Copernica DM Summit 2012: Lonneke Spinhof - UX in e-mailmarketing, spreek de taal van je publiek


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E-mailmarketing kan ingezet worden als een effectieve manier om gericht te communiceren met uw klanten. Om alle voordelen te halen uit e-mailmarketing campagnes is het van belang je publiek te kennen en te leren uit elke campagne die je doet. Tijdens deze presentaties wordt aan de hand van enkele duidelijke cases en do’s en dont’s uitgelegd hoe je de taal van je publiek kunt (leren) spreken.

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  • Despite of Social networks popularity, e-mail still remains popular for commercial & business useEmail continues to be a very strong commercial channelTransactional emails in ecommerce are working very efficiently (or abandoned basket reminders)
  • Over half of internet users check or send email daily = stil a very big audienceEmails are green = no paper, no polutionSome types of interaction can trigger messages to be delivered automatically = stay in touch with a consumerNo limit to personalizationFamiliarity= users are used to the “technology” of e-mail * Trust, privacyManageability= users find e-mail a manageable way of communicating and staying informed * Flexibility, choose when you respond
  • Exaples on the slide:Informative newsletterSubscription based free content updateCross-sellUp-sellCustomer life cycle – personal moment/ b-day wishesGeneral typesOpt-in based / profile driven MGM Viral RM based communications Sales promotions Newsletter Alerts Time-based reminders Trigger-based reminders New product launches Sales transactions
  • The number of mobile smartphone users is growing rapidly, and with that comes an increase in the number of email users accessing their email via their mobile device. What was once mainly a business practice by few is now common practice by many. Email marketers need to be aware of this shift in email consumption and craft their campaigns accordingly.SOME STATS: MOBILE/SMARTPHONE USER BASE://Source: Reuters (April, 2012)• Global sales of smartphones will grow about 46% this year to 687.9 million units and top 1 billion units in 2014. //Source: Edison Research (April, 2012)• Smartphone Ownership Has Tripled in Two Years • 44% of all Americans age 12 and over own a smartphone, representing half of all cell phone owners//Source: eMarketer(August, 2011)• There are 234 million mobile users in the US.• Of the 234 million, 90.1 million are smartphone users• The 90.1 million smartphone users represent 38% of all mobile users• The 38% of smartphone users represent 28.8% of the US population
  • Email client market share is yet another stat confirming that a lot ofppl access their e-mails via mobile.To increase a success of your emails be aware of it and use that knowledge for designing your emails. Ideal situation is when for any campaign you can have both wersions of email, but if that is not possible, at least remain mobile friendly. How to do it – next slide
  • There is not too many email elements and all important.
  • Building a list of subscribers, prospects, and customers is one of the most important activities. Once built, a permission-based email list can create sales for your company for years to come. Tips for building the size of your lists:NetworkingEvents, Trade shows & SeminarsPoint of sale sign up formsCustomer satisfaction surveyCustomer prospect callsCatalogs Company publications, press releasesOn shopping cart order forms…..=> make the best out of each touch point!Use progressive profiling – ask for more info once ppl have signed upAutomate profiling- define what needs to be captured based on behavior on mailingsManage expectations – make it clear what ppl are signed in for.Include mini surveys, polls to further collect info about subscribersDon’t buy your email listDon’t sell your email list to othersYour success depends on the quality of your email listNever stop building your email list
  • Don’t send everything to everybody – make segments!Have a plan. Don’t just randomly send email blasts.Define target groups with selectionsWith Copernica, structuring your database is easy as can be if you use selections. This way you can optimize the quality of your database and easily set up a targeted campaign. Your selections will always be up to date because Copernica will process all your changes in the database. MORE:
  • it will help to write a copy which resonates better with your readersExample: personas for online bookstore
  • Transactional messages that can be automated:Purchase confirmationShopping noticesOut-of-stockService request receivedNotificationsWelcome e-mailsAlertsUpdatesCross-sell / upsellRemindersFROM COPERNICA site:Setting up event driven campaignsUse the marketing software to set up event driven campaigns. By email or mobile, the choice is yours. Respond to several contact moments during the customer life cycle, for example when registering for a newsletter or rewarding someone who's been a loyal customer for 5 years. 'Common' event driven campaigns include:Welcoming campaignsBirthday mailingsRetention mailings or loyalty programsAbandoned shop cart mailingsWinback campaignsYou can automate other contact moments as well using the software. Contact moments that would not seem relevant at first, but that can stimulate dialogue (and conversion) with your relation. For example, set up automated campaigns for relations that:Have not purchased anything for an entire yearHave not been active on your website for some time. You can determine the time range by using the selection rules. Send an email to these relations, asking them whether their contact data is still up-to-date.
  • You need to grab the potential customers' attention. If you want the recipients to pay attention to your email message, content becomes before design.A CMO Council study* found that 41% of U.S. internet users threatened to stop buying from companies that sent irrelevant messages.Don't lose your key messaging in text that has no value to your potential client. Be direct and keep it short. Most people scan emails for information that they deem to be important. If it's too long, they will lose interest and delete it. Be efficient with your words. Read more: Email Marketing Guidelines | UseCopernica’sDynamoc content
  • A pretty design and lousy or irrelevant offer will not get you the response you hoped for.Focus ion content /offer first, make it desirable and valuable to your target audience. Then worry about design. Each component of an email message must be carefully crafted because it can ultimately affect your campaign. Subject lines should be short and should clearly communicate the message; consider what someone will see if they view their email in list form. "Special Donor Update from Smith University" is much more effective than "Special Message for You.”Read more: Email Marketing Guidelines |
  • Large ISPs, such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo block millions of spam messages every day based on content alone. These content-based spam filters take a close look at words with in the subject lines or message body. Here’s a list of some of the more commonly used words and phrases that the most common spam filters tend to dislike Don’t spam. Ever: There’s no greater way to lose a customer’s trust than to spam him or her. Make sure you’ve read up on the CAN-SPAM act and that your e-mail marketing techniques fall squarely inside of its regulations. Details of CAN-SPAM act :
  • 5 sec to tell what you have to offer and what you want people to do
  • An excellent deliverability with CopernicaYou wouldn’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in composing an email, just to find out later that it didn’t even arrive at your relations. That’s why Copernica checks your email before it’s sent out to ensure it’ll pass through spam filters. Copernica checks if:Your email has an optout function.Your email doesn’t have a high spam score.You are not on a blacklist.Your HTML source code is correct.Your authentication data (SPF, SenderID, & DKIM) are set up correctly.All of these methods will help your email reach its destination.Want to be sure? Apply for a Return Path Sender certificate. This’ll put you on the world’s largest whitelist and improve your delivery rate for over 1.8 billion inboxes worldwide.Automate yourcampaigns content set upAutomated campaigns
  • Un interested subscribers are not of any value for your listDifficult to unsubscribe = ad to spam
  • Testing is the single most important technique marketers can use to improve the effectiveness of e-mail. Compared with testing direct mail, testing e-mail messages on a representative sample of your circulation is inexpensive and quick. You can test the content, time of delivery, presentation, offers/coupons, or placement. What's more, due to the interactive nature of the technology, you can get test results much more quickly with e-mail than with direct mail.Test & DebugE-mail clients issuesMobile accessibilityTest & Learn Subject lineCopyImages Time of sendingRemember control group
  • Perform split-run test on emailingsA split-run test (also known as A/B test) sends two or more versions of an emailing to a part of your target group. Certain elements can be altered such as images, subject line, etc. Only test 1 variable at a time at a time. If two different documents have been designed you control the following:The number of emails sent within the testThe target group’s size receiving each versionRun time of the testThe best performing version is automatically sent towards the rest of your target group.
  • Test the renderability of emailings with LitmusYou check the renderability in the most popular email clients with Copernica before sending your emailings. The popular ‘Litmus preview tool’ provides you with a list of previews of your emailing in different email clients. All done with just a simple push of the button. This is an transparent way to check whether images are displayed in different email clients.
