebook page.Using Glidden’s Fearless or Fashionless content for the campaign,we will prime the users into content generation by using the selectedhashtags. The post would show funny and relevant photos to get theaudience ready for “Is it #FearlessorFashionless”.Using the generated content, we will make a Facebook post using the“Fearless or _____”. Until Glidden’s Facebook audience gets larger,we will promote this post on Walmart’s Facebook and in our YouTubeinterstitials and DIY show vignettes.13social mediaSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY F E A R L E S SE X E C U T I O N SS E O/ S E Msp o ns o rs h ipsSEO is used to optimizeranking for YouTube videos,websites, and appsSEM is used for YouTubechannels, online commercialspots, and websitesThe budget for thissegment is $2 million. Thisamount will be sufficientto drive a significantamount of traffic to oursocial media.With our sponsorships, wemust identify influencers thatcontrol a large portion of thefemale millennial audience.Examples of possiblesponsorships:AndreasChoice (77,514,991views) and Bethany Mota(196,399,766)While researching influencerswe will identify popularthemes in their content suchas household accessories,summertime activities, dreamhomes, fashion, DIY, cookingand related group boards tobetter build our user base.FEARLESS or_______ CampaignAbove is an example of a user entry and how to participate in theFearless or Fashionless campaign.
  14. 14. 14fail-safe home inspiration homebrilliance tipfullscreen viewPAINT FEARLESSLY WEBSITEFAIL-SAFE APP• Monthly challenges categorized as Interior, Exterior, and Wildcard.• The Paint Fearlessly website will work in unison with the GliddenFail-Safe App. Whenever a user uploads a completed challenge tothe website it will automatically be added to the Inspiration Gallerywithin the app.14 digital assetsOur three step app shows off consumer generated inspiration,gives helpful insight into the painting process and promotes riskfree trials of the higher end paint formula.The inspiration section promotes the creative painting achieve-ments of the Glidden community. Research showed our targetmarket felt mislead by the unobtainable results of professionalpaint jobs and were therefore dissatisfied with their results.Brilliance Tips differ from standard tutorials in that they use humorto highlight what NOT to do while painting, portraying commonpainting failures and explaining how to avoid them.Consumers choose three free paint samples in exchange for theirpromise to upload a snapshot of their finished project to thecommunity. This promotes Glidden’s Brilliance series by puttingthe paint in the consumer’s hands and also increases the inspira-tion database.Our Paint Fearlessly website offers the most advanced and crea-tive Glidden DIYers monthly non-traditional painting challenges.The goal is to increase Glidden Brilliance sales amongst frequentpainters.FEATURES INCLUDE:
  15. 15. 15IN-STORE EVALUATIONAt Caldera, we believe that to increase Glidden Brilliance saleswithin Walmart we need to focus our energy on making thepaint display more professional and serve as a destination thatconsumers can trust. The redesigned paint section in Walmartsimplifies and clarifies the paint selection process while engag-ing the consumer in a friendly and comfortable space.Caldera recommends implementing this in-store redesign in 50stores nationwide while maximizing funds and also assessingthe effectiveness. By targeting the highest traffic stores in thenation, Glidden will have a larger test market to determine thelevel of success while remaining within the budget. This leavesthe option open to expand to additional stores if the redesignresults in increase sales.Increase easeof navigation• Brighter lighting• Lower central shelving• Reorganization ofproductExpandedcolor area• Various lighting options• Streamlined color choices• Color pairings and eye-catching room inspirationSimplifiedshopping• Aisles wide and clear ofobstructions• Easy access for allcustomers• Numbered directorialsignageAllows shoppersto explore theGlidden App:• Search for colorinspiration• Become a partof the Gliddencommunity• Encouragesdownloads on theirown devicesPriorities ofIn-Store Redesign 15in-storesmart, bold graphics• Raise awareness of Glidden’s presencewithin Walmart• Attract customers to the paint section• Differentiation from existing, denselypacked visualsparticular placement• Target high-traffic areas• Adjacent to products relevant to targetmarket such as make-up, groceriesand home decorPriorities of In-Store promotion INTERACTIVETOUCHSCREEN
  16. 16. T H E F E S T I VA L SSasquatch (Quincy, WA) May 24–26Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN) June 13–15Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, NV) June 21–23Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) August 2–4Outside Lands (San Francisco, CA) August 9-11Rock the Bells (Holmdel, NJ) August 17–19I N T E R A C T I V E S O U V E N I R SCOLOR EXPLOSIONSGlidden Brilliance will distribute “color bombs” (amixture of paint pigment and flour) to members ofthe audience who can throw their “color bombs”into the air creating an explosion of color.GLIDDEN SWATCH SUNGLASSESWe will hand out paint swatch shapedsunglasses to concertgoers with the goal ofconnecting the view of bright festival colors withGlidden paint available at Walmart. The insidetop of the frame will read: “This Glidden coloravailable at Walmart.”T H E B E N E F I T Scontinuous PromotionOur primary target markets are heavily im-mersed in web culture. Once these concertevents have taken place, videos are uploadedon the festivals’ websites and YouTube wherethey will continue to circulate. The Gliddenbanners, which will be strung across stage, willbe visible to the online viewers and can contin-ue to promote Glidden Brilliance indefinitely.S O C I A L M E D I ATwitter “Where WillWe Be Next?” GameFor the weeks leading up to the nextfestival, Glidden will post hints about whichlocation is next on its painting “tour”. Bykeeping followers guessing, this encouragesrepeat visits to Glidden’s Twitter page andconsumer interaction with Glidden Brilliance.Mobile billboardthat will travel tomusic festivalswith the Gliddenteamsponsorships & PR16To creatively maximize our budget and extend our campaign’s longevity,Caldera will sponsor six music festivals’ main stage performances pertain-ing to the theme of being fearless through personal expression.Public relations is a cost effective marketing tool. By creatingintriguing message hooks, we will ensure that we gain coverage inrelevant national media.Sponsorshipspublic relationsE V E N T T Y P ET Y P I C A LP R E S SC O V E R A G EM E S S A G EHOOKFESTIVALGUERRILLAMARKETINGCSRRolling StoneNew York TimesHuffington PostBillboard MagazineToastmastersInternationalForbesWall Street JournalAlbany, New York:Times UnionNewspaperABC News 10CBS Channel 6Color Brightens UpU.S. Music FestivalsGlidden Helpsto Reduce U.S.UnemploymentSenior Paints HerOwn Parking Spotat Walmart
  17. 17. RESEARCHT H E WO R K S HO P S• Two half-day workshops held in 50locations across the United Statesat local hotels and conferencecenters• Fifty participants will be admittedinto each workshop, which will befacilitated by professionally trainedinstructors• Attendees of the conference willbe provided a Glidden notepad,mustaches, goatees, and othercomical facial accessories in orderto enable a relaxed environment• Awareness for the “SpeakFearlessly” workshops will becreated by distributing flyers tolocal job service centers, Wal-Martbulletin boards, and social media.• A thirty-second YouTube videopreview will be created thatis related to Glidden’s “PaintFearlessly” taglineA driver, being frustrated by not beingable to find a parking spot, decidesthat the best spot is the one that isn’tactually there - the one by the frontdoor of Walmart. The driver parksand paints three lines around her carcreating their own space. To completethe time-saving maneuver, the driverpaints ‘Fail Conveniently’ next to hernewly created space.ADAPT TO LOCATIONTo fit our nation’s diverse regions, the ‘Fail Conveniently’ stunt will featurevarious means of transportation for each unique location. For instance, adog sled will pull up in fron of Anchorage, Alaska’s Walmart location.Guerrilla marketing & CSR 17To generate awareness of Glidden Brilliance while being budget conscious,Caldera Collective will utilize guerrilla marketing tactics. With Walmart beingour prime location, we focused on capitalizing on their already vast customerbase and iconic setting to begin building hype and recognition for GliddenBrilliance through guerrilla events.Unemployment has become an increasingly preva-lent issue in the United States. As part of our CSR,we directly address this issue with an innovativeapproach. Our research has shown public speakingranks amongst the top fears in today’s society. Tyinginto Glidden’s “Paint Fearlessly” campaign, we planto implement sponsored workshops to enhancepublic speaking skills empowering those about toreenter the work force to “Speak Fearlessly.” Gliddenwill give those with public speaking anxiety a uniqueopportunity to face their fears.CORPORATe socialresponsibility‘ Fail C o nveniently ’Par k in g L o t P r o m o ti o n S tuntP R O M O T I O NDuring the stunt, apaid videographer willrecord footage thatwill later be uploadedto the Glidden YouTubechannel and promotedthrough the use of aten second interstitial.
