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  • 1. Created by Christine Di Trolio Overview of Microsoft Word Page Setup For use with PC’s Microsoft Word 2002
  • 2. Page Setup When you are creating a document you always want to make sure your page settings are correct. You can do this easily by using the Page Setup Tool.
  • 3. Page Setup
    • Change margins
    • Set the size and orientation of your paper
    • Choose the tray from which your printer is to print
    • Divide your document into sections
    • Set headers and footers
    • Add line number, borders, and shading
    This tool can help you set up the following:
  • 4. Finding the Page Setup Tool To find the page setup option you click on F ile and the drop down menu will appear. Once you click on Page Setup a new menu box will appear.
  • 5. Tabs
    • Margins
    • Setup up margins
    • Page orientation
    • Paper
    • Paper size
    • Paper source
    • Layout
    • Sections
    • Headers and footers
    • Borders and shading
    There are three tabs located in the Page Setup Tool
  • 6. Margins Tab This option allows the user to create custom margins for their document. Page setup also allows you to chose the orientation of your page.
  • 7. Paper Tab The paper tab allows you to choose the paper size that you are going to print on. This feature also allows you to choose the printer tray that you will be printing from.
  • 8. Layout Tab If you need portions of the document formatted in columns while others are not, you can divide your document into sections. You can also use this tool to determine where in your document you would like to place headers and footers.
  • 9. Layout Tab These two layout options are good for adding line numbers to your pages and for adding borders or shading.
  • 10. Conclusion
    • The Page Setup tool helps you to easily manipulate your document so that it is formatted exactly how you’d like it.
    • It is an excellent resource once you understand all of it’s options.