  • Optimize and analyze email campaigns by using email reports and results. Gain an overall perspective on the performance of your emailings based on the collected data. Copernica Marketing Software provides you with transparent and extensive reporting.Are your emailings performing as planned?Copernica generates different types of reporting based on the results of your email campaigns. Detailed information on the response of an emailing is provided in different tabs.Distinction between different types of reportingThe software distinguishes the results of a template and the email statistics of a specific document. You are able to use a filtering system when viewing the statistics. This enables you to view the reports of a certain time range. In the general overview of the email statistics, you are able to search for reporting more accurately based on date, type of mailing or the number of sent messages. Furthermore, it is possible to view the email reporting of your account. Have a look at the overview of all sent mailings on behalf of your account and the different statistics.In the overview of statistics you can find the following important email statistics:ImpressionsYou can monitor precisely what happens to your email campaigns. Copernica sends along a small invisible image with every email. The image is downloaded from our server everytime someone opens the email. This enables us to tell you the exact number of impressions your email has generated. Under the tab ‘Impressions’ in the software, you can see the exact number of impressions measured each hour after sending your email. The total number of impressions and the number of unique recipients is also shown.ClicksOur email statistics show you how many clicks are generated by the hyperlinks in your email. Copernica converts your used hyperlinks. The conversion helps us accurately measure the number of clicks in your email. This helps you find out which specific hyperlinks generate the most clicks in your email. In the email statistics we report the total amount of clicks on a link followed by the number of clicks of unique recipients. These two numbers will differ when recipients clicked twice or multiple times on the same link.Top domains and email clientsWould you like to find out what email client is most used amongst your target group? Our email statistics show you whether your emailing is received in Outlook, Gmail, Live mail or other email clients.We also provide you with clear reports on the most popular domains within your database. It is a quick way of telling whether or not the majority of your target group has a Hotmail account.Share the email reportsWould you like to share the reporting of your email campaign with the rest of your organization or other external parties? Copernica enables you to share the results by email. Thanks to the 'share statistics'-feature you are able to send the email statistics of a template or specific document to one or more addressees. These are redirected to your statistics via a hyperlink. The feature also enables you to determine how long the statistics are available to the recipient(s).
  • Copernica DM Summit 2012: Lonneke Spinhof - UX in e-mailmarketing, spreek de taal van je publiek

    1. 1. Success in emailmarketing is no magic UX in email marketing, speak the reader’s language
    2. 2. Today on the menu:Does it still make sense to send emails?What are the commercial uses of email?Emails and mobile users.Best practice – few hints.
    3. 3. Email is not dead. It’s doingfine!“58% of peoplestart their onlineday by readingemails” Source: ExactTarget’s Email X-Factor Study, 2010
    4. 4. Is email marketing still agood idea?• Over half of internet users check or send email daily• Emails are green• Emails can be triggered automatically• No limit to personalization
    5. 5. Examples of email uses
    6. 6. E-mail is read ‘on the go’“The dominance of email activityon mobile devices increasedfrom 37.4% to 41.6% of US mobile internet time.” Source: The Nielsen Company
    7. 7. Email Client opens tracked by Litmus Email Analytics in July 2012Calculated from 77.9 million market share
    8. 8. Consider the mobile experience Source: “Optimizing email for mobile audiences” by Litmus
    9. 9. Use the email space wisely
    10. 10. Know your subscribers• m
    11. 11. Make segments
    12. 12. Build personas
    13. 13. Automate as much as you can
    14. 14. Be relevant
    15. 15. Content is key
    16. 16. Don’t get blacklisted Source: “Best Practices for Email Marketing” by Icontact
    17. 17. Push ONE message per email
    18. 18. Make your mail readable(even without images)
    19. 19. Use Clear call-to-action
    20. 20. Use check listCopernica in-built checks: Optout function No high spam score Not on a blacklist HTML source code is correct Authentication data (SPF, SenderID, DKIM) is set up correctly
    21. 21. ALWAYS allow to unsubscribe
    22. 22. test, TEST,TEST
    23. 23. Test example 1/2
    24. 24. Test example 2/2
    25. 25. Copernica stats
    26. 26. References• “50 simple but highly effective email marketing tips” by Tamara Gielen• 22 Amazing Mobile Email Marketing Statistics by• “Email Marketing” by Iain Davenport• “Transactional Email Best Practices” by Silverpop• “Best Practices for Email Marketing” by Icontact• “Optimizing email for mobile audiences” by Litmus••
    27. 27. @humix @lonnekespinhofMediapartners
    28. 28. Mediapartners