  18. 18. BUDGET18 MEDIA PLANT ra d iti o nal D I G I TA LDIGITALPROMOTIONIN-STORE,MAJOR CITIESTRADITIONALpr o m o ti o nsHGTV Social Media SponsorshipsCSRin-store &guerrillaSEO & SEMapp/websiteyoutubeBetter Homes andGardens Magazine• Identified as the number onesource for DIY inspiration byour focus groups• Markets itself toward femaleDIYers• Engages our target marketwhere they get their ideas• Builds a community of users tostrengthen brand loyalty• Promoted posts will createinterest in Glidden quickly• Music festivals have highattendance from millennialdemographic• Receives lasting impressionsfrom repeated Youtube views• Unemployment is a major issuein the United States• Caldera is taking innovativesteps to combat the problem• Directs traffic to the paintsection• Utilizes Walmart’s largecustomer base• Builds buzz for Glidden• Signage in parking lot• Utilizes the largest Walmart inthe U.S. (Albany, NY)• SEO and SEM drives significanttraffic to the Glidden websiteand social media sites• Makes finding Glidden onlinesimple• Easily managed for budgetarycontrol and accountability• Can be continually fine-tunedfor optimal results• Helps empower our targetmarket to overcome their fearof “taking the first step”• Makes the painting process anenjoyable activity from startto finish• Very high viewership amongyoung DIYers• Minimum of 1,000,000 viewseach for all 4 videos• High readership from DIYers• Maintains relationships with“Experienced Delegators” andother current readers• A primary reason to purchaseBetter Home and Garden is toview advertisementsA G E N C YC R E AT I V E FEEA L LS T O R E S17.75% — TRADI TI ONAL43.00 % — DI GI TAL15.75% — PROMOTI ON8.50% — I N-STOR E , MAJOR CI TI ES10.00% — aLL STOR ES5.00% — aG E NCY creative FE E
  20. 20. FAIL successCaldera has developed a unique measurement tool, “The Performance Palette.”Objectives will be set to measure the following on a monthly basis. This information willenable Glidden to fine-tune the campaign as necessary in order to maximize effectiveness.Every six months0000100%100%100%100%0 100%20 campaign evaluation SOURCESMARKET RESEARCHMEDIA PLANNING• Casserly, Meghan. “If Time is Money Millennials are Broke Busy Obsessed.”Forbes. Forbes.com LLC, 09 05 2012. Web. 6 Mar 2013. <http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2012/09/05/if-time-is-money-millennials-are-broke-busy-obsessed/>.• hgtvadsales.com/aboutus/research.pdf- media plan• http://provost.hamptonu.edu/cte/docs/psych_profile.pdf• http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=203391•  http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/media_entertainment/gender­divide­reaching­male­vs­female­millennials/•  http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?pid=ACS_• 11_1YR_GCT2514.US01PR&prodType=table (this is just the U.S. census)• http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1501/millennials­new­survey­generational­personality­upbeat­open­new­ideas­technology­bound• http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2010/12/20/baby­boomers­approach­65­glumly/• http://library1.njit.edu/staff­f olders/sweeney/Millennials/Article­Millennial­Behaviors.doc• http://business.financialpost.com/2012/09/21/millennials­split­along­gender­lines/•  http://blog.barkleyus.com/2011/10/24/millennials­and­cause­seven­things­we­learned­from­5493­people/• http://www.cbsnews.com/8301­505146_162­57519340/why­cant­baby­boomers­save­enough­money/website visitsglidden brilliancesales in walmartapp downloadssocial media activityoverall brand health
  21. 21. RESEARCH21Jim A ldersonF lying H orse C ommunicationI nsty P rintsK B ZK B o z emanM S U C ollege of B usinessM S U O ffice of S tudent A cti v itiesM S U S chool of A rtO ’ B erry C ollaborati v eW almart B o z emanM ic h ael Bec h lerDan C lemDavi d Drisc o llM o ria h E lli gP ei h an Ha oC o r b in Hutc h ins o nT uc k er Kirsc h nerM ary L o u k eA llie M c R aeS h ayla P rees h lT ina S mit hC h ris S tanic kVanessa S w ens o nBryce T iernanGavin V o ellerP ierce Warethank you.from Caldera CollectiveF earless L ea d er : M I K E GO L D