Copernica DM Summit 2012: Erwin Moojen - Grey or great?
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Copernica DM Summit 2012: Erwin Moojen - Grey or great?



With Social Media on the rise and newsletters increasingly being filtered as 'Grey Mail', having just a newsletter simply isn’t good enough anymore. In this seminar we’ll be looking at a ...

With Social Media on the rise and newsletters increasingly being filtered as 'Grey Mail', having just a newsletter simply isn’t good enough anymore. In this seminar we’ll be looking at a number of fundamental new developments which will change the way you communicate via your newsletter. Analyzing the importance of relevance from all angles, we'll conclude with tips which will help you make your newsletter great for everybody involved, your readers as well as you and your company.



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Copernica DM Summit 2012: Erwin Moojen - Grey or great? Copernica DM Summit 2012: Erwin Moojen - Grey or great? Presentation Transcript

  • Grey or Great?Prevent your emails from becomingjust another grey newsletterErwin MoojenOprichter 22 Times
  • Today we’ll have a look…• into the mirror and• at the world of our customers• at some interesting new developments• and how we can use these for our own benefit
  • If we would look into a mirror, what would we see? View slide
  • An emailmarketing nerd? View slide
  • Or anemailguru?
  • We don’t like legislation
  • We don’t liketo fuss around with bouncesand opt-outs…
  • We do liketo send outnewsletters though!
  • Themore, th emerrier!
  • We like tothink that one size fits all!
  • And that this one extra campaign can help us obtain our bonus…
  • Sometimes we do tryto experiment a little…
  • With a viralcampaignor video in email…
  • We love to fantasizeabout event triggered campaigns
  • but hardlyever actuallyexecute those plans…
  • Let’s look tosee what our customersactually want and like…
  • Currently their daily mediaconsumption looks as follows… Source: Nielsen
  • and their Other email Real spam Real Persons 2% 2% inbox 14% Newsletters & special offerslooks like Shops 6% 50% this: Groups & related info 9% Updates from social media 17% Source: Microsoft
  • They do not just dislike spam,they hate it…
  • Still: 75% of reported spam actually is Grey Mail…Real Spam VS Grey Mail Indirect/soft opt-in Unsollicited ReliableFraudulous source source, possible to Illegal content opt-outAbout 2% reaches Valuable content inbox 80% reaches inbox Source: Microsoft
  • Who isn’t sending grey mail?Please raiseyour hand!
  • So, what do customers like?
  • So what does this mean in practice?- What are the socio demographics of your customer (such as age, gender, income, address, etc.)- What is your customer mostly interested in?- How do you write about the stuff they’re interested in?- How often do you send out your various newsletters?
  • Nice exampleof innovativeuse of content
  • But there is more torelevance: timing!
  • Relevant timing: how does that work out?- How often do you send out your various newsletters?- Do they relate to current activity of your customers?- When do they have time to read your email?- When do they have time to act upon it?- When do your customers receive their wages?
  • Nice exampleof good timing
  • Content and timing relevancycombined, ma ke for apowerful mix!
  • What newdevelopments can help us with sendingmore relevant newsletters?
  • First, let’s look atwhat already exists:1. Event triggered2. Behavioural targeting3. Dynamic content4. Preferences5. EmailVideo
  • Who is applyingtwo or more of these tactics?
  • PersuasionAPI by Science Rockstars!- New tool using persuasion profiling at an individual level- People are persuaded by authority, commitment & consistency, liking, reciprocity, scarcity and social proof.- Every person has it’s own personal persuasion profile- This profile is independent of a type of product or service
  • PersuasionAPI by Science Rockstars!- Through testing and optimization each profile will improve its estimates- Used in personalizing conversion driving elements- Currently amongst others Jaludo (casual gaming) testing the BETA version.
  • PersuasionAPI• For sending a reminder by Science Rockstars! email, Philips used 3 persuasion tactics: Authority, Social Proof and Scarcity• Philips sent out a total of 5 emails, also to build up a profile• Resulting in 100% increased click through and 25% increased conversion
  • by 22 Times - People can sign up and unsubscribe, with just a single click - Or pause a newsletter, should they go on holiday
  • With you’ll know exactly whatyour reader Likes and Loves
  • You’ll also get excellent deliverabilityand perfect data quality
  • What do you think? Which newdevelopmentwill help you most?
  • So how will all thishelp YOU?
  • Adding relevance is KEY tomaking your newsletter GREATThese new tools will help youbuilding a relevant newsletter
  • How do you measure relevance?
  • There are basically 3 options:- Build up profiles and use these for creating dynamic content and timing- Set up dedicated campaigns for individual segments- Build automated event- triggered campaigns
  • Keep it manageable:- Build up learnings before you create personas or segments- Don’t create too many versions- Be realistic about building profiles: people don’t like to provide personal data unless they get value in return!
  • Do it good and you’ll be ableto amaze your audience!
  • Your newsletter on me your business card or drop me an email: