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Liquid [Hip] is an alternative online review site that covers cool, not popular. This is a hyperlinked e-magazine edition to the all the summer reviews.

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Liquid [Hip] Summer 2010

  1. 1. LIQUID [HIP] SUMMER 2010
  2. 2. SUMMER 2010 Our assortment of music reviews is the 3-4 largest section. Every week we dig deep. We divided our reviews into fiction and CONTENTS 5-7 nonfiction, with The Book Thief featured. Places presents our crazy mix of hotels, 8-9 haunts, and anything else that strikes us. 9-11 An odd mix of fashion and lifestyle choices that range from simple to sexy. 11 We don’t review good deeds, but we do cover them about once a month. 12-13 We cover movies, shorts, and television series, especially timeless flicks. 11-13 From apps and gadgets to games and high tech. Sometimes we score. Liquid [Hip] is an alternative online review site that covers cool, not popular. It is partly inspired by a little building that once existed at 231 East 47th Street in midtown Manhattan. It was there that people once gathered to create new cool. Visit us online at Liquid [Hip] or subscribe to our feed. Letʼs have some fun.
  3. 3. A7X With Avenged Sevenfold's (A7X) Nightmare stealing the number one spot from Eminem to put metal back on the top album chart, it's impossible not to be curious beyond the hit single Nightmare, which was released in May. Make no mistake. The album represents. So does Mike Portnoy, the drummer enlisted to fill in for James "The Rev" Sullivan, who died three days after finishing the song Fiction. He will stay on with the band through 2011 and then is expected to return to Dream Theater. But one never knows... "Finished tracking drums with MP. They sound fucking amazing. Jimmy will be proud," wrote Zacky Vengeance on Facebook. "Jimmy's also smiling knowing that Mike Portnoy has a deathbat forever tattooed on him. To show Mike that A7X is deeper than just a band I got one to match his." The emotion attached to the loss of The Rev Avenged Sevenfoldʼs Nightmare Is Darkly Brilliant. runs deep, given the track Fiction includes his Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold was the highest ranking album vocals on a song originally titled Death. It was during summer 2010, earning a 9.9 on the Liquid Hip Richter Scale. renamed Fiction, which was one of The Rev's It was also the most read music review by Liquid Hip readers. many nicknames. It's impossible not to iTunes become lost in it, knowing the story behind it. Amazon [read the rest online]
  4. 4. THE BEST OF THE REST The Pretty Reckless Black Francis Dax Riggs 9.8 Review | iTunes 8.3 Review | iTunes 6.6 Review | iTunes Pete Yorn Bad Religion The Like 9.3 Review | iTunes 7.9 Review | iTunes 6.6 Review | iTunes Kristin Hersh The Vaselines Jaill 9.2 Review | iTunes 7.7 Review | iTunes 6.5 Review | iTunes Serj Tankian Black Mountain deepfield My Gold Mask 9.2 Review | iTunes 7.6 Review | iTunes 6.2 Review | iTunes 4.5 Review | iTunes Arkells 10 Years Love Drug Sharon Van Etten 8.9 Review | iTunes 7.3 Review | iTunes 6.2 Review | iTunes 4.2 Review | iTunes Corin Tucker Band Red Jumpsuit (RJA) Trampled By Turtles Fourth Of July 8.8 Review | iTunes 7.1 Review | iTunes 5.6 Review | iTunes 3.8 Review | iTunes Deer Tick Disturbed Jenny And Johnny Serena Lauren 8.7 Review | iTunes 6.9 Review | iTunes 5.1 Review | iTunes 2.9 Review | iTunes AM Taxi Atmosphere Wavves Tired Pony 8.7 Review | iTunes 6.8 Review | iTunes 4.9 Review | iTunes 2.5 Review | iTunes
  5. 5. Ever since 20th Century Fox acquired the film rights to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak in 2006, fans have been patiently waiting for any news. It remains stuck in development, with a 2010 release date that is increasingly unlikely to be met. Next year seems plausible, but without any casting announcements, news about the movie is speculative. What isn't speculative is the Australian author is working on a long-awaited third book. “It’s about a boy. His name is Clay. He’s building a bridge.” The Book Thief continues to embed itself into our collective subconscious. For evidence, look no further than the news stories about William Jacques, a real book thief. Almost every paper bent the headlines to capitalize on The Book Thief. What Is It About The Book Thief That Enchants? Let The Book Thief Steal A Few Hours This Summer. Zusak tells the story about Nazi Germany The Book Thief was the highest ranking book during summer 2010, similar to those I was told by my earning a 9.8 on the Liquid Hip Richter Scale. It was also the third grandmother. And in hearing those stories, most read book review by Liquid Hip readers. Amazon one cannot help but to appreciate that the Audio story seldom told is the division between the people and the state. [read the rest online]
  6. 6. THE BEST OF THE REST A thriller set in 1953 Lamb is the delightfully under the backdrop of funny tale of Biff, a Stalin's Soviet Union, childhood friend of Littered with pervasive wit and Child 44 captures the Joshua, who is better sometimes coarsely sophomoric struggle between known as Christ in a buffoonery, My Name Is Will: A citizen and state. sarcastic historical, set Novel of Sex, Drugs, and 2,000 years ago. Shakespeare quickly sucks you in to a story of two Wills, one Child 44 Lamb from 1852 and one from 1986. 9.5 Review | Amazon 8.1 Review | Amazon The two of them embark on similar celebrations of sex, drugs, and a discovery of who Set during the siege of Will is that will entertain many Leningrad in World Beat The Reaper is an and likely offend a few. War II, the story adrenaline-fueled fast follows Lev and Koyla read that tells two on a quest to find eggs stories at the same My Name Is Will was the most for a Russian colonel. time: a resident popular book review pick physician and former among Liquid Hip readers, and mob hitman. has been shared more than any other review on the site. City Of Thieves Beat The Reaper 9.5 Review | Amazon 7.1 Review | Amazon [read the rest online] One Second After is a My Name Is Will: A Heart-Shaped Box is compelling what-if Novel of Sex, the story of what story that takes Drugs, And happens when you readers through the Shakespeare buy a ghost on the fall of civilization as we Internet, especially if know it, with little more 6.2 | Amazon that ghost is hell-bent than the loss of power. Audio on revenge. Heart-Shaped Box One Second After 8.5 Review | Amazon 6.5 Review | Amazon
  7. 7. THE BEST OF THE REST The Book of the Dead This updated story of explores the lives of an Cherie Currie bares all eclectic selection of in its retelling of the people, famous and five 15- and 16-year- not so famous, such old girls who became as Freud, da Vinci, and the first all-girl rocker Belaney. Who? band. Neon Angel Book Of The Dead 8.5 Review | Amazon 6.5 Review | Amazon Sometimes when you read a book, you curl up and Donʼt expect Curb Your Enthusiasm when embrace it. Rarely does it embrace you back. Rat Girl: you get this book. Itʼs A Memoir (aka Paradoxical Undressing in the U.K.), thoughtful, inspired, written by Kristin Hersh and set for release next and carries only a few Tuesday in the U.S., is one such book. A rarity. laughs from one of the nicest guys in comedy. The cover may be black, but you won't find a single stitch of black in the content. Don't ask me to assign My Footprint it another. In the opening pages of her book, Hersh 7.5 Review | Amazon mentions that colors splashed across a canvas are all too quiet. The book, like her music, is vibrant. Chords have color. Her favorite color is green. There are decades of hurt and anger woven "Every time I think I'm done, I pick another Rat Girl into Megadethʼs 9.6 | Amazon song out of the chaos in the air. There songs are frontman and founder whose book begins keeping me alive so they can be alive." with one of his many trips to rehab. Rat Girl was the second most read review this summer. Mustaine [read the rest online] 7.6 Review | Amazon
  8. 8. Alexis Hotel, Seattle What started as a small glue pot fire in 1889 quickly erupted another restoration returned the hotel to its original into Seattle's Great Fire, growing to consume about 30 architecture with a minimal use of new materials. It's a work blocks (25-33, depending on sources). When the city of art — a luxury 121-room Seattle boutique hotel — housing redeveloped the burnt-out area, new buildings were built of exhibits of local artists that are rotated quarterly. brick, stone, and directly over the remnants of the old, creating the famed Seattle Underground. The rooms are spacious and tasteful, with 300-count Frette linens, and feather duvets to wrap yourself up in on a rainy While the fire stopped across the street from where the morning. It's one of the few hotels offering 24-hour room Globe Building was later built in 1901, adjacent areas often service and providing in-room spa services. You can also find followed suit and built over existing storefronts. Some of the Milagros SalonSpa, a renowned full-service salon and day them can be seen in the building's underground parking spa destination on premises, but we were too busy taking in structure. the city. The Alexis Hotel Offers Location, Art, And A [read the rest online] Historically Modern Seattle Vibe. Alexis Hotel Website In 1982, the Globe Building was acquired, renovated and reopened as the historic Alexis Hotel. And 10 years later,
  9. 9. THE BEST OF THE REST Built in 1933, the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., remains a favorite among celebrities like Oliver Stone, Add Some Swank And Splash To Cocktails. Robert DeNiro and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But even before it changed its name, the hotel was legendary as one of the first speakeasies in Los Angeles and a favorite haunt among people like Bugsy Siegel, "Fatty" Arbuckle, Clark Gable, and Carole Lombard. 5.7 Martini Tips Swank The Georgiana Hotel, Santa Monica Amazon 8.8 Review | Hotel Although included as a book review, the author does own a vintage shop in Mass. Melody Fortier has been in the vintage business for more than 20 years and her book is one of the best places to start for anyone interested in vintage clothing and fabrics. Youʼll even learn the With the crispness of fall starting to settle in the air, difference between antique and vintage. entertainment will begin to migrate from the Tangerine Boutique, Gardner, Mass. backyard to indoor living rooms. And as someone 8.2 Review | Amazon who originally grew up in Seattle, we always seemed get a jump on such libations with casual gatherings better known as cocktail parties (except The story behind Chicago Chop House is as compelling we never called them that). as the menu. Located in an immaculately restored, century-old Victorian brownstone in the popular River Bar none, the best glassware is from the Swank North neighborhood, the Chicago Chop House was the Martini Company. My favorite glasses feature their brainchild of a successful tavern and former advertising curvaceous swerve. It also happens to be their agency owner named Henry Norton in 1986. best-selling glass. The Chop House, Chicago [read the rest online] 6.8 Review | Restaurant
  10. 10. Triumph Timeless When you hear the name Triumph in the United Kingdom, it accessories, including punched leather coats and the Triumph inspires a certain vibe. Classic, iconic, unique, and cool. McQueen Special Edition jacket, inspired by its namesake movie legend. The UK-based Triumph has been making motorcycles since the early 1900s, and today it’s the largest surviving British McQueen famously took part in 1964’s International Six Days motorcycle manufacturer (second oldest in the world Enduro (ISDT), which was held in East Germany, and in which behind Royal Enfield). And in the United States, theirs are he rode a Triumph. The clothes are very cool. But it’s Triumph’s always the bikes people like to go head-to-head with line of watches that has really caught my attention. Harley-Davidson. The styles are classic yet retro, and they have a very masculine Where Triumph has earned an edge recently is that it feel. instills a sense of retro cool. Triumphs have been ridden by [read the rest online] celebrities and stars, ranging from Steve McQueen to Brad Pitt. Performance and design are what make the bikes still 8.4 Retrograde feel special. Triumph If You Can't Own The Bike, Wear The Accessories. Amazon Since Triumph inspires loyalty and longevity, the company smartly began making a line of high quality clothing and
  11. 11. THE BEST OF THE REST 4.9 Skeletal Metal 7.9 Amber Earrings 6.2 Vinyl USB 10 Polaroid Project 6.7 Comics App Review Review Review Review Review Amazon Amazon Shaper Image Amazon iTunes CitizenGulf Random Kindness Terry Fox Story Story Story Website Website Website On Aug. 25, the Citizen Effect slated a Founded in 1995, The Random Acts Of What made Foxʼs 143-day, 3,339-mile national day of action to raise funds for Kindness Foundation is a privately funded run historic was that he did it with one educational programs to help fishing nonprofit organization that doesn't do leg. The other was amputated in 1977 families impacted by the Deepwater something most nonprofits do. It doesn't after he was diagnosed with Horizon oil spill. Citizen Effect, together accept donations, grants, or membership osteosarcoma. Fox never finished his with support partners and volunteers, dues. What it does is inspire people to quest to run across Canada, but others organized online and local events. practice kindness and “pass it on.” made sure his vision remained.
  12. 12. In 1973, Cameron Crowe was living an American dream reserved for people twice his age at the time. He was 16 years old and asked to take a three-week assignment covering the Allman Brothers Band for Rolling Stone. It was a rare chance to meet his heroes, share in their experiences, and even fall in love. His story was so captivating in the telling that he always knew it would make a great film some day. And that day came in 2000 with Almost Famous. Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction In Almost Famous. Crowe says Stillwater, the fictional band in the film, is a culmination of his Rolling Stone experiences with bands like Poco, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. But some experiences are amazingly similar. For instance, Crowe does share that Greg Allman did confiscate all Almost Famous By Cameron Crowe Turns 10. his tapes in an unexpected fit of paranoia. Almost Famous was the highest ranking movie review during summer 2010, earning a 9.1 on the Liquid Hip Richter Scale. It was The loss could have cost him more than the also the number one most read movie review by Liquid Hip readers. cover story. As a first major assignment, it Amazon could have cost him a career. iTunes [read the rest online]
  13. 13. THE BEST OF THE REST 8.7 Monsters 8.2 Kick-Ass 7.2 Samurai Review Review Review iTunes iTunes iTunes 9.7 Firefly 6.8 Rubicon 3.2 Madden 11 Review iTunes Review Review iTunes EA Sports The Infamous 8-Minute Spinal Tap Short. End Notes Liquid [Hip] started as an With a short run just under eight minutes, you might experiment, but continues to as well be warned that the short will leave you evolve thanks to great people wanting more, scoring 8.9 on the Liquid Hip Richter like you who take the time to Scale. Released in August 2009, it doesn't seem explore and share our eclectic likely anyone will see the band back. But fans can blend of hip and cool. hope. Review Thank you! iTunes