Copernica DM Summit 2012: Ian Stuyver - Hoe haal ik meer uit mijn e-commerce systeem?


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Uw e-commerce systeem bevat een goudmijn aan informatie; niet enkel klanteninformatie, maar ook koopgedrag, abandoned baskets, wishlists, returns enz.. Deze informatie stelt u in staat uiterst gerichte e-mailmarketing in te zetten richting uw (potentiële) klanten. Een feilloze, geautomatiseerde integratie tussen uw e-commerce systeem en Copernica kan dit process versnellen en optimaliseren. Deze presentatie biedt een overzicht van de mogelijkheden van deze oplossing en de voordelen ervan.

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Copernica DM Summit 2012: Ian Stuyver - Hoe haal ik meer uit mijn e-commerce systeem?

  1. 1. E-commerceintegration…so mail me maybe Ian Stuyver Xplore Group @stuyvia ianstuyver
  2. 2. Direct marketing done well is all about the consumer@EpsilonMktg
  3. 3. Overview•  The treasure•  Building the data model •  Profile & collections •  B2B vs B2C •  Example: order line•  Bridging the gap•  Multi-channel challenge•  Newsletter opt-out•  Conclusion•  Q & A
  4. 4. images up-selling customers productspages cross-selling content affiliates categories notifications statistics shops reviews variations classification baskets wishlist links coupons promotions payment orderssegments prices visits attributes shipping
  5. 5. Building the data model
  6. 6. Creating a profileDifference between users and customers! •  When to ask for what •  E-mail address information ? •  Name •  Don’t ask too much •  Address during registration! •  Gender •  Birthday •  Newsletter •  Marketing data User related
  7. 7. Profile decision What to choose as a profile ? B2C B2B VS Customer Company
  8. 8. Company dataAdditional B2B information Your customer is a •  Company company… •  Role But mails are read by •  Department humans •  Supervisor •  Budget “Business is personal” B2B
  9. 9. Assigning collections•  A collections is a list of attributes•  Directly assigned to a profile•  Each attribute has a key and a value
  10. 10. Product relationsCustomer creates relations with / between products Use products to: •  Abandoned basket •  Announce follow-ups / •  Wishlist new products in series •  Send to friend •  Trigger promotions •  Favorites / likes •  Leverage cross-selling •  Reviews •  Additional services •  Notifications Best announcement time? Product related
  11. 11. TransactionsA user / visitor becomes a customer Use prices to: •  Orders •  Calculate averages •  Offers •  Minimum & maximum spent •  Creating sub user groups Conversion related
  12. 12. Example: order line•  Registered / unregistered•  SKU•  Quantity•  Size / color•  Price•  Catalogs & categories•  Classification•  Product image•  Promotion•  Voucher / coupon usage•  Shipping method•  Payment method•  Upsell / cross-sell•  …
  13. 13. B2C Overview Basket line Notifications Order lines Wishlist line Send to friend Customer •  Direct relations to the Review customer •  Attach product info to the data container Favorite
  14. 14. B2B Overview Employees Order lines Offices Offer lines Managers Company Notifications
  15. 15. Bridging the gap
  16. 16. Overview •  Cross-channel environment •  Different components and actors •  Both online & offline •  Necessity for integratione-Channel Direct mail Customer ERP Copernica Shop Sales rep. Call center
  17. 17. Bridging the gap Direct mail COPERNICA •  Transfer data from e- commerce channel to Copernica •  Through CopernicaCustomer SOAP API •  Closing the gap between e-commerce & direct mail Via SOAP API marketinge-Channel
  18. 18. Direct mail COPERNICA Via SOAP API Call centerCustomer Sales rep. ERP Pickup in store Shope-Channel Cross-channel solution! Offline data
  19. 19. The newsletter challenge
  20. 20. Newsletters challenge Direct mail COPERNICA •  Customer opt-in during registration •  Data is kept in e-channel •  Mails offer opt-out option, stored inCustomer Copernica •  Should be transferred back to e-channel •  Different newsletter types •  General Newsletter opt-out •  Brand specifice-Channel •  Third party
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. ConclusionHey, I just met you, and this is crazyBut here’s my basket, so mail me maybe profile order wishlist review
  23. 23. Conclusion•  Copernica bridges gap between e-channel & DM data•  …and leverages TTL e-commerce approach•  Think about the data model – profile & collections•  Integration is more than technical mumbo jumbo•  e-mail address is unique key•  Different approach possible / necessary for B2B•  Choose the (richest) data source•  Take the cross-channel challenge•  Integrate newsletter opt-out
  24. 24. Q&AThank you for your attention Ian Stuyver Xplore Group @stuyvia ianstuyver